How He Discovered He Was Submissive Pt 4

Somehow the next few weeks passed even more quickly than the previous three as we played and worked in preparation for our first exhibition together. We’d settled on a scene that he found intensely arousing every time we engaged in it, and we practiced it a couple of days a week. I watched him closely, making small changes in answer to his body’s responses, and by the time the night came, he was nervously excited.

Just as I had on our first night together at the club, I took my time dressing us. Myself in my normal black and dark green leathers, and him in matching leather pants and a simple white v neck t shirt. We were to be the first exhibition that evening, and we’d intentionally arrived much later than normal. I wanted him on edge when the time came. In our time together I’d found that nervousness seemed to heighten his sensation and responsiveness. We only spent about 15 minutes saying our hellos as we made our way through the bar and dance areas to the back room before Jeymes announced us.

A hush fell over the large crowd as we stepped onto the platform. I moved close and held his gaze with mine as I lifted his shirt over his head. He trembled softly. While he typically wore a leather harness to the club, there was something sensual about stripping him beforehand, and I wanted that to be a part of our interaction this evening. I stood with my body close to his, facing away from the crowd. His eyes were the only thing I saw in that moment as I lifted one eyebrow to ask if he was ready. He nodded almost imperceptibly.

As the floor of the platform was padded to protect his knees slightly, I placed my hand on his shoulder and shoved him down roughly. His gaze dropped instantly to the floor between us, and he remained still as I slid my fingertips gently down his shoulder toward his wrist before taking the cuff he wore and stretching his arm out, anchoring the cuff to the post on the side of the platform. He was a large man and while his arm hung outstretched toward its anchor point, it was held loose rather than taunt. I preferred that anyway, it allowed him some movement which I felt increased his pleasure in some way. I drew my fingers tenderly back up his arm and across his shoulders to repeat the process on the other side.

He knew what to expect. While the anticipation of the unknown was a large part of the rush between a dominant and their submissive in private, I’d made sure we were on exactly the same page for the exhibition. This was Alexander’s first, and I wanted him to be anxious and compliant, not scared. I selected a black leather flogging whip from the rack of tools on the side of the platform. It was similar to the first we’d ever used at perhaps 30 inches in length, comprised of multiple thin, long strands. While we’d played with many in our time together, he always responded better to multiple rather than single strands. He seemed to prefer the more widespread pain rather than anything too focused. I stepped behind him and reached out to trail my fingertips along his spine at the base of his neck. He flinched instantly at the contact, and then shivered as gooseflesh rose when his body felt my light touch instead of the whip it had been anticipating.

The crowd was lost to us both. Despite the public setting, only the two of us existed now. I stepped back and quickly let the whip fall across his upper back. His muscled body tensed and strained as he fought to stay silent. God he was gorgeous. I let the whip fall again. Slightly lower. Again. Slightly harder, along his mid back; the tendrils wrapping around his rib cage. Each time his body tensed and strained a bit more as the pain built. His skin shone brightly under the lights, now covered with a light coating of sweat as he fought for control. His back striped and red as I worked my way lower. Strike ten was hard. Much harder than the rest. Across the leather pants that still covered his tight ass. He momentarily lost his battle and groaned quietly. I reached out, my fingertips lightly tracing his angry, red skin as I circled around to his front.

He shivered with pleasure at my touch.

I stood close, blocking his view of anything but me and lifted his chin with my fingertips. The eyes that found mine burned black with pain. Pleasure. Need. I increased the pressure slightly on his chin, and he knew to stand. “Eyes on me.” I whispered. I didn’t want the crowd to distract him, to remove him from the place of pure focus and disconnection where I knew his mind and body currently resided.

I’d glanced down as I’d circled around him, and I knew how hard he was, straining against the black leather that encased his legs. Resting the flogger across his shoulder, I ran both hands along his rib cage and hips until they came to his belly, and quickly unfastened his pants, shoving them down to his ankles forcefully.

“Down.” My voice was solid. Commanding. Harsh.

As he dropped back to his knees without hesitation, I let my fingertip slide along the underside of his stiff cock, catching the fluid that already leaked from him. I held my finger in front of his lips and his tongue darted out to lick it. I growled quietly in approval before stepping back. His gaze dropped back to the floor, and I took my next stroke quickly. Hard, across his chest. His body jumped; tensing and shaking as I worked my way down his stomach and ribs.

Two strokes left. Still firm, but much softer than the others, I placed them along the underside of his sensitive cock as it rest at attention on his low belly. He cried out briefly before forcing himself back under control. His body shivered continuously as I stepped close and walked in a slow circle around him once more, my fingers trailing across his tender, overly sensitive skin.

I crouched down as I placed myself between him and those watching, once again lifting his chin to meet his gaze. He was so open when he was like this. Nothing lay between us. As I spoke softly, I reached down and grazed his swollen head with my fingertips “Your choice. End now as planned, or five more and you can cum.”

His eyes blazed brightly as he moaned in a whisper meant only for my ears among the crowd. “Green.”

I grinned momentarily and he let his head fall once more as I stood and spoke to the room “I think we can offer you a bit more today than we’d originally planned”.

Loud moans and cheers roared up around us as I lowered the whip across his ribs once more. Softer, across his leaking cock. Harder across his belly. I circled him. Hardest across his ass. His belly once more. Then, softly. Barely brushing the leather strips across his throbbing member. I dropped the whip and let my hand dart out to wrap tightly around him. His tense, shaking body struggled to hold on as his eyes lifted and held mine. He was so beautiful. So strong, so masculine, so intense. I still couldn’t believe a man like him was my submissive.

“Cum for me.”

While I spoke loudly enough for the crowd to hear, the words were for him alone. He threw his head back and cried out as I tightened my hand around him once more before releasing him and backing away quickly, allowing the crowd an unimpeded view as his body shuddered and he shot rope after rope across the platform. He slumped down, his body exhausted, his gaze once again on the floor as he worked to control his harsh panting.

I moved quickly, releasing his cuffs from the poles, allowing his arms to drop heavily at his sides. He jumped slightly as a roar of applause rose around us. I crouched in front of him once more and he lifted his gaze. He was exhausted but seemed content. I smiled lovingly. “You were amazing”.

His soft smile drew goosebumps from my skin, and I was thankful for the leather I wore that hid them from the crowd. He shifted back on his heels as I stood, rising with me, and pulling his pants back on. I turned in front of him to face the crowd and smiled broadly before making my way off the platform and into the dark. He followed closely without hesitation.

I led him quickly to a private room located only steps from the platform. While few clubs offered such spaces, I’d always felt that even after a public exhibition, the few moments after release were too intimate to be shared.

“Pants off. Kneel.”

I spoke as I made my way to a small refrigerator on the counter to remove the soft, cooled aloe covered towels I always used to sooth his ravaged skin. He kneeled in the center of the room with a dropped gaze as I’d instructed. His body shivered as I carefully draped the first cool towel across his back and shoulders. While it was red and angry, there were no welts, and no blood. I knew what I was doing with a whip and was extremely careful when I wielded one. I moved to his front and dropped to my knees facing him. He was several inches taller than me when standing, but his legs were long, and we were nearly eye to eye when kneeling together.

He gasped as I pressed the second cool towel across his chest and belly.

“You, ok?” I questioned gently.

“Yes Sir.”

His gaze quickly rose to mine, and he cringed.

I laughed softly as he corrected himself. “Green.”

I leaned in and let my lips brush his gently, eliciting a soft moan from each of us.

It was important to me that when I checked on his wellbeing, he used the safe words. It was too easy to simply say yes without really thinking about it.

I let my fingertips trail along his arms and my kiss deepen for a long moment before growling as I pulled back and laughed, looking down at my strained pants. “I can’t even begin to tell you how sexy you were. How much I want you in this moment.”

He grinned playfully into my gaze. “Would you like me to help with that like I have before Sir?”

I’ve never liked my subs to feel they can’t interact with me in the way they wished to within the rules of our relationships. While some doms forbid their submissives to speak unless spoken to, even to make such an offer, that was too one-sided for my liking. Our relationship was at its core, a partnership.

I brushed my lips across his once more. “Not now, but if you feel up to it at home later this evening, I certainly wouldn’t be able to refuse you after such an outstanding performance.” I chuckled softly. His smile broadened before he dropped his gaze back down.

I tended to him gently but quickly, we’d be expected in the main room for a while after such a performance. I rubbed the soothing cream into his skin gently and made sure he was completely clean before he pulled his pants back on. The way I’d leaked into my own leather as I watched him perform reminding me all too well just how uncomfortable sticky leather pants were. I didn’t want that for him tonight.

I spoke as I rose “If you need to leave earlier than planned, just take my hand.”

He nodded without a word and followed me closely as we left the small room.

He stayed quietly and calmly at my side for the better part of two hours before we made the rounds and said our goodbyes. As we circulated through the club, I watched him closely. Every time someone complimented his performance, or noted how skilled and attractive we were together he would fight to suppress a smile so small only I noticed the twitch beside his eyes or mouth.

We were both exhausted by the time we made it home and quickly said our goodnights and made our ways to our own rooms, choosing to spend the next day, a Sunday, lazily watching tv and eating pizza together as a delayed form of aftercare. By the time Monday morning arrived, we were back to regularly scheduled programming.

While we continued to include restraints, ties, blindfolds, and many of the other elements we both enjoyed during our play time throughout the following weeks, we also began incorporating more moments of purely emotional submission as we worked to prepare for our next exhibition which had been scheduled for two months out.

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3 thoughts on “How He Discovered He Was Submissive Pt 4

  1. Bill says:

    Wow! This was hot! I especially liked the comments about the use of the blindfold. As one who has been there, I can’t agree more.

  2. Pen says:

    Si πŸ”₯ πŸ₯΅ πŸ”₯ πŸ₯΅. Alex likes his sir and will do anything to please him . Now that he has been bred by sir, he now is owned by him in more ways. ❀️ 😍 πŸ’– ❣️ πŸ’• πŸ’˜ this story. Wish I was there to see all.

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