How to Give a Rim Job

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How to Give a Gay Rim Job

There are many people who find asses extremely sexy but the asshole extremely disgusting. If that area is disgusting to you and/or gay sex, then you may not want to finish reading this. An anus itself has many sensitive nerves located in areas that can provide a great deal of pleasure for your man. The two most prevalent areas are the anus entrance itself and the prostate gland located inside the anus underneath the taint area. I am going to give you some tips on how to properly approach this topic and eventually rim your man’s asshole in a way that gives him the maximum amount of pleasure. The proper term for rimjob is analingus and I have rimmed plenty of asses in my day, so I want to share with you some tips and techniques that I have used so that if you are interested in rimming your man, you too will have the skills to enhance his pleasure. I believe these tips can help men and women alike.


The first step in preparing to eat another man’s ass is deciding your reason for it. There are three primary reasons you stick your tongue on a man’s anus and those reasons are either to prepare him for anal sex, foreplay to stimulate him for other types of sex, or to give him a complete rimjob until he cums. Knowing the reason will help you decide the proper approach and the types of techniques you may want to apply.

The next three steps that begin a proper rimjob are cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanliness. Make sure the ass is clean. For me, without that, there is no rimjob. His ass needs to be freshly bathed and washed. I like to see a nice clean, fresh smelling, puckered rectum before my tongue gets busy. Not only does this provide you with more motivation, it is more sanitary.

For those of you who have a problem with the skin on skin contact because of sanitary reasons, there are products that can be used such as dental dam which is used in oral sex on a vagina but an alternative great technique is to put a condom on your tongue. Unroll it down your tongue and put the hardened ring in your mouth like you are sticking out your tongue to blow a bubble with chewing gum. This way, you can lick his asshole without the fear or any reservations you may have about that area. Always use a condom if you are unsure of your man’s cleanliness at that particular time.

I also like the asses that I lick to be hairless. Most of the time, this isn’t much of a problem but occasionally you will have to work your way through a bush the first time you rim a guy. After that first time, you can encourage him to shave. He will be more than glad to smooth it up for you because not only will he want you to do it again, it will be more pleasurable because of the added sensitivity. A really good time to lick your guy’s anus is in the shower or bathtub. You not only know that it is clean, you can even shave it for him. My first experience with rimming a man was when I was young and an older gentleman that lived up the street would have me come over during the summer while his wife was at work. I would rim him and learned what he liked while he was in the shower. He taught me a lot.

I like to start a rimjob with a little foreplay to get the guy warmed up. First use your hands. Knead the ass cheeks like you would dough. If he has a muscular ass, you obviously will have to put more effort in but it is well worth it. Massage and squeeze them together. Tap or smack the cheeks depending on the guy’s preference. He may even like to be spanked. Be sure you vary all your hand techniques to heighten his sexual anticipation.

The next preparatory technique is I kiss my lover’s ass all around, nice and slow, while occasionally inserting my tongue just inside the crack in mostly a teasing manner. Making smacking sounds with slow kisses so he can get an added audible stimulation is always a good thing. Lots of licking will also get him sexually charged because he feels that sensitivity on his skin. I start at the top of the crack and just lick down through the butt cheeks without getting too deep. This technique will drive him crazy and make him excited and anxious for your tongue on his hole. I also start on one cheek with my kissing and then lick sideways across the crack and start kissing the other cheek. Keep your licking and kissing soft and sensual. Now that the man is about begging for his rimjob, it is time to go to work.

Try to keep your licking and kissing dry unless you are preparing your man for anal sex. If that is the case then you want to produce excessive saliva so it can be used as part of the lubrication. Another benefit of extra saliva is that initially, it produces a slight warming sensation before switching over to a cooler feeling when the air hits it and you can accelerate that cool air feeling by blowing against it. If your man is jacking off, this is a good accelerator to his orgasm.



I am going to discuss some good positions that will give your mouth the best access to your guy’s asshole. I will repeat, that if you have an idea of why you’re rimming him, this will also help you decide on his position. His position is also important for your comfort as well, especially if you are going to do it for an extended period of time. The key to a great time extended rimjob is that both men are physically comfortable throughout the session.

Depending on his spread or the thickness of his ass will determine if you need to manually spread his cheeks. If you do not need to spread them, then place your hands on the front of his thighs for leverage or open your hands and place directly on the cheeks so that you can go back and use your hand techniques I discussed in the preparation section. You can also use your hands on his cock by giving him a reach under jerk. If you need to spread his ass cheeks apart, you can use your four fingers on each cheek like your peeking into a window or place your entire hand on each cheek and use your thumbs to pull them apart. I use this technique most of the time. I’ve also had the man pull them apart himself but this can get tiring for him because his face is now on the bed. Whether you need to pull them apart or not, it’s time to get his rimjob started. Here are some great positions.

The first and most common position that I am going to discuss is to have your man get on his hands and knees. I prefer my lover to be on a bed or soft surface. Have him put his hands somewhat close to his knees which will draw his ass upward and give you a better angle. You should also have him spread his knees in that position but it isn’t necessary. The best position for you is to sit down right behind him. If you are much taller than him, put some pillows under his knees to raise him up. That is much better than if you stoop down because your own comfort will help you maintain your enthusiasm. This position has other benefits as well. He is able to jack off if he desires while you are performing and you can take your time and you have great access to lick his taint and ball areas.

The next position is with him lying on his back with his legs up. You can basically divide that position two ways. He can lie completely on his back with his ass hanging over the edge of a bed or a piece of furniture. If he cannot hang his ass over the edge, then use a pillow or two under it so it will prop his ass up to the proper angle for better access. The benefit to this position is his cheeks spread apart naturally and you will have to do little work to manually hold them open. Because you don’t have to use your hands to spread them, it can free them up to jerk him off while you go down like I previously mentioned.

The second similar position is with your man starting in a sitting position on a chair or any furniture with a back rest. Have your man slouch down and lay back with his knees up. This is a great position because while you are rimming the hole, your nose is very close to his balls and that musky smell from a man’s balls are a great aphrodisiac for you the giver. You can also take breaks from the asshole and suck or lick on those balls or dick so when your tongue returns to that puckered bud, each time an added sensation ensues. Another bonus is he can watch you work and that visual stimulation is great for him.

Obviously this is the most recommended position if you’re giving a true rimjob to completion or you’re going to clean him up. No matter which of us is jacking him off, his cum will land on all over his stomach, pubic area, and shaft. This gives you the best access to clean it all up with your mouth or even if you are only going to wipe it up, this position is the least messy.

The next position is him lying flat on his stomach. This is the best position if you are going to give a long rimjob because of the comfort for both of you. I also lay on my stomach between his legs with my face buried in his ass. You can take your time and really work it over. The drawbacks to this position is you have no access to his cock or balls and it is more difficult to get to his hole. You have to press your face and spread his cheeks apart with more force. He will be very relaxed almost to the point of receiving a massage.

When I was in college, I hooked up with the large black football player and a tall basketball player and they both loved when I rimmed them. Sometimes they even (especially Dante who was the basketball player) preferred this to me sucking on their huge black dick. One time Dante laid on his stomach with his legs spread and I ate his ass for like 45 minutes. My tongue was sore for two days.

The next position is with him on his side and his legs spread like scissors. That means his under leg remains straight while he brings his top leg way up by placing his knee by his chest. He needs to slightly lean so that his stomach points downward. This is a great position to rim him with your body positioned the opposite direction of his and it is one of the top positions that give you great access to his nuts.

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  1. Roy A Ferfuson says:

    What do you have against hairy men? Both my partner and I a very furry. I love eating his furry ass as he does mine. You sounded like your one of those gays that hate hair. Hairy men and hair everywhere is a huge turn on for both of us. Except you partner for who he is and rejoice instead of trying to change them.

  2. Hmm says:

    Do you have Trypophobia??

    I sure do agree that it is a disgusting feeling moreso because as suppose to “fear”. I do believe that my sexual preference is linked to this… as I am not faggishly grossed out by women and their vigina and their anal being close together but, it’s not my thing. . . You know??

    I like a real a man’s hole. One hole is enough.

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