I’m Only Partially Gay Pt 2

Part 1 broke a young cowboy into kept submission. More taboos and barriers to be broken as Myles has further adventures with his charming male English lover.


It was that way for a year. Once a month I’d head to the ranch but more often than not never see it that weekend. I’d spend it being buggered as he called it or sucking his cock and he’d photograph me a variety of ways. I had no decisions to make. Just go with whatever Julian wanted and be pampered like no other time in my life. The freedom of being kept for a weekend a month.

There were moment when I wondered how I had fallen into willing submission so easily yet maintained the alpha façade every moment except one weekend a month. It felt natural and I started to crave it. I swear my innards would moisten and my anus would tingle the week before I was going to go. Sometimes I couldn’t hold out and would lubricate my channel and masturbate with fingers pushed to the palm and thrusting while stroking my cock. I’d cum in my hand and lick off the results with relish before the guilt hit. I’d walk around lubricated and ready. The liquid between my cheeks reminding me of being filled and bred.

The phone I kept in the gym locker would get texts that I found whenever I went to the gym. And I hit the gym a lot and while I didn’t get too bulky, the definition became very pronounced. Lyssa loved it and I’d come home to new clothes that emphasized my physique. She thought it was hot when unbeknownst to her Julian paid for waxing that left me with the hair on my head and an untamed, rough vee above my cock. One that I never trimmed but let grow thick and wooly. Julian loved it as a show of masculinity then plundered it into submission for the pictures. What Lyssa didn’t notice the bleached, hairless anus that went with it and the heavy emphasis on glutes in my workout. My ass got firmer and rounder with pronounced indents on the sides.

And the month gap between meetings meant in the early days it drove Julian wild too because the change in my body was more pronounced. If I hadn’t been so willing some of it would have damn near rape and I learned to arrive clean and lubed generously.

Some weekends were simply lounging around his house and the hotel. We couldn’t hold out of course and my arrival always meant an immediate fucking. Usually on the most convenient surface with some little bit of privacy. There were a couple of times when a resort employee managed to interrupt us but they were mostly gay and just gave a knowing leer. Those weekends in would sometimes end up in the bar or on the dance floor and Julian enjoyed sitting back and watching guys hit on me because it flustered me so. While I was his willing, receptive partner I hadn’t reconciled that with being attractive to other men.

And they were shameless. Much more brazen than men with women. They’d grab my ass or package. Press their bulges against me an put my hand on their hardened cocks through pants. Whispering all the filthy things they’d do for me or to me. Julian egged them on by having me wear tight jeans and t-shirts and not letting me move away at the first attempt. He’d then possessively have me leave with him. His hand on my ass and there was no mistaking who was going to get fucked.

I’d usually be ass up, shoulders down getting a hard reaming not long after that. “That one would kill to be in my place up your arse right now. Looked like a big hammer he was sporting and he was about to drool.”

His hips would be bouncing on mine and my hopefully slippery chute expanded and contracted around him. “Perhaps you’d like to go with him? Get that big rammer up your back passage. You accommodate me quite easily now.”

“No” I moaned as he used the moment to pull all the way out and plunge back in. The removal always cause the ring to spasm close and then it widened with the reinsertion.

“I’m happy with just you and your fat cock. It always hurts a little the first time in a weekend but I like being yours. I don’t need a bigger one.” He used this time to thrust in a way to hit my prostate and the last words came as gasps. “Uh, keep fucking me just like that.” I reached up and grasped my own dangling cock that was leaking from the stimulation.

That little bit of self-stimulation set me off and I jerked with each spurt as he gave me no rest and resumed the long strokes before withdrawing. “You’re a wonder when coming on my cock Myles. Lie down on your tum on this pillow and I’ll resheath myself.” He tossed me a hard pillow and I lay face down across it so my butt was up and presented.

I felt him crawl up and almost straddle my backside. He naturally notched in and a rock forward had him hilted with his belly against my butt. I could feel his breath against my neck and ear as he sawed in and out. “You know one day I’m going to let one of those blokes roger you. Maybe more than one. But in the end I’ll be back up you and let my spend replace theirs.” He ground against me and stirred my guts before pulling back and slamming forward.

Now one thing had changed since I became his monthly slut. In the past when I came, I was done for a while and even had a bit of guilt. I was past that. Regardless of when or if I had come I serviced him. It didn’t matter anymore. I just wanted to please and I felt pleasure when he came in me or on me regardless of whether I had orgasmed. This was no different and I clenched around him whenever penetrated.

We were both sweating profusely by now as well from the contact and activity. “So Myles, you haven’t answered me.” It was in between grunts as he sawed in and out. “If I let you fuck one of them will you do it?”

I used my stock answer. The truth is I didn’t want to make a decision. I wanted him to do that. And if he wanted me to give myself to another man I would but I wouldn’t seek it out. “I’m yours to do with what you want.”

“Well right at the moment I want to spend up your bottom but I can see the appeal of spreading your charms about. Ahh . . . take it my boy, take it.” I could feel him ejaculating in those long bursts that generated so much volume and then we rested with him still ensconced up my body.

If we didn’t stay in for the weekend, I found myself at his other interests. A vintage car race, my farm, the vineyards he owned. My hole always twitches now when I smell that sour, oakey smell of fermenting grapes because of one memorable drunken session.

Sitting outside with a particularly good bottle of wine and charcuterie plate that progressed into another bottle that I must have had most of. I could feel myself get hot and Julian detected the mood and led me in with the barrels. The big oak table was just the right height and bare from the waist down I spread myself back with knees getting as close to my ears as possible.

I was in such lust with him by now that I either lubed myself in preparation or carried the necessities with me so I could prepare in moments. I wanted to be prepared whenever the opportunity arose. This was no different and I rubbed a thick layer on him and then smeared a huge blob around and in my ring.

He had simply loosened his belt and pulled up his shirt tails to take advantage and I hissed as he slide home. “Ahh … fuck me Julian. Fuck your slut and breed my hole.”

He took me. The table thumped and rattled as the sound of flesh and lubed skin echoed around the concrete floor and hard surface. Add to that our grunts as he pushed my legs back exposing my crotch fully to his thrusts. I stared up at the wood ceiling watching it jerk as he filled and removed. I was just waiting for the finish. It was about getting him off. Fermenting grapes and fucked ass.

Then there was family farm that Julian loved. The crush had been around as long I could remember. Old and a little rusty it sat in corner from Dad’s brief foray into goats and sheep. We had a big one for the cows but goats and sheep can be surprisingly ornery and strong and when you have to work with a herd so it’s nice to have.

Julian was fascinated by the mechanism first but his ears perked up and his eyes had a gleam as I explained how it was used. “Why don’t you show me how it works.”

I levered it open and the bars spread to admit the head and body of the sheep or goat and then closed it to show him how the animal was trapped so you could give it ear tags, shots or do any sensitive vet work.

“I see. And that’s just a bigger one outside at the end of the fencing for the cattle?”

“Yea, with the cows in the corral you can route them through pretty easy but you need more room. We didn’t bother with the smaller critters unless you had to do a lot. Didn’t do the goats or sheep long anyway ’cause the cats and coyotes thought we were raising them for their eating. Dad just hated to get rid of stuff sometimes.”

He didn’t say much more about it but wanted to go back to the farm the next month and I could tell he was focused on the crush because all his gear including lights were setup near it.

“Do me a favor Myles and show me how you’d fit.” I could see the devilish look in his eyes and knew what he was going to do. It didn’t matter to me really. Julian had his own sorts of kinks and what would he do that I hadn’t already done willingly.

I knelt and shimmied in the press, putting my head through the opening and it was no surprise when Julian reached up and worked the bar down to trap me there.

“You knew what I was going to do didn’t you. You slutty little bugger. I’ll be right back with what I need.”

I rested their knowing it would be a kinky shoot but I’d get well fucked in the end. “So can you make a face like a sheep? I’d be afraid to leave a Scot in here with you” he said with a laugh.

“Baaa…” He smiled big at that one. “You look properly done up for quite a time there Myles. I could get use to life on the farm with a slutty young cowboy. “

He snapped pictures as he talked and then moved behind me. The Levis unbuttoned easily and slid down leaving my flimsy white briefs exposed and then after a minute or two they were slid down my thighs as well.

“I appreciate your indulgence of my more peculiar captures Myles. Not only do you let me enjoy your body, you never object to these laborious setups that I put you into.”

“When I pull off the highway I put myself into your hands until Sunday night when I leave. I’m yours to do with as you please and I trust you to not do anything permanent. It’s total freedom for two days a month. I haven’t been hurt and there’s been lots of pleasure. And I bear no responsibility. You can dress me up like tinkerbelle and I’d do it. It’s just props and a role.”

He knelt down and gave me a kiss. “I shan’t dress you as tinkerbelle but I do have a few ideas you’re letting me explore and I love you for it.” He got back up and I could hear him move behind me but I couldn’t turn my head far enough to see.

“This is just a dollop of water soluble grease for effect” and right then I felt the contact at the juncture between my cheeks. All the working out had made the muscles tighter along with lower body fat and the side effect was that when I knelt or bent over, more of me was exposed. Depending on the position it ranged from inner cheek to showing bare skin from dangling ball sack all the way up my crease.

Click, click, click … the sound of the camera shutters came from several directions and I realized there were several on tripods as well as the one in Julian’s hand. I later saw that the grease looked remarkably like vaseline and artfully placed to bridge the valley above my puckered slit. Hints of which shown through to leave no doubt as to what I was being prepared for. It was then spread around, lubricating the target in a circle of gleaming flesh.

“Since you’re my little lamb today I thought your appendages should be appropriate too.” Julian held the slim black plug so I could see it and the white wool of a stubby tail protruded and covered the flange. It didn’t hang like the horse tail but instead seemed to retain its smaller shape. The intrusion was not unexpected then and I could feel it being manipulated.

Click, click, click … the pictures would show the fluffy wool appendage extending to cover my taint but not covering the dangling sack. More manipulation and it extended upward in a waving white flag above my curved ass in surrender. The white wool covering the flange made it look like it extended directly from my anus with no hint of the plug that supported it.

Julian used the opportunity to push his cock into my mouth as he stood at my head and photographed the valley with it’s protruding visitor. And the sound of shutters going off remotely made me know my barnyard actions were being captured.

He paused and used my mouth then. Sucking without hands and enjoying the heat of his flesh. “Your tail plug this time isn’t very large and I’d like to bugger you with it in. A bit bigger than you’ve had before but you aren’t the quaking virgin anymore are you? You’re just my little lamb. Speak up if you object.”

And I said nothing but licked his cock so rigid before me. “Right. Just like I thought.” He moved away from my sucking mouth and I felt him put the plug out partially and the lower pressure of the bell head next to it. The year of practice and having been fucked recently allowed relaxation of the muscle and he gained insertion with a pop I hadn’t felt in a while and a strain of accepting the combined girth. But he went in nonetheless.

“Champion Myles. A master of of sodomy you are. Bear with me while before I bugger you properly.” I felt him go in until our flesh pressed and then slid out where he paused. Click, click. Standing at an angle the camera captured the tail erect above his cock protruding from my rear. A buggered sheep boy as he called it later.

There were a few more shots and then he pulled the tail from me. It was easy when it was replaced by just him and hands grasped each hip and slammed home. I gave a little shimmy at that. The free play of him inside me felt good. The stretch although initially uncomfortable made it easier now and he took advantage.

“Ah Myles, you truly have a velvet glove. And I have to say your immobilization makes for a stimulating scene. I could see you easily taking on two like this. Me up your arse and some lucky bloke with his cock at your tonsils. Or seeing how you just took me and the tail up your bum I could see some fat-shafted bastards plumbing your arsehole while I feed you the stuff. “

I didn’t answer because although by any stretch of the imagination I had crossed a major line, it was only with Julian. Then I thought about it and answered ” I’m in your hands.”

That inflamed him and the hip thrusts came hard. “So you’d take me an other blokes eh?” He gave a particularly hard thrust then I felt him rise up over my hips to grasp the tops of my shoulders. His cock came down from above and I lowered my head to accommodate him better. Smack, smack, smack, the flesh pounding together bespoke his excitement.

The angle meant he continuously rubbed against my gland too and I could feel the tightening of my balls when he moaned and shouted “Fuck all” while pumping deep and shooting.

I was well trained by now and knew that photographing my ravaged body would come before I would clean up. My partially opened passage would not gape as much as form minor slack lips but dripped with the obvious violation. The spread of lubricant circled the opening and the amount he shot up me was not contained inside.

“The advantage of having you immobile and this configuration Myles is I can composite later. Some artful cropping and it will appear you’re spitted thoroughly. I am going to cleanse and then we will go and spatter that handsome face of yours with my seed for the camera.”

Julian was a sexual athlete really. Even as young as I was, it would take me a while to recover but he never had that issue that I could tell. I didn’t have to wait long for him to wash up and that hard cock was within my lips. I slurped and spit, making him drip with saliva. Enthusiasm. The critical blowjob element. I’d make the spit drip, the bell head push my cheek out for the camera. Extend my tongue to lick his wrinkled sack.

He had the rails of the crush in his grasp but soon moved them down to the back of my neck and head. The cameras must have been on automatic because I could hear them above my gasping and Julian’s heavy breathing.

“My you’re improving as a sucker of cocks Myles. I’m going to spend soon and I want you open your mouth and extend your tongue. Just a moment or two . . . now.”

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  1. Steve says:

    Ok now he a porn newbie he makeing great money but how long before he leave his wife and just stay with him is it love or just convenient to be a sub for this middle age guy that want sex all the time

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