Insatiable Appetite For Men Pt 4

He took it as deep as he could, poking at his throat, but pulling back to work the head. With his lips and tongue, he worked the ridge, over and over. I moaned, as he swirled his tongue all over.

Part 3


Marty and I were lucky to have found each other and, on top of that, we were fortunate to have understanding girlfriends…it really was miraculous. We definitely had distinct roles, with Marty usually being the submissive half of the relationship. We were both cock-sluts, but Marty was always there for me whenever I wanted some. A picture-perfect frat boy, he’d gladly suck me off before bed, middle of the night and first thing in the morning. After all that, he’d still beg me to fuck his brains out…and he loved to be fucked, while he wanked his big eight-inch dick. Whenever we had a weekend to ourselves, we always took advantage of every moment.

We found ourselves lounging around, flipping aimlessly through channels, attempting to find something good. Eventually, we decided to give it up and play some pool. Of course, the conversation wandered everywhere; Marty wanted to hear about Tina, and I wanted to hear how things were going with Paige. Anyway, I told him about licking beer from Tina’s pussy, and he recounted a wild night where he and Paige got shit-faced and used a beer bottle, because they couldn’t find a dildo. That’s what anybody would do…right?

I laughed, “That made my pussy licking look like a church picnic.”

He grinned, “Don’t tell her I told you any of this, but since I’ve gone this far. At summer camp, the girls in her cabin played spin the bottle and they fucked themselves with the pop bottle.” Grinning, “Just remember, I’m denying everything I just told you.”

“Your secret’s safe…don’t say anything to Tina and I won’t say anything to Paige, but the next time I offer her a long-neck, I won’t be able to hold it together.”

Anyway, I took the first game, while he was winning in the second. He handed me my beer. Attempting to be funny, he rubbed his bottle over my crotch, “You ready for some fun?” I recognized the look and conspicuous focus on my crotch, but I knew he had something in mind, when he sat his beer aside.

My eyes trailed over his body; he was wearing tight, jeans and a fitted t-shirt, that displayed his muscled, manly torso.

“So, what are you thinking? Maybe, bottle fucking or a different game…strip pool? You can take off clothes with each ball I sink…and I’ll take off something with each ball you sink.”

He grinned, “That’s brilliant, dude, but it might take too long…you know?”

I sat on the edge of the table and leaned forward, while he ran his hands all over my body. Exploring sensuously, he caressed my chest, shoulders, abs and between my legs, quickly pulling my belt off. He dropped to his knees, pulling my pants down with him.

He leaned in close, wrapped his fist around the shaft and carefully studied every detail. It was like he was seeing it for the first time, but when he looked up, he grinned, “Dude we really are twins…and I’m thinking some incest might be in order.”

He stroked it, while I said, “I’ve always liked incest…maybe you should start, by sucking your brother’s cock. It looks like it needs some brotherly love…and attention.”

It was solid and bobbing upright, just waiting for his warm lips. He ran his mouth up down the shaft, working his tongue over the throbbing, hard flesh. I ran my fingers through his hair and nudged him to go deeper…take it deeper.

“Mmmm…ahhhh…ahhhh yeah…yeah…yeah…that’s good…so fucking good!”

After that, he took it as deep as he could, poking at his throat, but pulling back to work the head. With his lips and tongue, he worked the ridge, over and over. I moaned, as he swirled his tongue all over, “Fuck! That’s sweet! Marty…feels so good…keep it up!”

I thrust into his mouth, “Fuckin’ suck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, that’s it…just like that! Fuck…fuck that’s nice…uhhhh…uhhhh…yessssssss!”

My whole body throbbed as he swirled his tongue over the shaft, along the underside and over the head. Relentlessly pushing and prodding his throat, he celebrated having his man’s cock in his mouth. He would look up to watch me moan, and you could see it in his eyes…he couldn’t get enough.

It was close to overwhelming, but I switched things up, telling him to sit on the table, “I wanna suck you, too.” When he stood, one of my hands gripped his ass, while the other stroked the huge bulge in his pants.

He leaned back, while I dropped to my knees and slipped his pants down; he was wearing some of the hot underwear we got in Vegas. They were black and bulging with hard, male flesh. Soft or rock-hard, it didn’t really matter, the underwear was hot…but on Marty, it was breathtaking.

When I peeled them off, there it was…eight gorgeous inches bobbed free to stand upright…a cock-slut’s dream! I smiled up at him, but quickly went right back to admiring it; it was nice and thick, with handsome veining. The big, plum-shaped head had its own magnetism, an allure that pulled you in, almost making you salivate.

The eye held a bead of pre-cum, that I scooped up, before wrapping my lips around the head and sliding down the shaft. I cupped the big, manly balls that anchored the shaft to his body. They felt heavy with seed…ready for a long, fun night.

I wasted no time in taking it between my lips and pumping it deeper. I dug my fingers into his muscled ass and pulled him right up to my throat. After a few minutes of bouncing my face into his pubes, Marty held me steady and pumped his hips. “Mmmm…that’s it…yeah…yeah…oh yeah, Rob…you know what I need…yeah, always know what I need…let me help…ahhhh yeah…face-fuck…yeah…yeah…yeah, like that!”

He was going just deep enough to tease my throat. We’d only been together for four months or so, but the openness and intimacy of our relationship meant we knew exactly what we needed from each other…he knew exactly how deep to go before I gagged, and he knew how I liked to be fucked…and I had a sense, from the rambling moans, he was close. “Oh…oh fuck…fuck…fuck yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…Rob…oh Rob…mmmm…that’s…that’s good…so fuckin’ good…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh!”

Eventually, he had to pull out; he slapped it hard to push things back, “Fuck dude, that was close! I almost lost it…I’m horny as fuck, but I wanna make this last.”

I grinned, “I know, but you do taste damned good…and I’d love a mouthful. I bet you got two or three loads in those balls.”

His smile exploded and he laughed, “Hopin’ for the same out’a you.” He grinned, “I think I’m good, now…ready for another round?”

I said, “Fuck yeah,” and took it back between my lips. When I started bobbing over his big dick, I felt the satisfying girth stretch my lips and pulse against my tongue.

It wasn’t long before he was holding me tighter and humping into my mouth. I used my lips…my tongue…my whole mouth to satisfy his cock. It was heaven for both of us.

“Oh Rob…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah, take that dick…take it…take my dick! Fuckkkk…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…damn…fuckin’…fuckin’ take it…yeah…yeah, take it!”

Pumping till he was at the very brink, he was determined to make things last longer and moaned, “Rob, I want you to fuck me…fuck me on the table…the pool table!”

Pumping his hips a few more times, before pulling out, his eyes locked with mine, while I raised up to stand. I grabbed my beer, took a swig and slapped my dick over the bottle. I joked, at least I thought it was a joke, “You want the cock or the bottle? I’d give it some serious thought…it’s one sexy bottle!”

“You’re not going to let this go…so, I’m calling you on it!” He laughed, “I’ll pick the bottle!”

“I’ll do the bottle first,” he grinned, “it’ll get me loosened up for the real thing…the main-event.”

“I’ve never had it called the main-event before, but I like it.” Tipping the bottle up, I killed my beer. “Dude, you put it in, and I’ll take over. It’s not all that wide, but I think we need lube; I don’t wanna hurt you. I’ve never fucked a guy with a bottle…never fucked anybody with a bottle, for that matter.”

He grinned and pointed to the bottom, “Fuck, you’re almost as thick as this…and I’m only taking the neck…don’t worry, it’s all good…you’re not gonna hurt me.”

I grabbed the lube from his bedroom, and he rolled back onto the table, to where his butt was resting on the rail. I watched, as he parted his cheeks and slowly worked the neck inside. Using both hands, he started pumping the bottle. As he worked up to a satisfying pace, his eyes closed and the pleasure in his face grew.

He moaned, “Fuckkkk! Duuuude! Mmmm…that feels fucking smooth…and awesome!”

His dick was rock-hard, veined and pulsing, and his balls tumbled over the bottle. I was still mesmerized as he fucked himself, but eventually I started stroking his big dick. It was obvious it needed attention…a lot of attention…of course, I was anxious to help out.

While I jacked his cock, he moaned and begged for more, “Oh…oh…oh…oh, fuck that’s sweet…jerk my cock…yeah…yeah…like that…that’s fuckin’ hot…fuck me, dude…fuck me…fuck…me…with the bottle!”

When I took it over, our eyes met and he smiled, “Mmmm…yeah…yeah, that…that feels amazing…you got it down…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah!”

I jacked and fucked him in a steady rhythm, and rolled his head back, “Fuck…yeah…yeah…keep…keep that up…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…god damn, Rob…yeah, keep fucking…keep fucking me!”

I teased him, “Marty, tell me…tell me what you need!”

“I want you to fuck me! I need that cock…I need your big cock inside me…oh…oh…oh fuck, I need that cock,” he groaned!

I couldn’t help but savor the moment…I had my hot boyfriend on his back, legs-up-missionary, and begging to be fucked…and the opening act was a beer bottle.

He groaned when I pulled it out, “Now, for the main event! Put it in me…put that cock in me!” He rolled back, drawing his legs back. Hooking my arms under each leg, I spread him wider. Ready for the taking, I thrust my cock inside and started pumping his ass.

It didn’t take long before he surrendered to his needs, wrapping his legs around me, and pulling me deeper. “Yeah…yeah, that’s it…grind me into that ass…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, I’ll go deep…fuck you deep…fuck you deeper…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh!”

While I fucked him into the table, his moans escalated, joining mine. His cock…his big, beautiful cock was bouncing between us, bobbing wildly and hard to ignore. We took turns stroking it; something I’m always happy to do, but I let him take over when he got closer. Two or three times, he had been at the brink, but managed to push things back. Each time, buying more time…more fucking and more euphoria. He moaned louder and his breathing seemed labored, but once I could see the muscle in his body tense-up, I knew he was ready to explode. Determined to make it incredible for him, I started thrusting furiously.

“Oh fuck, Rob…Rob…yer gonna make me…make me cum! Fuckkkk…fuck yeah, I’m gonna…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…gonna cum…cum for you!”

I wildly fucked him through the ecstasy of release; big, pulsing sprays showered his chest. Rising with his lungs, his sexy, muscled chest glistened with milky seed. He smiled and moaned, “Ahhhh fuck! That was amazing…mmmm…it still feels good…fuck me through it…fuck me!” I kept pumping into his ass and thought I’d lose it too, but I managed to hold off.

He smeared the seed over his chest, groaning, “Mmmm…damn that feels good…fuck me…fuck me…fuck…me…fuck, it’s your turn, dude…gimme your load…all that hot load.” He loved looking between his legs and watching my cock pump his ass; he looked into my eyes, and said, “Dude, mmmm, that feels amazing…and it looks amazing, too.”

Savoring the longer, greedy strokes, I just kept pumping him, till I was starting to feel it, moaning, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…mmmm, that hot ass…Marty…Marty, I’m close…

I was way past ready, I really just wanted to fuck my man…I wanted to breed him…fill him with seed and then do it all again! I always knew Marty would spread his legs for me; he’d ride my cock till he couldn’t walk!

I shoved deep into his belly and pumped a few more times, before flooding his insides with seed. We felt it jerk and he moaned, “Yeah…yeah…fuckin fill me up…oh god, I feel it…I feel it…yes, yes, yes…yessssss!

I groaned, “Fuck…Marty…Marty,” and felt my dick recoil, preparing for another. Not as big as the first couple, but it was just as satisfying. I could feel the last throes, as the last trickle pumped into his ass…that tight, muscled, frat-boy ass.

“Yeah, cum in me…cum in me…pump it deep…deep in my belly…fuck me with it! Keep fuckin’ me…yeah…yeah…yeah, keep fuckin’ me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…push it deep…fuck it deep!”

Still shuddering, I groaned, “Mmmm…fuck yeah! That’s it… fucking swallow that load, with yer ass!” I collapsed, with my dick still pulsing deep inside.

Short of breath and panting, I moaned softly, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck…fuck! Marty that was good…ahhhh…ahhhh!” Again, I rolled my hips…but kept the whole shaft buried, sharing the intimacy of two entwined bodies. He grinned and tightened his hold, squeezing to milk out every drop…every precious drop. Basking in the sated afterglow, he said, “Oh my god, Rob…Rob, thank you! I think that was one of the best ever!”

“Maybe we need to keep that bottle around?”

We almost got creampie on the table, but he was able to get into the shower, with no mishaps. It trickled down his leg, and I whistled, “Look at that smokin’ hot guy…from the look of that, I think his hot boyfriend’s very satisfied!”

He just laughed and headed into the bathroom. Always disappointed when we couldn’t shower together, but the downstairs bathroom, his bathroom, had the smallest shower the contractor could find. It was something you’d see on a cheap cruise ship.

Anyway, we made the best of it and while I waited, I handed him a beer in the shower, “Dude you’re a charmer…and the timing is brilliant.”

I sipped mine and talked, while he was toweling off. I jumped in after him and swatted his butt, “Damn, you got some sweet ass!”

“You should know…its yours…all yours, dude,” walking away with a big ass grin.

When I turned the shower off, I heard somebody upstairs and it sounded like his dad. I grabbed the towel, and ran into the bedroom, “Shit, I thought your parents were gone!”

“The weekend…they’ll be gone this weekend. It’s cool…tonight, they went to the symphony and drinks afterwards…they’re right on time…it’s about 11:30. They went to the Duffee’s for the after-party.”

“I guess I thought they had left for Chicago already.” I laughed, “I’m glad we’re not doing it on the pool table.”

He shook his head, “Me too…they rarely come down her, but fucking on the pool table would not go over well but fucking a guy on the pool table would be a crazy, fucking mess.” He laughed, “I can hear the conversation…Marty, I didn’t know you were gay…or are you bisexual?” He grinned and went on, “There would be a long pause and then they’d say, it’s really okay if you are, but we didn’t know.”

I added, grinning, “And your mom would say something like, honey, do you want to talk about it…you know, you can talk to us about anything.”

“That’s it, dude…that’s exactly what she’d say.”

We had another beer and watched a late talk-show, in bed. An infomercial, at one in the morning, woke me up; they were selling vitamin supplements. Marty was sound asleep, and I snuggled up to him, spooning his hot, sexy body. I laid my arm over top and pulled myself close.

When I woke up again, around five, I gently teased the mounded pouch of his underwear. He woke, when I slipped my fingers under the waistband, trailing my fingertips over the head. I brought my mouth down over it, to take several inches. Feeling the warm, pulsing, hard flesh in my mouth, I watched him writhe and roll his hips.

It wasn’t long before he was peeling off my underwear. When he tugged them down, my dick bobbed above my belly, raging hard and ready to go. I was horny as shit and told him, “Buddy, I want you to fuck yourself on it…fuck yourself on my dick!”

He looked me in the eye and grinned, “Just sit back there and let me at it…I’ll cowboy that big dick!” Grinning, he said, “But, remember, we have to keep it down…the p’s are upstairs.”

He sucked it between his lips, and worked the shaft before pulling off and smiling, “Just need to make sure it’s ready…you know?”

He carefully stroked lube over the shaft, and I grinned, “You think it’s ready yet?”

He grinned, “Oh yeah, it’s ready…it feels ready,” and anxiously guided it to his hole. As he rubbed the head over it, he moaned softly, and the pucker twitched. He mounted my cock and moaned, as it went deeper. “Ohhhh…ohhhh…ohhhh…oh yeah…yeah…god yeah…oh yeah…mmmm…yeah!”

The ecstasy of that initial penetration is insane…watching it go in and feeling his insides, embrace and warm your cock.

He started out slow, watching the pleasure in my face grow; he nearly pulled off, each time, before settling back into my lap. Still groaning, “Ohhhhh…fuck…fuck…fuck yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s…that’s good…so good…so good!”

Yearning for more, I whispered, “Yeah…yeah…ride it…ride it hard…ride it hard, dude!” He put both hands on my chest and fucked his ass as hard as he could. “Marty…fuck Marty…yeah…yeah, like that…just…just like that!”

I took his big dick in my hand, and stroked it; it felt hot, manly and so enticing. With my cock throbbing and yearning for release, I humped up to meet his ass. Mmmm, I really didn’t want this to end; I needed Marty and we kept it up, for what seemed like forever.

“Oh fuck,” he whispers in my ear, “Dude…mmmm…dude, I’m gonna cum…fuck me…fuckkkkk!” After some tantric jerking, he sprayed a massive load over my chest. I felt his grip tighten when he blew the load, but the real pleasure was having my boyfriend’s hot cum on my skin…it made me crazy horny.

He caught his breath, while I humped up to finish, “Fuck yeah…yeah…Marty, that’s it!”

“I felt my balls tighten, “Dude, I can’t hold it…I gotta cum…gotta cum soon!”

He begged, “Cum in my mouth, please…I wanna taste you! I wanna taste my man!”

“Get down…get on your knees…I’ll give ya what you want!”

I was beyond holding things back, but we both rolled off the bed, and I stood over him, wildly jerking my dick. He was on his knees and inches away, sure to get every drop. “Yeah…yeah, give it to me…bust that load…bust that fuckin’ load!”

I felt each pulse as the fertile thickness squirted over his eager tongue. I moaned, “Ahhhh…ahhhh yeah…fuckkkkkkk,” and stroked hard to milk it dry. With his mouth stretched wide open, I finished with a final gob, that dropped over his tongue.

Even though he had just fucked himself silly, I could see that he wanted more. I could see that he wanted to suck it…he wanted to feel it in his lips…he wanted all the seed I could give him.

I fell back onto the bed, sated and moaning, “Fuck Marty…fuck…fuck, that was amazing…fucking amazing!”

He didn’t say a word, but spilled the seed in his mouth, over my chest. He looked into my eyes, “You got that…you fucking got that right,” and licked it all off my chest.

After a gulp or two, he paused to savor the aftertaste, licking his lips and grinning, “Having my boyfriend on my tongue and in my belly…is nice way to start the day.”

About that time, we smelled breakfast; his mom knew I had spent the night, so she went all out. I think his father really enjoyed the idea of a special breakfast; he was even helping serve. We all enjoyed it…and Marty and I were especially hungry.

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One thought on “Insatiable Appetite For Men Pt 4

  1. Alex says:

    I didn’t rate this story a five because all they do is suck and fuck. There is absolutely no storyline. There isn’t even kissing, or miniscule, and what about some hot ass eating or even nipple play. Enough with the oooh’s and aaahh’s. This story needs more than just the hot sex.

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