How to Use Anal Beads To Enhance Sex

What Are Anal Beads

Anal beads are a sex toy consisting of multiple spheres or balls attached together in series which are continuously inserted through the anus into the rectum and then removed with varying speeds depending on the desired effect (commonly at orgasm to enhance climax). Anal bead users enjoy the pleasurable feeling of the ball passing through the narrow sphincter of the anus.

Anal beads are not the same as a butt plug. A butt plug provides a totally different sensation than anal beads. Butt plugs are meant to go in your anus and stay in, while beads provide stimulation by being moved in and out of your butt. Whereas beads are supposed to be inserted one at a time for the same feeling of “fullness” from a butt plug, half the fun of beads is also the removal. You can pull them out and pop them back in again and again. The movement will stimulate the nerve endings of your sphincter to feel like you’re basically massaging your b-hole.

Anal Bead Designs

Anal beads are available in many sizes, with individual beads measuring from 25 mm in diameter to 125 mm diameter or larger. Most users enjoy beads of approximately 45 mm, but some will become more adventurous with experience, and try larger sizes. Anal beads are commonly made of silicone, plastic, rubber, latex, glass or metal and end with a ring or similar handle designed for pulling. The purpose of this ring is to prevent the beads from becoming fully lodged in the rectum, and to ease removal. The beads may either be joined flexibly, requiring individual insertion, or by a semi-rigid thin shaft, allowing anal insertion in a single motion.

The many nerve endings of the sphincter provide arousal both during insertion and removal, and larger beads may create feelings of pressure while in the rectum.

Don’t go cheap with anal beads — you want something you’re going to feel safe tugging on to remove. Stay away from any cheap plastic anal beads with a thin, fabric string, as there’s no way to clean them and they harbor bacteria.

Silicone anal beads are the best material for beginners to start with. It’s body-safe, nonporous, and will be the easiest to clean. To clean silicone, all you really need is mild soap and warm water. Anal beads are also available with more rigid beads, like a stainless steel or glass wand.

Some anal beads are enhanced with vibration technology to enhance pleasure.

How to Use Anal Beads

Anal beads can be incorporated into many fetishes that involve anal sex, ass worship, spanking, enemas or anything involving the buttocks, anus, or the anal area.

As with all anal sexual activity, the anal beads and the rectum should be well-lubricated with a sexual lubricant intended for anal sex. It is important to do this as the rectum can be easily ripped, torn or injured. Anal sex toys should be well washed with warm soapy water and left to dry naturally after use. Alternatively, they can be placed inside a condom, which is recommended if they are shared with a partner.

Care must also be taken to count the beads before and after use to ensure they are all removed from the anus. String have reportedly broken during intense rectal movements. If a bead gets stuck in the rectum and cannot be expelled naturally, medical intervention may be necessary.

Go solo. We always suggests newbies try anal beads alone first. “It’s always a great idea to try something new out by yourself first, so you know what you like and don’t like.” There’s a lot less pressure when it’s just you. If you do try it with a partner, make sure everyone has discussed it beforehand and that both of you are comfortable.

Start small!  Sometimes when trying out new toys, your eyes can be bigger than your anus. A set of anal beads will normally start small, with each bead gradually getting larger and larger. We recommend beginners try something with just three or four small to medium beads. You don’t want to make any promises your anus can’t keep.

Go slow and use lots of lube. Go very slowly when inserting and removing the beads. Don’t just rip it out! “Slow in and slow out! They are completely different sensations. Be gentle with your anal tissues since the anus does not create its own lubrication and too much friction can cause tearing.” For silicone anal beads, use water-based lube. If your beads are glass or metal, you can also use silicone lube. We recommend using lube both on your body, as well as applying some to the actual beads themselves, to make things as easy and pleasurable as possible.

Over-communicate when you use these with a partner.  Feedback is crucial when you use these with a partner, so your partner knows exactly what feels good in terms of depth, pressure, angle, and movements. And, of course, if something feels off, speak up ASAP.

There are several different ways to use anal beads. You can try taking them out as you near climax for a whole new different take on orgasms, or use anal beads as a warm up before sex. You can leave them in safely for about 2-3 hours. But don’t go overboard, and like, fall asleep with them in.

Get comfortable with the smallest bead before you move onto a larger size. Insert and remove the smallest bead a couple times to warm up before moving onto a larger bead.

Don’t be afraid to multitask. Since anal beads can be worn hands-free, you can use your free hands for other erotic matters. Masturbate with a toy, play with your nipples, get handsy with a partner, you do you! You can also wear anal beads during penetrative sex — The beads can provide an “extra pleasurable sensation or both partners.””

Are Anal Beads Safe

If the beads are threaded onto a string, which is a porous material, they cannot be fully disinfected. They should not be shared between partners without using a physical barrier such as a latex or neoprene condom to prevent the transfer of feces. Sharing unsterilized anal toys can expose users to various sexually transmitted diseases.

Anal Beads In Use

Happy to help, I stripped down, grabbed my anal beads and lube and laid on the bed. The first picture I sent was the beads, next to my dark, puckered hole, waiting to be filled. The next was when the first bead was in my ass. It was the smallest of the seven, and although it didn’t stretch me out, it sent a tingling feeling all throughout my crotch. The final pic was as I was inserting the last bead, that was about the size of a golf ball. It stretched me out quite a bit before I fully enveloped it, sending the first bead deep into my asshole. It felt so good to be fully filled. I sent them all to Brad then waited for his response.

Shortly after, I received a pic of his now erect member. I wished it was here to fill my ass. He responded with:

“I wish I could fuck your ass so hard. But since I’m not there, fuck yourself with a dildo. Slowly removing the plug bead by bead. Then show me how inviting your ass is.”

I loved being told what to do, and couldn’t wait to fuck myself. I found the biggest dildo I had, a realistic looking 10″ cock, lubed it up, then slowly inserted it into my ass. I sent a picture first, of my clean shaven ass nice and lubed up,then of the head of the dildo poking it’s way past my ass hole. Then I took one when it was fully inserted, showing my stretched and filled asshole. I did what he commanded, and started to fuck myself hard with the dildo. I felt like such a slut. I could feel my milk slowly leaking out of my cock.I continued to slam the dildo into my ass. I took a close up showing my sloppy mess around my tight asshole. I kept fucking myself hard like a good little slut slowly building the pleasure growing inside me. Finally I lay on my back and put my knees to my chest, spreading apart my ass cheeks. I took a picture of my now slightly gaped asshole. White milk was leaking out of my cock onto my stomach. I sent the pictures to Brad and kept fucking myself as I awaited his response.

After a few minutes, he responded with a picture of his cock, and a stream of cum shooting up his stomach, his now drained balls hanging low below.

“Your job today is done, you can finish yourself off now. Thanks again, talk soon ;)” he said.

Wishing it was me he could blow his load on, I continued fucking myself hard with the dildo. It didn’t take long before my knees were back at my chest and my body was shaking with a well deserved orgasm. I lay there, dildo still deep inside of me, thinking of how naughty I was, sending pictures to help a stranger cum. I smiled as I slowly cleaned myself up, leaving the dildo deep inside me until the end. I loved the feeling of being fully filled and didn’t want it to end. The rest of my day was a bit of a blur after that.

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