Insatiable Appetite For Men Pt 5

I kissed the head of his beautiful, manly cock. Pushing it between my lips, to feel the warm pulsing flesh, I watched him close his eyes, “Yeah…fuck yeah…I want your mouth!

Part 4


He kept his lips pressed tight, running them over the visible bulge in my shorts. His lips followed the shaft and clamped tighter. I moaned, “Oh, fuck yeah…mmmm…Marty…fuck, I need to cum…so fucking bad.”

He was leaning over the console, and I pushed his face into my crotch, running my fingers through his hair, “Oh yeah…fuck…fuck, that’s good…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s good!”

I was picking him up from work, because his car was getting new tires. About a block from the jobsite, he grinned, “I’ve been thinking about this all day.” He struggled to flip around and rest on his knees, buckling the seat belt behind him. He worked his lips over the tip of the bulging mound, tugging at my shorts and grinning, “I want that big dick…I wanna suck it…lift your butt and help me get these down.”

When I jerked the shorts and underwear down, it stood proud, and bobbing, inches from his nose. From the look on his face, it was exactly what he had in mind…there was nothing better than a big, hard cock. He was glowing, when he took it in his hands, and looked up, “You know you like it, too.”

“Yeah…yeah, I love it…keep it up…just keep it up.” While I slowed to stop, at a light, he licked and sucked the shaft…fortunately, it was a long light. I groaned, as his pursed lips worked up and down the shaft, “Oh god…mmmm…fuck Marty…Marty, you love that cock, don’t you?”

He made eye contact, as his mouth enveloped it again, “Fuck…fuck, that’s incredible…you’re so fucking good at that!”

The car gently rocked, as we pulled onto the interstate. He savored every throbbing inch, leaving nothing untouched…or unsatisfied. I set the cruise and dug my hand into the back of his head. He didn’t need the encouragement, but the nudge turned him on. He moaned around the flesh, “Hmmm…mmmm, and it vibrated through my whole body.”

I groaned, “Oh fuck…yeah…yeah…yeah Marty,” as he swirled his tongue and took it deeper. He bobbed his head up and down, stroking it with his lips. Spit started to trickle from his lips and down the shaft.

I started to roll my hips, pumping gently into his mouth, “Fuck, don’t…stop…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…feels…so…feels so good!”

“God damn, Marty…you love sucking cock…sucking that cock?”

He kept it in his mouth, and responded, “Mmmm mmmm.”

“You love making my dick feel good, don’t you?”

He answered with a nod, “Mmmm…mmmm,” before letting the head pop from his lips. Swirling his tongue over the shaft, and around the head, he covered every inch, again, going from the base to the tip. Taking it back through his lips, he wrapped them tightly around the swollen head, before letting it pop free, again, “Yeah, I love it, but I think we need to go to your place after we pick up the car.”

“Oh yeah…definitely…we definitely need to head to my place.”

He smiled and took it back into his mouth, teasing his gag reflex. I could see the garage ahead, but I wasn’t ready for him to stop…and he definitely wasn’t. Pulling off into an empty parking lot, I was determined to finish in his mouth. It was a bank that closed earlier, but it didn’t much matter…it was deserted, and I was all about getting roadhead from my boyfriend.

His soft groans and humming sent vibrations through every inch of the hard, swollen flesh, and he knew I wasn’t far off. Picking up the pace, stroking the base and pounding his throat, he went faster with his hand, and matched it with his mouth.

My breathing grew labored, and the moans got louder, “Marty…Marty…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh yeah…yeah…take it…take that cock…ahhhh…take my cock…make…make me cum…make me cum!”

I’m sure he felt the ecstasy swelling between his lips, and my fingers digging into his scalp. Groaning louder, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah, I’m gonna…gonna…gonna cum…cumming…cumming…yeah cumming!”

He kept stroking and clamped his lips tighter, as my whole body shuddered, flooding his tongue with warmth. Pulse after pulse sprayed over his tongue and he started swallowing. I gripped tight, keeping him impaled and sucking, till I was done.

I was still recovering, when he squeezed it, milking out every last drop. I relaxed my grip, allowing him to pull off, but he leaned down to lick some from the seat.

Licking his lips, he looked into my eyes and smiled, “I’m not letting any go to waste…but we really need to get home.” His grin grew, “I want you to fuck me till I cum…been thinking about that all day…and it only got worse when Colby took off his shirt.”

“Colby…who’s Colby,” shaking my head?

“Colby’s a mason, or bricklayer…a guy that sort of reminds me of you. He’s hot, lean and fair-skinned. He’s a runner, too…anyway, he had me thinking about you all day.”

Grinning and stroking my spit-soaked shaft, “We’ll, get you all taken care of…but were you hard the whole fuckin’ day?”

“Pretty much…almost jerked one out in the port-a-potty.”

“I guess I should thank Colby for getting you hot and bothered.”

“Maybe, but I would’ve jumped you with or without Colby,” he grinned.

I watched his ass flex, as he headed into the garage, but then he turned, “Meet you at your place…make sure you got plenty of lube. I have to work tomorrow, and I don’t wanna be too sore.”


He had taken a quick shower before coming into the bedroom; I watched him towel off his hunky body, with that big cock flopping around. I reached out to take it in my hand. With the sensation of my hand sliding over swelling flesh, he grinned, “Nice and clean for ya…but I was wondering if you could pick me up from work again?”

“Something else wrong with the car?”

“No, I just wanna give you Roadhead, again,” he grinned, “and maybe I could spend the week, shacking up here?”

Thrusting his dick forward to slide over mine, he grinned, “What do you think?”

With my hands anxiously caressing his dick, I laughed, “I can make room in the closet, and you can count on me…I’ll be there right at 5. But I think you could use some head…right now.” I dropped to my knees, leering at the swelling meat and running my hands over his ripped body. “Looks like you need it bad.”

I raised up to kiss over his nipples and abs. Licking my way back to his pubes, I kissed the head of his beautiful, manly cock. Pushing it between my lips, to feel the warm pulsing flesh, I watched him close his eyes, “Yeah…fuck yeah…I want your mouth! That feels good, dude.” His eyes opened to watch me, “Yeah…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, suck it…suck that dick…mmmm…suck my big dick!”

He moaned, “Yeah, lick those nuts…I got three days…fuckin’ three days’ worth!”

I raised up, looking into his eyes, “Well, I’m here to take care of that.”

He lunged forward, opened his mouth and sucked my tongue inside. As our tongues danced over each other, he got more aggressive, grabbing hold of my dick. I broke the kiss and pushed him back to rest on edge of the bed. I dropped to my knees and took him back into my mouth. I licked all over, circling my tongue over the head and licking up and down the veiny shaft. I bent down more, settled between his legs and lapped his balls; they’re meaty and heavy…perfect…crazy fucking perfect.

I worked my tongue over his sack, then sucked each one into my mouth. “Like that,” I asked? “You like me sucking yer balls?”

“Yeah…fuck yeah…yeah…yeah…like you, sucking those balls…suck’m…fuckkkkkk! Fuck, I really wanna ride it, though…I wanna ride that dick! Fuckin’ shove your dick in me!”

Ready for some hot, little ass, I anxiously saturated myself with lube. Our eyes met, “Ready for ya, cowboy! Climb on and show me what you can do!”

Readying himself to mount my dick, he spread his cheeks wide, while I rubbed through the crack. I pushed, till it split around the big, swollen head, and he moaned, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…that’s what I need!”

Slowly, he lowered himself, groaning louder, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…that’s it…mmmm…yeah!” The shaft slid deeper, through his tight grip, until he was resting in my lap. He paused to enjoy the feel of pulsing cock, stretching…and pushing at his insides.

He pulled his body up, gripping only the last couple inches, before dropping down, to take it all again. “Oh, fuck yeah! That’s it…that’s good…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…Rob…Rob…it’s so fuckin’ good…so…so good!”

Almost immediately he started riding like a cowboy, on a prized stallion, “Ohhhh…fuckkkkk! Ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…ohhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s so fuckin’ good!”

“That’s it, dude! That’s it! Ride that dick…ride that dick!” I took hold of his hips and drove it home. With the loud fucking-smacks, the sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room. “Yeah…fuck…that tight little ass is driving me fucking insane…yeah fuckin’ insane!”

“Fuck it, hard…it’s yours…all yours…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck that ass…fuck me hard…its yours!”

Pushing deep into his ass, I groaned, “Fuck, that’s good…ride it! Ride me, dude…ride me!” Aggressively fucking, we would both pause at times, and Marty would rest in my lap to savor the feeling.

After some deep, thorough, fucking he moaned louder, “Yeah…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…yessss…yessss! Oh, fuck yesssss! I love having yer cock…uhhhh…uhhhh…yer cock…yer alpha cock! Love it…love yer cock…uhhhh…uhhhh…love it!”

Urging him to keep it down, I was concerned that my roommate was home and knew the teasing would never end. Despite the effort, his moans echoed through the room, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…Rob…Rob…that dick…that dick…I love to ride it…oh god…be yer bottom.”

Marty was grinding, groaning and begging for more; I watched his muscles ripple, as he worked his hips up and down, over my dick. I grabbed him and humped forward, slamming against his muscled flesh, until he groaned, “Dude fuck me, missionary…missionary like a girl…fuck me like a girl?”

I knew exactly what he meant…he wanted to be taken…he wanted a hard, manly fucking. Marty was masculine, athletic and hunky, but most of the time, he was all bottom. I had him wrapped around my finger…or cock, in this case.

Before I could say anything, he had rolled off and pulled his legs way back. I laughed, “A little anxious, are we? Let’s start with you spreading those legs more.”

Claiming his ass again, I humped forward to sink myself deep, straining and stretching him with my girth. That handsome build…his chest and shoulders were something. I worked my hands over his athletic frame, grabbing hold and pulling his body done over my dick. “Fuck dude…your ass is smokin’ hot…yeah…yeah…that’s it, buddy…uhhhh…uhhhh…take it deep…deep…deep in that ass!”

We moved together just as we had many times before; he moaned each time I buried it. I fucked hard into his moans, “Mmmmmm…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…Rob, fuck me! Fuck me…fuck me hard!” He got louder, “Yeah, fuck me…make me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yer girl…make me yer girl…fuck me like a girl…yeah, fuck me!”

Hungering for ecstasy, his body rolled with mine, and I gripped his dick, pumping wildly. It pulsed in my hand, and he fucked back, slamming against me to capture every girthy inch he could get. When he took over, jacking his dick, I grabbed his ankles, and pushed his legs back to fuck harder.

I felt him tighten around my dick and he screamed, “Yeah…yeah…Rob, fuck me…fuck me…use it…use my ass…make it a fuck toy…a fuck toy…yeah…yeah…yeah…cumming…fuck…cumming!” I slammed my hips against him, enjoying the tight bounce of his ass cheeks. The spasms grew, and he shot milky rain over his abs…it was beautiful to watch.

As it trailed off, the last of it slid down over his fingers and he struggled to catch his breath.

“Fuck, I’m…close…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…mmmm, so close!”

“Yeah…yeah, cum in my ass…cum…cum for me, dude…ahhhh…ahhhh yeah…cum for me…cum for me!”

With my balls tightening for release, I pounded my body into his. He wanted me to cum and pulled his legs back against his shoulders. The intense pleasure forced deep groans from my lips, as I sprayed his insides, claiming his ass, yet again. I was still recovering, but our needs were far from sated; if anything, we craved more. Leaving my dick inside, I held his body tight, “Dude, you are one hot date…but I suppose you want me to take you to dinner and a movie, now!”

He grinned, “No, I’m easy…just dinner.”

I was so glad my roommate went out drinking with his girlfriend…dodged a bullet…I thought. Anyway, we went out to dinner, and Marty came back to stay the night. We did it all over again; sometimes it seemed like we would fuck, again and again, till exhaustion took hold…and that was one of those nights. Before passing out, I remember watching it trickle out, and teasing him, “Dude, it’s creampie city back here!”

Early the next morning, I smelled coffee and assumed Marty was making it, but it was Adam, my roommate. Marty shuffled into the kitchen from the bathroom and Adam asked, “I got in around 1 this morning and it sounded like you were watching porn…were you watching porn, without me?”

To avoid outing Marty, I was about to answer with something vague, but Marty jumped in, “No…dude, no porn…it was probably me moaning. Rob pounded the shit out of me…I’m even a little sore.”

I don’t know whether it was surprise or Marty’s blunt honesty, but Adam’s mouth dropped open, “Oh, sorry…I met your girlfriend, and I guess I didn’t know you went both ways, like that…like Rob…but that’s cool…it’s cool!”

“Yeah, Paige’s really cool with it…and she even likes Rob.”

Despite being straight, Adam looked at me, and then Marty, joking, “I’d be sore, too, if I had to take that big fucker.” He back-pedaled some and laughed, “I’ve only seen it soft, but I’ve heard some serious moaning coming out of that bedroom, from Tina…and now you.”

I was about to question him about how he acquired the knowledge regarding my penis, but then I remembered a few encounters, when I was naked and running to the bathroom…or taking a piss when he was in the shower. Shit just happens when you’re roommates…you know?

I added, laughing, “You know, if you wanna see it hard…just ask.” I pretended to start pulling my shorts down, “Here, I can get it hard for you…I love to show it off.”

It was even starting to tent some, but Adam quickly responded, “No…no, I don’t need to see your dick…keep it in your pants, dude…jackass.”

As promised, I picked Marty up at work, and of course he leaned over to unzip my pants, and coaxed it to full erection. Once hard, he took it between his lips and started pumping them up and down the shaft. It was like he was addicted and couldn’t help himself…I loved every minute.

This time I pulled into a park, behind some bathrooms, while he satisfied me. I sometimes wondered why he got so mesmerized; his cocklust was very, very intense (I guess that would best describe it). I mean…my dick was almost identical to his and we would spend hours fucking. Whether he was on his knees, or had it prodding (and poking) his insides, Marty always wanted more.

When I caught my breath, I grinned, “It’s my turn to do you.”

He had a beautiful erection, and I used slow, sensuous strokes, going from his balls right up over the head, teasing his glans…and then back again. I loved holding his big, girthy dick in my hands.

It wasn’t long before he was moaning and bucking his cock through my grip, driving that manly, crown past my closed fist. That ` alone kept me rock hard and horny as fuck.

With my other hand I gently savored his balls, while I jacked the shaft. It couldn’t have been more than four or five minutes, before his moans grew louder and more urgent.

“Rob…Rob…ahhhh…ahhhh…oh god…jerk it…jerk it…make…make me cum…make me cum…fuckkkkk…fuckkkkkkkkkkk!” His cock sprayed thick strands six inches into the air, before falling down over his thighs…and my hand. I felt each pulse, as it traveled through the thick shaft; the warm beads, on my hand, melded into patches of ecstasy that trickled down over my fingers, like syrup.

It was still throbbing, and I kept my hand tight, while he fucked through my grip. It was sort of a mess, but hot as fuck…the whole scene was beautiful…erotic…and sensuous. Needless to say, I was rock-hard again.

“Yeah, get it all out…that’s it…dude, that was overdue…nice fuckin’ load!”

Drifting back from the orgasm cloud, he pulled off his t-shirt, “It is a big one…here, use the shirt.”

I wipe it from my hand, and my aroused cock appeared to look straight at Marty. “Shit dude! You look ready for more.” “You gonna be all right? That thing doesn’t wanna stop…but, you know, it’s usually hard.” Laughing, “Fuck, I think your parents should have named you Boner.”

I laughed, too, “Yeah, I’ll be fine,” I said. “Since you’re staying at my place, maybe, you could take care of it later.”

Without a pause, he nodded, “Fuck yeah…you got it!”

Roadhead was always exceptional with Marty…he was an amazing cocksucker, but I always knew he’d spread his legs and beg for more! For Adam’s listening pleasure, I remember he was extra loud, that night…and almost every time, thereafter.


Marty and I enjoyed the week together…it was almost like our long weekend in Vegas. Later that week, we were hanging around the apartment complex pool. We were just chilling out after work, and the hot, little redhead from the next building, was getting all the attention she could. Her breasts were barely contained by a bikini top that covered her nips and not much else; her tits spilled-out in every direction, showing some serious side-boob. I was a little aloof, barely acknowledging her, and it only made her try harder.

Though, behind the sunglasses, I was mesmerized, with her tits and watching Marty pull himself out of the pool. Hunky, tan and dripping wet, he was a sexy, male version of a Bond-girl, walking across the pool deck.

Beyond Heidi and Marty, I was noticing the luminous, dappled light moving through the tree line; it was so bright and green; it was a perfect day to be at the pool.

I heard them engage in a friendly exchange. I knew Marty couldn’t help himself…she was a looker; he kept things cool, though, letting her put forth most of the effort. I left him alone with her, while I made a call and ordered a pizza.

After about ten minutes, he followed, coming through the door and drying his hair.

“Sorry dude, but I wanted finish some work shit…and the pizza’s about an hour away.” I grinned, “So, what’d you think of Heidi?”

“She’s hot…and there’s no harm in looking, but Paige would not like her. I was boning and had to get out of there.”

“She’s got some nice titties, though.”

“Another reason Paige wouldn’t like her.”

“Real or fake…what do you think?”

“They’re too perfect, but I’d like to check them out closer…just to make sure.”

“Me too…maybe we could invite her over. I have a feeling she would jump at the chance…her eagerness has got threesome written all over it.” I continued, grinning, “And, for the record, Tina wouldn’t like her either.”

“Can I jump in the shower?”

“Sure…probably do the same, if we decide to go out.”

When he came out, he was wearing boxers and a tank; the boxers were small, displaying his muscled thighs, and clinging to his firm, rounded ass. They were tight enough that I knew an impressive bulge was inevitable, but when he turned, he had a semi…and it was hanging out.

The head was completely visible, and the thick, veined shaft disappeared, up inside the shorts; it taunted my need for more…honestly, it called my name. Fuck, he was hot, handsome…and big, where it counted!

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  1. Scott HS says:

    I know, as someone commented in a previous chapter, that the series is all sex, but whenever I come to this I am instantly hard.

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