How He Stopped This Man From Snoring

“AW! AW! AW!” he moaned as I felt his cock jump inside me, and the soothing warmth that filled my bowels was bittersweet because it felt nice but meant it was over.


It was somewhere around 4 in the morning when I finally gave in to the fact that I wasn’t going to be getting any sleep, and while the man sleeping beside me wasn’t helping with his occasional snoring, the truth is that I never could sleep well in any bed but my own.

The lumpy mattress was no help either and the pillows were as flat as pancakes as well. The sheets were rough and very messy, although to be fair they were clean when we got here.

‘Here’ is room 14 of the Skylane Motel, a seedy looking motel on Central Avenue in Colonie, New York that I was very familiar with. Not from having stayed here, but because my school bus passed by it every day for 4 years to and from high school.

Those days were now behind me, and now I had graduated to a motel bed for sex. Considering that my only other experiences with guys had been one time in the woods and another time in a van, I suppose the Skylane Motel was a step up the ladder, albeit a modest step indeed.

If I were to write a Yelp review about the motel, I’m not sure it would be accepted but it would go something like this…

Two stars – The bed was awful and there was a stale smell in the room, although part of that wasn’t the motel’s fault. The shower was the best part and was big enough for two. Don’t know how much it cost because the man that brought me here paid for it, but I guess if you’re looking for a place to do just about anything that can be done to an 18 year old inexperienced kid, this is as good as any.

Probably too long that way but it’s the way I felt. I suppose I could wake up Alex and ask him the price, but that wouldn’t be fair because if you could actually fall asleep in this thing, good for him.

Another question I could ask would be, “Say Alex, what your last name?” since he didn’t offer it and I was too intimidated to ask. I get intimidated a lot, and whether it’s because I’m only about 5’6″ and 125 pounds or so or because it’s just the way I am, I don’t know.

I guess I take after my Mom in that respect, although since my father – and I use that term loosely – took off so long ago I wouldn’t know what he was like because my memory doesn’t go back that far. My mother doesn’t have much backbone and I don’t either.

Maybe that’s why these older guys hone in on me, because all three of the guys I’ve been with have been much older than me and sense that I’m easy to manipulate. The man who took me into the woods to explain how oral sex works was probably on social security and the man in the van likely wasn’t far from it himself.

The man in the van actually made me show him my driver’s license to prove I really was 18 before he sucked my dick because he said I looked like Bart Simpson, but the man in the woods didn’t care how old I was even though that day happened to be my 18th birthday.

I think it was that date when I decided that I might as well give up the idea that I was ever going to find a girl, because I had little luck. Maybe they sensed that I wasn’t really all that interested in the opposite sex and was just going through the motions to appear “normal” to the world, especially Mom. I liked guys.

So in the five weeks or so that passed since that day at Cook Park it seemed like I had been making up for lost time, and it all led up to this. Room 14 of The Skylane Motel. It was almost sad that college was ahead of me and my high school days were over, because passing this place would have given me a chance to announce how I spent my summer.

“Hey, it’s The Skylane!” I imagined myself saying to the gang on the bus. “I spent a night in room 14 there with a man named Alex. Didn’t know his last name though, but that guy was something. He did stuff to me that I never thought I would do!”

That scenario was preposterous of course and would never have happened, because I kept my mouth shut and my eyes straight on the bus all the time. Even that wasn’t enough to keep from getting bullied sometimes, but if they sensed I was gay or even unsure of it, Corey Cooper’s life would have been even worse than it was.

Alex knew my whole name and just about everything somebody could learn in the course of about an hour in the beat-up Toyota he picked me up in, after asking for for directions as I stood at the bus stop in front of the Library.

The fact that I got into the car was ridiculous on my part because they guy looked a little rough, although since it was about 6 in the afternoon he had a right to have 5 0’clock shadow on his weathered face, but regardless he was a stranger.

“Don’t get in the car with a stranger!” was one of my mother’s favorite tunes, but it didn’t sink in apparently. Alex didn’t say he lost his puppy and wanted me to help him find it though, and that was something Mom had cautioned me about, nor did he offer me candy. He was just lost.

“I grew up around here but it’s all changed so much,” Alex had told me. “I’ve been away for a while, but I remember that the place I’m looking for is near Mohawk Mall.”

Apparently he had been away for quite a while since that place ate the wrecking ball when I was a kid and was reborn as another indecipherable maze of stores, but I knew where he was headed because I didn’t live that far from there.

I mentioned that and Alex then offered to give me a ride, and that way he could make sure he got where he was going with me as a guide. That would save me bus fare as well, Alex told me, and so I agreed, throwing my backpack in the back seat and hopping in.

So I knew that Alec was from here but away for a while, I guessed in the army or something but didn’t ask, and that was all I knew. By the time we were drinking beer in the car at Cook Park, Alex knew everything about me except my social security number.

“I can tell you’re a lot like me,” Alex said as we drank nasty lukewarm Coors Light, and when his hand landed on my knee I jumped but said nothing. “You’re lonely and can use a friend. I’d like to be your friend.”

“Okay,” I remember saying.

“Does your Mom know?” Alex asked me as I drained a beer.

“Know what?”

“That you like fellas,” he explained, and I guess my eyes must have popped out because I hadn’t said anything about that during my rambling, but couldn’t find words to protest.

“It’s okay. I do too,” Alex told me. “Been a long time since I’ve set eyes on such a sweet thing like you. You look so pure and sweet. Bet you don’t even shave yet.”

That wasn’t quite true because I did shave, about once every week or so, usually running the electric razor over my face so Mom didn’t think that her gift wasn’t appreciated, but the cheek Alex rubbed with the backs of his hairy fingers was a lot softer than his hand.

“Don’t have a place here yet,” Alex told me as his hand went back onto my leg, higher up my thigh than before. “I would like us to go someplace where we can get comfortable though. Would you like that?”

I mumbled something about not being sure, and he asked me – told me more accurately – that it would be great if I called my mother and told her I was going to spend the night at a friend’s house. The decision of whether I would go with him had apparently been answered.

“That wouldn’t be a lie either, because we are friends aren’t we Corey?” he asked me, and after I sorta nodded and kinda shrugged he asked, “What’s the matter babe? You were so bubbly and chatty and now you’re all tight-lipped and stern looking.”

“Scared,” I managed.

“Of me?”

“Of everything,” I admitted, which made him laugh, but then I confessed that while I guessed I did like fellas what I lacked was experience. My manner made it obvious so I didn’t need to add that I lacked confidence as well.

“You have done things with fellows right?” Alex asked, and I guessed that if giving and receiving head twice in my life qualified, that was true.


“That’s nice. They were lucky boys.”

“Men. They were older men.”

“I can see why,” Alex said as his hand moved up further, and while I was tempted to say that if he was looking for something not only would it be tough to find but was on the other side, I said nothing.

“Let’s find a room, maybe get a pizza and you can call your Mom. Sound like a plan?”

That was how armed with most of a 12 pack of beer and a pepperoni lovers Pizza Hut pizza, a 50 something man with a duffle bag and a petrified 18 year old with a backpack went into room 14 as darkness set in, with me sort of trying to be stealth because I didn’t live that far from here.

“Mrs. Cooper!” I could imagine some nosy passerby telling my mother, that idea doing nothing to ease my nerves. “I saw your Corey going into a motel with a man and a pizza!”

In any event, the door got closed behind me with the medley of the slamming door, the snap of the lock and the tinkling of the dead bolt following right after.

“A little background noise,” Alex said as he turned on the boob tube, and as he peeled of his windbreaker I was a bit shocked at how big he was, since in the car he seemed not much larger than I was.

It wasn’t a case of being all that much taller, since he might only 3 or 4 inches taller than my 5’6″, but he was probably 50 pounds heavier and most of that seemed to be muscle as his tight t-shirt showed.

Alex’s bulging biceps and forearms were like Popeye’s, with part of a faded tattoo peeking out the bottom of his short sleeve, some kind of military insignia that I couldn’t make out because it was faint and hidden under a lot of coarse looking hair.

Hair peeked out of the neck of his t-shirt too, and along with the five o’clock shadow that seemed to be growing with every passing minute, made him look even more frightening, although I admit that it also turned me on a bit too. Opposites attract and all.

Sitting at a wobbling little table in chairs that were way older than I was, we ate about half of the pie, with Alex consuming most of that while I nibbled on one slice like a church mouse, causing my new friend to encourage me to eat more.

“Not real hungry,” I told him, and that wasn’t really true but I feared than anything that went in might come back out fast.

“It’ll make a good breakfast,” Alex told me as he rose and went over to the bed, peeling down the blanket and testing it by sitting.

“Not bad. A hell of a lot better than I’m used to,” Alex declared, and I wondered whether he had been sleeping in army barracks or maybe in the dirt of some foreign land because from where I was sitting I could see the sway of the mattress.

“You look fresh as a daisy but as for me, I’ve been in the car much of the day,” Alex told me as he moved across the room and peeled the snug shirt off his ripped upper torso, and after tossing it aside leaned over and raised his elbow to sniff his bushy armpit. “Going to shower. Want to join me?”

“No. Thanks.”

“Maybe later,” he winked, and when he saw me staring open mouthed at his broad chest with muscles rippling under a coating of hair he smiled and flexed a muscle while adding, “Been lifting a lot of weights. I would say you should, but you look sweet just as you are.”

“I won’t keep you waiting long Corey,” Alex promised as he went into the bathroom, showing my a lightly furred back that was as broad as the front. “Call your Mom and make yourself comfortable.”

Comfortable wasn’t what I wanted to make myself. I wanted to make myself gone, and the door was right there. Just undo the locks and be gone. Home was not far away and I would be safe there. This was not a little old guy in the park or a bald guy in his plumber’s truck. They were men but Alex was a MAN in capital letters.

I didn’t leave obviously, but I did call home and got a break when the machine picked up instead of Mom. I blurted out some nonsense about staying over at a friend’s house while praying she wouldn’t call him to check, and hung up before she could pick up and question me.

The shower had been on for a while, and there was steam coming out of the crack at the bottom of the door. I got up and went over to the door, and if there was a keyhole I might have peeked in it, but instead I went over to the bed and sat on the edge. It was probably a queen-size bed but it looked enormous to me, although I suspected that feeling would go away when there was someone else in it.

In the bathroom the shower went off, and I think it was then that my heartbeat, already rapid, went into overdrive. I was sweating and shaking, knowing that soon that door would be opening and this Army hero/bodybuilder would have his way with me.

Scared and excited, I wanted this to happen but at the same time this was going too fast for me. I wanted things to slow down, maybe get to know Alex. Go to a ballgame or a movie instead of this right away, but I knew that this was my nature to try to avoid dealing with things. I would put things off or chicken out altogether, as I was a master of procrastination, but then the bathroom door was opening.

“These towels are like cheesecloth,” Alex said as he came into the room like some WWE wrestler, the steam from the bathroom billowing around him like special effects, and one of those soggy white towels was wrapped around his waist, a midsection that wasn’t much bigger than mine.

“I said that I figured you would be undressed by now,” Alex told me, apparently having to repeat himself because I was in a daze from staring first at his legs which looked black because of the wet hair plastered on his muscular calves, and then above.

The wet cotton hid everything but revealed a lot as the image of his cock was clear to see, and I had been hypnotized by the outline while he dried his short-cropped hair until his voice broke the spell.

“That’s okay, I like to unwrap my presents anyway he told me as he came up to me and motioned for me to lift my arms and said, “Upsy-daisy.”

I sat there like a kid being undressed by his Daddy, although I’m only guessing that was what it was like, and after Alex got rid of my shirt the knot he had made to keep the towel on came loose.

“Oops,” Alex chuckled as I stared at his flaccid organ, the first uncircumcised penis I had ever encountered.

As I looked at the network of veins that ran along the dusky shaft up near where the long ragged foreskin covered the head, I used my gallows-style humor as I told myself to relax because he was only as big as the other two men had been – combined.

Those men had been a bit more blessed than I was in that department – who wasn’t? – but at least we were of the same species. This was something out of a porn movie only there was no hitting the pause button here, this was real life as I learned when I was eased onto my back so Alex could undo my belt and jeans and start moving them off me.

“Could you turn the light off?” I asked.

“How about down instead?” Alex suggested as we walked over and dimmed the light, and even though I was nervous the sight of his furry butt on the way to the switch and the sway of his enormous penis coming back excited me.

“That better?” Alex asked as he returned and looked down on me laying like a Slinky toy with my head on the bed, my feet on the crummy carpet and my pants down near my knees, and although I wished it was dimmer still I nodded.

“If either of us would benefit from better lighting, it’s you,” Alex said as he pulled my jeans down and off, and as he pulled off my socks he said I was beautiful and didn’t laugh when he said it. “You look a little like Dennis the Menace.”

I grinned a little having learned that I must have a cartoon-ish look about me since one man had thought I looked like Bart Simpson and now Alex saw a little Dennis the Menace in me, but it could have been worse I guess.

“So soft,” Alex was saying as he rested my foot against his furry abs and ran his hands over my legs, his touch on the faint down that went no further than the insides of my calves making my modest pouch swell, and it was also making Alex’s penis get even longer.

My leg was let down and Alex was kneeling on the bed now, moving me up so I was completely on the lumpy mattress. Kneeling at my hip he ran his hand over my smooth and scrawny chest before letting it go down to my briefs.

“Starting to relax?” Alex asked after I gasped at the touch of his palm on the lump in the cotton, and as he stroked the growing bulge he noted, “Seems like you are. Just relax son. So sweet.”

I stayed motionless on my back like a corpse, only my eyes moving as they went back and forth like I was at a tennis match, from the big paw tenderly rubbing my dick through the white cotton to Alex’s cock which was getting longer and rising slightly to half mast, exposing his meaty balls in their furry pouch.

“See what you do to me?” Alex asked when he saw my eyes on his cock as it rose. “You like?”

I nodded, and for some reason I decided to note the obvious and mumbled something like, “It’s so big.”

“It is that Corey,” Alex said in a matter-of-fact voice. “Let’s get a look at you now.”

I grimaced when Alex took the elastic, lifting my butt so he could get my underwear down, and I thought it looked comical when my erection came free from the cotton and slapped back onto me but he didn’t laugh.

“Nice,” Alex sighed after tossing my briefs into the pile of clothes, his hand lifting my dick upright by putting his finger underneath the acorn shaped head and getting it pointing upwards.

I sure wished it was bigger, but as the skin got stretched to the limit I knew that was all there would be. It wasn’t the length that embarrassed me because I guessed I was almost average there, but my cock is so skinny it’s no fatter than a thumb. My thumb, not Alex’s.

Alex’s thumb and the rest of his hand wrapped around my arching dick, all but the very tip disappearing in his hairy paw, and when a bead of seed oozed out he bent over and licked it off.

“Keeps leaking,” Alex noted with a grin after he straightened up and saw that another drop was there on the tip of the cone-shaped glans. “Still scared?”

“A little,” I said after my shake of the head was seen through.

“I think I know what will take the edge off,” he told me before bowing down again. “Your cum is like buttermilk and I want more.”

My dick was swallowed whole, and only my best efforts had me lasting the 30 or so seconds I managed. I recall my legs churning and grabbed the sheets in one fist and rubbing Alex’s muscular thigh – the only part of him I could get to – until I could hold back no more.

“Better now?” Alex was asking after letting what had shrunk to a peanut out of his mouth as my vision finally cleared from as intense an orgasm that I could recall.

I nodded but I was still facing the prospect of doing something that I wanted to do but was uncertain off being able to accomplish, that being getting my mouth around Alex’s cock which was now quite erect and waving in front of him like a flagpole with a bit of the crimson glans peeking out of the end of the brown shroud.

Alex went down onto his back and had me got down and kneel between his legs after he spread them wide to accommodate me, the crinkly hairs on his legs tickling my skin as I did.

“That’s okay son,” Alex said after I had expressed doubt about my skills since I had only sucked on two before, along with rehearsing on my thumb and a hot dog in my bedroom when I was bored. “You can practice on me all night.”

Holding the meaty organ in my right fist, I put my left on top of that like it were a baseball bat for a second, taking a deep breath when I saw that both hands still didn’t cover it all, although I was surprised when my hands were able to get all the way around, just barely but they did.

“Look up at me Corey,” Alex told me as I took the knob in my mouth, not moving the foreskin down but letting it alone until I figured it out better. “That’s it. You have beautiful eyes you know? So sweet and innocent, but you’re doing great. Maybe you’re a born cocksucker. It’s not too big for you is it now?”

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