If Only He Were Gay (Romance)

Gay Romance

“It hurts, oh gods Zach it hurts…” Adrian gasped out, and Zach suddenly jerked his head back, looking into his lovers eyes with concern lighting his own.

“What hurts? I thought you were enjoying it.” He said, looking a little upset.

“Oh gods, not that, don’t stop that.” Adrian said, and for a moment he looked into Zach’s eyes, and suddenly began to laugh quietly at the whole situation. Zach grinned a little, his eyes lovingly tracing the lines of Adri’s face until he finally calmed enough to tell him what was hurting. “My pants, they’re wet and I’m too confined.” He whispered, and immediately realization dawned on Zach and he gave a little grimace and a small laugh.

“I’m sorry love,” he said, kissing Adrian’s mouth briefly as fingers worked to unbutton and unzip him to free his painfully constricted length. Despite the cold wet clothing, Adrian’s cock was like molten steal in his hands, hot enough to smolder as he gripped him and eased him out of the jeans. Adrian couldn’t help but buck his hips forward into Zach’s hand, moaning and whimpering in response, but Zach wasn’t willing to give it direct attention yet and released him almost immediately much to Adri’s dismay.

“Don’t stop, please!” he nearly yelled, his throat closing up as Zach hooked his fingers into the waistline of his jeans and boxers, pulling them down and carefully taking the time to get his shoes off and remove his pants completely. When he stood again his hand dropped to clench gently around Adrian’s hard length, giving it a slow stroke.

“Let me get you warm,” he said, tugging on his length playfully in an attempt to lead Adri to the bedroom. “Shit, your knees are going out on you.” Zach laughed as he released his loves cock to wrap his arms around him and draw him towards the bed. Adrian was laughing breathlessly too, his hands clenching and unclenching through Zach’s soft hair, and when they literally fell into bed it was with soft moans and gentle laughter as then snuggled under the covers and wrap themselves around each others bodies.

They fit almost perfectly, Zach’s larger form nestling Adri’s right in against his chest, and tangling their legs together they found they could slowly grind against each others hips, rubbing their cocks together in the most incredibly explosive manner. Zach held Adrian’s face in his hands, gazing into his eyes as they rubbed together, watching the way they dilated with pleasure, the way his breath hitched and his lips parted with soft moans. Adrian in turn never took his eyes off his lover, his hands sliding along his hips and lower back, pulling him forward with each grinding thrust.

“Feels so good.” Adrian whispered, and Zach nodded his head, leaning forward to capture his lips, his grinding beginning to go a little faster, his body aching with need and desire. He wanted this more then anything, he wanted to make love to Adrian, to hold him while he came, to do everything with him. “Zach, Zach…” Adrian gasped out, breaking the kiss, “Slow down, slow – oh gods, I’m so close, slow down.” He whimpered, but Zach didn’t slow down, instead he held him closer and gazed into his eyes.

There was a split second when Adrian realized there was no turning back, and in that simple moment fear, desire, love and need crossed his features, chasing each other around and around, and then he exploded. It was amazing, his body arched, his hips ground hard into Zach’s, his breath caught and he made the most beautiful music of moans and groans that Zach had ever heard. He held his own orgasm in check, so close himself, his breath coming quick, panting as he began to devour his lover’s neck in gentle nips and kisses as he held him through his release.

Adrian clung to Zach, pulling him closer, holding him and squirming helplessly in his arms. “Make love to me. Fuck me, please, Zach, I need it. I need you.” Adrian began to babble out in the wave upon wave of pleasure that came as the aftermath of such an intense orgasm. “I’ve never cum so hard before, never, never, please… please, inside of me please!” He nearly cried with the emotions coursing through his body, and after a moment Zach just looked into his lover’s eyes and then wordlessly rolled him onto his back, positioning himself between Adri’s legs.

“I don’t want to hurt you, I should take days making you ready Adri.” He murmured, biting his lower lip.

“I don’t care, I don’t, I don’t care if it hurts, and I have never needed anything so badly in my entire life. I *need* you. I think I’ll go crazy if you don’t do it now. I’m afraid I’ll loose my nerve.”

“Shhh, I’ll do whatever you want.” Zach whispered, smiling a smile that lit up his face with love. It made Adrian’s heart hammer in his chest, feeling so very safe with the man above him.

“I love you Zach.” Adrian whispered.

“I love you too, Adri. I’ve loved you so long, I just wouldn’t let myself think about it because…”

“I know.” He replied quietly, his eyes sparkling with emotion. This was the perfect moment. The perfect moment for a first time, and Zach wasn’t about to back out now, oh no!

Zach leaned down over his mate, pressing his lips to the other mans, only driving his breathing into more erratic passes. Deep soul searing, bone trembling kisses that seemed to linger and go on forever by the time that Zach finally pulled himself far enough away to go on trailing his heated mouth down Adrian’s chest. Licks, nips and bites made their way down all that tawny skin. The taste of Adrian on his tongue was like ambrosia, nothing could have been better, and with each pass of his tongue over flesh Zach found himself moaning softly.

He nearly came undone when his playfully lapping tongue slide down to Adrian’s belly and tasted the evidence of his pleasure cooling their. Slick and salty-sweet Zach began to continue tasting with whimpered moans, and when he glanced up he noticed Adrian looking at him curiously.

“You taste good.” Zach growled, and a slow sexy smile spread across Adri’s lips.

“I do?” he whispered.

“Yea, you taste like salty honey.” Zach couldn’t help but return the grin, knowing he was being all sickeningly poetic in his description, and his friend, his love would tease him for it.

But Adrian didn’t tease him. He just looked at him with this love struck absolutely emotion filled look on his face. It was that look that really hit Zach to the very core, right down to his heart, and dipping his head down he drew Adrian’s flagging shaft into his mouth, sucking hard.

Reaching for the bedside table, Zach fumbled till he found the lubricant and got his fingers lubed up. He rubbed those fingertips over the tight warm opening again and again. Quick little passes to see how his lover would react to the new sensation. Adrian reacted better then he’d expected, by far. He arched a bit and gasped, wanting more. The lovely eyes that had been staring into his face as if Zach would disappear if Adri closed his eyes for a split second were so hazy they were sightless, and his breathing came so fast it was one of the most adorable things Zach had ever seen.

He never let up on his cock, his mouth sliding along the slick flesh of that perfect member, and all the while he glanced up the long line of his lover’s body to watch his face, his expressions, taking the time to make certain that every action he did was pleasure, making certain he wasn’t doing any wrong. One finger began to wriggle within that tight ring, slowly, oh so very slowly, and yet it seemed to only send Adrian panting even harder, squirming.

If Zach hadn’t known any better he might have thought that this was no where near his first time, he acted like an old hat at it, but Zach did know him and he knew it wasn’t the case.

“Tell me…” Zach whispered, finally pulling the sweet head from between his lips, looking up at Adrian with emotion filled eyes

“Make love to me.” Adrian whispered back, voice a bare breath of a whisper.

Zach groaned.

“Please.” He whispered out hoarsely. “I’m nervous, I’ve never…” he broke off, his heart pounding hard.

“Its okay,” Zach whispered, leaning over to get a bottle of lubricant laying on the bed and a condom from his bedside drawer. He coated his fingers in the slippery stuff and moved slightly so he could press them against the very core of his lover.

Adrian’s eyes glazed, fear and anxiety clear on his face, but Zach just looked down at him with the tenderest expression. “I’m scared Zach.” He whispered, and Zach nodded his head as he stroked his fingers over that tight perfect opening.

“I know… if you want me to just touch you tonight, then that’s okay, we have all the time in the world.” Zach whispered, fingers teasing over his lovers tight opening. “I don’t want to push you.”

Adrian’s whole body was limp from the intensity of his previous orgasm, his belly still coated in the slick stuff. However, when Zach touched his ass his cock throbbed with the pleasure of it. He drew in a sharp sudden breath, and then forgot to release it, holding it as Zach slowly and gently played those fingers over him. The burning in his lungs however brought him back to the reality that one must breath to continue on living, and he let out his air in a rushing whoosh, his eyes closing and his head tilting back. “It feels so good.” He gasped out in a soft whisper.

The first well lubricated finger slipped past the tight ring of muscle, Zach gazed down adoringly at his love and lover, a small smile touching his lips at the way Adrian squirmed and gasped out his reaction. “Like it?” Zach whispered softly, and Adri nodded his head franticly.

“Yea, sort of sore, but it feels good.” He whispered, and Zach immediately began to stroke and touch more gently, sliding his finger into his tight body very carefully. “Yea… that’s better.” Adrian groaned, head falling back and eyes closing as he gave himself into the gentle affection of this man he’d been in love with for so very long.

“Just tell me if I hurt you.” Zach murmured, his excitement growing second by second as he slowly worked a second finger into the man beneath him. It took some time, but soon he had Adrian writhing beneath him as he worked him with his fingers too the point that he thought he could get inside of him with relative ease.

Adorably, Adrian was begging by the time Zach felt he was ready, soft pleading words, looks, and writhing beneath him in ways that made it all the more hard to keep himself from just sliding home, but he wasn’t willing to hurt his lover the first time out of the gate.

“Shhh, love, shhh.” Zach whispered softly, his heart thudding and hammering in his breast. It’d been so long since the last time he’d made love to anyone, since the last time he’d been touched by anyone, and he was as excited as Adrian was, especially when you calculate and factor in the amount of raw emotion both men shared for each other.

Looking up, Adrian gazed into Zach’s eyes, all cloudy with need and desire. “I can’t stand it, I need you inside of me, please.” He pleaded hoarsely, “I’ve never wanted anyone like I want you, Zach, please.”

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11 thoughts on “If Only He Were Gay (Romance)

  1. Tom Ferrenberg says:

    Awesome story……I loved it all.
    Ignore the comments about spelling…..I think the people could read n understand what you were typing…….I am SURE they aren’t PERFECT…….my heart beat fast and hard an so did my cock. Hope you write more stories. Tom

  2. Mark says:

    It was a good story. What took me out of it was the typos and incorrect usage, ‘Daddies’ which should have been Daddy’s. Someone needs to proofread these stories.

  3. Scott Yeager says:

    The story and all the names got a bit confusing and it didn’t flow evenly throughout at all to be very honest! Also you used the word “Gods” instead of “God” and I found that odd that you did that! All in all you need to make you character’s MORE DEFINED as to their purpose in a story.


  4. Mike says:

    This story brought me to tears, reading about such deep love makes me have hope that one day it will happen to me even in the later years of my life!!!

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