I Thought I Was Straight – Until This Happened

I had never in my life had a wet dream before and so it came as a shock, albeit, a pleasant one when I awoke to find my underwear completely drenched in the sticky substance. My penis still very hard and covered in the moist liquid.

“Wow, that must have been one hell of a dream” I thought.

I remember the coach back in grade school giving a sex education class with us, explaining that as we matured, these things would happen, but I had already discovered masturbation by that time and never had the experience of a “nocturnal emission” as it was called. I laid there in amazement, wondering why I couldn’t remember what I had been dreaming, but as I was still very hard, I immediately began to jerk off. My penis was still very sensitive and it only took a few moments to again cum all over myself.

After several minutes of relaxfull bliss, I got out of bed and went in to take a shower. For some reason, my persistent hard on would not retract, even when running cold water on it. In fact the feel of the water only stimulated me further.­­

“What the hell is going on?” I thought.

Incredibly, I reached down and began to stroke myself and amazingly, I was again cumming within moments.

“I’ve got to stop this.” I thought, as I stood in the cold running water. Finally after several minutes, my penis finally began to go a bit more flaccid.

My roommate, Scott was already awake and fumbling about the kitchen and after a short while I joined him. We had been roommates for several months, almost a year in fact, but in that time, I had never seen Scott in his underwear … until now. He was a bit shy and I attributed this as to why he refrained from ever feeling free enough to walk about the house more loosely dressed. I, on the other hand, was always dressed in my t-shirt and underwear whenever I was in for the night, which was usually right after I got home from work. Today however, must have been his “coming out” day as he was now very scantily dressed himself in nothing more than his t-shirt and very tight fitting underwear.

As he turned, I couldn’t help but glance at his penis, it’s shape very distinctive within those underwear.

“Oh my gawd, his cock is so huge” I thought.

I quickly looked away, but marveled at how well endowed he was. I was also a bit jealous. I thought my cock was plenty big, but mine didn’t even compare to his in size and girth.

“He must be a big hit with the ladies.” I imagined and smiled to myself.

As I left the kitchen, I noticed how tight things were getting in my own underwear. Once again, I was becoming aroused. Dressing for work was a bit difficult and I decided to wear jeans that day to help conceal any arousal I might experience at the office. For some reason it was occurring a bit more frequently and I was desperate to avoid any embarrassment if and when it occurred. I couldn’t understand what was going on with me and why I was so suddenly horny all of the time­. But sure enough, later that afternoon I found myself replaying the image of Scott’s penis bulging in his underwear, with the distinctive textures and shapes so definitively outlined against the shiny fabric and within moments of that, I was at full attention.

“Why would I get a hardon thinking about Scott?” I wondered, and quickly filled my mind with other thoughts.

After some time and much effort, I was able to get my penis to relax enough to at least leave the office that day without being humiliated. I could however, feel the wetness in my underwear – I was leaking profusely.

That night I got home and got undressed and grabbed something to eat. I had thought about masturbating, but had worried Scott would get home and disturb things. Of course my prediction was accurate and before too long Scott arrived home and went into his room to change.

“What’s up” I asked as he emerged.

“Oh, nothing much” he replied as he joined me at the table for dinner as well.

We conversed for several minutes as we ate, talking about things like work, a movie we both wanted to see and girls. Strangely, every time I would talk about girls, Scott seemed to feign interest of the subject, and certainly never offered up any tales of his own. I didn’t think to much of this – I knew he was a private individual.

Later that evening we watched a movie and I couldn’t help but want to tell him about my recent bout with what seemed to be an out of control libido. I cautiously broached the subject and we talked about it for several minutes. It was then I had built up the nerve to tell him of my wet dream from the night before. He seemed genuinely interested in that, and spoke to me of his jealousy for having never been so fortunate to experience it himself.

When a commercial came on, he got up to get himself a drink and asked me if I wanted something too. I thanked him for bringing me a cold glass of tea and drank it straight down. He was drinking his usual hot tea with a touch of sugar.

Surprisingly, he continued with the conversation about my wet dream, asking me what I had been dreaming and such. I informed him that I couldn’t remember and that I was so soundly asleep – more deeply than usual. He continued in his curiosity asking if I had any sensation I could remember while sleeping – I could not, but was curious about the question. It’s normal for a man to become aroused during the night, but without direct stimulation, having a climax is difficult at best – most of the time it is impossible. Eventually he asked me if I masturbate. I was a bit taken by the question, but not so uncomfortable that I couldn’t answer.

“I do, but perhaps not enough” I laughed, implying that maybe I should to avoid another “accident”.

We continued talking for about an hour or more, but I suddenly found myself embarrassed and a bit surprised at the very next thing that came out of my mouth.

“How big is your cock?” I asked.

Scott was clearly caught off guard by that, looking right at me, wide-eyed and smiling. I think I even detected a slight blush.

“Why do you want to know that?” he asked somewhat incredulously.

“Well … yesterday morning, I couldn’t help but notice that you were in your underwear – you never walk around in your underwear, first of all. But, it was so obvious … I couldn’t help but notice. I wish mine were bigger, I guess some guys have all the luck?” I continued.

Scott never answered my question, but I didn’t sense any discomfort on his part for my asking. At any rate, I suddenly felt very tired and decided to go to bed.

“Do you have any plans for this weekend” I asked.

“None yet” he replied.

“OK – I’m going to sleep in tomorrow, so don’t wake me up” I said.

“Good night.” he replied.

Part 2


That was the only word that could come to mind as I lay there in stupefied amazement at what I was witnessing.

“Twice?!” I quietly gasped as I slowly peeled back the front of my soaked and sticky underwear, the scent of cum filling my nose and exciting me further. I laid back smiling, closed my eyes and took hold of my penis.

Thinking back to the conversation the night before, I began to slowly slide my hand up and down, the wet goo lubricating my every stroke. Sexual images began filling my mind, the more unusual they were, the more aroused I became. I began to experiment in my mind, imagining things to see how I would react sexually, things I normally wouldn’t think of. But I figured anything sexual would get me going as I was again completely engulfed in a wave of sexual excitement. Suddenly the image of Scott in his tight underwear and his huge cock appeared – coupled with the conversation as to it’s size, took hold of me and I couldn’t get that thought out of my mind. It was then that it happened. I began squirting profuse amounts of cum all over my body. The image playing over and over in my head as I ejaculated – of Scott’s enormous bulging cock.

I could feel the warm droplets landing all over my stomach and chest, my heart racing at such a foreign notion of being aroused by Scott. But there it was, I had just cum all over myself again and I did it while thinking about an image of my roommate. Even though I am straight, the thought of being so turned on by Scott was a bit alarming to me. But strangely, I couldn’t wait to get cleaned up and tell him about the fact that it happened again. I of course, would leave the part about him out of the conversation. All my life I’ve loved to jerk off to beautiful women and I still do. A great big pair of natural breasts and a beautiful face will always make me cum, but these sudden thoughts I found myself having were inexplicably arousing too. What was happening to me I wondered, why the sudden change in my sexual nature? I attributed it to the whole taboo feeling, the whole, this is “new” and “different” way of thinking especially in light of what was going on with my body and the overwhelming need for sexual release that was plaguing me of late.

Scott was still asleep and I had to run out to do some errands. Every little bump on the road, every little vibration of my car seemed to find it’s way to my crotch and I had to fight off erection after erection throughout the day. When I returned that afternoon I was disappointed to discover that Scott was not home. He too was out and about and didn’t return until late afternoon. He informed me that he had gotten a call from his office and had to go in to work – also that he had to catch a flight that night to go out of town on business for a few days.

I offered to drive him to the airport, but he kindly refused and said it would only be for a few days and he had no problem leaving his car at the airport. That night I went to bed and woke up the next morning without even so much as a slight hardon.

“Well … Scott goes out of town and you disappear too!” I joked to myself.

Later that evening laying in front of the TV, I began to get a headache. Looking in my bathroom cabinet and then in the kitchen, I could find nothing to take for my relief. I then ventured into Scott’s room, which I scarcely think I have ever done since he moved in, and ended up in his bathroom.

I opened the cabinet and searched for some aspirin. There were a few prescription bottles on the shelf, and I quietly wondered if Scott had forgotten to take his medication with him. As I fumbled about, one of the bottles fell from the shelf and landed on the countertop.

“Diazepam.” I muttered, not knowing what that was.

I shuffled things about a bit more and found what I was looking for – Ibuprofen. I took a few out of the bottle and placed it back on the shelf. It was then that I noticed the little bottle of blue pills. I carefully lifted the bottle and turned it around to read the label. Manforce.

“Manforce?” I thought. “Why would he need Manforce”?

“Someone with such a huge cock needs help getting it up?” I wondered.

How could someone be so blessed but then have nature play such a cruel joke in preventing it’s full potential. Perhaps this is why Scott is so shy and why he never talks about girls. Once again the image of his bulging cock entered my mind and I sat down on his bed. I began to imagine myself rubbing it gently to see if I could help him with his problem, but was quickly ashamed of those kind of thoughts. I laid back to help alleviate my headache and closed my eyes. But again my interest in his penis would not abate. The problem was, I only had the one picture of him in my mind from the one and only time I had seen him so openly. In the dark recesses of my mind I secretly wished I could see him like that again.

What was I thinking? How could I be so affected by this? I can understand thinking about it while pleasuring myself, if only to get off, but now I was dreaming of it in normal circumstances, and to my astonishment, I was aroused. Knowing Scott wouldn’t be home for a couple of days, I actually started to touch myself – in his bed.

I struggled with the feeling as my head pounded from the headache. I quickly sat up and fought to remove the thoughts and images from my mind when I noticed my foot was touching something that was sticking out from under the bed.

Slowly I leaned over to find that I was partially stepping on a magazine. I pulled it out and glanced at the title. It was clearly a magazine that I had never seen or heard of before, but the cover image was undeniable in it’s nature, clearly indicating what would be found on the pages within. It was a pornographic magazine, a gay one.

I stared with amazement at the man on the cover, his penis hanging for all to see and it was a big one – but not as big as Scotts, I secretly boasted. I began to peruse the pages and saw images I was not accustomed to seeing, but was in no way offended by. I saw men kissing and touching each other, but it was the more provocative imagery that seemed to turn me on as it were. Images of a young man orally stimulating his partner – his mouth completely enveloping the other young man. The next page featured what could only be described as physical penetration from behind with each of the two guys seemingly, utterly and completely in the throes of passion.

I began to read some of the copy detailing several various techniques of pleasuring men. After several minutes however, I closed the magazine and climbed down from the bed onto the floor. My penis protruding in my underwear, a big wet spot clearly evident at the tip of the point. I leaned down to the floor to look under his bed and to replace the magazine – there was a stack. All the same, gay magazines several of them, and curiously, something else.

The box was small but slightly heavy, I recognized if as the one I had signed for the day before Scott had to go out of town. I opened it and was astonished to see the contents. It was a replica of a man’s penis, a rather large one at that, but made out of stiff solid rubber – complete with the ball sack. I unwound the tie strap and slipped it out of the plastic bag. It was apparent that I was the first to open and handle this monstrosity and I couldn’t help but fancy how very real it felt in my hands. So soft, yet so firm, and I once again compared it to Scott. I imagined that this is how he would feel in my hand. I gripped it tight to allow the warmth of my hands to transfer to the rubber, making it even more realistic in it’s tactile sensation. I was suddenly flushed with an overwhelming desire to try something “new.” My head reeled at the thought of it, burst of intoxicating burst swept through my mind at the thought of something so devious, but no one was home and no one was going to be home at that moment.

My excitement mounted as I trembled, the monstrous rubber penis slowly approaching my face. With my eyes closed I slowly opened my mouth releasing my tongue. At that moment I felt it touch the smooth soft, round tip. I pulled it back and laughed with embarrassment, looking around the room as if to make sure no one was watching. After several minutes I tried again – the same approach, tongue first.

Again, contact.

This time however, I didn’t pull back. Instead I let my tongue search the penis and could easily in my mind’s eye make out the area of contact simply by the feel of it. First the very tip where ejaculate would emerge, then underneath where the bulbous bell begins, splitting into the inverted “v” shaped sensitive underside of the head. Swirling around and around with my tongue, lubricating the head with my spit until finally … insertion.

I pulled up and down, with a sucking motion, all the while imagining that this was a real man I was doing this to – Scott to be precise. An overwhelming sense of emotion came over me and I felt such an outpouring of both lust and dare I say … love. I wanted this moment to be between he and I, I wanted to be doing this to him, I wanted to give him such wonderful pleasure, but I couldn’t. the only thing I could do was pleasure a facsimile of him. I couldn’t feel the warmth of him, I couldn’t feel the rush of excitement as I took hold of him, nor would I be awash with his sperm. Although extremely sexually gratifying to perform oral sex for the very first time – on a penis – that is, there was an incredible sense of emptiness at the same time. And though I came more heavily than I think I ever had up to that moment, I remained so unsatisfied. I was so utterly and completely confused. I was now unequivocally wanting sex with my roommate – my male roommate. I couldn’t deny it and as the rubber cock slipped from my mouth, I called out his name.

After several moments I came to my senses and hurriedly put the fake penis back in it’s box. Placing it under the bed, I almost didn’t notice the puddle of cum I had left on his carpet. The force of my orgasm literally pushed my sperm through the cloth of my underwear only to drip onto the floor. I hurriedly cleaned up any and all evidence that I had ever been in his room and shut the door. The next two nights were without incident or “accident,” in fact my sex drive seemed to have completely fallen back into line again. Later that evening Scott arrived home.

Part 3

I wasn’t sure how to behave in his company since things were different now. Now I knew he was gay and now I was experiencing feelings of sexual attraction towards him. I had to be careful not to give anything away or indicate that anything had changed. To me he was still Scott, the private and shy roommate and I was still the straight, big-boobed-women, loving guy.

Not much was said that evening, but as usual we sat up watching tv, and as usual Scott made his hot tea and iced tea for me. After some time, I couldn’t keep my eyes open and lumbered to my room. Falling into bed, I was out within minutes.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, the alarm yanked me out of my slumber.

“Morning already – how can that be, I just went to bed?”

Or so it seemed. I removed the blanket and started to sit up when I suddenly noticed.


This was becoming a problem – another wet dream. Once again I had cum in my underwear during the recesses of the night, and once again, I had been so deeply asleep and unable to remember the dream that could open the flood gates yet again.

“Why am I so tired?” I thought.

I could barely get out of bed and get going, except for my penis, which was ready for round two.

“Why does this keep happening to me?” I thought.

I looked down at the creature between my legs, as if it were an entity of it’s own, and jokingly said, “When he’s not here you’re fine, but as soon as he gets back, you go crazy!”

And then I began to wonder if subconsciously my desire for Scott was playing out in my dreams resulting in my ejaculating. But why couldn’t I remember what I was dreaming?

“What could be occurring at night that gets me so hot that I cum myself?” I thought.

At any rate, I made my way to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I filled the glass and leaned back daydreaming, about sex no less – gay sex. I had changed my underwear after cleaning up, but was still erect and still leaking like other mornings. As I turned to put the glass in the sink, I noticed a faint round powdery blue outline of a cup or glass on the counter, I simply brushed it away with my hand. Just then a thought entered my mind.

“What kind of powder is blue?”

Then I remembered the little blue pills in Scott’s cabinet. Manforce. I stopped for a moment and thought, could it be? But why would he crush them into a powder? Just then Scott emerged from his room, and again he was in his tight fitting underwear. I wanted to get another look at his bulge to add to the library of images in my mind I could use when I pleasured myself, and so I did. It was a long hard look too, but thankfully it went unnoticed. Just then I realized that I was still erect with a wet spot in my underwear and with that I turned and hurriedly left the kitchen. I stayed in my room for a while, listening to Scott eat breakfast and go back to his room.

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9 thoughts on “I Thought I Was Straight – Until This Happened

  1. Rob says:

    It could have transpired so many other ways! Aside of being drugged and molested! A somewhat loving story, however the other needs a mental examination. Evidenced by the ending that comes out of the blue!

  2. David says:

    If Scott is dosing his roommate with something like Viagra and also Diazepam at the same time he is literally risking his life and he is creepy and callous and belongs in jail. It’s hot but it’s reckless endangerment and potential manslaughter.

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