How A Big Dick Farmer Seduced My Boyfriend

Ryan grabs my balls and licks the the head of my cock. He knows that drives me crazy. His free hand moves to Guy’s now fully erect dick. His soft lips go up and down.


I really need a break soon. My legs hurt and it’s way too hot for my taste. Me and my boyfriend Ryan have been walking for hours and it doesn’t seem we’re anywhere close to the cabin again. I haven’t recognized anything on our walk yet. But how could I? The whole Périgord Vert is just trees and creeks. I’m not into hiking, but Ryan really is. He is walking in front of me with his head held high. His butt fills out his short shorts and his muscular caramel legs flex and relax with every step. I have to give it to hiking, it has made my boyfriend’s legs into a work of art. Walking behind him for hours with that butt begging for my attention has made me very horny.

‘Jake! Hello?’

I break my fixation on Ryan’s ass and shift focus to his face. He is looking back at me with a shimmer of irritation on his eyebrows.

‘I think if we go left here, we will probably be home in an hour. Or do you want to go a bit longer.’

‘No, I’m good. I want to get back.’

And fuck your brains out, I think.

We take a left to a sand path going into the forest. On the side of the road is a small house with the front door open. A woman stands in the doorpost. Her hair looks greasy and she is smoking a cigarette. She stares at us impudently and doesn’t respond to our waving. From behind her a dog leaps out and runs to us. The women starts screaming and I start running. I’m super scared of dogs. I hear Ryan’s footsteps following me. After about a hundred meters into the forest I stop and turn around. The house is out of sight and Ryan is talking to a man holding the dog. I walk up to them.

‘Sorry. She is still very young and always tries to escape. My wife doesn’t want to close the door. She isn’t a dog lover,’ the man says with a thick French accent.

He is about the same height as Ryan, so about 5 feet 9. He has tanned skin and deep frowning wrinkles from staring into the sun. He looks so rugged next to Ryan, who shaves daily and moisturizes heavily. Where Ryan is muscular but slim, the man is more stocky and square. Damn, I’m so horny I’m checking out randos now. He looks at me with friendly eyes while he scratches his dark stubble. The dog sits calmly at his feet.

‘You can run really fast!’

‘Yeah, but I’m dead now. We’ve been walking for hours.’

‘My name is Guillaume. You can call me Guy.’

Ryan sits down on a tree trunk and looks up to me and Guy. Something is brooding behind those dark eyes. He licks his full lips, decides something, and pulls my arm to sit down next to him.

‘Come have a seat. We can take a break. It’s a great region here, Guy. You’re lucky to live here.’

‘It is really pretty, I know. But a bit boring to be honest.’

Guy sits down in front of us cross-legged. The dog puts her head on his hairy thighs immediately. She is kind of cute like this.

Ryan lays his hand down on my thigh and starts rubbing the muscles. He looks at Guy, who doesn’t seem to know where to look.

‘Boring, yeah?’, Ryan replies.

‘Yes very boring. Even the next neighbors live 10 minutes by car from here. I think I would prefer to live in a city.’

‘Why don’t you?’

‘It’s my wife’s house and she wanted to stay here. She is.. well was.. so sweet and pretty. We married ten years ago. A lot has changed in the meantime.’

Ryan’s hand moves closer to my dick. I freeze and see Guy shifting uncomfortably. He looks so innocent and gentle. Not like any of the cranky farmers we saw in this region. He continues:

‘I lived in the city for a while. It was nice. I met boys like you.’

‘Like us?’

I’m still frozen. I have no idea what’s happening.

‘Like you.’

Guy rubs his chest and looks from Ryan to me.

‘You two are not just friends, right? You are boyfriends? Funny match. One small, dark and cute and the other tall, blond and hairy.’

Ryan mischievously glances at me, winks and gets up. He squats between Guy’s legs and starts petting the dog. Guy looks like this happens all the time and puts his hand on the small of Ryan’s back. The small of my boyfriend’s back! Ryan pretends nothing weird is going on. In the 6 years we’ve been together I’ve never slept with anyone else. Ryan neither, at least I think. We’ve talked about it, though.

Ryan puts his mouth very close to Guy’s mouth and whispers:

‘He is tall right, my Jake? And indeed quite hairy. But he also has a big dick and knows what to do with it.’

Guy grins and looks from me back to Ryan.

‘You like big dicks?’

Before Ryan can answer, Guy gets up, zips his cargo shorts open and pulls his underwear down. His semi pops out and falls to his left. It’s big indeed. Must be a solid 9 inches when fully erect. Mine is bigger, though, and thicker.

But wait, is this happening?!

Without hesitation, Ryan grabs the dick and starts jerking Guy off. Guy pulls Ryan closer and starts kissing hard. Ryan breaks the kiss and nods at me to come over. I get up and open my zipper.

‘Wait, follow me.’

In all the excitement we forgot we were in the middle of a popular walking region. Might not be a good idea to do whatever we were about to do right there. Me and Guy zip back up, and we follow him through the bushes. A shed appears behind the bushes. Guy opens the door and tells the dog to sit outside. The shed is in the shadows, but it’s at least just as hot as outside.

‘It’s all I can offer at the moment.’

‘It’ll do perfectly,’ Ryan mumbles.

Ryan gets right back to business. He kneels in front of me and Guy and manically zips open our pants and pulls them down. Guy looks at my hard dick and nods approvingly. I told you I was bigger.

Ryan grabs my balls and licks the the head of my cock. He knows that drives me crazy. His free hand moves to Guy’s now fully erect dick. His soft lips go up and down. He never manages to go fully down but I really like him trying. Guy is focused on what’s happening right in front of me. I put my arm around his shoulder in approval. With his lips around my dick and his hands jerking on a stranger’s, he looks up at me. I grab Ryan’s chin to pull him off me. I bend forward and kiss him on his salty lips. I guide his face to Guy’s crotch.

‘Now him.’

Ryan takes him in halfway right away. Guy gasps and throws his head back. Must’ve been a while since he had good head. Ryan is a pro in that field of work. His head bobs up and down and I jerk on my meat. Guy takes off his t-shirt. There are tan lines from working in a tank-top in the sun. His torso is well-built. Not a muscular body from working out, but from physical labor. I can imagine him lugging hay or something that needs to be done around here. I follow his lead and take off my shirt and kick off my pants. Guy strokes my hairy chest and moves his hands down across my abs.

It’s about time we do something nice for Ryan. I get behind him and pull his shorts down. His bubble butt bobs in front of me with every movement. I grab his cheeks and jiggle, spread and knead them. I bend forward and lick his crack. It’s deliciously salty from all the walking. Every time I go up and down my tongue lingers on his butthole. Once in a while I try to push it in. I stretch him up regularly but he is still so tight. Damn, I love his ass.

Guy looks like the luckiest guy on earth. He caresses Ryan’s head sweetly and lets out thankful moans. I’m sure this is much better than what that woman I saw in the door opening can offer, if she offers anything at all. But I know what can make it better. Surely it will put Ryan over the edge.

‘Choke him,’ I say to Guy, ‘He likes it.’

‘No, he’s doing a good job. No need for that.’

‘Do it,’ I demand. Ryan grunts agreeingly on the dick.

I fold my big body over Ryan’s small one and grab a fistful of hair. ‘Here we go.’, I say and start forcing him closer to Guy’s belly. ‘Come on Guy, push it in!’ I look at Ryan’s face. His mouth stretched wide open and teary eyed, but oh-so-happy. Guy is hesitant. He definitely looks like he is enjoying himself, but doesn’t seem to know how far he can go. ‘Come on Guy, fuck his face.’

Slowly Guy grabs the back of Ryan’s neck and starts thrusting his hips slowly. Ryan rolls his eyes back in enjoyment. ‘Yeah like that,’ I encourage him, ‘Go harder.’ Guy is finding a pace and is getting into it more and more. He now looks ready to really fuck Ryan up. My boyfriend loves this. I spit on my hand and rub the saliva in Ryan’s crack. I force a finger in and wait until he accepts it. Then a second goes in. Gurgling sounds start coming from his mouth as Guy goes harder and harder. I try fingering his asshole in the same rhythm. He is ready.

I shuffle behind Ryan and push my dickhead against his hole. It will be difficult without lube but there is no way back now. I hope all the spit and precum will do the trick. Ryan reaches backwards and pulls my dick closer to his hole. No hesitation from him, then. I push and the head pops in. I don’t think I will ever get used to the sight of my big pole in between those round, small cheeks. ‘Guy look at this,’ He looks over and mumbles something in French. I push forward and inch by inch I force myself into Ryan. His velvety insides hug my dick like old friends reuniting. I hear Ryan moaning deeply.

When my pelvis hits his ass, I stop moving to savor the moment. I fold over Ryan and wrap an arm around his neck. His neck is moving like a snake with Guy’s dick thrusting in and out. ‘Ready?’, I whisper in his ears? ‘Hmmhmm’ is all that he can say.

I pull out almost all the way and thrust back in hard. Ryan moans hard and Guy stops moving and pulls up his eyebrows. I pull back. I thrust back in. I do it again. And again. I’m putting up a show. Guy pulls his dick out of my boyfriend’s mouth and gets on his knees beside me. He holds Ryan’s asscheeks open so he can see perfectly. I start going harder and harder. Ryan puts his face and chest on the floor and moans all sorts of obscenities to me.

‘It’s yours. Take what’s yours.’

‘Harder. Harder. Harder.’

‘Fuck me up.’

Sweat drips from my nose on Ryan’s ass and back. The blond hairs of my chest and belly get darker and stick to my skin. Guy wipes his forehead, still mesmerized by the hard plowing he’s seeing.

‘You want to go?’

‘I can?’

‘Yes, but he likes it hard. Give it to him.’

I pull out and turn Ryan on his back. He grabs his knees and shows his puckering hole to us. I grab Guy by the dick and he shuffles along towards Ryan. I slap the dick against the hole as a formal introduction and guide the head in. Guy is in ecstasy and falls forward, slamming his sweaty body against Ryan. He is balls deep in one motion. Ryan’s eyes widen. ‘Woah there,’ he stammers and hugs Guy’s neck to keep him in place. Guy moves his hips slightly and seems to pray in French. I lie next to them and stick my tongue in Ryan’s mouth. We kiss sensually. Ryan sucks on my tongue and bites on my lip. For a moment it feels llike just the two of us, but then I remember the French dude fucking him.

I look up to Guy. ‘Come on, man. You need to get to work.’

Guy breaks from his trance and straightens himself. He copies me and pulls out completely before he thrusts back in. He closes his eyes and does it again and again.

‘Look at him’, I tell him

Guy opens his eyes and his gentle look has changed. He looks almost angry. Here we go..

He locks eyes with my boyfriend and starts fucking furiously. I’m impressed. He is like an animal. Taking advantage of my boyfriend. The love of my life. I grab Ryan’s dick and start jerking him off. I feel he is getting close. I start kissing again and our teeth bonk into each other because of the hard railing Guy is giving him. I feel his dick spasm and look down. His whole belly is full of his cum. It excites Guy. He grunts, all his muscles tense and he clenches his jaw. Is he cumming?

‘No don’t come in him!,’ I yell at him. ‘It’s okay, Brad.’ Ryan mumbles. It’s too late anyhow. This stranger is shooting his load in my boyfriend.

Then the barn door swings open and Guy’s wife is standing wide-eyed in the door. It takes a scarily long second before she starts screaming at him. Guy doesn’t pull out when he starts screaming back. I have no idea what they are saying, but I can imagine the subject. Finally he waves her away. She storms off when he jams his dick even deeper in Ryan. He looks at me like he can’t help doing that. The gentle look in his eyes is coming back. I am still in shock at the intrusion and, quite honestly, the whole situation we’re in. Ryan seems to not have noticed anything. Guy pulls out and lays on the other side of Ryan.

‘Oh my poor boyfriend is the only one that didn’t come.’, Ryan says. He scoots down to my dick and starts sucking lovingly again. Down his back I see Guy fingering Ryan’s sticky hole. Guy looks doe-eyed and thankful. Ryan starts going faster and after a few seconds I feel I’m about to cum. Ryan knows what to expect and stays down, letting me cum right in his throat. Damn this feels good.

Five minutes later, Ryan is cleaning my softening dick. No speck of cum goes to waste and he takes extra attention of my balls. I could stay here forever.

But no. We can’t. We’re in a strangers cabin. ‘Come on, let’s get moving.’, I tell Ryan. Guy takes his fingers out of my boyfriend’s butt and we get up to get dressed. Outside the shed, the dog is still waiting and starts wagging his tail when he sees Guy. Guy walks us back to the path and says: ‘That, eh, was fun. Let me give you my phone number for when you get back to the Périgord.’ I give him my phone and let him put in his digits. ‘Sure,’ I say, ‘but you probably have some explaining to do back home.’ Guy smirks at me and Ryan.

‘Pas de soucis!’

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3 thoughts on “How A Big Dick Farmer Seduced My Boyfriend

  1. Alex says:

    I didn’t think it was hot. There was no mutual decision to have a three. I would NEVER trust my boyfriend again. It would probably lead to the end of the relationship.

  2. HeadnMore says:

    I agree “So Fucking HOT”!
    Nice short story, nicely written, nice 3-way ‘Fuck Scene’.
    I try to walk every day, maybe I should take up “Rural Hiking “

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