If Only He Were Gay (Romance)

Gay Romance

Adrian woke slowly, his body aching in the most pleasant manner imaginable. He felt sated and warm. The night rushed back to him and a slow sexy smile touched his lips as he reached out beneath the covers for Zach’s warm hard body, only to find the bed empty.

Opening his eyes, Adrian saw a note on the bedside table with his name printed in bold letters. He reached for it, forcing his eyes to focus on the words written on the page:


I had to go to class, but I didn’t want to wake you. I hope you wake up feeling good, I can’t stop thinking about you, and last night. Gods, I need you. I hope you’ll meet me in front of the oak tree for lunch today.

I can’t wait to kiss you.

All my love belongs to you,


Adrian smiled at the note, then glanced at the clock. He didn’t have classes this morning, and it was already ten o’clock. He knew Zach would get out at eleven thirty and so forcing himself out of bed he kissed the letter childishly before placing it back on the bedside table and rushing to go get ready, showering and dressing.

When he was finished, he picked up the letter again, tucking it into his pocket and headed for the door, unable to keep the shit eating grin from his face. He wandered all the way out to the oak tree before he realized he had at least a half an hour to wait. Shrugging his shoulders, he dropped himself down to the grass to rest his back against the old burly trunk, wincing at the pain in his very, very tender backside. Settling more gingerly on his rump, his hand dipped into his pocket to pull out the letter.

Carefully he opened it, his fingers caressing the sheet of paper as he read it again and again. He had spent so much time composing his own letters, and though this one was short and to the point, it was precious to him. He thought about the night previous, and he ached in places he never thought he’d ache before, but it was such an incredibly luscious feeling. He’d never felt like this after a tumble with the fairer sex, not this sweet seductive sated feeling that went bone deep and left him relaxed and pleasantly happy.

From nowhere, fingers plucked the letter from his fingers and before he could reach out for the precious piece of paper the thief had danced out of reach. “Whatcha got here, Adrian?” Adrian felt his heart stutter and stop when his eyes met with the captain of the football team, his mouth gone dry.

He was already reading.

Adrian couldn’t find his voice.

A bark of a laugh escaped Scott’s mouth, “Oh holy shit! You really ARE fucking Zach!” he cawed, just as Sandy wandered over. This can’t get any worse, it can’t, and Scott’s father knows mine. God, no, no! He screamed internally.

He forced himself to snort and laugh, “Hardly, he’s got a crush on me and his fantasy world is rich.” He heard himself say, his heart shattering into a million shards as he stood to try and reclaim the letter.

“Yea right, lookit this Sandy.” He handed the girl over the letter before Adrian could reclaim it, and the color drained from her face as she read the words and Adrian felt his whole world crumbling.

He fought it, the fading of the light, he couldn’t go down like this. It would ruin him. He hadn’t been thinking, he could never have anything with Zach, what was he thinking, and what was he thinking?

“Oh come on Sandy, you don’t honestly think that holds any merit what so ever?” Adrian rolled his eyes and sidled up to her, plucking the letter from her hands and then deliberately shredding it into numerous pieces.

His heart broke.

He hid it well.

Adrian wrapped his arms around Sandy, letting his seductive smile spread over his lips. “And who was I with last night?” he purred to her playfully, she blushed. He felt like he was going to be sick.

Scott laughed, clapping him on the back as he grinned to her. “Ooh, gonna be his alibi huh?” he teased.

“He took me Salsa dancing last night.” He agreed, “And then he came in for a while.” Her blush deepened and she stood on tip toes to press her mouth against Adrian’s in what she must have considered a seductive kiss. Adrian’s stomach heaved as he forced himself to draw her in flush with the rest of his body, holding her as that kiss lingered.

When finally she drew away, he pretended to let her go reluctantly, his playful smile plastered to his lips like a plastic expression. He felt so sick he could barely breathe, but he grinned despite himself as she fluttered and snuggled into his arms.

That was when he saw him.


Zach had heard some of the conversation, enough to have watched Adrian tear up the note he assumed was the one he’d left on the bedside table. With each tearing sound his heart had gone with it. Watched the way Adrian touched Sandy, like he would drown without her. He kissed her like he’d kissed Zach last night, needy and hungry. It looked to real not to be.

Pain lanced through his heart, tightening around his chest like bands of steal, slowly cutting off his air supply as he watched that kiss unfold, and then it ended and his lungs resumed working. He drew in a shuddering breath, and Adrian looked up at him. There was a flash of something in his eyes, then he hid it and smirked.

“Speak of the devil.” Adrian waved. They were best friends after all, right? He could still act like best friends.

Scott turned around and made a derisive noise, “God you need to get your dick screwed on straight. Let go of Adrian man, seriously.” Scott snorted, “God I hate fags.” Zach felt his heart shrivel a little more when Adrian shook his head.

“Man, if he wasn’t my best friend I’d know what you meant, but as it is, he is my best friend, watch your mouth. You weren’t s’post to see that letter, leave him alone.” Adrian stood up for him, but it didn’t matter, Zach never cared what that little religious bigot had thought about him.

“I rather like my dick screwed on the way that it is. And if you don’t shut you’re mouth you’ll be staring at it from your knees, cock-sucker.” He snarled. He didn’t care about Scott, he didn’t, but his heart was dead from what he’d witnessed, and all he wanted was distract himself from the pain in his heart.

“You shouldn’t be hanging out with a fag, Adrian, you’re father would have a fucking fit. You know how he feels about ‘their kind’.” Zach flinched visibly, and Scott laughed sharply. “What? Don’t you know that you’re Adrian’s little secret? That’s right, Daddies in the church and a leader in the anti-gay movement in his area. What daddy doesn’t know is that Adrian has a soft spot for faggots.”

“Do you really think that you’re bigotry hides the fact you like sucking cock, Scott? Yea, that’s right, I know about you and little Alan. Like the twinks huh?” Zach smiled a smile that was pure malice, and Scott let out an inarticulate scream as he lunched for him.

Zach didn’t even think, he simply swung out with his book bag, catching Scott flat in the face before landing a punch directly to his solar plexus. The other man went down to his knees, fighting to take a breath, and then he roared as he leaped at Zach, grabbing him around the waste to shove him off balance. Zach tumbled down, rolling to try and dislodge the other man, but it was useless, and when it was said and done Scott was on top of him, hitting him in the face.

He remembered thinking, as his nose broke, that this was infinitely less painful then what Adrian had done. He tasted blood, and his eyes stung but he didn’t lift a hand to protect him. He didn’t even move when Scott rose to his feet and began to kick him in the ribs. He gasped for breath, groaning, but he just couldn’t bring himself to fight back anymore. He didn’t care.

It went on for a moment, and distantly he heard Adrian screaming at Scott to stop, Sandy’s voice shrill in the background, and then there was nothing but pain, blackness, and a dull roar exploding through his head.

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11 thoughts on “If Only He Were Gay (Romance)

  1. Tom Ferrenberg says:

    Awesome story……I loved it all.
    Ignore the comments about spelling…..I think the people could read n understand what you were typing…….I am SURE they aren’t PERFECT…….my heart beat fast and hard an so did my cock. Hope you write more stories. Tom

  2. Mark says:

    It was a good story. What took me out of it was the typos and incorrect usage, ‘Daddies’ which should have been Daddy’s. Someone needs to proofread these stories.

  3. Scott Yeager says:

    The story and all the names got a bit confusing and it didn’t flow evenly throughout at all to be very honest! Also you used the word “Gods” instead of “God” and I found that odd that you did that! All in all you need to make you character’s MORE DEFINED as to their purpose in a story.


  4. Mike says:

    This story brought me to tears, reading about such deep love makes me have hope that one day it will happen to me even in the later years of my life!!!

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