Insatiable Appetite For Men Pt 6

Our eyes met, but his moved lower; it was almost like the first time he’d experienced cock lust…he wanted to taste it…he wanted it pulsing in his lips…he wanted to be filled with every last inch and fucked.

Part 5


When I came out of the bathroom, I was buck naked and toweling off, but there was Marty, jacking his dick. Damn, it was hot! Looked as big as anything you’d see in porn…you know?

It was a beautifully intimate, but masculine display…the way he stroked the glistening shaft…and the way he teased his nipples. The scene was definitely porn-worthy…the hot porn that you watch over and over.

You could almost see the shiny flesh throbbing, as he pumped his fist up and down the big, veiny shaft. In his other hand he had grabbed something, that he was pushing into his face. I realized it was my sweaty underwear, and he was drawing deep…deep breaths.

After running, I’d dumped them in a pile outside the bathroom door…I’m sure it smelled like me and then some. We were in the bedroom, but it was just like a gay locker room scene, without the lockers. The hot stud sniffing a sweaty jock is an overused plot, but good stroke candy…but when it your underwear…it’s just fuckin’ hot.

Pumping furiously towards release, he looked absolutely stunning with his muscled body, tense and flexing. Normally, I’d be dropping to my knees to suck that beautiful dick…or at least considering it…but this time, I was content to just watch.

After a couple minutes he reached for more lube. He was fast approaching release, pumping hard, and breathing louder. As he inhaled the musky aphrodisiac from my underwear, he couldn’t help but moan my name.

I knew my boyfriend well, he was horny as shit, and it wasn’t long (maybe a few minutes). His whole body shuddered wildly, and hot, creamy sprays erupted from the tip; it squirted over his abs and trickled down through his fingers. The erotic moans echoed through the room as the seed landed over his hunky body.

I watched as his fist pumped slower, and the last pleasured waves ripped through his body. The orgasm had subsided, but his chest was still heaving to catch up; I startled him, “Isn’t this what you really want,” and held my dick out?

He gasped, “Oh, sorry dude…um…guess I’m a little horny…you know?”

Our eyes met, but his moved lower; it was almost like the first time he’d experienced cock lust…he wanted to taste it…he wanted it pulsing in his lips…he wanted to be filled with every last inch and fucked. He pumped himself a couple times twice, and then looked up and smiled, “You know it’s what I want…but can I keep these?”

After watching him, I was aching and upright. Showing off some, I pushed it down, and let it bounce back, slapping hard against my stomach. I laughed, “Dude, there all yours, if you do me a favor.”

“I hope it’s a big favor…maybe an eight-inch favor?”

“How’d you guess?”

“Well, it looks like it needs attention…or a favor.” He reached out and ran his hand over my chest, looking up, “Mmmm…your body’s lean and toned.” He joked and licked his lips, “Mmmm…you must be a runner with a body like that…and fuck, that dick’s big!”

I wrapped a fist around it and took a step forward, pushing it right up to his face and laughing, “With a dick like this, I must be a horse…dude, we’re nearly twins, except you got the hot veining.”

He laughed, “I know…I know…I got the veins in the family!” As I reached down to wrap my hand around his dick, it was hot, textured to the touch and shiny with lube. He moaned, while I stroked it, and dragged my fingers through the glistening warmth, on his abs.

He wrapped his hand over mine, and we pumped his big, veiny cock together, “Ahhhh fuck, that’s good…ahhhh…ahhhh…stroke that fucker!”

I looked at him and pressed my cock up to his face; he licked the shaft, his tongue dancing over the rock-hard flesh. With both hands, he grabbed for it and pushed it through his lips.

I pumped a few times, before grinning, “Dude, scoot over to the edge.”

I helped reposition him and he smiled up, “This’s way better,” and licked my balls, sucking them between his lips. They were clean, but I’m sure they still had a musky maleness; he loved to feel them in his lips.

When he moved higher, he swirled his tongue over the shaft, the head and then the slit; probing with his tongue, he found nothing, but it wouldn’t be long. To encourage the leakage, I pushed my dick down to align with tip of his tongue…and kept him tongue fucking it…sure enough, the precum started flowing.

My dick was warm and throbbing against his lips and I held his head with both hands and started fucking. I was aggressive, but careful not to gag him…too much. He reached out and put his hands around my thighs, grabbing hold and encouraging my hips to satisfy his needs.

I pulled out and wrapped my hand around the base, thumping his chin, “Holy fuck, you’re good! Marty, you’re a damn good cocksucker!”

“Why thank you,” he smiled and licked his lips, dragging his tongue up and down the underside.

I moaned, when he started giving wet kisses, and working his lips over the hot, throbbing shaft. He looked up into my eyes, “Fuck me some more.” He wiped his mouth some, “I want you to fuck my face, more.”

I didn’t say a word, just pushing back inside and smothering his face with the sweaty Calvin’s; I tightened my grip and started pumping. I pressed the underwear into his face and fucked him with four or five inches, just teasing his throat.

“Ahhhh…ahhhh, take that…take that cock…smell that sweat…smell that sweat…love that sweaty shit

and that cock…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah, take that cock.

I loved how his taut lips felt, dragging over the flesh, as they slid down the shaft. Pumping his mouth full, “Dude, that’s…yeah, that’s incredible…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fucking…fucking incredible!”

He savored the warmth of precum and knew his reward was coming. I was fucking hard and fast; pulsing and throbbing in his lips, I knew I was crazy close, “Ahhhh…ahhhh god…Marty…Marty…fuckkkkkkkk!”

To control things better, he put his hands on my hips; knowing he wanted to taste it on his tongue, he limited my depth, encouraging shallower thrusts.

My grip tightened, and I pumped faster till I grunted, “Ahhhh…ahhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!”

His lips tightened when the first creamy heat coated his tongue. Pulse after pulse, I drained my dick in his mouth…he got a good healthy load.

When I finally let him go, it popped from his lips, and I held it with my fist, “You wanna ride it…you wanna ride this dick?”

He grinned, “Fuck yeah, I wanna ride it!

Beautiful, hard, swinging heavy and dripping, he couldn’t resist taking it back in his lips. He sucked wildly, eliminating any possibility of a weakening erection. I was still horny as fuck and wanted to drive every last inch cock into his hunky, muscled body.

I was ready to fuck his brains out and grabbing for the lube, “I wanna plow that hot ass! Turn around and get on your knees.”

The thought of being penetrated and fucked from behind, had his dick rock-hard. “Yeah,” he replied with a grin, “fuck me…still working off that favor I owe you!”

He rolled over onto his knees and arched his back, ready to be fucked; I groped his magnificent ass and worked lube into the tight pucker. Pumping forward and teasing, I prodded and dragged the swollen flesh through his cheeks.

I kept it up, until he looked back, “Dude, ram it in and fuck me…stop teasing me…ram that dick in there…fuck me!”

I pushed inside and started pumping, slow at first; he was tight…so tight, it tugged on my dick, and his whole body shuddered with each thrust. I moaned, “Ahhhh…mmmm…mmmm…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s sweet…spread for me…spread your ass for me…let me fuck that hole…yeah…yeah, that’s it!”

I dug my hands into his muscled shoulders and pulled him back, pumping deep and going harder.

He moaned, “Yeah, fucking pound me…fuck me like a girl…fuck me like a girl…fuck me like you fuck Tina!”

At that point, he started pushing back into me and riding, “Rob…oh god, Rob…fuck me…fuck me…fuck it harddddd! That’s it…fuck it hard…fuck me…fuck me!”

I grabbed hold of his ass, again and humped into his moaning body, pumping deep, with a steady, satisfying pace.

“Mmmmmmm…please,” he begged, “Fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…stretch it…make me fuckin’ bigger…fucking own it…own that ass…own it…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh! Fuckkkkkk…keep fucking me…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me hard…hard!”

“Oh god fuck it bigger…fuck it bigger…oh god, stretch me…stretch me bigger…fuck meeeee!”

I picked up the pace, and each time I slammed him, I felt the sensuous curves of his warm, muscled ass and the skin-over-skin slap.

When I caught a glimpse of that big dick, bobbing beneath us, I reached down to stroke my hand over the shaft. It’s long, thick and veiny, and when I held it in my hand, I could feel its hefty virtues. The warmth of the hard flesh took my lust to incredible heights, and nearly pushed both of us over the edge.

“Yeah…yeah…yeah, that feels good…Rob,” he moaned, “harder…fuck me harder…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…fuck me!”

He struggled to stay on his knees, while I pounded him from behind, and I said, “You wanna sit…sit on it and ride it?”

He was winded but grinned, “You really do know me…yeah, sit back and let me ride it.”

I pulled out and settled into the pillows, erection standing upright and rock-solid. Straddling my lap, he reached between his legs to grab my dick, quickly filling himself again. His pucker stretched wide, and he kept pushing until his ass was in my lap, all eight inches back inside.

As he slammed himself down over my dick, I watched his face; he was completely lost in the hot lust for his boyfriend’s cock. To feel every hot, pulsing inch and savor its taxing girth, each time he would bury it deep inside and grind my lap.

He knew what I wanted and got more aggressive, bouncing wildly. I moaned, “Oh fuck…fuck that’s…that’s sweet…give it to me, dude…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…give it…give it to me…gimme that ass…that tight ass…tight fuckin’ ass!”

I drooled over his dick; it was inches away and bobbing…deep red…veiny…and thick…I couldn’t wait to feel it in my lips again.

He groaned, “Lets switch things up,” rolling off my dick and onto his back. “Give it to me this way…put it back in,” he said, pulling his legs way back, “Put it back in me.”

With my handsome Marty on his back and begging, my mouth was nearly watering. He wanted me to fuck him on his back; his smooth, muscled body was spotted with a sweaty sheen and that big dick was so enticing; it demanded my attention…all eight fucking inches. Right out of a fantasy, but it was my boyfriend, and it was reality and rock-hard.

His loud, pleasured moans urged my lips down the thick shaft, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…mmmm…ahhhh…yeahhhhh…Rob…fuck…fuck…suck me…suck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…suck that dick…suck that big dick.”

“Fuck, yer gonna make me cum…mmmm…feels…uhhhh…uhhhh…so fucking good. Put it in me…fuck me…put it in me…put yer dick in me!”

I reluctantly let it slide from my lips, but I wanted to fuck him, too, “I’ll put it in…and fuck you…spread for me…and I’ll fuck you good…real good.”

Pushing into the heat, I slammed my cock deep into his body, and started fucking hard. His ass flexed gripping me tight, as I pumped in and out.

He moaned and held his legs way back, “Fuck meeee…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah…fuck me…fuck me! Yessss…yea…yea…yea…yea…fuck yeah…fuck meeee…fuck meeee!”

Despite the appearance of a hunky, frat-boy or jock, Marty was a serious cock-slut, and always begging for a hard-pounding fuck; he loved to be ridden hard…and fucked hard…he always loved being a bottom…to my top.

He grabbed for his big, gorgeous dick and started pumping it, precum spitting over his abs; he was just beautiful to watch, as his muscled body flexed and shuddered with pleasure. I was completely mesmerized, but managed to moan, “That’s it, dude…work that dick…work that big dick…cum…cum for me…cum hard…yeah…yeah, cum for me!”

Then it happened again…his head nodded back, and he shot steamy sprays over his belly. I pounded into his body and, for good measure, swatted his ass a couple times. He pumped himself to a finish.

I moaned louder, gripped tight and humped into his ass, grinding as deep as I could manage. I felt my cock swelling, straining his hole even more…it felt like it was going to split him in half. I was so close…and the anticipation of release had me pumping crazy fast.

“Oh fuck, Marty!” I knew I was ready and yanked it out, to jack over his load, “Fuck…fuck Mar…ty…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…gonna cum…I’m gonna cum!” A powerful strand flew through the air, splashing over his big dick…then a couple smaller ones…and finally it trickled from the tip and down through my fingers.

At that moment, all he could do was groan; he loved feeling warm cum, peppering his skin…especially mine.

We were both out of breath and panting, but I almost collapsed, steadying myself by grabbing his chest to prop myself up.

While I was coming down from the high, I smeared more seed over his cock, rubbing it in, and he grinned, “Dude that was fucking, smokin’ hot!”

I grinned, “Toss me that underwear.” I used them to soak up the cum, “Dude, I want you to take these home and think about us…stroke candy…things just seem to be getting hotter.”

He grinned, “Fuck, you got that right!”

Before handing them over, I put them up to my nose. Erotic memories flooded my brain, but I couldn’t wait to see what our future held.


Since he came-out to my roommate, Marty was staying the night at my place way more often. It was a game-changer because it gave us another place where we could be open, and not hide things.

I remember it was early in the morning, and I was just waking up. When I turned over, I was met with his sexy grin, “Underwear off, dude! I wanna suck something, while we have coffee.”

He laughed, “Let me rephrase that? You would be having coffee, and I would be having cock.”

Sure enough, I could smell the aroma of that first cup, on the nightstand; my boyfriend brought me coffee in bed, and that’s pretty damn nice…but things were getting even better.

I did as he asked, lifting my ass to pull my underwear down. It was still mostly flaccid, but quickly starting to grow, pulsing closer and closer to erection. He teased it with his tongue and got a lusty grin, when it was rock-hard and swaying from side to side…mission accomplished.

While rolling my hips and moaning, he pumped the shaft with both hands. Morning satisfaction always feels good, and I kept fucking through his grip.

Feeling the hot pulsing girth in his hands, elicited soft pleasured moans from Marty. Licking his lips, he grinned, “Fuck, seeing this hard, never gets old…never.”

Completely devoted, he gave it sensuous pecks, kissing the head. Swirling his tongue all over the glans, he focused on the ridge and the slit. Savoring my boyfriend’s lust, I ran my fingers through his hair, “Mmmm…that’s good…suck your man’s cock…yeah, suck it…suck your man’s cock!”

He wrapped his lips around the swollen plum, intimately connected with the shared warmth and pulsing heartbeat he felt with his lips. Few things can compare to the lust a man can feel for another man’s cock…another thing we shared.

It must’ve been ten minutes or so, that Marty just serviced me…stroking it…sucking…licking the shaft…and sucking my balls. At one point, he held them, no doubt savoring thoughts of hot seed coating his throat…his belly…or his face.

To steady him, I held the back of his head, and pumped harder; his lips soothed the rock-hard flesh, but it wasn’t enough…we both wanted more.

“Dude, you are good…a good cocksucker…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah, suck that cock! Mmmm…open your mouth wide…wider…and take it deep…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah deep take it deep.”

The erotic slurps and gulps were hot as fuck but feeling my balls against his chin was mind-blowing. When I finally pulled out, my dick was wet with spit and pre-cum.

Winded and grinning, Marty looked up, “I think it’s time you put that where it counts…fuck me!”

With his face buried in the pillows, he was anxious, and spread wide for me. My hands ran over his beautiful ass; it was perfectly sculpted, muscular, and smooth, divided by a nearly hairless crack.

He was a handsome, but there’s really something special about fucking a hot, muscular jock like Marty. Embracing your alpha role is hot as fuck, but it sets you on fire when you got the guy asking for it…you know?

I spread the tight, muscled cheeks, exposing his pucker. Begging to be penetrated…begging to be stretched, I teased him, “You want it…wanna get fucked,” and slapped my dick over his ass.

He manipulated his body to turn and look back, “Fuck yeah!” He grinned, “Fuck me good…and hard.”

I opened him with a finger, gently pumping and exploring the heat, as he groaned. He arched his back a little and raised his ass, “Fuck me good!”

“Your ass is mine, dude…I’ll take care of it…I’ll fuck it good!”

I stroked lube over my dick and shoved some into Marty. Opening him further, I added more lube and a third finger. Fucking him with my fingers always helped loosen him up. I grabbed his waist, eased the head inside, and teased him, “You want me to stop there?”

He laughed, “No…you need to fuck me…push it deep and fuck me! Deeper…yeah…yeah…yeah, go deep!”

Taking it balls deep, I was totally buried and just holding it there, deep inside. The pleasure of being full was amazing for Marty, but he wanted more. He moaned louder, “Oh god! Don’t stop…don’t stop…fuck me…fuck me good…fuck me!”

I thought he can’t do that…we’re gonna wake Adam, again. We both needed this and there was no fucking way I was pulling out. I spotted the underwear and shoved them into his mouth to keep him from waking my roommate.

I started with long gentle strokes, “Mmmm…that is the best ass…best fuckin’ ass in the world! Yeah…yeah…yeah, take it…take that dick…take that big dick!”

Surrendering to my needs, his ass worked my hard flesh…his whole body flexed and tightened around me, but it was almost always like that with Marty…he loved to be fucked…and he put his whole body into it. Finally, he pulled the underwear from his mouth and whispered, “Oh god…Rob…Rob, fuck me…fuck me on my back…fuck me with my legs in the air!”

He rolled over, threw his legs up into the air, and I pushed back inside. “Spread wide for me…spread those legs wide…yeah, that’s it…give me some room to work.”

He whispered, “Yeah…yeah…yeah…fuck me…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck meeeeee!”

I fucked faster, watching his cock bob and thrash, and he started moaning louder.

I grinned, “Keep it down, dude.”

I was getting close, but what really pushed me over the edge was watching him stroke out a big load over his belly…it was incredible to watch. His big, beautiful cock was amazing to watch…but the cum-spraying finale was crazy hot.

I fucked him through it, and he tried to keep it down, closing his lips tight. Finally he spoke softly, “Fuck…fuck that was good…dude, it’s your turn…fuck me, dude…fuck me…yeah…yeah…yeah, that’s it…fuck me.”

With his legs resting on my shoulders, his body was nearly folded in half, and I fucked him like there was no tomorrow. With one long, whispered moan, I filled him with my load, pumping it deep inside his belly.

Once finished, I relaxed, but stayed inside while he grinned and milked it dry. My dick throbbed inside him and gradually softened a bit, before I pulled it out. Grunting with satisfaction, I watched the creamy seed trickle from his ass.

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  1. Monte MoosJenkins says:

    I love their relationship but there’s no story here. They just have sex over and over. I find myself skipping the sex scenes for the story, but there isn’t one.

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