How He Discovered He Was Submissive Pt 4

I let my fingertip slide along the underside of his stiff cock, catching the fluid that already leaked from him. I held my finger in front of his lips and his tongue darted out to lick it.

Part 3


The following few weeks were some of the most enjoyable I’d ever experienced. As a result, they passed far too quickly. We ate most of our meals together, and Alexander spent each Friday and Saturday night at my side at the club. Despite our busy and often conflicting schedules we found time for 3-5 play sessions a week. During each of these, we incorporated elements we had already found we enjoyed while continuing to explore our new sexual and power dynamic relationship.

Given how much I’d already enjoyed our short time together, it came as little surprise that as we expanded our activities, Alexander’s boundaries seemed to pair perfectly with my own. We found he greatly enjoyed being bound, including some level of pain or discomfort during our sessions, and playing with pressing his own limits. He was also incredibly sensual and responsive, seeming to find equal enjoyment in moments of soft touch and aftercare.

We spoke in depth about the two exhibitions I wanted us to engage in during our time together and we agreed that the first would be relatively similar to our first hard session together. He’d be lightly bound while I used whips or floggers for a short time. He also expressed a great deal of interest in exploring emotional submission, and very much wanted to attempt a touch-free exhibition like he’d witnessed on our first night together at the club. While there was no guarantee he could learn to finish hands free, we were both fascinated by the idea of working toward it and decided that if the next few months went well in that area, that would be our plan. It felt as though everything was settling into place perfectly and easily for us.

Three weeks later as we sat quietly at dinner he spoke hesitantly after a long silence “Can I ask for white?”

I smiled kindly, nervous about where this was headed. “White is a safe word. You never have to ask to use it.”

He nodded and his eyes searched mine for a long time before he spoke again.

“Have I done something wrong?”

My fork fell to the plate. I was dumbfounded.

“Wrong?” I barely stammered out the word. I wasn’t sure how to process what was happening.

He nodded once.

It broke me. I’d been more comfortable and found more enjoyment in our brief relationship than I had with any other sub, or any purely romantic partner for that matter (if I counted my youthful forays when I still believed such a thing might be possible for me).

“You are the most engaging, responsive, and amazing sub I’ve ever had. Please Alex. Tell me what I could have gotten so wrong that it could have led you to feel you may have done something incorrect.”

He cringed as I spoke and peddled back as he began, “Don’t get me wrong Grey. My time with you has already been the most erotic, insightful, exploratory time of my life. And I know every dominant is different. Hell, every person is different really, so I suppose it’s possible that it hasn’t even crossed your mind.”

I rose as he spoke and made my way to his side, crouching beside the table and taking both of his hands in mine as he turned to face me. It was not the move of a dom. It was simply the move of a confused man.

“Alex. Please. What am I not giving you that you need? Tell me so that I can offer it.”

“When I read through the contract, I was excited, honestly I was relieved that intercourse was listed.”

My heart dropped. I knew I’d been holding that back, but it had nothing to do with him. I was simply trying to hide from the intense feelings I’d already developed for him.

“A relationship like ours is just so…intimate.” He continued, “That it sort of feels…incomplete in a way for me without it.”

I shook my head and sighed deeply. “I am sorry Alexander. I never meant for it to feel that way. You’re right. Our relationship is one of the most intimate that can exist in my opinion; the way we bare ourselves to one another; showing needs and desires that most people would be appalled by. In a way, this type of relationship is somehow even more intimate than a traditional romantic or sexual relationship. For me, intercourse is the most intimate act we’ll share. And if I’m being completely honest, it’s always been a bit of a hang-up of mine. I simply never want a sub to feel that I take it lightly or that I’m taking advantage of what they offer. I never once considered that my delay could be interpreted as you having done something wrong.”

His face softened, and his fingers tightened around mine as I spoke. The smile he offered was tender and thoughtful as he replied. “That was…. beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with me. I had never considered that it could be interpreted that way.”

I grinned as he used my words in return.

“But now that we’re on the same page, I’d like to formally let you know that you would certainly not be taking advantage of what I’m offering.”

I growled quietly and shifted my weight until I could lean over him to cover his lips with mine. Instantly pressing my tongue into his mouth, possessing him so completely that when I pulled away, he was gasping for breath.

“Would it be taking advantage of you if I’ve wanted you so badly for so long that I took you hard and deep in my bed tonight instead of waiting until next time we have time for the playroom?”

He moaned deeply as a shiver ran through him.

“Definitely not Sir.”

“Good” I grinned.

I picked up the blindfold and made my way over to him slowly. It was custom made; strong, dark, and well fitting. All visual stimuli were removed when it was on, and with that often came a heightened awareness of the other senses. When submitting to another completely, there comes a moment when the world disappears. Not just the world outside of the bedroom, but the world outside of sensation. All self-consciousness is erased, all sense of anticipation, all concern over whether your responses are normal, all worry about your partners expectations and sensations vanishes and there is nothing other than the feel of your blood in your veins and the slightest breath of air against your skin. Nerve endings you didn’t even know you had are suddenly alight with sensation. Being bound and knowing that everything happening to you is out of your control, removing a sense like sight or sound, and the unexpected combination of pain and pleasure are all techniques that can assist a sub in finding this moment, this space that exists as its own universe. It was an experience I hoped to offer my subs whenever possible.

We had never used the blindfold before. During our time together, we’d found several ways that I could bring Alexander to this point, but as we weren’t in the playroom, and I didn’t intend for this interaction to be as intense in the ways we already utilized, I hoped the blindfold would heighten this evening for him.

I slipped the blindfold over his eyes tenderly, ensuring that it was tight and properly placed as he stood beside the bed. I stepped back for a moment, enjoying the way his skin glowed in the warm light and the rise and fall of his chest as his breath sped up slightly as he adjusted to his new reality.

I stepped close once more, sliding my jaw along his before letting the tip of my tongue wander down the side of his throat. I took my time, allowing myself to savor the smooth warmth of his skin as I worked my way across his shoulders and down the center of his chest. His racing heartbeat visible in his neck as shuddering, panted breaths escaped him.

I had intentionally remained dressed until he was blindfolded, and I began to slowly strip while my body pressed against his. Pulling my chest away just enough that the thin fabric of my t-shirt could slip up between us. Each newly revealed inch of skin instantly pressing against his. I slid my hands between our hips, the back of my knuckles brushing his hard, dripping length as I unzipped. I smiled to myself as a shiver ran through him.

Gripping the sides of my jeans, I pressed my body tighter to his, my chest slipping down along him as I sank to step out and cast them to the side, stealing a brief flick of my tongue across his slit. I pressed tighter still as I slowly rose. I’d never felt him this intimately before. Never felt all of his raw, naked strength against me. It was overwhelming.

I took his hips lightly in my fingertips. I didn’t need to pull, he was trembling as his body strained to press harder against my own. I moaned deeply and sensually as I leaned into the bend of his neck. While he likely thought it was for his benefit, in truth, I couldn’t have stopped the sound if I’d tried. The electricity that seemed to pulse out of his skin and into mine was a sensation I’d never before experienced, and I knew that if I stood like this for long enough, I would lose myself completely.

“So…” I smiled against his neck. “No then?”

He groaned in desperation. “Yes. God. Please yes Sir.”

I flicked my tongue below his ear and stepped back.

“On the bed. On your knees.”

My hand on his ribs and hip gently guided him until he knelt upright, arm’s length from the headboard. I followed him, mirroring his position from behind. My fingertips trailed along the outsides of his biceps delicately. Down his forearms, across the back of his hands, and slipped tightly between his fingers. My arms encircled him as I leaned us forward, placing his hands on the headboard, arms outstretched.

“Stay.” I whispered against the back of his neck.

He shuddered forcefully. “Yes Sir.”

I slid back, pulling his hips with me slightly, forcing him to stretch and lean to keep his hands in place. My tongue gently wandering along his spine, fingertips caressing his hips, belly, and thighs. I pressed my palm against his low back, arching it, his ass rising and opening for me.

While I’d found pleasure in every sight, every touch, every moment we were together, I’d made him my primary focus each time. With the blindfold in place, I felt safe. For once I didn’t have to try to control my expression of longing, to fight to ensure that what he saw was lust and professionalism, not need and desire. While I wanted him to know how attractive I found him and needed him to know how much I enjoyed our time together, I was drawn to him in a way I’d never before encountered, and I didn’t want it to affect his contracted time with me.

I let my eyes linger as they skimmed over the long lines of his muscular body. My lips explored the soft skin of his back, travelling their way across his ribs. My slickened fingertips delicately discovering his opening in a way I’d not previously offered. Lightly brushing, teasing, coaxing out whimpers, leaving him trembling and wanting for more. My light, tender touches drew his pleasure out in a torturous way that was completely different from the ways I’d tortured him in the past.

I found myself lost in the small details of the moment. The cool breeze that wafted in through the slightly open window beside the bed contrasting the warmth of his skin. The way he smelled of citrus and cinnamon and sweat. The lithe strength of his body as it tensed and twisted, shivering under my feather light touch. I was intensely aware of the way each small movement I made resonated through him as I opened him with slow, deliberate care.

I pressed one slick finger into him only up to the middle knuckle, twisting it, letting it slide from him again and again until he moaned and strained back, searching for more. Begging for more. Only then did I press deeper, letting a single finger sink into him completely, exploring his tight heat an inch at a time. Curving it this way and that; marveling at the way each subtle shift echoed through his muscled form. I lightly grazed the hard bundle of nerves I’d been searching for, drawing a deep groan from his chest. His hips were insistent and demanding as they pressed back toward me further still, needing more. A second finger joined the first effortlessly, his body welcoming the intrusion. I splayed my fingers wide inside of him, twisting gently as I removed them. His chest sunk toward the bed, knuckles white as they struggled to remain on the headboard as I’d instructed.


“I need…”


His moans and whispered supplications never paused as he fought to hold back his release.

I added a third finger as I sucked my way across his low back, drawing blood lightly to the surface just between his hips, knowing all too well how sensitive the small, sensual cluster of nerve endings found there was. He shuddered. The whimper that escaped him was quiet and desperate.


I pulled myself away.

“Kneel up for me.”

My voice was so deep and harsh that I barely recognized it.

I shifted to kneel facing him and removed the blindfold slowly. The eyes that I found there shocked me; the icey blue depths filled with longing and lust. I smiled softly.

“I think you need a moment before we continue.”

I wanted this to last.

A nod seemed all he was capable of.

“Even though we’ve both tested clean, some people don’t like the idea of someone inside of them without…”

He cut me off.


I shivered, and smiled once more as I shifted back around to kneel behind him.

“On your hands and knees.”

He fell to the bed in an instant. Back arched, hips reaching back, yearning for my touch.

I wanted him in a way I’d never wanted another. I’d had lovers in my youth, romance even for a time, and at least a dozen subs over the years. I’d enjoyed them all, but I’d never wanted someone in a way that made my heart race and my breathing stop. I needed to touch him. Needed to feel him. Needed him.

I gripped his hips tightly, allowing my fingers to dig into his skin as I slid my length along his crack until my swollen head caught. I shuddered and a deep moan escaped me as I slipped into him with ease. It had been years since I’d been inside of someone, and the way his heat spasmed around me overwhelmed me. I pulled his hips toward me slowly, easing myself into him completely. Finally seated deep inside, I held us there, our heavy panting and trembling bodies already harmonizing with one another. I pulled back, moving in long, slow, hard strokes.

His hands gave up supporting his body the moment I’d entered him, his face and chest now rest against the sheets, his hands clutching at them desperately. The fire deep in my belly grew quickly, radiating pleasure outward to every nerve as I lost myself inside of him. There was nothing else; only the sound of his gasps and cries blending with my own. Only the touch of his skin, and the tightness surrounding me. I tilted his hips slightly, angling my thrusts a bit more each time until he cried out, shuddering his release against the sheets. I slowed my movements, pressing into him with long, deep strokes, deliberately drawing out his pleasure. He shuddered almost violently as he spasmed and tightened around me. As a dom, I hadn’t thought it possible for me to find myself so lost in sensation that the world would disappear in the way it could for a sub, but somehow, I found myself joining him in the black expanse of nothingness as I exploded, buried deep inside of him.

When the world swirled back into existence around me, I released my grip on his hips. My fingers left dark red marks where I’d clung so tightly to him. I leaned forward, placing a gentle kiss between his shoulder blades as I slipped from him. As always, he didn’t move. I made my way quickly to the bathroom, shutting the door quietly behind me before bracing my hands on the counter as I struggled to catch my breath. I barely recognized my reflection. I’d seen myself flushed, sweating, and disheveled more than most people had I imagined, but I’d never seen my eyes so full of lust. So content. So fulfilled. So…happy.

I splashed water on my face, running wet fingers through my hair and pulling it back into some semblance of order before cleaning myself up and dampening another towel in warm water. As I made my way back to the bed, I hoped I’d managed to pull myself together enough to simply look like I did after a long session together, not like a man who was falling in love with someone he couldn’t have.

“On your back Beautiful.”

I couldn’t help but smile with a sense of accomplishment as he seemed to struggle to find the energy to even roll over and shift to the side so that he could collapse on dry sheets rather than on the sticky mess he’d left. I cleaned him slowly, wiping the sweat from his brow and grinning at the way his blond curls framed his face. He’d let them grow out slightly in our time together. I felt his gaze on me as I worked my way down his body, clearing away the physical traces of what we’d just experienced together. I brushed my lips across his lightly as I finished and attempted to sound like my normal self as I finally spoke.

“What would you like tonight?”

While I was asking what he would like for after something so intense, I desperately hoped he’d want to stay with me for a while longer. I knew it was entirely possible he’d be content with heading back to his rooms for the night as this session hadn’t been painful for him, nor had I been physically distant as I often was when focusing only on his sensations. I also knew that if that was his choice, the dom-drop I’d experience at his sudden absence would be powerful.

“I’d like to sleep here for a while if that’s alright Sir.”

I nodded briefly, hoping that I’d been able to keep the relief from my expression. “Of course.”

He curled onto his side on the dry side of the bed as I gathered our discarded clothes and dumped them into the hamper with the towel I’d used to clean him before slipping under the sheets and pulling his body tightly against mine.

His breathing slowed and his body relaxed in my arms as he drifted off.

“White.” I was startled at his whisper as I’d thought him asleep.

“Hmm?” I questioned quietly.

“Thank you…Grey.”

I kissed the back of his neck gently. “You’re welcome Alexander.”

He was gone when I woke the next morning. I’d slept so late I’d even missed breakfast. Disappointed in myself, I spent the morning returning some business calls I’d been putting off and made sure I was showered and at lunch before he was due to arrive. The spell we both seemed to have fallen under the night before had lifted with the coming of a new day, and our lunch conversation was no different than usual. We fell back into our normal routine quickly and without thought, the only difference being that during our play time I would incorporate penetrating him myself on occasion instead of only using toys.

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3 thoughts on “How He Discovered He Was Submissive Pt 4

  1. Bill says:

    Wow! This was hot! I especially liked the comments about the use of the blindfold. As one who has been there, I can’t agree more.

  2. Pen says:

    Si πŸ”₯ πŸ₯΅ πŸ”₯ πŸ₯΅. Alex likes his sir and will do anything to please him . Now that he has been bred by sir, he now is owned by him in more ways. ❀️ 😍 πŸ’– ❣️ πŸ’• πŸ’˜ this story. Wish I was there to see all.

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