How He Discovered He Was Submissive Pt 3

He cried out in pleasure and his cock twitched as I swallowed around him. I sucked him hard and fast for a moment before standing abruptly, letting him slip from my mouth.

Part 2


Our first week together passed quickly. As the club was closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, we spent a significant amount of time in the playroom after dinner those evenings, during which I worked slowly, bringing him to the edge time and again as I focused on teaching him to start learning to control his orgasms; cuming only when I allowed it and holding himself back at my instruction. It was something he hadn’t attempted in the past and it is certainly a skill that takes time to master, but, as was always the case, his ability to learn quickly and his desire to please were surprising and impressive.

I kept my normal hours at the club on Wednesday and Thursday, finding that our conflicting schedules didn’t allow time for us to see one another outside of meals as a result. While I didn’t expect us to engage in sexual play every night, I preferred things to happen relatively organically rather than finding ourselves tied to certain time frames because it was all our schedules would allow. To facilitate this, I asked my club manager Jeymes to handle the club during the opening two hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays for the remainder of my contract with Alexander. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to take on more responsibility.

During dinner on Friday, I let Alexander know that he should attempt to get a good night’s rest, and squeeze in a nap after lunch on Saturday if possible as he’d be accompanying me to the club Saturday night. In the future I’d expect him to join me on both Fridays and Saturdays. While we were open on Sundays as well, his office hours meant I’d rarely ask him to accompany me for more than a couple of hours on Sundays so as not to interfere with his ability to work Monday mornings.

As we wrapped up dinner on Saturday, I switched from the conversational tone I used during our meals to the more dominant tone I used with him in other settings as I stood to take my leave of the table.

“I have a few phone calls I need to return before we get ready to head to the club for the night, wait for me on your knees beside my bed.”

“Yes Sir.”

When I entered the room twenty-five minutes later, he was waiting as I’d instructed; naked and on his knees beside my bed. His spine was straight, hands loosely clasped at his low back, head slightly tucked, just as I’d taught him.

“Watch as I get ready.” I spoke briefly as I undressed. From our time together over our first week it had become clear that he was easily aroused and offering him a brief show before we left seemed like a good way to set the evening’s tone.

While I owned a creative and varied BDSM appropriate wardrobe, I typically wore only minor variations of the same items, and I pulled on the tight leather pants without thought. At first glance they appeared no different than any pair of leather pants that might be found at an expensive department store, but there were slight differences for those who knew where to look. They carried a barely visible bit of extra material around the knees to facilitate easy kneeling, and the zipper was much longer than that found on normal pants, extending to the crotch seam, allowing easy genital access. I quickly added a leather vest. An elaborate, custom-made piece with pointed front tails that extended below my hips, drawing the eye to the long silver zipper of the pants, and a high mandarin collar. I fastened only half the buttons, leaving a deep V of my chest visible and reached back, pulling on the deep hunter green silk laces to tighten the vest like a corset, emphasizing my broad chest and narrow waist. I made my way to his side and propped up one leg at a time on the side of the bed to pull on knee-high leather boots bedecked with the same deep green laces. I left my hair loose to fall down my back and over my shoulders. I didn’t need a mirror to know how I looked. The tight, black leather against my pale skin was sexy, sensual, and powerfully intimidating. One glance at Alexander’s naked form quickly established that his body agreed with my conclusions about my appearance.

I pulled another pair of leather pants, nearly identical to my own, from the closet. “Your paperwork indicated that you don’t own leather wear, correct?”

“No Sir, I don’t’.”

“I’ve had several things made in your size.” I handed him the pants and indicated with a lift of my chin that he should stand and put them on as I returned to the closet and grabbed a harness and collar.

I returned and stepped close, letting the front of my body briefly brush his as I slipped the shoulder and chest harness over his arms and fastened it between his shoulder blades, explaining that the eight embedded steel rings were strategically placed in a way that would allow the harness to be safely used for restraint or suspension.

I circled, trailing my fingertips across the skin of his ribs and chest as I made my way to face him, stepping in close once more as I reached around his neck to fasten the thin leather collar. “While I choose to use the cuffs, a collar is an understood indication of ownership. Others will leave you alone for the most part at the club when you wear one.” I spoke quietly, allowing my breath to brush along the skin of his neck.

The drive was only a few miles, and I used the time to explain the rules I expected him to follow when we were out with others. “I haven’t had a sub in several years, so you’ll no doubt be the subject of much interest for many. While we’re at the club, you’re not to speak to anyone I haven’t introduced you to.”

“Yes Sir.”

“If someone you don’t know approaches you, you’re to simply indicate your collar and walk away. This shouldn’t be considered rude by most as this is a fairly common place rule for a dominant to insist upon. When I do introduce you to someone, you’re to take note as to whether or not I use a title. If I refer to them as Master, Mistress, or use any other title, that is the way you are to address them in your responses. You’re to only use the specific title given, never things like Sir or Ma’am.”

“Yes Sir.”

“If I introduce someone using only their name, you must be certain not to use any form of title for them at any time.”

“Yes Sir.”

I glanced over at him in the passenger seat. His warm golden skin glowed in the pale sunset light that embraced us in the car’s dark leather interior. “Excited?” I grinned.

“Nervous Sir.”

I was surprised as he’d been to the club before, and he’d fallen into his role with me quickly and easily.

“Wait.” I spoke as I pulled into my parking space. He of course made no move as I exited the car. I opened his door and offered him my hand with a gentle smile. Surprise briefly crossed his face as he took it and stepped out, his body pressing tightly against mine as I’d not left enough space for him to stand anywhere else. I leaned in to trail my lips along his jaw as my fingers played with his collar. “You are going to be amazing at this too.”

A wave of satisfaction washed over me as he shivered, and goosebumps rose along his neck.

“Thank you, Sir.”

As I turned and made my way inside, he fell into step just behind me as I’d previously instructed. It was loud, dark, and overwhelming, as it always was for me the first few moments inside. As we’d just opened for the evening, Jeymes was still hovering near the front entrance sorting out any issues that arose as the first wave of guests filed in and I introduced Alexander only briefly, leaving her to attend to her duties. We made our way slowly, following the same path we’d taken the evening I’d brought him to explore while we were closed the previous week. I introduced him quickly to the bartenders and members of the staff as we happened upon them. As I’d anticipated, his presence was a subject of great interest for many of the regulars. Some who were simply good patrons that enjoyed the club, and some who’d become friends over the years. A few I’d even worked or experimented with at some point. Alex was quiet and collected, engaging with those I introduced him to only in the way I’d instructed. The first night as an owned submissive in a public club could be overwhelming, and I was proud of the way he was handling himself.

It took nearly an hour to circle the club and I had to rush our last few minutes in order to take my place on the exhibition stage for the evening’s announcements.

“Wait here.” I didn’t wait for a reply as I turned from him to make my way up the stairs.

Jeymes handed me the microphone with a bit of a glare as I was a few minutes late and holding up the evening’s schedule.

I put on my smoothest smile and fell into a gravelly, sensual, and commanding voice as a hush fell over the crowd at my appearance. “Good evening and welcome. My name is Grey Thornton and I’ll be your dungeon master this evening. I’m also the owner here, so if you have any issues…” I looked around with a grin. “Please find Jeymes and let her know.” A soft wave of laughter passed through the


“We have two very different exhibitions for you this evening. Mistress Kira and her submissive Heather will be on shortly. This evening they will take us through an intense bondage scene utilizing a multitude of props.” A slight cheer ran through the crowd. “For those who enjoy activities a little less on the strenuous side, our second pair will offer us something we rarely see, a hands-free orgasm as Eve talks her way into Marks soul and draws pleasure from him with only words. A truly difficult feat, and a remarkable thing to witness.” An even louder cheer rang out. “I thank you all for joining us this evening, and hope you enjoy yourselves.”

Light applause followed me as the hum of voices picked back up and I descended back to the main floor.

Alex was grinning broadly at me as I returned and stepped close to whisper in his ear, pulling him to me with a hand on his lower back.

“You look like you saw something you liked?” I teased.

“I’ve never been here early enough to see you onstage before. You really are mesmerizing.”

I pulled back to smile into his eyes. “That’s you.” I said, allowing my gaze to slowly wander down his leather clad body. He shivered and I couldn’t help but grin. God he was responsive. I wanted to grab his wrist, drag him to my office, and press him to his knees so that I could watch myself thrust slow and hard into his mouth while those ice blue eyes looked up at me.

Before I could slip my hand from his back and give the idea more serious consideration, an old friend approached. I reigned my argumentative cock back into control as I introduced Alexander to Rose, a dominatrix and regular at the club. She’d been one of the first people involved in the lifestyle I’d met when I moved to town, and we’d been close friends for nearly a decade. As Kira and Heather made their way to the stage, we let our conversation fall to the side and settled in to watch the show. While exhibition and voyeurism weren’t necessarily kinks of mine, I often took the time to appreciate each show for a few moments every night. I loved observing how much the performers enjoyed what they did, and how much they thrilled the crowd. I found a great deal of satisfaction in having created a space where people were free to explore and enjoy themselves without shame or guilt or judgement. While most of the world took issue with my business, I made these people happy.

Kira quickly bound Heather to the X shaped steel frame that had been placed there for their use. She began with a long, single strand whip, working with a far heavier hand than I preferred, and promptly moved on to a riding style crop. The marks left on Heather welted quickly, and her cries were loud, but after 20 years working in kink, it was clear to me that they were both enjoying the scene.

As I turned to make a comment to Rose, I caught a glimpse of Alexander’s face. It wore nothing but naked fear and as I watched, he jumped slightly at the precise moment I heard the next strike. This would not do at all. I stepped close, startling him as I slipped my arm around his waist to pull his strong form tightly against my leather clad body.

I leaned my face into his neck, my lips brushing his ear, and whispered quietly.


“Yellow Sir.” His voice broke as he murmured his reply.

I trailed my fingertips lightly across his low back. “They are rather hardcore, aren’t they?”

“Yes Sir.”

“In truth. They are a bit aggressive for my taste, and I don’t believe I’ll allow such an exhibition in my club again.”

I let my eyes drift over the crowd for a moment before bringing my lips back to his ear. “While some are clearly enjoying their demonstration, most seem more shocked than turned on which won’t do.”

I leaned back momentarily to watch his face. Still fear. “Check Beautiful?”

He swallowed hard and his body tensed slightly against me at the next strike. “Yellow Sir.”

I smiled reassuringly and leaned in to kiss the side of his neck before continuing to talk him down. “They have been together for many years and Kira is a very good dominant. While their style is not mine, nor yours it appears, they have safe words as we all do, and Heather can choose to exercise them at any time even in public. Especially in public. Look at Heather’s face. Only her face and nothing else. Does she look scared or angry or as if she needs intervention?”

While I didn’t care for this level of intensity in my personal practice, there were certainly those that did, Kira and Heather among them, and I knew that while she was in pain, she was enjoying it.

“No Sir.” His whisper was slightly calmer.

I let my fingers continue their ministrations across his low back and I softened my voice even further. “This is not something we will ever come close to Beautiful but notice how there is pleasure on her face as well as pain. There is something here for everyone, and no one is doing anything against their will. The next couple scheduled to exhibit should ease your concern about this lifestyle, Eve will make Mark cum without ever touching him.”

He trembled lightly. Good.

“Mark will stand in the center of the platform with Eve between him and the audience and we will disappear for him. She’ll strip slowly as she whispers words meant only for him. She’ll tell him what she wants to do to him.” I let my fingers trail up his spine drawing another shiver. “What she wants Mark to do in return and in less than 15 minutes he will harden and cum simply from anticipation. It’s really quite spectacular to behold.”

I pulled back slightly and found his eyes soft and searching for mine. I smiled sensually. “Now that. We will try.”

He shivered once more.


He blushed and smiled softly. “Green”

I leaned in to kiss his jaw briefly and whisper. “Trust Beautiful. You must trust me.”

“I do Sir.”

I stepped away and gestured with my head. He followed close behind as I sought Jeymes out and discussed scaling back the level of violence we allowed in exhibitions.

The night was a long one. Alex seemed to enjoy Eve and Mark as much as the rest of the crowd, and he seemed exhausted, but in high spirits when we finally said our goodnights to the staff as they finished up around 2:30 am. When we arrived home, I slipped my hand into his, walked him to his bedroom, and kissed him tenderly before bidding him goodnight to work through the evening’s events for himself.

Alexander slept late the next morning, missing breakfast, which I didn’t hold against him although his first words to me when he entered the room for lunch were an abject apology.

“Truly. I don’t want you to stress about such things. If your body needs rest more than a meal, that’s what you should give it. Exhausting yourself isn’t going to do either of us any favors.”

He nodded briefly though his expression didn’t change much. “Thank you, Sir.”

“Of course. To that end, you may want to take a brief nap after lunch. I’ve asked Jeymes to run the club today as I feel it’s more important that we spend some time together going over a few things. I’d like you waiting for me in the playroom, hydrated and ready to obey two hours after we finish our meal.”

My strict command seemed to calm him, and he nodded quickly. “Yes Sir.”

While lunch passed casually as all our meals had, the anticipation had grown palpable by the time we finished up.

I glanced at my watch as I stood to leave. “I’ll see you at 3:15.”

“Yes Sir.”

He was waiting in the playroom as I’d instructed when I entered two hours later. He was dressed in the same jeans and t shirt he’d worn to lunch, and he stood, hands clasped at his low back, chin slightly lowered, beside the table. While I hadn’t instructed him as to where he was to stand, it made sense he’d chosen that spot as the table is the only place we’d played together thus far.

“Strip.” I spoke calmly as I pulled off my t-shirt. I’d changed into my leather pants before joining him.

He obeyed without question.

“Normally I like to work up to things slowly, as I think you’ve seen even though you haven’t been with me long.”

He nodded once. “Yes Sir.”

“But”. I continued as I let my fingertips trail along his low back as I circled around him. “I am going to press you today. Hard.”

I noticed his shoulders tense up slightly. “Yes Sir.”

I moved around to face him, stepping close. “I need you to understand that pain can be connected to pleasure at times, but far more importantly, I need you to understand that when we are together, I listen to you. I watch you. Everything about you. I would never,” I stepped closer, pressing my body tightly to his. “Never. Press you further than you allow or take advantage of your position.”

His jaw tensed as he fought to keep his expression under control. “Yes Sir”

I stepped back and grabbed his wrist tightly, leading him to the parallel posts at the far end of the room and clipping the cuff of the wrist I held to the post. I repeated the move on the other side; leaving his arms spread and bound securely just higher than his shoulders. I’d made sure that the rack of equipment was in his line of sight, and I stepped to it, taking my time selecting a light flogging whip of multiple, thin, long, braided black leather strands.

I circled him once more, moving to stand behind him and flipping the strands lightly over his shoulder only to draw them slowly along his skin, letting them fall along his back. I repeated the gesture on the other side before stepping in front of him and allowing my fingertips to reach down and trail along his half hard cock. “Are you scared Beautiful?”

“No Sir.” came his quick reply.

I raised an eyebrow as my fingers continued to stroke his silken length, bringing him fully to attention. “Nervous?”

“Yes Sir.”

I leaned in and trailed the tip of my tongue along his jaw. “Good.”

A visible tremor ran through him, and I moved back to the table to pick up a small vibrator with a curved tip and flared base. We’d used it before, and it had evoked such a strong response that I’d reserved its use after our first time; waiting for a moment like this when I wanted to ensure his pleasure was strong enough to counter any pain I inflicted.

I flashed him a soft smile as he realized what I’d picked up. “Spread your legs for me.”

He did so quickly, and I knelt behind him, rapidly covering the toy with lube before sliding it slowly along his twitching opening. “Do you want this inside of you Beautiful?”

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    While, in general, I am not into S and M play; there is enough thoughtful caring and sex in the story so far that I am still enjoying it.

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