I’m Only Partially Gay Pt 1

I’m straight, at least 75% of the time, but there’s that percentage of the time I crave cock stretching my anus round, wide and deep with the cum that follows. In my mouth and deep up my ass.


I’m straight. At least 75% of the time and to 99% of the people I know. Emphatically, non-questionably straight. Married with kids, the football and baseball coach, grew up on a farm, salt of the earth straight. I love women. The aesthetic, the softness, the curves, and the oh so delightful places I can put my cock. And I do. I’d guess the wife gets fucked at least five times a week and that doesn’t count all the blowjobs.

But there’s that percentage of the time I crave cock stretching my anus round, wide and deep with the cum that follows. In my mouth and deep up my ass. Plunging, warm, soft, hard, cum emitting cock painting my face, tongue, and sometimes my innards if it’s safe to do so. What can I say. It relaxes me like nothing else

It didn’t start out that way and until I was 29 I’d never even thought about it. Once a month I came in to work early on Fridays and then left early to drive three hours to the family ranch for the weekend. I was pretty much always alone because my wife didn’t enjoy it and I was going to spend most of the weekend working and doing all the basic maintenance that kept the place around. My folks were gone and had left it to the kids but my sisters were a couple of states away and couldn’t get down much. We struggled with the idea of selling it but it had been in the family for three generations and the market was soft. So in return for getting half when the time came, I kept it up.

It was mostly the house and outbuildings but the fences needed work occasionally and I wanted to make sure the neighbors who leased most of it weren’t tearing the place up or dumping anything on it. I also couldn’t complain because it was good to get away from the city and to the silence that an empty house had once in a while. We had tried renting the house out for a while but I didn’t like the way folks treated it. Kind of took it personal.

That worked for five years until my newfangled phone beeped at me about two hours into the trip. I glanced down at the notification while trying to maintain attention to the road. “Slide on Territory road at mile 20. Expected reopening 9 am.” Territory road was the main way to the ranch and although I could take the long way around, it would add another two and half hours. Shit!

There was no sense going on just to wait at the slide and there was no place to stay around there either. Going home for the weekend was tempting but I had a couple things to finish before the bad winter weather kicked in and it looked like a storm the next weekend. Thank god for smartphones was all I could think of at the moment and pulled to the side of the road to see what Google had to say.

A quick search showed a hotel with a restaurant/bar just another exit down and nothing else for another 10 miles. Ten minutes later I pulled in to an older, but clean and well maintained place where I grabbed the last parking spot. I headed to the lobby to see about a room but there were at least four people in front of me so I decide to eat first. The restaurant was full too but as a single eating at the bar was fine with me. A draft and a menu showed up fast and I was ordering not long after that.

It was damn good and I was thinking that I could see this being a new stop on the trip for an early dinner. It was a hell of a lot better that beans and franks or a sandwich. I sat there and watched the TV’s while ordering another draft. I wasn’t going to need to drive so an extra wasn’t going to hurt me. The stress of the week and life pushed the beer level down as the tightness in my upper back reminded me.

I’m not a big drinker normally and was feeling pretty good as that second 22 ounce mug was drained. In fact other parts of me needed to get drained but weirdly there was a line at the men’s room so it took a while. When I got back another full 22 sat there. I caught the bartender’s eye.

“I didn’t order this.”

“Courtesy of those guys at the table over there” he said. I turned and looked to see three guys raising a glass to me which struck me as pretty damn weird. And then I noticed it was all guys. Not a woman in the place.

Now I’ve got nothing against gay guys. Not sure I’ve ever met one before because that wasn’t the kind of thing that would have gotten favorable attention growing up. There might be one where I work but I couldn’t be sure and didn’t really care. I can’t say I was comfortable though in a guy thinking of me in that way.

I had been reasonably successful with the ladies growing up even with the slim pickings in our small town. Lots of hard work and sports as well as favorable genetics had me at an athletic 6′-2 and 185 lbs. I wasn’t particularly bulky but had lots of lean muscle. Dirty blond hair from my Spanish blond mother and German heritage father always seemed to be favorably viewed. From mom’s side I got the ivory skin that looked like a slight tan. From dad’s side I got bright blue eyes and the Teutonic jawline along with a baby-face that dropped five to ten years. I still got carded fairly often despite my age. I knew I wasn’t a bad looking guy but a guy hitting on me was unexpected to say the least.

WTF, I raised the glass in thanks and then turned away. And soon enough that one was done and I figured I’d better see about a room. Thankfully the line was gone but the clerk dashed any hopes I had.

“Sorry, we’re absolutely full.”

“Any other place close by that might have an opening?” I asked. And to his credit he did call around but the answer was the same. Apparently there was a small conference going on at the local college and it filled up every room for miles. I was screwed and honestly all that beer had gone to my head so I was borderline driving as well. Fuck it, I’d sleep in the car and get on the road early.

It wasn’t comfortable but I stretched out as best I could. I just started to fall asleep when there was a rapping on the window. I rolled it down.

“Hello there, Jimmy, my desk clerk pointed out you were unable to get a room. I can’t have you sleeping out here but I can offer my couch.” His accent was from somewhere in the UK and he was tall. Probably two to three inches taller than me but thinner.

“Uh, that’s nice of you but I was just going to catch a few hours and then get on the road.”

“Can’t have that, settle in to my couch and we’ll have you off in the morning. I’m Julian by the way.”

“Myles” and I reached out and shook his hand.

He led me to house behind the hotel, set back forty yards and just partially visible. It was a beautiful, well maintained old house and he invited me in. Wood and stone gave off a very masculine feel and he motioned to a bedroom of the main room.

“I can do a little better than a couch actually. Do you have any luggage?” I explained that it was unexpected and I usually just left stuff at the ranch.

“We can certainly loan you clothes or a robe while yours laundered at the hotel while you sleep. There’s an ensuite bathroom for your room and it should have most things you need. Sometimes our guests forget items so we really are quite prepared. If you’d like the robe is on the back of the door and I’ll call up and have someone fetch your clothes.

I wasn’t sure I was going to be back soon so it seemed like a generous offer. The robe was thick and white and I met Julian back in the main room.

“Care for a nightcap, single malt?” I nodded and took a seat on one of the leather couches. The heavy snifter had a generous amount and although I was not much of a hard liquor drinker , it was very smooth from my limited experience.

If Julian had been a doctor he would have been described as having great bedside manner. I found myself telling him my life story, about the ranch and growing up there as the scotch went straight to my head.

“So you’re a real life cowboy?” He said with a smile.

“Well cowboys ride ATV’s and pickups now but yea”

I finally realized that I was doing all the talking and asked him about the house and he offered a tour.

The remainder of the house was as least as nice as the public area. Oiled cherry woodwork, slate or travertine floors. There was a subtle elegance that I admired. Along with the well appointed kitchen and living rooms there was a wood-lined library, a music room complete with grand piano, and a workout room complete with massage table. It was certainly much larger than it appeared from the front with wings that extended back.

And then there was the master bedroom. King size bed, a sitting area with a small table and leather chairs. The master bath and closet space had one entire end of the room in rough limestone for an open shower with multiple heads. I guess my mouth must have dropped open at the elegant, understated opulence.

“I’ve had a bit of time to remodel but the place was well appointed when I found it.”

“It’s amazing. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it in person.”

“Thank you, can I refresh your drink?”

“Uh, sure” I had probably had too much but I found myself enjoying that scotch. I held out my glass and winced a little as my upper back spasmed. It was something I’d been dealing with for the past couple of years. The muscle between the scapula and spine would clench and shoot a bolt of pain from left foot to my neck.

“Problem?” Julian asked and I explained briefly.

“Let me take a look” and he moved behind me. It was brief touch through the robe and my knees almost buckled with relief as muscle released.

“Holy crap, what did you do?” I exclaimed.

“You my friend are carrying a lot of tension. And while good scotch helps, a massage would do you well. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone react that way or with so much relief. I can call the house masseuse or I can do it for you with no waiting.”

It was probably the alcohol but somehow I was ok with it. I’ll admit I was thoroughly charmed by him. “You can do it. That felt fantastic.” With that Julian led me to the workout room massage table.

I was tense anyway but being naked on the massage table didn’t help but the hot oil and Julian’s hands caused me to moan audibly as he pushed the tension out of my back. I instantly resolved that I would get more massages. And it went on and on until he slapped me on the ass and told me to roll over. At that point I didn’t care and did it. Long stroke up my legs and chest were almost as good as the back and I sort of dozed.

The foot massage too was like nothing I had ever experienced and Julian came up the insides of my legs in long strokes that ended a few inches from my crotch. And I felt myself getting hard and the fingers slid up the grooves between legs and torso to taunt my lower belly. Then the hot, warm mouth caused my cock to go instantly rigid and I had only a brief thought of who was blowing me. It was the best blowjob I had ever had up to that point. I couldn’t resist. The oily finger that reached underneath my balls penetrated quickly and unerringly pressed a spot inside that caused a whole new wave of pleasure.

My hips came off the table and bucked into the combination of mouth and finger. “Oh fuck . . . ” I moaned. I doubt it lasted another thirty seconds before my balls emptied deep into his sucking mouth.

“Roll back over and I’ll work on your back again now that you’ve released some of that tension.” I complied, in some ways glad I didn’t have to face the guy who had just sucked my cock with his finger up my ass.

There were long strokes now. From the tops of my shoulders to the backs of my thighs with both hands. And I sank further into the bliss of a good massage. He shifted down lower again from my feet to lower back and that was good as well though different.

I wasn’t going to argue when he started on my ass cheeks. The man was an artist. High, low, down through the crease from back to taint. More warm oil was dripped on my crack and then the fingers stopped at my anus.

The two fingers pumped smoothly up me giving a jolt of pleasure that made my cock lurch as my hips squirmed and raised up automatically into the penetration. The pressure was building and my balls tightened with every thrust. An involuntary whine came from my throat when he stopped.

“Have you ever been buggered Myles?” Julian said with a serious look.

“Um, what do you mean?” I had heard English people say “Bugger off” in movies but the gist of what it actually meant wasn’t part of my vocabulary.

“Sodomized. Have a cock up your arse. Have you done it? It can really be quite exquisite if done properly and I would like to do it properly. I’ve seen the sort of tension you have before and I can rid you of it with a proper buggering if you let me.”

I wanted to shout “Hell no” but it would be hard to be righteously indignant when you had two fingers up your ass and you had just cum from the questioner’s blowjob. I shook my head no.

“Your arse is quite ready you know. It would be a shame not to relieve the rest of your tension. What do you think? Just lie back and learn the pleasure of receiving. It’s quite therapeutic. No worries just let me take over and pleasure you. Do I hear a yes? Just nod your head and say it.” He cheated by rubbing inside and my body betrayed me by raising up to receive pleasure.

“Yes” I grunted.

“I didn’t quite hear you. So you want to be buggered now? Give yourself over to the pleasure?” His voice had an upward lilt as his fingers continued their play in my rear and then stopped and withdrew.

The absence of pleasure was dramatic. “Oh god, just do it and don’t stop” I panted. I just wanted that feeling to come back and relief the tight mass that was my balls.

Julian put a cushion beneath my hips and knelt up over my legs as I lay facedown. Their was a sound of lube squirted as he greased himself then fingers thumbed my cheeks apart and I felt the air upon my ring. And just as suddenly the hot rounded shaft of his hard prick probed at the opening. “This may sting a bit but it will stop straightaway” and with that there was a hard push as his cock breached the opening.

It was odd. Like nothing I had ever felt. Intellectually I knew I had a man inside me and the burning feeling and stretching was unfamiliar but bearable. He paused and there was a slow slide of the hard flesh in my channel. A knot formed in my lower stomach and slid it’s way up as he increased the depth. It seemed like it would never end until his pubic hair dusted my ass cheeks. That was even stranger. Like a butterfly on a pin only it was ass stretching and filling like nothing I had ever experienced.

“What a fine, hot, tight arse you have Myles. First one up it I’d guess. So lovely. Leave all your worries and let me have at you.” And with that the invading cock retreated to just inside me only to forge its way back in.

At first it was very tight and the bits of pleasure as he slid past certain areas was tempered by the stretch and burning of having something large worming its way up your backside. Julian grunted each time he bottomed out and I think I could feel his heavy sack press against me. Then blissfully the muscles relaxed followed by every other muscle in my body and he slipped in and out with greater ease. The squelch of lube and flesh accompanying each thrust was now punctuated by my moans as I began to get moments of pleasure.

There was a slow build in my balls until they were on edge. Just waiting to blast the large load that had accumulated when Julian stopped again and pulled out from my slippery hole. The ring clenched trying to capture the missing cock and he grabbed my legs, rolled me over and pushed my legs back.

” I want to see all that lovely spunk shoot from your first rogering” and he slotted his jutting cock back between my cheeks to go even deeper than before. And it was bliss at that moment. I wanted nothing more for it to continue as he filled me. The swell the muscle expanding from the penetration, the scraping of the bell head against my gland that caused my cock to twitch. My hips twitched and rotated as Julian slammed into my upturned ass.

It felt as if my balls completely deflated as I came and ropes of it strung up my chest with one spurt actually hitting the underside of my chin. Julian smiled in satisfaction as he gripped my hips tighter. “A bloke’s first buggering needs to finish the right way Myles. Deep” his hip thrust forward. “breeding”, “his”, “ARSE” and he came with a bellow.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Only Partially Gay Pt 1

  1. TomofNorway says:

    Thanks to an extremely vivid imagination and a truly blessed ability to instantly pull up a detailed video with all the sights, sounds, emotions and feelings of anything I’m reading or thinking about. Two pages in on this story, I am viewing a 5-star production, and only wish other readers were with me enjoying this “film” as well as stripping down and emulate what we’re reading and ‘seeing’ and ‘feeling’ with our hard, dripping cocks, hairy, sweaty crotches and ass cracks, ripe pits — the enhanced “Smell of a man” permeating the thick air in the room – anxiously waiting the next chapter as we continue to “feel our way” in every sense! More please!

  2. TomofNorway says:

    This first segment has he “fully involved” – in EVERY way one could imagine! I can well relate to Myles in so many ways – physically included – and this well written story has me breathing hard, with my very large right hand reaching up the open right leg of my baseball shorts at first ‘playing with my we-precum-soak thick uncut “sausage”, but now fully out in the open atop my right leg, and the magnificent strong aroma of ripe, big and sweaty man-cock interlaced with masculine wafts of copious ‘pre-cum and desire wanting to trade places with Myles – and/or have another hot, masculine stud here naked with me to enjoy this story – and enact the very same scenarios! Great job and can ‘t wait for more~ Who wants to come, listen and play together! 🙂

    • Hairy Beef says:

      From your description of yourself, I’d be more than interested in re-enacting these scenes with you. Am an exceptionally fit, hairy, muscled man who also can relate to Myles in many ways. And, who is equally as curious and balanced with the realities of my physical form. Desire takes over and overtakes my masculine determination to deny my body the pleasures of being with another man. The few times I have experienced this, the more I’ve realized that this is my true self. I want to take another man to his limits and take him well past that level to a heightened level of pleasure. The type that only another man can provide. A void that only another man can fill.

  3. Steve says:

    It hot lots of sex but how can you be part time gay but does he leave his wife and be cum his sub full time love to hear more in part 2

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