I Fucked My Buddy’s Dad

“I usually don’t do this with old guys, Frank.” He closed his eyes. “No. Look at me.” “I might be old, but you don’t fool me. I saw how you look at me.”


Frank. I was 20, and he, 20 years older. At first he only seemed like the usual strict dad, who hated me for influencing his son to the wicked ways.

I wasn’t that bad, but he saw something in me. Something invasive. I didn’t have much choice where hot dads were concerned. The hotter the dad, the most intrusive my eyes were. And Frank was the best one yet.

Frank owned a convenience store, but he also liked the heavy work and delivered heavy stuff all over the city, making his arms big and tight. He jogged, and was usually all sweaty, healthy enough to put me to shame.

I was a closet gay by choice, which means that I hid but didn’t care much if someone figured it out. I usually found sex partners in clubs far away and brought them to my apartment sometimes, which was close to where I went to college. So far, nobody seemed to know or care. But it did mean that I could befriend hot straight dudes and sometimes enjoy a good show of bros being bros.

At the moment, the hot straight dude was Will . I liked Will, Frank’s son. But Frank was the one who knew how to put on a show.

He hated me, though. And it was no different on that day.

Frank showed pure frustration when he opened the door of his house.

“Greg,” he said my name as someone would talk about a pile of dog shit they had found on their doorstep. I smiled. “Will isn’t home.”

He still let me in, which meant Will would be home soon. I tried conversation, but I was ignored, so I went to my friend’s room.

Will’s room was obsessively neat and clean, the bed was made, no objects around or any sort of mess. It freaked me out.

I laid down on the bed and tried to forget all the pending essays I had. Let Will think about those, he was trying and helping me to be a better student.

I thought about asking where Will had actually gone, but remembering the look on Frank’s face convinced me otherwise.

My cellphone distracted me for a while, but Will didn’t answer my texts, and I grew bored. Maybe he was at his girlfriend’s, but then why would Frank let me in? His girl had actually been presented to him by me, in a party that Will had gone because of me. So I basically was the reason he was happy. She had done other things in that party before Will got there, but that was past.

I was about to turn off my phone and leave when the door made a noise. I didn’t look, just waited, pretending to be distracted, and my eyes strained at the light of the screen. Seconds went by.

The silence troubled me. Maybe he was mad and just waiting for me to look to start ranting. He had asked me before not to lay down on his son’s bed when he wasn’t around.

I finally put down the cell.

Frank wasn’t angry, which was weird, but his hand was firmly holding the door handle.

He was focused on me, but not on my eyes. I searched for what he could possibly be looking at. The only interesting thing was my bulge.

Nah. It couldn’t be.

“Is Will back?” I said.

Frank snapped out of his trance and ran a hand through his messy hair. He took a deep breath and shook his head.

“He’s not back. Probably won’t be for a while. He’s with his girlfriend.”

“Oh…” I sat down. “Then what the hell am I doing here, right?” I smiled.

Frank did not smile back. I nodded to myself, pretty much what I expected. Even though Frank was really hot, without his son there, he could be pretty scary.

I walked towards the door but Frank was in the way. I stopped because he hadn’t left, nor appear like he was going to.

“I need you to move…” I was so close to him that I had to look up, thinking about how easy it would be to be overpowered. “I can’t go through.”

“This is my house,” he said. “I don’t need to move anywhere.”

“Okay…” I kept smiling like a stupid clown. But I was growing nervous. I didn’t think that he would do something to me, not really. But… “But how am I supposed to leave your house?”

“You’re a clever little man, you can squeeze through.”

“Little man?” I said. “Very funny, Frank. Uh, unless you want me to rub all over your body, you’ll have to…”

Frank cleared his throat loudly and finally gave way. But I didn’t go. Instead, I came back to sit on the bed, my head running with wild thoughts.

“Hey, Frank.”

“Yes?” You could tell that he was trying to sound cool, but he was far away from that.

“Why didn’t you warn me about Will before I got in?”

“I forgot,” he said. “Sorry.”

“I’ve never ever heard the word sorry coming out of your mouth,” I said. “So you just forgot?”

“You can go now, Gregory.”

“Well, I don’t wanna go.”

Something close to fury reached his eyes but words couldn’t get out of his mouth.

“Why?” he said after a stare contest that I almost lost. “You don’t have anything to do here.”

“Isn’t there?”

“What?” The husky voice was somehow hotter than ever. Frank’s chest was rising and falling slowly, he was controlling his breathing like he controlled his house.

“I mean, you’re right about me. What you’re feeling, I feel it too,” I said. That was a a gamble. Frank smiled and shook his head.

“You’re insane. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Alright. Then, just go away and I will be going soon,” I said. “But if you don’t want to, you can close the door and come here so we can talk.”

He shook his head. But I sensed that I should wait, and then, like I told him, the big man closed the door and sat close to me.

“Lay down.”

As I looked at him, head lowered facing the ground, the word that came to mind was vulnerable. My cock hardened, thrusting against my pants. And I didn’t feel guilty about it.

“I usually don’t do this with old guys, Frank.”

He closed his eyes.

“No. Look at me.”

“I might be old, but you don’t fool me. I saw how you look at me.”

“What? You’re delusional.” I smiled. “You’re desperate. How long has it been? Have you ever been with a guy? I might be your big shot at ever getting it.”

“You’re a piece of shit,” he said, but didn’t leave the room.

“Yes, I am, and I’m also a top,” I said. “You know what that means?”

He looked puzzled.

“It means I fuck you, or nobody fucks.”

Frank widened his eyes suddenly. “Did you and my son…?”

“What? No.” Not that I didn’t want to. Frank sighed. He still wasn’t leaving so I made a move. I pushed his chest until he fell on the bed, then I got on top and faced him really close, almost touching his lips, looking directly into his big brown eyes.

“Today you’re my fag, I don’t care how big you are. Understand?”

Mr. Frank grunted, his breath on my face, his heart denying his bluff.

“Don’t call me that, oh…” I bit his ear, and and nudged my nose against his hair. He hugged me, big arms surrounding me, they were warm. I couldn’t melt, not right now. This man still could overpower me, not just in the physical sense.

He kissed my face, a gesture that I never thought possible from him. I had to keep my act.

“You better enjoy, it’s going to happen once.”

“You really think I’m that bad?” he asked.

“I’m only doing this because I know nobody is ever going to know.”

He took a while to answer, and my chest begin to feel heavy. I sucked on his tongue to be more convincing.

“I can’t do this,” he said, holding me tight.

“Say you’re my fag, just for today, say it.”

“Alright.” I was going wild on his mouth, so he took a while to say it. “I’m your fag. Just today.” I smiled, between kisses. It was by no means normal kisses. We were both opening our mouths as wide as we could, like hungry animals.

When we stopped, I told him to take off his clothes. He gulped air, like he was swallowing his pride. As he took all of it off, starting with his tight shirt, and moving to pants and underwear, my mouth hungered for each bit of his huge body. I wanted to lick every single muscle and that cock that bounced beautifully out if his underwear.

He stood there in a posture that said, what now?

I sat on the bed, legs off. I removed my pants, relieving the pressure on my hard cock, and relieving even more when I removed the underwear. And while I knew that Frank was watching, I twitched my cock. He was interested, just like any horny gay man, but a little more desperate.

And Frank waited for me to say what’s next.

I opened my legs wide.

“Now, kneel,” I said. “Suck me, faggot.”

Even as his cock jumped a bit, Frank recoiled in himself.

“Why do you use that word? Aren’t you one too?”

“The word doesn’t bite me. You can call me that if you want, just remember that today you’re the one who is mine. My fag. Say it again.”

“Your fag,” he said.

He knelt in front of me, grabbed my legs, opened them far wider, with a bit of anger. For a moment, he looked around his son’s room, doubt beginning to spark in his eyes. I grabbed his head and turned it around, forcing him to stare at my cock.

At first, he ran his tongue on the top. I thought I was going to faint, because the image and the sensation was overwhelming. And he had closed his eyes, like he was savoring the taste, enjoying it.

Then he fell on it, and he was hungry. I quickly laid back, resting on my elbows. His beard, his time, his mouth, the warmth, the touch, his rich smell, it was everything all at once. I weakened, moaning, all lost. I had to keep control. I had to enjoy this.

I pushed him away, and he stared at my cock, eyes focused like a dog’s, focused on food.

“What?” he said after a while. I was catching my breath.

I smiled, raising myself.

“You don’t do this very often, I can tell.” I controlled my breathing. It was hard. My fucking heart couldn’t stop pounding. “Slowly. Go slowly. You’re lucky to have this opportunity,” I said, and my cock jumped a bit, catching his attention. “Try to enjoy it.”

He nodded, looking ashamed, and his cheeks were red. I felt really bad, but then his mouth came again, this time, he was slow and careful. I looked at him, amazed. He was truly incredible, and beautiful, and seeing my cock inside his mouth made me really proud.

It was worse. I pushed him away. But, too late now. I jerked off, and he watched as stream after steam of cum came out, some of it on his face, and it put him on a trance.

“Fuck,” I said.

No way it had been this fast. He is going to laugh at me, I thought. But Frank only stared at me with a kind of adoration.

“That was…” he said.

“Shut up, alright,” I said. “Get on the bed, now. On your fours.” He obeyed. My phone was there, so I took it before he could crush it.

And now, I had his ass in front of me. It was hairy and huge and firm, my hands grabbed it and shook it. I smiled, feeling my cock grow hard again, and I grabbed it, pushed it so it would touch the big man’s ass, slapped him with it, rubbing the head against the little hole. I needed lube, but for now, I wanted to enjoy the vision.

I suddenly had the idea of taking a picture. My phone was there, and Frank had his eyes closed. I kept touching him there, so he would not open his eyes, and snapped a picture quickly. Then I hid the phone, and everything was back to the play. I pressed a finger on the entrance, feeling the rejection, the ring of muscles tensing up.

“Stop,” Frank said. I obeyed. Something on his voice. “Oh, Jesus, this is Will’s room.”

“Relax, okay. He won’t be coming anytime soon.”

Frank wasn’t hearing. He stood up, his hands shaking as he looked for his clothes. They were right there, but he wasn’t on his right mind, his hard cock dangled, his butt all red from my palm and fingers.

“Do his bed, you hear me?” he said.

“What? You gotta be kidding me.” I laid back on the bed and opened my legs, showing my cock and observing the obvious effect it had on him. “Come on. Come back.”

“Can you fuck stop for a moment?” He finally found his underwear. “You are a piece of shit.” He dressed up awkwardly. “If you say a word of this, I’ll beat you up. Hear me? Leave my boy alone. I can see you have no future, and you will not drag Will with you. Clean up your mess, and leave this house.”

After picking up the rest of his clothes, Mr. Frank strode off, his ass sucking the underwear.

Words had left me, and I could only watch. And slowly, my anger rose up. But I didn’t know what to do to get him back to the perfect moment.

Instead of making the bed, I messed everything up. I threw mattresses on the ground, and pillows, and his studying materials that were on the table. I opened his wardrobe and took the clothes, I threw them on the ground.

Then I left the house. Let him clean up the mess.

When stepping inside my place, the first thing I noticed was my own mess, which was worse than the one I had just made. It felt worse too, because it came naturally. It reminded me of Frank’s words.

I took a shower, and laid down on my bed, rubbing my temple, trying to push away the anger I felt. Apart from everything else, I looked over my college stuff, I had deadlines, essays, an exam tomorrow.

Later that day, Will called me. His voice through the phone sounded like his father’s. Will started to ramble about responsibility and disrespect. Frank had not cleaned the mess and had had the balls to blame me. I was pushed into a corner, what was I supposed to say?

Then, Will told me it was for the best if we took a time off from each other. Because his fucking room was a little messy. Asshole.

I remembered the picture. I could send him, show him how saint his father was in all of that. That awful urge pushed me to take off my phone and look at the picture, and while the son still spoke on the phone, I admired the father’s incredible ass.

I bit my lip hard, thinking that I almost had had that big ass, my cock throbbed inside my underwear, and anger boiled inside my veins, but I didn’t send him the picture. I took a deep breath and interrupted him.

I remembered the secret I knew of his girlfriend. I had introduced them, they met because of me, at the party I invited him for.

When the party had ended, they had been holding hands, smiling, all puppy eyed, but sooner in that same party, she had already slept with another guy.

I knew that and he didn’t. I knew Will was controlling, kind of like his father, I knew that he would discredit what said, but that it would eat him from the inside out. I know you, bro. I thought.

And I told him.

Will hung up on me a few moments later, cursing me like never before. And that is that. No more friendship.

I looked at my cell, eyes beginning to water for some reason, but I held back. Frank’s picture was there. An amazing prize.

But I couldn’t feel anything at that moment.

Something was eating me from the inside.

I to get out of my apartment, so I did. I got myself wasted, and brought some guy home. He was nice, dark skinned, liked to make some noise, and he mounted me like a crazy bitch, all I had to do was lay back and enjoy.

He was no Frank though.

The next morning, the man was not there anymore. Fortunately he hadn’t stole anything. I couldn’t remember his name. I realized I missed class, I missed my deadline, I missed my exam. I felt like getting wasted all over again. I took another shower, and looked in the trash and around the bed for something that would lighten up my day.

I found it. Two used condoms. THANK GOD.

Sitting on a chair amidst all the mess, literally and figuratively, I took out my phone and saw his naked picture again, Frank.

Yes, his bubble butt was the attraction, a tiny pink hole that promised to amaze my hard cock, it would tighten around me, refuse me, but would give in eventually, like it did to my finger.

But the rest of Frank was impressive too, his tense shoulders compressed the muscles on his back, his head turned a bit to the side, eyes closed, enjoying. A miracle that he hadn’t caught me talking that picture. But…

His eyes seemed closed, but there was a bit of shining there, very apparent now that I noticed. Did he see me taking that damn picture? Did he let me?

Fuck it. I dialed his house. Will didn’t want anything to do with me, but maybe the father still would. All I needed was to do him, after that, things could come back to normal again.

But it was Will who picked up the phone.

“Before you say anything, I wanna talk to your father.”

“Fuck you,” Will said, and ended the call.


A few minutes later, there was a call on the door, the voice pretty distinguishable, but it was hard to believe at first.

I checked myself, tiny casual shorts, no shirt, smelling good. Then, I checked the apartment, messy.

All good.

I opened the door, and there he was.

“Frank,” I said.

He had his hands in his pocket, a partially tight jeans, enough to show the powers of his leg and ass. His shirt showed his muscles too.

Frank tried not to look, but he checked me, those hard eyes felt my naked skin and further down below, where my cock was already waking up.

“I knew you lived in these streets,” he said, looking down at his feet. “I had to ask around.”

I moved forward, leaning on the door frame, forcing him to step back.

“It’s close to college.” Not that it was making any difference lately. “I would ask you to come in, but… It’s very messy. Unless you really want to.” Please.

Frank just nodded once. I moved to the side, just a bit, and while he passed through, I pushed my lower body, brushing his side. He didn’t protest. I closed the door behind me, and looked down. There was a big tent on my shorts. Good, let him see it.

Offered him to sit on my bed, while I stood. He accepted and, after a moment of silence, he shook his head.

“I don’t know what I’m doing here. My son finally saw you for who you are. Rotten. You ended his relationship.” He looked up, and his eyes were shining. “Why did you do that?”

I was taken aback. Everything had been going so well, why did he have to go and insult me?

So Will had finished with his girl. How was that my fault? I was just the messenger.

“I only told him the truth.”

“You wanted to hurt him,” Frank said. “And it was my fault too. The shame of what I did… with you.”

I couldn’t look at his eyes anymore. Well, if I could come back in time, I would. Not that it was my fault that Will is terrified of being a cuck.

But, still, it was uncalled for.

“Well, if that is all,” I said, “I need to study.” Maybe I was rotten. So what?

“I came to make a deal. If you don’t ever come back or do anything to harm my family…” He must be afraid that I would use the picture, he does know I took it.

“If, then what?”

“I will do anything.”

That made me smile

“Right now?” I said. He nodded. “That would be very hard for you, wouldn’t it? You hated so much sucking my cock.” There was venom in those words. Frank closed his eyes shut. “You call me rotten, but nobody made you feel like that, not for a long time. You want some more of my meat, and I’m supposed to think you don’t?

“You let me call you a fag, and slap your ass. And you let me take a picture.”

He didn’t deny it.

“I should make you beg, but you know what? I’ll agree. I’ll delete the pic. I’ll even let you judge me.” I laid back on the chair and waited. Frank was restless, looking around, sometimes meeting my eyes, but mostly avoiding them. “Lose the shirt,” I said.

He breathed out slowly, nodded once, and raised his shirt, showing his thick hair going from belly button all the way to his crotch. I closed my eyes for a second, too overwhelming, so damn beautiful.

He threw his shirt on the ground, and licked his lips.

“What else?”

“Let me look.”

I did until he started to grow restless again. But I enjoyed seeing his chest rise and fall. So I gave him something to enjoy too. I raised my leg above the chair’s arm and pulled my shorts enough to show that I was not using anything underneath.

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6 thoughts on “I Fucked My Buddy’s Dad

  1. Rob says:

    By all means, feel absolutely free to continue! I see this young man moving with his friend and dad, and using one bed for all three?

  2. Bucky says:

    I just LOVE these type of stories – unhinged -LUST with strong hunky guys who LUV COCK & luv being FUCKED, once their prostrate gets rammed …. There is no turning back IN WANTING IT WHENEVER OPPORTUNITY “ RISES!”

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