Innocent Man Meets Dom

His goal in life was to bed as many young men as he could, to feed them his long thick cock and fill them with his cock cream.


John was a distinguished looking man and ever so friendly. Young Peter was not exactly sure what he did in the hotel but he always seemed to be on his floor when Peter came out of his room or in the foyer when he returned to the hotel after work. John was such a big man, very handsome in a rugged sort of way and always took the opportunity to put his arm around Peter’s shoulder or to give his arm a squeeze.

Young Peter had to admit to himself that he liked John; no, Peter was actually quite attracted to him but could not admit it to himself, since that would be so wrong, especially now he had a girlfriend, Ann. Well let’s face it. Young Peter was an innocent abroad. He had no experience with women. Now, here he was in Toronto, on his own, quite lonely and staying in the hotel where John worked. Peter was on a training program and knew no one in the big city. He felt feeling oh so alone and was always glad to see John’s friendly smile. Oh Peter you were such a silly boy. John had plans for this handsome innocent.

John was the head of Hotel Security and had formerly worked for the government. He loved technology and all those electronic bits and bobs that no one else really cared for or knew the names of. From the privacy of his office he could see on the black and white monitors all the comings and goings of the guests and staff in the hotel. John was not married. Not now anyway. His wife had discovered that her big manly husband had a predilection for young men in their early twenties; yes, John enjoyed the company of handsome young men who took delight in male company and shunned the flighty, yet alluring females, who seriously outnumbered men in Toronto back then.

John was found out quite by accident. He had kept his secret under wraps for over 30 years and then made the mistake of bringing home, to his marital bed, an extremely handsome, twenty year old, sous chef. His pretty wife was away for the week but returned one day before she was supposed to. Imagine her horror upon finding the unfortunate John, ramming his weapon deeply in to the young, sous chef’s well lubricated anal passage. That as they say was that. Screams, hysteria, name calling, phone calls, lawyers and two weeks later John is living in a cheap motel.

John was a really friendly, outgoing guy, who made a point of getting on with everyone. People liked the big man. Women found him very attractive and men were often quite envious of his manly physique; those who saw him in the showers especially so. John was one of those men who had been blessed with a long thick organ, big, low hanging, golf ball sized, testes and a mat of thick black hair. His arms, chest and legs were things of beauty, being muscular and his large, frame allowed even his pronounced paunch, to be pleasing to the eye.

John was a vastly experienced man when it came to picking up the young men to whom he found himself addicted. He liked them tall, slim, narrow at the waist and with slender hips. He loved the innocent, small town guys who were new to the big city and longing to experience life. He used his position in the hotel to befriend young male visitors to Toronto. He was good to them, a caring, helpful friend, a confidant and then a seducer. His goal in life was to bed as many young men as he could, to feed them his long thick cock and fill them with his cock cream. So many apparently straight young men, of whom their seemed to be an endless supply, went weak at the knees and then, eventually went down on their knees, once they caught sight of his wonderful, uncut weapon. Even he was surprised at how many were willing to allow him to use them and how easy it was for him to have their warm, wet, willing mouths suck on his engorged cock head .

John also had his little group of special friends on whom he could call for relief should the occasion arise and of course there were his boys. These were the lucky ones, who found favor with John and shared his bed, overnight. They could never do enough for John and he took his pleasure from them, in equal measure, to the pleasure he afforded them.

John also kept a book with the names of all the young men who were virgins until they met him; had never sucked a cock until they met him; had never given up their tight, little, back passageway to anyone, until they met him; and that number was 299. Needless to say John liked even numbers and he wanted to make number 300 a very memorable one.

The day the young 24 year old Peter checked in to his hotel, John just happened to be talking to the male receptionist. As the receptionist, a very effeminate young man, sorted things out for the young, handsome guest, John eyed him up and quickly decided that this tall, handsome, young, man, would make a perfect 300. The receptionist smiled to himself and fondly remembered his time with John, when he first came to work in the hotel, as he watched John’s eyes follow the young guest.

John made the point of befriending the guy and making him feel especially welcome in the big city. To his delight the young Peter was from a small town miles away, was on his first business trip to the big city and truly was naïve. Peter was grateful for a friendly face in the hotel and quickly warmed to the charm of the big man, who reminded him of a kind, fatherly figure or favorite teacher. Feeling at ease with the seemingly ever present, older man, he was soon telling him, over coffee or a beer his life story, his dreams and all about his precious Ann.

Peter looked forward to chatting with his new friend and so when John invited him for a real drink that first Friday, Peter was happy to get a night out in the big city. John took him to a crowed bar down town and the beer flowed. When Peter got up to splash his boots John followed him in to the men’s room. There were no separate cubicles here, just one long trough. As they were both relieving themselves Peter could not help but notice the force with which the older man was peeing and his gaze wandered down to the source of that power.

Peter was taken aback by the size of John’s member but what fascinated him most, was the fact that, unlike him, John was not circumcised. How Peter wished he had not been cut. How Peter wished he had a cock that big, to give to his precious Ann, if she would only let him. When he finished, John deliberately made a point of drawing back his foreskin and shaking the remaining little droplets in to the trough while pretending, that he did not notice Peter looking at his beautiful cock, with envy and admiration. Every time thereafter that John went to the men’s room Peter seemed to have to go as well, and always he stood beside him, and on each occasion, while pretending to talk about the weather or the ice hockey to whomsoever else was at the trough, on the other side, John pulled his foreskin back and forth revealing his great, purple, mushroom shaped head, thus causing his member to thicken perceptibly, knowing full well that Peter could not help but stare.

Back at the table were they sat Peter told John his life story and John cleverly stroked Peter’s ego, laying his hand on his forearm or squeezing his shoulder at precise intervals. Peter had no idea what John was up to but he did not object to John’s touches, in fact, he found them quite reassuring. Back home in nowhere’s ville, Peter did not have many friends and his innate shyness did not afford him much success with women.

John’s apartment just happened to be a few blocks from the city center so he suggested that they should stop by his place for a nightcap and a little something extra. Of course, John had no beer, only whisky, a drink, whose effects Peter had rarely experienced. John popped two Viagra while he was preparing the drinks. He gave Peter whisky but put Ginger Ale in his own glass. He rolled a cigarette, heavily laden with good, green grass, lit it up, took a deep draw and handed it to Peter.

“I suppose you young fellows smoke this every day.”

Not wishing to appear to be a goody two shoes, Peter lied.

“Yes, everyday. I love it.”

As they relaxed on the sofa, John sipped his ginger ale while he watched the whisky and the grass take their desired effect on Peter. Young Peter became much more relaxed and talkative. He laughed at everything John said to him and wanted more drink and more grass. John complied with his young friend’s request and sat back waiting for his moment, watching his victim’s defenses and will power grow slowly weaker.

He asked Peter if he and Ann had ever shared a blow back. Mishearing him, Peter thought his new friend had asked if he and Ann had ever shared a blowjob and he replied, “Ann hasn’t given me a blowjob yet. I wish she would John.”

John laughed at this misunderstanding and then proceeded to explain what a blow back was. Alas, young Peter could not quite follow what he meant.

“It’s best to try it. Take a deep draw and hold it in Peter, then, blow it all back into my mouth.”

Poor Peter tried but just kept laughing. It felt so funny to him to allow his lips to touch John’s lips. John took the joint from Peter and told him to finish his whisky. This done, John inhaled deeply from the joint, then he took hold of Peter’s head, brought his mouth to Peter’s and blew long and hard into it, until his own lungs were empty. This most intimate of lip touching had a pronounced effect on both men as did the blow back, especially on Peter. He had never experienced anything like it in his young life. He was lost in alcohol, grass and new sensations that were overpowering him. He felt overwhelmed and confused but ever so excited by this new experience. He wanted to do it again and told John so.

When John went for the second blow back he did not release Peter’s head from his hands, or his lips from Peter’s lips. He inserted his tongue into Peter’s mouth and left it there motionless. Peter was shocked and surprised by his own reaction. He felt the blood rush into his growing member and his willpower evaporate accordingly. As if it had a will of its own, his tongue, enjoying the pleasant sensation caused by the presence of John’s warm, wet, tongue, swirled around and around the intruder. John reacted in like manner and he knew, at that very instant, that he had this man in the palm of his hand.

The blow back found an exit down through Peter’s nostrils and the smoke billowed out as his cock swelled with desire. The kiss lasted for a long time and John slowly pushed his victim backwards against the cushions and like that, his upper body lay across Peter. Instinctively Peter brought his hands up to John’s shoulders, as this first long, breathless, kiss continued. John’s tongue became more demanding and Peter could only respond in kind to its probing insistence. His cock, now fully engorged was screaming for release.

To Peter’s disappointment John stopped and lifting his mouth an inch from Peter’s he asked him if he wanted this to stop. Peter’s reaction was to lift his face to John’s and wrapping his arms around his neck, rejoined their lips in delicious harmony, indicating to the older man that his answer was a very definite, no. John dropped his left hand to his young friend’s trousers and ran it lightly along young Peter’s hardened cock, which action drew deep moaning sounds from them both.

Peter allowed John to pull him fully up on to the sofa, thereby giving him easy access to his belt and zipper and slowly slide down his trousers. This was the most exciting thing that Peter had ever done and he could not stop John and he did not want to stop him. When John’s hand expertly tugged at his boxers, Peter raised his hips up, off the sofa, to help and when John’s bare hand, came to rest on his circumcised cock head, he really did yelp and whimper with desire.

Looking deeply into the handsome young man’s eyes John asked him:

“Do you like my hand on your cock Peter? Do you like me playing with your lovely, little cock?”

Peter just wanted to cum and he almost did. His cock head was on the point of exploding. John’s hand left his cock and moved delicately down to Peter’s balls and then along the perineum with sensitivity, then back up, all the way to the tip of his cock again.

Moving down Peter’s body, he licked all around the young mans hairy tummy before taking his precum saturated, cock head, into his mouth in one quick slurp, immediately following this, with a slick licking of his cock slit and knob while his other hand gave teasing tweaks and gentle tugs on both his nipples.

Overwhelmed with his master’s ministrations and his own pent up desire, Peter howled out the arrival of his first orgasm and while his cock released its torrents of seed, in several forceful eruptions, John enjoyed the sweet taste of his cum and kept it all in his mouth for an even more pleasant exchange of bodily fluids.

So, while Peter was wallowing in the beautiful afterglow of his first oral sex experience, John was atop of him again and his insistent lips and tongue joined Peter’s, who could not believe how warm his own cum was or that John was now sharing it with him. Yet he knew to share it, back and forth, and in so doing, became aroused again, much to his own surprise. Their joined mouths were sticky with the irresistible taste of saliva and cum and Peter loved it. Oh, how he loved it! He wanted this snowballing to go on forever. Well, who wouldn’t?

John then stood up and told him to come to the bedroom. He took Peter by the cock and pulled him after him, undoing the buttons of his shirt as he dragged his willing prey along. Peter struggled to walk behind the big man, as his trousers and boxers were now down around his ankles but somehow, walking like a little Chinese lady with bound feet, he managed it. Noticing this, John wished he had been walking behind his conquest to see his sexy, little bum, wiggle from side to side, as he tried to keep up with him.

Once inside his bedroom, John removed his shirt completely to reveal his strong hirsute upper body and muscular arms. His agile fingers made light work of divesting Peter of his shirt. John could not help but admire the nearly naked, young man he had cunningly seduced. What an excellent choice he had made. Sure, he was high on grass and very drunk, but that was for the boy’s own good. John was a well endowed man and he was doing this young Adonis a favor. He wanted the pleasure to be mutual, not painful.

“I suppose you want to see my cock now Peter, don’t you, after all you couldn’t keep your eyes of it, could you? I know you liked looking at it, didn’t you?”

But he kissed him again before Peter could answer. He grasped Peter’s bum cheeks and squeezed them a little. My God, he thought, they are wonderfully firm and strong, not to mention ever so smooth. Gullible Peter was just going with the flow now. He kissed back and put his arms round John’s neck the way Ann had done to him. He was gently running one hand through the thick graying hair of his seducer and fighting his desire to cum for the second time. How he loved having John’s hands caress his lovely, smooth, firm bum. He wanted more.

Stepping back John quickly removed his shoes and trousers and slowly dropped his precum stained, boxers to reveal his long, thick, uncircumcised cock. Peter gasped audibly. Compared with his cock, this truly was a thing of masculine potency and beauty. At that moment, he wished once again, that it was his, little realizing, how much of it was going to be his, temporarily, before the night was through, or how after tonight, this man and this cock, were going to be in his head forever.

Holding his own swelling cock in one hand, John took Peter’s lovely cock in his other hand and played with it, teasing it, fingering its length and caressing it.

“Look at my cock, Peter. Go on then. Reach for it. Touch it for me, please. You know you really want too, don’t you?”

“Oh my God, yes, yes!” exclaimed Peter

Peter slowly extended his hand and when his fingertips came in contact with the object of his envy, John took hold of his wrist and guided his movements. Peter was amazed at its girth, its smoothness and the heat that emanated from it. He palmed it at first. Then he grasped it and pulled down to reveal the dripping slit and pee hole, at the tip of the pulsing crown head, that peeped out from under the foreskin. It felt wonderful and Peter could hardly believe he was holding this living thing.

As he held John’s cock shaft in his hand, John himself, put his fingers and thumbs of both his hands, on his foreskin and pulled it up and over his knob and then continued on and outwards, opening up a wide orifice at its end.

“Let’s dock your cock in here, Peter. Put it inside my foreskin. You are going to have a wonderful time in here.”

Peter could not believe his ears. He had never heard of this, but he did what he was told and nearly died when he felt John’s cavernous foreskin engulf the wet, mushroom shaped, purple knob of his six inches. He watched with amazement as Jon’s extended foreskin swallowed up to half of his cock. Finally their cock heads touched and John placed one large hand on Peter’s shaft and the other over his extended foreskin with a firm yet gentle grip.

“Now we are locked and docked Petey. Ride it! Ride my knob, baby! Ride my big, purple knob! You know you want to.”

Peter did his best to last a full minute but he was drunk with lust. He did not mean to yelp and moan so loudly. He did not mean to reach his second cuming with such a loud high pitched scream but he had never felt sensations like this before and he came hard, inside John’s foreskin, which despite its size, couldn’t possibly contain all that sticky, milky white, man seed. So, even while John held his monster cock upright, some of the precious liquid escaped and John had to do his best to capture it all in his hand.

John knew now that Peter was his for the night and would do anything he wanted him to do. He had him. He had his 300th and it had been so easy. With such insensitive thoughts in his head he set out to take his pleasure from his Petey.

“Oh my goodness, gracious me!” said John. “Just look at the mess you have made of my big cock Petey. You sure do cum a lot. Why don’t you kneel down now? Kneel before me and clean up your mess like the good little man you are. You sure do cum quickly, don’t you? You liked docking your cock with mine didn’t you? My big cock made you cum didn’t it?

Peter knelt down. John’s words did not sting. He enjoyed them because inside his head those words rang true. He did cum quickly. He loved the docking sensation and, oh my God, he so admired John’s big cock. John still held his cock upright and with one hand he was also holding his outstretched foreskin.

As Peter’s face approached John’s groin, all he could smell was cock and cum and he watched with awe, as little rivulets of his cum, were still flowing down John’s thick, shaft, onto his hairy, big balls, which appeared to be even more massive and heavy, from up close. Tentatively, at first, Peter stuck out his tongue and touched one little rivulet. It was delicious and soon he was licking up and down John’s thick shaft with relish, wanting to clean up and savor the taste of all his ejaculate. He could not believe that he was licking his own cum off of another man’s cock.

“Open your mouth, Petey and stick out your cum covered tongue. You enjoyed licking your cum off my cock didn’t you, little man. Well, I have more for you, right inside my outstretched foreskin.”

Saying that he brought his cock downwards with one hand, set his cock end on Peter’s now outstretched tongue and watched with delight, as it emptied itself in to the eager, little, cock sucker’s mouth. He could see Peter took great delight in his own sticky, cock cream and so he did not hesitate to push forward an inch or two, forcing Peter to swallow his own spent cum. Peter’s mouth had to open really wide to take the thickness of John’s sticky, cock but he was so enjoying the feeling, of having a stranger’s cock in his mouth, which tasted of his very own cum.

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  1. Bucky says:

    Every masculine gay man’s fantasy … to have a MACHO SENSITIVE BIG COCK OF A FELLA do everything IMAGINABLE & realize being a PUSSY IS BUTCH with the right guy. AND hopefully he will have some buddies to do the same thing to him in a MASSIVE ORGY being GANGBANGED.

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