I Am Your Humble Servant

Who am I? I am a whoring faggot cunt, a cum craving slut, waiting for cock, wanting to be used, begging to be taken. I can’t wait to have a cock, feel the heat from his cock, smell the intoxicating pheromones of his sex, feel him grow and get hard from my touch, taste his delicious juices as he leaks from my licks, kissing, and sucking. My whole body is his finely tuned fuck object, willing and waiting to be used.

When he arrives he directs me to strip then get the ground, on my knees, arms behind my back, eyes closed, mouth open. Something hard and slippery slaps against my cheek, again and again. I open my eyes and see a massive hard cock dripping with pre-cum prodding my face, demanding attention. I’m unable to move as his hard cock prods my face and pushes against my lips. A piss and cum soaked smell fill my nostrils. I kiss then lick the head, wrap my hand around the shaft pumping it, making it slick with my saliva, savoring the salty taste and musky smell. He’s large and I can barely get the mushroom head in my mouth but being the loving cocksucker I am, I force it in my mouth and down my throat, gagging slightly as I work my way down to his balls. As I gag, I release the tension in my throat, deep throating his cock, using my throat muscles to constrict and massage his cock as my mouth and throat become nothing more than a cock hungry fuck tunnel.

He grabs and pinches my nipples. An electric shock runs through my body to my cock. The feel of his cock spasm in my mouth causes a craving in my sphincter. I am a cock whore, craving to have both of my fuck holes filled. He runs his hands around my head and through my hair, I love this and I suck harder. I’m climbing the walls with the need for his cum. He takes control and puts his hands behind my head. His needs are more urgent.

We’ve been being watched. Another chooses to join us. He moves behind me, rubs his moistened fingers between my cheeks and begins to probe. First a finger, then two, and now four fingers fucking my slut hole. I want to scream too much but the cock in my mouth only allows for moans and gasps. My body begins to betray me.as I begin to push back, pumping my soaking bottom, stretched by his fingers. I push him to go in and out, harder and harder, filling me, making me complete.

I feel his tongue replace his fingers, taking their place, slipping past my anal ring as it probes and twirls inside of my ass. The laps of his tongue start delicately as he uses his tongue to tease my hole. He probes deeper, with more force, fucking me with his tongue. I want to cry out with unimaginable pleasure but the cock in my mouth prevents it. I’m craving his cock. I want his fingers and tongue to be replaced by a hard cum filled cock. I am rewarded. A hard, hot, slippery cock, slides across my fuck hole. I feel that loving velvety softness, yet hardness, its burning heat.

I thrust back greedily and with urgency and he enters me. I’m impaled on that wonderful fuck toy I crave. I want to be fucked, searching for, craving for, the cock that I need to satisfy the needs of the slut that I am. I’m searching for, seeking the creamy, sticky, stringy prize that results from being fucked well. Incredible pleasure runs through my body. I’m being treated as a fuck toy, a slut, a whore, as I deserve, as I want, as I crave.

My craving intensifies. I don’t need more stimulation. What I need, what I desire, what I crave is for both cocks to start to spasm, for their urgency to build to a fever pitch, for the animal lust to take over, and to feel their large, hard cocks to erupt, filling my mouth and ass with their cum. It’s what my body and mind crave, it’s what my soul needs, their hot, sticky, thick, delicious spunk. I want them to pound me, to drive their cocks deep into me so that I become the vessel of their desires, their needs. God, I need it. To be used for my life’s purpose.

It happens. I feel the cocks in my mouth and ass start to spasm. The fucker at my mouth wraps his fingers in my hair and pulls my head down forcing his cock deep in my mouth. The hot, sticky load splashes against my throat and I start to gag as he grunts and swears as he fucks his pulsing cock into my cock sucking hole. As I think I might pass out he pulls his cock out of my mouth and I feel spurts of his hot, thick, sticky cock juice land on my lips, cheeks, and hair.

At the same time the man behind me grabs me by the hips and thrusts into me filling me with rope after rope of his hot liquid. As he pulls out I feel a river of the hot, sticky juice begin its flow out of my ass and down my legs. He takes his fingers and scoops it up and proceeds to feed me every last drop that flows from my ass. When he is finished he slaps my ass with a stinging blow leaving a red imprint of his hand for me to relish.

All too quickly the cocks are removed and I am empty, already craving for more, knowing there will never be enough to be satiated. I am saddened. I want more, I need more, I crave more. I have been used for their purposes and we are finished. I have descended down the spiral of submission, into the lust that my body craves, the lust that fills my mind, the lust that captures my soul. I have found the life that I want, that of being just a piece of fuck meat, to be used whenever someone wants to use me, to be their fuck toy, their receptacle of their cum, to be their pleasure provider.

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2 thoughts on “I Am Your Humble Servant

  1. Penfire says:

    Mmmmm babe wish there was a living you in your cute outfit. Love 🥰🥰🥰 to ride your cum filled cumt and seed u and then have you duck my cock too

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