Interracial Gay Love Story Pt 3

He lined his cock head up with the boy’s hole and began pressing for entry. Clarence struggled for a few minutes and then backed out. “Hmmm…you’ve closed up again. Let’s stretch you out some more.”

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Tyler leaned back and looked at the mess he’d made of Clarence’s lower abdomen. He respectfully crawled off to the man’s side and orally cleaned him. No man before Clarence had ever given a thought to his climactic needs. He turned his attention to the man’s luscious nipples and gratefully sucked them.

“Sweet boy,” Clarence sighed.

Tyler checked the clock when he was done. It was after ten and they were both fully sated of their mutual lust.

“Lights out?” Clarence asked.

“You bet. Tomorrow’s a work day!” he proudly announced.

Clarence rolled Tyler off to his side of the bed and then turned out the bed lamp.

“That was wonderful. Thank you, boy,” he sighed, then apologized, “I’m sorry, Tyler…I keep calling you ‘boy’. You’re far from it. If a man is the sum of his experiences then, after everything you’ve been through, you’re more of a man than I’ll ever be.”

Tyler rolled over to face Clarence and said, “I like it when you call me boy…and especially son. It’s comforting to me. If I’m a man, then it’s only because you’ve invested the time and energy to teach me what a real man is. That’s more than my biological dad ever did for me.”

He pecked Clarence’s lips with a kiss and continued, “And, you’ve shown me what real love is. I know now…it’s whatever that feeling is I get every time I look at you.”

Clarence was speechless as Tyler rolled over and backed up to him again. They snuggled up to each other so tightly it was almost as if they were trying to merge into a single being and drifted off.

The next two weeks found them the happiest either had ever been. Clarence ceased viewing Tyler as his second chance at Rick, and Tyler’s self-respect began blossoming into a flower of rare beauty.

The big man found Tyler’s tireless oral skill set stunning. Whereas Rick would indulge him in it, he often looked drained afterward.

Not Tyler. He clearly found his role every bit as rewarding as Clarence.

The changes in them were not lost on some of the congregants, however; particularly the homophobic elder, Rowan Williams. He charged into Clarence’s office one morning.

“How long’s that white boy been with you?” he demanded to know.

“He has a name, Rowan. It’s Tyler…and I guess it’s been about six weeks now,” Clarence calmly owned up.

“Well, he looks pretty healed up to me. Don’t you agree, Preacher? So, how long you plan on him staying?”

“He’s had a pretty rocky start in life. I don’t want to put a time limit on his stay.”

“You’re going to have to! Some of us are getting pretty fed up with him freeloading on the Church’s dime!”

“Mind explaining that one to me?”

“Not a bit! That parsonage is part of your pay! But, he’s latched onto it for rent-free accommodations…and you’re just letting him!”

Clarence doubled up his massive fists and spread his arms to press them to his desk. Rowan Williams watched his pecs roll up and stand at attention, his shoulders swell and strain the seams of his shirt, his triceps bounce out and test the ability of his sleeves to contain them. It was a scary sight, but he stood his ground with the younger, much bigger man.

“Now, it would be different if you was to take on a wife,” he continued, then with a snide smirk, “You haven’t…have you?”

Clarence’s heart began to pound; half from anger and half from his age old fear of discovery.

“Let’s back up just one minute,” he said, the resounding depth of his voice putting an exclamation point on his intimidating physical presence, “We agreed that parsonage was part of my pay, right?”

“Yeah,” he acknowledged, “So?”

“Ten years I’ve been here, and never once have I asked y’all for a raise. I ain’t saying you haven’t given me two or three, and I ain’t saying they weren’t appreciated. But, I never once asked. I know how hard strapped we are for money.”

“Get to the point, Preacher.”

“I gave that boy a hand up out of the gutter. He’s renounced his sins…donated his time and energy to this church. And, he’s learning to make solid choices. How can I let something as trivial as rent possibly be the difference between him staying on his current path or returning to his old one? Now, do I get a say in what you do with your pay?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, of course not! What in tarnation are you driving at?”

He watched as Clarence’s strong jaw set.

“Just this…if that parsonage is part of mine, then where do you come off thinking you get a say in what I do with it?” he calmly concluded, but with his jaw still clenched.

The man fell back in his chair as though Clarence had just taken a swing at him. He was speechless once again at Clarence’s sound logic. A long silence ensued while Rowan tried in vain to gather wind in his sail again.

“I get your point,” he eventually replied, “We’ll talk more…later.”

The elder rose to his feet, his confrontational resolve clearly deflated. Bested once again, he turned and left.

Clarence chose to withhold the showdown from Tyler. When his third Friday on the new job rolled around, he walked through the door holding a plastic bag.

“Payday!” he proudly announced, “They paid me for seven days since I started on a Thursday.”

Clarence looked up all smiles and then spied the Rite-Aid bag. He suddenly looked confused.

“What’s in the bag?”

“I brought you a few things,” Tyler said, blushing as he spoke.

With a grin, he reluctantly handed it to Clarence. He watched as the man pulled out a sixteen ounce bottle of K-Y jelly and a disposable enema kit.

Clarence laughed and said, “Okay, I’m reading you loud and clear, boy.”

Tyler blushed.

“Well, to be honest, I guess maybe they’re more for me,” he sheepishly confessed with a chuckle, “Gladys arranged for me to get tomorrow as my Saturday off for this month to celebrate my first paycheck, so…”

Clarence nodded and then realized there was still something in the bottom of the bag. He opened it wide and peered in. It was money – a good bit. Again he looked confused.

“What’s this?”

“I kept enough to buy my lunches next week, but the rest is yours. I know it doesn’t begin to repay you for what you’ve spent since I got here, but…I really want you to have it.”

“Oh, honey! This is your first ‘legal’ earnings in two years…I can’t take that away from you.”

“But, I told you,” he said, sounding heartbroken, “I want to contribute. I’ve got to if I’m going to feel like I’m really half of whatever we’ve started.”

Clarence rose to his feet and took Tyler in his embrace.

“I understand,” he assured him, his voice slightly breaking, “How about we use some of your half to celebrate with a nice dinner? You know…nice for us, anyway.”

“You’re on!” Tyler enthused, “But when we get back, I need to you to…finish staking your claim to me.”

He reached down and pressed his hand to Clarence’s flaccid cock.

“I’ve waited as long as I can stand it,” Tyler concluded.

He kissed Tyler and said, “I’m sorry. I guess I have been derelict in my duty lately.”

The ongoing tension between him and the elder had been nagging at him, unbeknownst to Tyler, “Work, I suppose.”

“So many people depend on you, Clarence,” the boy happily sighed, wrapping his arms around the man’s chest, “and I understand. I really do. But, tonight…and tomorrow, too, if you’re up to it…I really need you…all to myself.”

“I believe I am,” Clarence said with a chuckle as he guided Tyler’s hand back to his hardening member.

“Then let’s eat!” Tyler enthused, “And then let’s…you know…”

“Let’s do,” Clarence concurred with a mischievous grin.

They left and enjoyed a romantic dinner. When they returned shortly before eight o’clock, Tyler disappeared with the Fleet enema kit while Clarence secured their privacy.

By the time the man entered their bedroom he found Tyler nude on the bed. He was lying on his stomach with one leg drawn up, lazily tracing his middle finger up and down the deep cleft of his invitingly curvaceous buttocks.

Clarence immediately and quite noticeably began erecting at his display. Tyler smiled with contentment as he watched the crotch of the behemoth’s pants balloon outward.

“You look so beautiful,” Clarence sighed.

“Then take me. I need you inside me so bad,” Tyler implored, his eyes glued to Clarence’s expanding tent.

The man began slowly disrobing, unable to take his eyes off the boy’s sexy show. For his part, Tyler was clearly anxious to share his deepest treasure with him – to feel the raw, painful power of his man’s special gift inside him.

Tyler intently watched as Clarence bared the gloriously engorged thing. Its majestic heft was simultaneously menacing and enticing.

He found the man’s intense masculinity palpable. His heart raced as he studied the giant’s hulking physique; almost as wide as it was tall, almost as thick as it was wide, its powerful looking roundness brimming with manly vitality. The slabs of muscle that adorned it looked almost like invincible armor and made him feel somehow more naked than Clarence.

Even the dark hue of the skin that cloaked it all seemed somehow to offer him more cover. For the first time since Clarence had taken him in he felt, not only powerless and small in his presence, but conspicuously pale in his whiteness.

But for the tenderness in Clarence’s eyes as he lazily rolled his beautiful foreskin over a cock so large and potent looking it could only belong to a man as magnificent as he, the boy would’ve been frightened by what lay in store for him. However, that manliest of men had earned his trust many times over in their short time together.

Tyler’s trust was so unerring by then that, in spite of their stark physical contrasts, he felt only safe and secure under Clarence’s intensely passionate gaze. The man slowly approached their bed – his powerful sex in full bloom, looming out from beneath his keg-like belly over an inconceivably plump scrotum that seductively shifted and rolled to the purposeful pump of the heavily muscled thighs against which it rested.

The boy began to tremble as a wave of vulnerability washed over him. Clarence stacked both of their pillows up in a cross against the headboard and then pressed his broad back to them while he swung his huge legs up onto the bed.

Tyler scooted around until he could rest his head on Clarence’s thigh. He reached up and began stroking the ebony obelisk that towered before him, fascinated with how small his hand looked by contrast. He pressed it to the man’s rounded paunch.

“Look at that!” he almost gasped, “The head reaches all the way above your belly button!”

He started noisily slapping it against the man’s belly. Clarence chuckled as he watched.

“You like that, huh?”

“I love it! It’s amazing! Everything about you is amazing!”

“Good…I’m glad I make you happy,” the man contentedly sighed.

Tyler scooted up farther until he could rest his side against the thigh that had been his pillow. He then leaned in to suckle the weighty testicles that hugged the base of the magnificent cock he so nimbly stroked. Clarence smiled and slipped a hand behind his head to press the boy’s lips to his big, fully loaded scrotum. Tyler moaned.

The boy rose onto his knees and proceeded to stuff his mouth on just over half of Clarence’s unwieldy eight-plus inches. He eagerly massaged the firm, rubbery head in his soft palate.

“Easy, boy!” the behemoth thoughtfully cautioned him.

“You’re right,” Tyler said after lifting his mouth from it, “It’s just so big…so-o-o delicious!”

The man brushed Tyler’s hand from his dick and playfully thumped it against the deliriously happy boy’s cheek. Tyler laughed his approval while he thrilled to the experience.

“Let’s get a look at that beautiful rosebud,” Clarence urged him.

He scrambled across Clarence’s lap, his hip pressing the man’s hulking member to his gut as he lifted his butt and turned it slightly his way. With the thumb and index finger of his left hand, Clarence parted the cleft between Tyler’s lily-white globes until he saw the hairless, pink pucker recessed between them winking at him.

“There it is!” he announced, “So tiny…so beautiful!”

Clarence heavily moistened the middle finger of his right hand in his mouth and then began tenderly massaging the prize until it glistened in his saliva. He heard the boy’s breath catch and chuckled at his response. Tyler began heatedly moaning and lifting his butt against the pressure of the probing digit.

“That feels so wonderful, Clarence! It’s way beyond sex. It’s…love!”

“It sure is, son,” Clarence contentedly intoned.

He lifted his finger from the moistened membrane and noisily spat on his index and middle fingers. The giant then pressed them again to the boy’s relaxing orifice and went back to work on it.

“It’s such a little bitty ol’ thing…you sure this is what you want?”

Tyler pressed his hip to the big hard-on at his side and eagerly exclaimed, “More than anything in the world, Clarence!”

“I’m serious, Tyler. I got eyes in my head…I know what God gave me here. I’m perfectly happy just watching those pretty lips of yours slip and slide on it if you change your mind. The last thing I want to do is hurt you, boy.”

“Oh no, Clarence. I love ’em big…painful big! In fact…when God made me…,” he swallowed hard, “…I kind of think He might’ve had me in mind for you. We’ll make it fit…I promise!”

The man chuckled at Tyler’s impassioned assurance and lovingly patted his tiny butt.

“Maybe He did, at that. Let’s get you ready, then,” he consented.

Clarence grabbed the K-Y from the nightstand and squeezed out a big puddle of the gel over Tyler’s gleaming orifice. Tyler shivered and broke out in chills.

“That’s cold,” he nervously chuckled.

“I’ve got just the thing to warm you up, son,” he softly assured the boy as he pressed the head of his big, warm cock to him, “Be patient.”

“M-m-m-m-m-m!” Tyler passionately moaned, undulating his hip against its pressure.

Clarence began digitally preparing the boy to receive him. Tyler’s intense moaning was music to the big man’s ears as he slowly sank his thick middle finger in past the second knuckle, gently probing and stretching his tight ring with it.

Eventually he switched to his much thicker thumb. Tyler responded positively. When Clarence felt the boy relax into its penetrations, he started to withdraw to work him on his index and middle fingers combined.

“Your thumb feels good…bigger than a lot of dicks I’ve had in me. More?” he pleaded.

The giant chuckled and sank it back into him. Soon the boy’s hole was juicing and filling the air with delightful sucking noises.

“You’re loosening up real good,” Clarence encouraged him, “Let me try two fingers, though…just to be sure.”

“Okay,” the boy practically purred.

As Clarence suspected, both fingers at once came as something of a shock to Tyler. He tensed up.

“Relax, boy. Just relax. You’re getting there.”

“Yes…sir…I’ll…try,” he struggled to respond.

Before long he had Tyler musically moaning again while he rotated them in his tight orifice to stretch the muscle a little more. Clarence’s massive, rock hard member was straining for its turn at opening him up – to feel Tyler squirm and writhe on its thickness and depth of reach. Eventually he pulled his fingers out of the boy and absentmindedly stroked it.

Tyler looked back over his shoulder and intently observed him. He’d never felt so anxious to get a man inside him. Clarence held the lube up in his other hand.

“Slick ‘im up, son,” he instructed him as he lazily waggled his hulking appendage from side to side.

Tyler positioned himself at Clarence’s side and took the bottle. Clarence laced his fingers together on top of his belly and watched the boy do his bidding.

Tyler’s expression was deadly serious as he carried out the task and Clarence could see the boy’s heart racing in his chest. He’d never seen anything so cute as he watched him reverently slathering the thing in his gentle grasp until it absolutely gleamed from top to bottom in the heavy coating he’d applied.

“That should do the trick,” Tyler anxiously announced.

“It’s a big bottle…no need to skimp.”

“No…I’m sure.”

“Alright, son…then let’s head for the Promised Land,” he joked.

“Lead the way, Rev!” Tyler played along.

Clarence rose to stand at the side of the bed. Tyler had never seen a man so handsome; his build so round and burly, his cock so huge and glistening, his majestic balls so potent looking as they rested against his powerful thighs.

“Right here, boy,” the behemoth commanded, pointing at the edge of the bed in front of him.

Tyler eagerly backed into position. He was on all fours, resting on his forearms with his butt stuck up nice and high.

The big man pressed a hand to the small of the boy’s back and pushed him down to a more accommodating height.

“That’s good…just perfect!” he informed Tyler.

He lined his cock head up with the boy’s hole and began pressing for entry. Clarence struggled for a few minutes and then backed out.

“Hmmm…you’ve closed up again. Let’s stretch you out some more.”

He went back to work on it with his thumb, pressing it in as far as he could and then twisting his hand at the wrist. Soon he had Tyler singing again.

He pulled it out and saw the boy’s hole was opened once more. It had stretched to a size barely bigger than his own yawning meatus, but he figured that was open enough for him to finish the job.

“Good boy!” he sighed as he lined his cock up with it again.

Tyler shivered and giggled as the velvet like pucker of foreskin at its tip brushed his sphincter. Clarence pressed back into his pad and watched his foreskin roll back behind the bulging head. He resumed trying to penetrate the boy.

Slowly but surely Tyler began to yield and a flurry of pained grunts floated up from him. The man’s beefy glans, harder than vulcanized rubber by then, started prying him open. He saw Tyler tense up as a guttural groaned escaped him.

“Stay calm, now! Give with me,” he instructed him.

Tyler did as told and the giant proudly watched as the top lip of his corona finally squeezed through and disappeared. He backed his thumb about half-way up his shaft to maintain its tensile strength and held steady to keep the boy’s rebellious sphincter from ejecting him.

Every muscle in Tyler’s back was visibly taut and he was whimpering. Observing how many inches of fat cock were awaiting insertion through Tyler’s tightly stretched ring, Clarence suddenly had second thoughts. He was struck more than ever by how tiny the boy looked while submissively kneeling before him.

“Too much to handle?” he softly asked, “We can stop if you want.”

“No! No!” the boy insisted, “Your love’s so big and strong! Fill me with it, Clarence! Please!”

Clarence was shocked for a moment. It was almost verbatim what he’d heard Tyler say in his masturbation fantasy that seemingly long ago morning. He focused his concentration and fed him a bit more.

Tyler bore down on his sphincter with all his might to help him in. Little by little, the behemoth worked himself in until his balls at long last made contact with the whimpering boy’s taut perineum. Clarence pressed himself to Tyler’s butt and ground them on him.

“You did it!” the man proudly exclaimed.

He looked in the dresser mirror and saw Tyler’s pained expression; his eyes clenched shut, his jaw firmly set and his lips drawn back to reveal his gritted teeth. His cock instinctively flexed inside the boy a few times.

“Oh-h-h! So big! So strong!” Tyler gasped.

“We don’t have to do this, baby,” Clarence reminded him.

“I want it!” Tyler protested, “It’s all in! Make LOVE to me, Clarence!”

Clarence bent forward, pressing his warm belly into the small of Tyler’s back, and kissed the nape of his neck. Tyler happily wriggled his butt on the enormous invader buried in its depths and cooed at the man’s affectionate act.

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