If Only He Were Gay (Romance)

Gay Romance

Zach was sure they hadn’t known one another before this, but now they seemed like old friends, something peculiar really. He blinked back tears, thinking about Adrian admitting in front of everyone what they were together, and tears misted his eyes.

“So, he was an idiot and panicked when he realized he’d have to come out as gay. You were an idiot when you let Scott break your ribs. I think the two of you are even.” Alan said succinctly, arching an eyebrow and grinning.

“I’m not convinced. Just… I need some space, okay? Maybe I could just sleep the night alone, okay? Can you convince him to go home for the night?” Zach asked.

“I’ll bring him back to my room.” Alan said, nodding his head. “He needs sleep anyhow. He has been worrying about you none stop.” Alan drew Sandy up, but she paused.

“You sure I couldn’t stay with you, Zach, I really hesitate in leaving you alone at the hospital, and I doubt that Adri would leave if he knew you wouldn’t be with some one.” She said, the voice of logic and reason.

He hesitated, and then closed his eyed briefly. “I don’t want to impose on you.” He whispered, focusing on drawing in a slow breath.

“No imposition, I have plenty of homework to finish, you just go on sleeping and when you wake I’ll have ice chips and meds okay?” she asked, and despite himself, Zach found himself not only smiling, but genuinely liking her.

“Okay.” Sandy said, nodding her head and taking her seat once more.

“I’ll get him out of here, but just this night, Zach. Tomorrows Valentines Day, I expect you to make up tomorrow.” He growled playfully, but Zach was not amused. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Zach. Rest.” And with that he disappeared out the door just as the medicine began to draw him into a restless sleep once more.

“Rest well, Zach.” He heard Sandy say before darkness closed around him once more.


The scent of flowers tickled Zach’s nose, and curiosity drew him out of the comforting embrace of unconsciousness. When he opened his eyes, he blinked in utter surprise. Flowers covered every single flat surface of the room, roses, lilies, and tulips – every flower imaginable littered counters and even overflowed onto the floor. He blinked again, then noticed little boxes of valentine candies poured overflowing from between the flower vases, there must have been a hundred boxes. He glanced around him, and when his eyes landed on the figure in the chair beside his bed his heart contracted.

Adrian sat there, his eyes shinning with love, an oversized card in his hand. It was a huge heart, the words “Sometimes I’m an ass.” Written on the front of it. When Zach’s lips twitched, Adrian wordlessly opened the card, exposing the inside, which read: “But isn’t my ass your favorite part of my body? (Besides, isn’t making up the best part of having ass who loves you?) Be my Valentine, being an ass is no fun alone.” Then in flowing script he knew to be Adrian’s the words, “I love you more then words could ever express, forgive me, and give me a chance to make it up to you. Yours always, S.A.”

Tears pricked at Zach’s eyes, and he blinked them away as he looked up at Adrian’s somber face. He looked like he was getting ready to be rejected, and the resigned sadness in his beautiful eyes plucked at Zach’s heart.

“You bought me all these flowers?” He asked, swallowing hard. He’d never had anyone buy him flowers before. It made a strange warm feeling spread through his chest.

Adrian nodded his head silently, his Adams apple bobbing as he swallowed hard.

“Can I have a box of Candies?” Zach whispered, and Adrian reached over, handing him one of the tiny boxes. He looked at it, and on the box was written: “To: Sexiest man alive. From: The Ass.” Zach chuckled softly as he read it, shaking his head as he opened the box, pulling out a pink candy.

“U R Cute.” He tossed the candy at Adrian, whose lips twitched. Zach pulled another candy out, “My love.” He murmured softly, then tossed it too at Adrian, his eyes locked on the other mans face. He took out another one, “Soul Mate.” He whispered, liking his lips before tossing it at his lover, hitting him in the chest. Adrian couldn’t keep the smile from his face as Zach went about pelting him with cadies. The next Candy was green, and when he pulled it out Zach smiled slowly, holding it up, “Be mine?” he said, making it a question.

Adrian nodded silently, trying to hold back the tears that threatened. He put the card down and reached forward to take Zach’s hand in his own, his fingers shaking as he stroked over the back of his hand.

“Get into this bed with me.” Zach growled roughly.

“I won’t fit.” Adri blushed.

“Yes you will, just come over on this side, it doesn’t hurt as much.” Zach told him, shifting his larger form just enough so that Adrian was able to slip down onto his side, one hand reaching out to adoringly touch Zach’s jaw.

“I love you.” Adri whispered, and Zach turned his head to nip Adrian’s fingertips.

“I love you too, Adrian.” He replied, “You’re everything to me.” He murmured.

“Does this mean I’m forgiven?” Adrian whispered softly, tilting his head down so he could gently brush his lips against Zach’s.

“Mmhmm, after you make it up to me.” He purred gently against those fluttering kisses Adrian kept bestowing on him.

“What should I do then?” he murmured, then deepened the kiss before Zach had a chance to even respond.

“Hold me.” Zach whispered between the gentle kisses and the deeper ones. “Just hold me.”

And that’s exactly what Adrian did.

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11 thoughts on “If Only He Were Gay (Romance)

  1. Tom Ferrenberg says:

    Awesome story……I loved it all.
    Ignore the comments about spelling…..I think the people could read n understand what you were typing…….I am SURE they aren’t PERFECT…….my heart beat fast and hard an so did my cock. Hope you write more stories. Tom

  2. Mark says:

    It was a good story. What took me out of it was the typos and incorrect usage, ‘Daddies’ which should have been Daddy’s. Someone needs to proofread these stories.

  3. Scott Yeager says:

    The story and all the names got a bit confusing and it didn’t flow evenly throughout at all to be very honest! Also you used the word “Gods” instead of “God” and I found that odd that you did that! All in all you need to make you character’s MORE DEFINED as to their purpose in a story.


  4. Mike says:

    This story brought me to tears, reading about such deep love makes me have hope that one day it will happen to me even in the later years of my life!!!

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