How Gay Men Found Hookups Before The Internet

Carl fell to his knees before me, his hands cupping my ass while his mouth swooped down and took me in. His moist lips slid slowly down the staff of my stem until his nose was buried in the modest nest of hair above my dick.


The world was a different place in 1976. There was no Internet, VCRs or DVDs, so the only ways to find adult entertainment were to visit adult bookstores or porn theatres.

An adult theatre opened in Albany, New York for a short time, and until it was pretty much forced out of business by the local politicians, it served as a educational facility for many a man and a few brave couples.

Peter Davis was one young man who learned quite a bit by visiting The Petit Cinema, and this is the story of his education.

Chapter One: Happy Birthday Pete!

I don’t think that there have been many kids as eager to turn 18 as I was back in March of 1976. It had been a long time coming, and when it finally arrived I started enjoying it right away, buying a lottery ticket and a six pack of beer early that morning.

That was fun, but what I really looked forward to was that evening when my friends were going to take me out for a celebration. I had made it clear to my buddies what I wanted to do, and it came as no surprise to them when they heard about the party I wanted to have.

What I had asked for was to go to the Petit Cinema that evening. This was no big deal to my friends, who had been visiting the place ever since it had opened, but for me it was a forbidden pleasure palace because I had been denied entrance both times I had tried to get in.

Even though I was as old or older than my friends, the problem was that I didn’t look it. The three guys I hung out with sailed past the cashier without a problem, but when I got up to the booth I was shot down cold.

“Beat it kid!” was the surly guy’s response to my attempt at handing over money with my trembling hand the first time, and although I had high hopes when there was a woman cashier the second time, the response was pretty much the same.

So while my friends got to go into the theatre and watch naked people fornicating, I was stuck going next door to the diner where I nursed a burger and soda until they emerged with vivid descriptions of what they had seen.

It pissed me off that the loudest of them, Joe Drabek, was younger than I was. Since he was a head taller and always looked like he needed a shave, they never questioned his age, and as he crowed about the movie I almost wished that I had ratted him out to the cashier when they went in.

Being 5’5″ and about 115 pounds soaking wet was bad enough, but having dimples and a face that looked like Timmy on the Lassie TV show only compounded the problem. At family gatherings, my Aunt Elsie would always rush up to me and pinch my cheek while singing the song ‘Baby-face’ loudly and badly.

Given all that, you can imagine my anticipation that night when, well armed with coat pockets full of half-pints of Southern Comfort and Peppermint Schnapps, my best friend Tommy drove us to the theatre on the night of my birthday.

They made me march up to the booth first, cackling as I handed my money to the cashier, who shook his head no.

“Here!” I said defiantly, handing him my driver’s license and school ID.

I got some ribbing about having a driver’s license but no car, must like I had a dick but no place to put it, but after some careful scrutiny he asked me which movie I wanted to see.

“What do you think?” I snarled as defiantly as a baby-faced 18 year old could manage, and took the ticket from him and marched past him.

The Petit Cinema, which was a small square building made out of concrete blocks, was divided into two sections. The regular movies, as we liked to call them, played in one theatre while the gay movies played in the other.

Actually, the guys had other terms for the gay theatre as well as the patrons who frequented it. I wasn’t among those who made comments, since I wasn’t one to cast the first stone. Neither was my best friend Tommy, who eased into the seat next to me in the dark room that they called a theatre.

My only sexual experiences to that point had been of the hand variety, and only once with a girl, a chubby young lady who must have taken pity on me. The rest of the time, it was me and Tom, who was my jerk-off buddy, since he was just as unlucky with the ladies as I was.

When the movie came on, it was a life-changing experience for me. Having only seen naked people in Playboy and in the locker room at school, I was stunned to see all of these people up there on the big screen.

Sure, maybe most of the women weren’t very good looking, but they had great breasts and would do anything the guys wanted. As for the guys, they were butt ugly for the most part, but how lucky could a guy be? Having these girls doing stuff to them that I only had heard about in whispers had to be the best job imaginable.

I couldn’t help to noticed how the guys all had big cocks too. Some were just big, like my pal Tommy’s, while others were even bigger. No wonder they let everybody see them naked, I mused while watching with a boner that I had since the movie started. If I had one like that I would never wear pants.

Suddenly, when one skinny guy with long curly hair appeared on the screen, Tommy nudges me and told me to watch closely. There was no need to have to watch too close, I soon learned.

The guy’s name was John Holmes, I learned later, and when he took off his clothes and approached the big-titted blonde who was on her back in the bed, I almost fainted.

I squirmed in my seat when I saw the guy kneel over the girl, with his cock dangling down to her face. Cock? It was more like a salami, and when she opened her mouth and let him drop that massive limp dick down her throat a very strange thing happened.

I came. Maybe I had shifted in my seat or something, and the friction from my underwear caused it. Whatever the reason, I doubled over a bit while trying not to let on what was happening yest still trying to watch the screen.

When it was over, I could smell the aroma of my cum as it drifted up in my face, and I tried to breathe downward in an effort to keep others from smelling it as well. In retrospect, there was already an air of it in the theatre anyway, so nobody noticed.

So that was the first time I had an orgasm in a movie theatre, watching John Holmes get his cock sucked. The second time I came was about 20 minutes later, and this time I caused it, rubbing myself when John Holmes was putting his erect cock into a redhead.

When I saw him get hard, and saw his huge cock get even bigger and thicker, I couldn’t help myself, managing to rub myself without anybody noticing. There was a second movie, and while it wasn’t nearly as good as the first one, I was willing to stick around. I would have sat through anything to see John Holmes again, but was out voted by the other guys so we left.

Luckily my winter coat was long enough to hide what had to be a massive stain in the front of my pants, so it went unnoticed when we went to a bar and I got to enjoy my first legal mixed drink.

Afterward, in the car, Tommy dropped the other guys off before bringing me home. Outside in the car, he let it idle while we talked.

“Some movie, huh Peter?” Tommy asked.

“Yeah,” I sniffed. “Glad I got to see them finally.”

“That John Holmes – he’s something isn’t he?”

“Who was he?”

“The guy with the foot-long schlong.”

“Oh,” I said, learning the man’s name, and tried to act casual when I replied. “Yeah, that was really something.”

“Can you imagine what it must be like to have a cock that big?” Tommy asked.

“No, but they all looked big to me,” I admitted.

“You want to – you know – go into your basement for a little nightcap?” Tommy suggested. “Take the edge off maybe?”

The ‘nightcap’ Tommy suggested involved drinking what we had left in our bottles, but taking the edge off meant that he wanted us to get each other off, like we often did.

I wanted to, more than ever before, but I declined, claiming that I must have had too much to drink already, and besides I was afraid I was coming down with a cold.

“Yeah, you have been quiet, and you sound a little congested. Bummer.”

“Yeah. Well, I had fun anyway,’ I told Tommy. “Thanks for everything.”

I went into the house as quietly as I could to avoid waking up my folks, and hurried into the downstairs bathroom to take care of the real reason I didn’t bring Tommy into the basement.

My underwear were practically glued to my crotch, and it was a little painful to try and get the stiff fruit-of-the-looms off of my genitalia. I even lost a few pubic hairs in the process, and since I was so pitifully blessed in that regard, losing them was disturbing both physically and emotionally.

I took a shower, rinsing the evidence of my indiscreet behavior away, and after I managed to towel myself off I looked in the mirror at my reflection.

“No wonder I can’t get any girls,” I mumbled to myself when my eyes strayed to my privates.

I tugged at my dick, which was already half-hard to begin with, lamenting the fact that it could have been Tommy’s hand in my dick right now. Tommy never made fun of me, and seemed to enjoy getting me off. I know I enjoyed jerking him off.

I stepped back in the shower and pulled the curtain closed behind me, imagining my thumb and index finger were Tommy’s as they went up and down all five skinny inches of my stiff dick.

As I brought myself closer and closer to orgasm, I tried to imagine what it would be like if Tommy was built like John Holmes. I had thought that Tommy had a big one before tonight, and I guess that he did sort of, but after seeing that movie?

I came with an intensity that buckled my knees, ejaculating wildly as I fantasized that instead of jerking myself off, I had been with John Holmes, my fists sliding up and down that huge cock while he smiled confidently at me.

After spraying the mess away, I gathered up by clothes and went to bed. It took a long time to fall asleep, and before I did I knew where I would be going the next night.

Chapter Two: Back to the movies.

Not having a car, I had to take a bus down to Albany, and it was a testimony to how obsessed I was seeing John Holmes again that I went all that way during a rainstorm that was on the verge of turning into an ice storm.

When I got there I stood under the awning and looked at the poster for the movies, glancing over at the “other” theatre poster, which merely had the titles of the films without the pictures of the actors.

For the first time, I wondered what it would be like to go to that other side. Just out of curiosity, I reasoned to myself. It wasn’t like I was queer or anything. Just curious. Maybe the movies had guys doing what Tommy and I did to each other.

Who knows, I thought. They probably have guys sucking each others cocks too. I had often imagined what that would be like – sucking Tommy cock instead of just jerking him off. The problem was that up until seeing the movies the night before, I had no idea what it entailed.

I thought when somebody blew you – that’s what they did. Shows how ignorant an 18 year old only child can be when he has no experience at much of anything, but know that I had found out what it involved, at least I had a clue.

I watched a number of guys go inside, some even dressed in raincoats, and while most went into the straight side, there were a few that went into the other side. When nobody was around, I ducked inside and strode up to the counter.

The same cashier was there, and laughed when I started to show him my ID again.

“I remember you, kid,” he said. “You know, the movies don’t change until Wednesday. I figured you would be a regular, but jeez!”

“Um – thought I’d try the other side tonight,” I said sheepishly, handing over my money.

“Have fun,” he chirped, and I hurried into the theatre before anybody could see me.

The movie was already in progress and as I waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness, I could see that the rear of the theatre was more crowded than the front, so I went tentatively down the aisle until I found an empty row and went down to the end.

My feet kept sticking to the floor as I went down to the last seat, and when I sank into the chair I felt a spring poke me in the ass so I moved over one chair before looking up.

I only stayed about a half hour, but in that time I saw things that stunned me. I know that I had lived a sheltered life and was very naive, so what I learned in that short time boggled my mind.

I would have stayed longer – wanted badly to stay longer. I was just about to move my hand into my pocket for a little self-gratification as I watched the movie, where a young guy was being undressed by an older man, who fell to his knees and started sucking on his cock, when some big fat guy sat down in my row a few seats down.

Apparently, he must have sat in a bad seat too because he got up and moved closer to me, finally sitting right beside me. Shit, I thought to myself. There goes the chance to really enjoy the movie.

Then I felt his leg against mine, and all of a sudden he put his hand on my leg.

“Hey,” I said, but he just grunted and moved his hand to my lap.

I jumped up and went to the back of the theatre, trying to find another place to sit. Seeing another unoccupied row, I sidled down and sat, only to have another guy do the same thing.

This guy was even worse. He was a old guy who smelled bad, and after trying to grope me he attempted to pull my hand over to touch him. I jumped up and ran out of the theatre, back through the lobby and out the door.

“Shit!” I said as I went out into the sleet.

The night was ruined and I was pissed. What those guys tried to do to me was disgusting, yet what the men were doing in the movie was different. I found it just as erotic as the movie had been the night earlier. Even when the older man had taken his cock and actually put it in the young dude’s rear end – how could that be? How could something like that fit in such a tiny place. And the young guy seemed to enjoy it too!

Out in the storm, I crossed the slippery street and went down the road to the bus stop, hoping that I wouldn’t have to wait long. They ran fewer buses at night, and the roads were getting more and more treacherous judging by the way that the few cars were sliding around. This was one dumb idea, I concluded.

Just then, I saw a yellow VW bug pull out of the parking lot of the theatre and drive past me. His wheels slid slowly as he braked, and as he pulled back toward me I got ready to tell him off if it was one of those guys that had tried to feel me up.

“Hop in man,” the guy said, opening the door, and when the interior light went on I could see that he was a normal looking middle aged guy who looked a little like that guy I had seen in the movie ‘The Sting’, Robert Redford. A little more nerdy looking but similar in many ways, so I figured he must have been at the straight theatre. Had to have been, because I could see he had a wedding ring on, so I hopped in.

“Thanks,” I said.

“No problem. Where are you headed,” he asked, and when I told him he seemed amazed.

“Long way to travel to see a dirty movie,” He said as he eased the car down the slick road.

Chapter Three: My new friend.

“Huh?” I asked, planning on playing dumb.

“They should never have let you in there,” the man lamented.

“What do you mean?”

“That’s no place for kids,” he explained.

“I’m not a kid. I’m eighteen,” I told him. “Just turned 18 yesterday.”

“Really?” he said with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, I had to show the guy at the ticket booth my proof yesterday.”

“You went to the same movie yesterday?”

“No. Uh – I went to the other movie yesterday,” I admitted. “I was just curious about the other one.”

“My! You are an open-minded lad,” he chuckled. “My name’s Carl.”

“Peter,” I said by way of introduction.

“Nice to meet you, Peter,” Carl said. “Eighteen, huh? You sure don’t look it.”

“I know. I get that all the time.”

“You probably will for years to come,” Carl suggested. “That’s not a bad thing, although you probably don’t realize it now.”

“You’ve got that right.”

“So tell me Peter,” Carl said, wiping the fog off of the window. “Why did you leave the theatre so quickly?”

“You – you were in that theatre too?” I asked, shocked because he didn’t seem the type.

“Yes. I was in the back. Is that wrong?”

“No. I mean, I don’t know.”

“So what made you leave? You said you were curious. You didn’t care for the movie?”

“No. I mean, the guys.”

“The men that kept sitting next to you? Did they do anything to you?”

“They tried to – you know. Touch me.”

“I’m not surprised, with you looking like you do,” Carl said. “I would have been more shocked if men didn’t come on to you. You’re a very attractive young man.”

“Does that bother you?” Carl asked, apparently having heard my loud gulp after he spoke. “Me telling you that you’re a cute guy, and that you should expect to have guys come on to you in a place like that?”

“I dunno,’ I said.

“That happened to me when I was your age,” Carl said. “So I know what bothered you. Somebody just plopping down next to you and groping at you – that’s so crude. It’s much nicer when somebody talk to you, makes you feel comfortable around them, and then lets you know how he feels. Know what I mean?”

As he asked that question, his hand slid off of the stick shift and onto my knee. So softly that I hardly noticed it at first, but as he lightly rubbed my leg through the wet fabric of my jeans there was no doubt as to what he meant.


“What?” I croaked meekly.

“Have you ever been with a man before?”

“Sort of,” I said, my voice hardly audible.

“Don’t be scared. I’m not going to hurt you or do anything to you that you don’t want to happen,” Carl said in a reassuring tone. “Now tell me about you and the other man.”

“Not much to tell. I mean we just – you know. Did each other by hand.”

“That’s all?” Carl asked.


“Did you like it?”


“Which did you like best? Giving or receiving?”


“Do you mind what I’m doing? Touching you like this?” Carl asked, taking his hand off of my knee to shift for a second as we approached a red light.

“No,” I whimpered.

“Good,” Carl said as we started back up again, and when his hand when back on my leg it went onto my thigh and then stroking became a little more firm. “So tell me, Peter. Which movie did you like better? Tonight’s or last night’s?”

“Like them both,” I said. “Last night – I could relax more.”

“Who was in that other movie?” Carl asked. “Was Aunt Peg in that one?”

“Uh – I don’t know,” I said. “John Holmes is the only name I know.”

“Ah! Johnny Wadd aka John Holmes!” Carl sighed. “He caught your eye, I take it?”

“Well, yeah,” I snorted nervously, hardly noticing Carl’s hand anymore.

“Your friend – the one you’ve masturbated – is he built like John Holmes?”

“Tommy?” I asked, blurting out my friend’s name. “No. I mean, he’s kinda big but not like that.”

“And that excites you?” Carl asked. “Seeing men who are well endowed?”

“No,” I said abruptly. “I mean, well, I guess so.”

“You wouldn’t happen to be a man built like that, would you?” Carl asked, his hand moving upward but still unable to find what he was looking for. “Well endowed, I mean?”

“No,” I shuddered.

“That’s alright,” Carl said. “In fact, that’s more than alright. You really should get these jeans off though. You’ll catch a cold or worse. I have an idea.”

Chapter Four: Frozen in fear.

I sat in the VW with the engine idling, all of the windows fogged up and me huddled in the passenger seat shivering uncontrollably. It wasn’t from the cold, because although I was wet the car was steaming hot.

No, I was shaking because I was terrified. I knew what was going to happen yet I was powerless to stop it. Furthermore, I didn’t know if I wanted to stop it.

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  1. skyreader says:

    Wonderful story. Peter is a trouper in overcoming a young man’s fear and letting things happen. And Carl is the perfect older guy to lead him to that most exciting place.

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