Irish Daddy Needs BJ (Fun Story)

Bear fell silent as Mack pulled Bear’s underwear down, his cock springing free and bobbing heavily between his legs. Mack’s mouth watered, and he looked up at Bear with a smile in his eyes.


“Oi, why d’ya always pay for everythin’? I have money, ye know.” Mack grumbled, toeing off his boots as he grouched at his boyfriend. Bear chuckled and shrugged off his coat before turning and grabbing Mack by his hips, tugging him closer and kissing the back of his neck as he tried to squirm away.

“Because I like spoiling you.” He said, wrapping his arms around the ginger and kissing along his shoulder. Mack stopped fighting and melted into his touch, sighing when Bear’s beard tickled his skin. He turned and wrapped his arms around Bear’s shoulders, standing on his toes to kiss him.

“Show off…” Mack breathed, and much to his annoyance, Bear chuckled and leaned forward, dipping Mack dramatically and making him curse and cling to him, fearful of being dropped.

“Bloody arse!” Mack spat, clutching himself to Bear. “Set me down, ye git!” He pleaded, a flush creeping up to his cheeks. He and Bear had been dating for a few months now, but he still wasn’t used to Bear and his confidence. The man thought he was invincible, and Mack, despite his best efforts, hadn’t been able to find a single shred of evidence to the contrary. Unfortunately, Bear seemed to know all of his weaknesses already, and he used every opportunity to taunt and tease his lover.

“What? You scared, Mack?” Bear joked, loosening his grip and pretending to drop his boyfriend, who gasped and wrapped a leg around his hips to steady himself. Mack glared at him and opened his mouth, but before he could speak Bear was kissing him again, his beard rough against his face as he sucked on Mack’s bottom lip. He groaned into the kiss and let his eyes fall closed as Bear devoured him. Bear pulled back shortly after and grinned at him, his brown eyes crinkling at the corners, and somewhere between his brain and his mouth, Mack’s scowl lost its nerve and turned into a sheepish smile instead.

“Alright, ye’ve made yer point, love. Please let me up.” He sighed, rolling his eyes when Bear winked at him. He stood and smoothed down his shirt, Bear watching him hungrily and making him flush.

“Want a drink, Mack?” Bear asked, jerking his head towards the kitchen. Mack shrugged and Bear clicked his tongue at him, motioning for him to have a seat on the couch. Mack sighed and sat down, stretching his denim clad legs and wiggling his toes as he got comfortable. The living room was clean, but lived in. There were pictures of Bear and his daughter hanging on the walls and a toychest in the corner full of little odds and ends for Tatem, whom he’d still haven’t met. That was fair, though, since he and Bear hadn’t even slept together. They weren’t anything serious, despite Bear’s hints at wanting more, and this was the most time he’d actually spent in Bear’s house since they started dating. With a flutter in his belly he realized tonight would probably be the night he let Bear whisk him into his bed, and he felt his belly flip with nerves at the prospect.

“I’m out of beer so I brought you water,” Bear said with a smile. Mack frowned at Bear’s poor attempt at a joke and gladly took the amber bottle from him when he’d plopped down onto the couch beside him. They clinked bottles and took a few long swallows of their drinks, Mack swallowing down half of his before finally coming up for air. He smacked his lips appreciatively and turned to look at Bear.

“Thanks for tonight, Bear, it was great, as usual.” He said, blushing as he took another sip of his beer. It was actually his favorite, and he was very touched that Bear had not only remembered which one he liked best, but had also decided to stock up on it in case he stopped by.

“You sound disappointed!” Bear mused, watching Mack grow more pink by the minute. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you wanted me to take you on a bad date!” He laughed and polished off the rest of his beer, setting the now empty bottle on the coffee table.

“It’d be a nice change of pace, yeah.” Mack said, the corners of his lips twitching up in a smile. He finished his beer and sat it on the table before leaning into his boyfriend’s side, sighing happily as Bear wrapped his arm around him.

“hm, well I suppose I could take you fishing instead next time, then teach you how to clean the fish!” He joked, leaning his head down to press a scratchy kiss to Mack’s temple. Mack groaned and tried to move away, but Bear followed him over and leaned until he was pinning Mack to the couch, Mack’s legs on either side of him as he laughed.

“Augh, no, ye beast, for th’last time, I’m not going camping with ye!” Mack wheezed, his arms pressing against Bear’s shoulders as he tried to push him away, to no avail. He huffed and had no choice but to wrap his arms around Bear’s shoulders as the other man began to kiss along his jaw, making him shiver.

“And then we could go hiking, right as the sun peeks out over the mountains, briiiight and early…” Bear continued, earning another pained groan from Mack. He chuckled and kissed his way up to Mack’s ear, sucking the lobe into his mouth and scraping his teeth along the freckled flesh. Mack shuddered and groaned, turning his head and yanking his ear away from Bear’s mouth.

“Yer the worst boyfriend!” he said, biting his lip to hold back a smile at the obvious lie. Bear laughed and attacked Mack’s neck with hungry kisses, sucking red marks into his flushed skin, pressing his hips down into Mack’s with a soft groan of approval.

“Oh, I know. I live to spite you, you know.” he said, his hands wandering down to stroke Mack’s thighs and pull him closer. Mack gasped when the bulge in Bear’s jeans ground gently against his own, their cocks trapped by the denim but the pressure enough to make him buck his hips upwards wantonly.

“T-The worst…” Mack stuttered, his eyes falling closed as Bear began rolling his hips and grinding expertly against him, little ripples of pleasure tingling up his spine as his cock swelled.

“Mmmhm, are you sure of that? You’re making some serious happy noises, babe.” Bear all but purred, his hands gripping Mack’s thighs tightly. He gave a slow roll of his hips, jostling Mack and making him moan and arch against him.

“A-Alright, magic Mike, you win…” Mack groaned, his hands moving to pull Bear’s long tresses out its bun, the brown waves spilling free and forming a curtain around him. He tangled his hands in his hair when Bear kissed him again, his tongue begging for entry. Mack gave in happily, letting his boyfriend plunder around inside and claim his mouth while their hips worked in unison. Mack could feel Bear’s cock throbbing against his own, his belly heating up as his movements became more urgent, more insistent.

“Mmf, good, what do I win?” Bear grunted, one of his hands sliding under Mack to squeeze his ass roughly, earning him another throaty moan from his lover. He massaged the ample flesh though the denim, his own cock straining against his jeans with the need for him.

“Ye cocky bastard…” Mack gasped, his cock throbbing particularly hard when Bear squeezed his ass harshly. he shut his eyes tightly and bit down hard on his lower lip, his chest heaving as he let out another stifled groan when Bear leaned down to tease one of his nipples through his tshirt. the sensitive bud grew pert quickly as Bear rolled it around gently over his teeth, making Mack arch against him and mumble something at him angrily.

“Sorry, what was that? Can’t hear you, baby.” Bear said, grinning when Mack let out a frustrated groan. He bit down on his nipple hard enough to make Mack gasp and tighten his fists in his hair, the sting making his eyes water and his cock twitch greedily.

“I said fuck me, ye arsehole!” mack half shouted, his face and neck flushing red from having to repeat himself.

“Don’t mind if I do!” Bear chuckled, kissing Mack’s chest through the thin fabric of his shirt before sitting up. “But not here; c’mon, let’s go to my room. “

Mack sat up and nodded, taking Bear’s outstretched hand to help him off the couch. Bear pulled him into his arms once more and kissed him hungrily, his hands flying immediately to Mack’s ass. Mack blushed and pulled away for air, looking pointedly at his much taller boyfriend.

“Yer room?” He reminded him, smiling when Bear grinned wide and winked at him.

“You’re the boss!” Bear said, stepping away from Mack and grabbing his hand, leading him over to his room. He opened the door and let Mack go in ahead of him, eyeing his round, soft backside. Mack looked around the room and chuckled. It suited Bear just perfectly. There were more pictures hanging on the walls, mostly photography of mountains and streams, and a dark wooden dresser. He heard Bear chuckle and felt a hand on the small of his back as Bear spoke.

“Get it? It’s my den.” He said, grinning wider and lifting his eyebrows when Mack turned to look at him incredulously.

“Yer den?” Mack asked, pulling a face. It was too late by the time he’d realized he’d walked into another of Bear’s lame jokes, and he instantly regretted it.

“A bear’s den! Because my name is-“

“Ah, shut it!” Mack groaned, turning and pressing his lips to Bear’s to stifle what was no doubt another pun. Bear let out a surprised, but very pleased, grunt of approval and wrapped his arms around him, crushing him against his chest. Mack melted against him as Bear began stepping backwards, pulling Mack into his bed. Bear sat, and Mack followed, climbing over him and sitting in his lap, his hips working gently against Bear’s again. Bear laid back and peered up at Mack, his tan face flushed and his lips plump and pink from kissing, and ran his hands up Mack’s sides, pulling his shirt up with them.

Mack shivered against his touch and helped him take his shirt off the rest of the way, tossing it behind him carelessly. Bear grinned at the sight of him, his strong belly, abs covered in a layer of soft pudge, and up to his chest, his pecs hard and round, every inch of him covered in freckles. Bear propped himself up on an elbow and whistled lowly at Mack, and Mack blushed, crossing his arms.

“Woooah, Mack, you look…” He paused, trying to think of a word good enough for his boyfriend while Mack rolled his eyes.

“Pumpin’ bonnie!” He said, and Mack flushed crimson at the use of the Irish slang. He scowled and pretended to move off Bear’s lap, who laughed and flipped their positions. Mack wrestled back with him playfully as Bear’s hands flirted with his sides, deft fingers tickling him. Mack let out a shriek and began laughing, pushing against Bear’s chest and arms.

“Ye… goofy git!” He choked out between giggles. Finally Bear was still, one hand on either side of the bed by Mack’s head. Mack caught his breath and looked up at him, a few tears running down his face as his laughter died down. Bear was smiling down at him so sweetly, his eyes so tender that it made his heart thump wildly in his chest.

“Hey, Mack…” Bear said, dropping down onto his elbows and squishing him against the mattress.

“Hey, yerself…” Mack gulped, his heart fluttering nervously. Bear brushed away his tears of laughter from earlier gently, his eyes never leaving Mack’s.

“I love you.” Bear said, grinning when Mack’s eyes grew wide and his lips began to tremble.

“Er, wot?” He said, and he could feel his face and neck burning red as Bear leaned down and kissed him again, softer now. Mack’s eyes fell closed and he wrapped his legs around Bear, pulling him closer. Bear hummed low in his throat and rubbed their still hard members together through their jeans before pulling away and all but tearing off his shirt, tossing it away just as Mack had. His hands wandered the broad expanse of Bear’s back, feeling the warmth of him, his muscles as he moved. He let out a soft whine when Bear sucked a mark against his neck, and Bear replied with a soft chuckle before pulling away.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say it back if you’re not ready. I just wanted to let you know.” Bear said warmly with a shrug of his shoulders.

Mack nodded and looked up at him, eyes roving over his tan, chiseled chest and all… Six of his abs, by Mack’s count. He ran his tongue over his lips nervously as Bear reached down to unbutton Mack’s jeans, moving aside so he could tug them off and toss them to the side. Mack’s cock twitched against his boxers, tenting against the plaid fabric. He blushed when Bear’s gaze darkened, his eyes smoldering as he stood to peel off his own jeans.

Mack gasped at the bulge in his boxer briefs, staring at the massive cock trapped by the thin fabric. He gulped and stared up at Bear, who shrugged sheepishly. Mack blinked and sat up, tilting his head to stare up at his boyfriend.

“We don’t have to do anything if you do-” Bear started, but gasped when Mack reached out and ran his fingers over his cock, tracing along the side and down to the head. Bear fell silent as Mack pulled Bear’s underwear down, his cock springing free and bobbing heavily between his legs. Mack’s mouth watered, and he looked up at Bear with a smile in his eyes. Bear grinned roguishly and inched forward, kicking off his boxers as he did so. Mack hurried to strip off his own boxers, kicking them to the floor as Bear moved to lay next to him, his arms propped up behind his head. Mack rolled on top of him, straddling him and kissed him again, urgently this time.

Bear ground his hips upwards, feeling it slide along the cleft of Mack’s ass. Mack groaned as it grazed over his skin, feeling the thickness of it. He was a little scared to have it inside him, but oh, sweet Mother Mary, he wanted it. He kissed his way down Bear’s neck, his own ginger mustache tickling against his skin. Further down he went, leaving a trail of kisses down his chest, then his belly. He rested his chin against Bear’s abdomen, feeling the soft hairs of his happy trail tickling his face, and peered up at Bear with his lust-filled emerald eyes.

Bear bit his lip and moved his hands from behind his head to run them through Mack’s hair, who sighed and melted into his touch. He let out a soft, pleased hum as he kissed down lover, finally face to face with the large cock. He kissed the tip then down the shaft, his hands on Bear’s hard thighs as he made it to the base. He opened his mouth and licked a long, wet stripe from his balls up to the reddened tip, stopping to lap up a thick bead of precome.

Bear’s breath hitched in his throat as Mack’s tongue lapped at his cock, making him shiver. His head fell back with a groan when Mack sucked the head of his cock into his mouth. He swallowed him down, bobbing his head gently while Bear’s hands held onto his hair softly. Tears burned at the edges of Mack’s eyes as his gag reflex rejected the abuse, but Mack ignored it and swallowed him down further. There’s no way it’d fit all the way, but from the sounds Bear was making, this was more than enough for him.

“C-Christ, Mack…” Bear gasped, his hips jerking upwards and making Mack gag softly. Mack pulled away, his lips glossed with spit, a strand still connecting him and Bear’s cock. His hand pumped the large organ, watching Bear’s face crumple from the pleasure as he bit his lip. Finally, a weakness! Mack smiled inwardly and crawled back up Bear’s body, pressing his hips down and lining their flushed cocks up. Bear moaned when Mack ground against him, his hands flying to squeeze Mack’s ass hungrily. Mack groaned as those strong, tan hands gripped his cheeks, spreading them and kneading them roughly. He didn’t even care if he left bruises as long as he just kept touching him.

Bear let go with one hand and reached into the bedside table, procuring a bottle of lube and hastily moving to coat his fingers with it, Mack not making it easy by a long shot as he pressed back against Bear’s hand with a whine.

“God, ye’r taking forever!” Mack complained, afraid he’d lose his nerve and melt into the floor out of sheer embarrassment if Bear didn’t hurry the Hell up.

“I’m trying, bossy!” Bear gave him an amused look and Mack glared at him, frowning until he felt one of Bear’s fingers prodding at his entrance. He bit his lip as the tip of the digit slipped inside him, his body tensing up and clenching around it. Bear ran his other hand up Mack’s back, soothing him as he slid it the rest of the way inside, his cock twitching at the way Mack hissed through his teeth and shut his eyes at the sting. He worked his finger in and out slowly, Mack loosening up enough for him to add a second. Mack groaned when his fingers grazed over his sweet spot and ground down with his hips, his cock trapped between their bellies.

Bear bit his lip and added a third finger, probably a bit too soon, but Mack didn’t seem to mind. His mouth fell open in a soft moan, and Bear could feel Mack’s cock twitch against him. He gulped, working his fingers in and out of him, scissoring them and feeling him stretch.

“E-Enough! Please, Bear…” Mack gasped, his eyes fluttering open and locking with Bear’s. He gave in, silently cursing himself for not holding out and doing everything properly for their first time, but he’d lose his mind if he had to wait any longer. And, from the looks of it, Mack would too. Already his face was flushed, eyes glassy as Bear slicked up his cock and lined it up with Mack’s gaping hole, the tip prodding against it. Bear tried to ease his cock into him, letting just the tip slip in, but Mack pushed back with a mewl of pleasure, his ass sliding down and taking him in halfway. Bear gasped, his head falling back as Mack began to move, his thighs trembling on either side of Bear’s hips as he pressed all the way down, the blunt head of Bear’s cock digging deep into his guts. He sat still, trying to adjust to the pain blooming in his arse and the dull ache starting up in his belly. He sat up, Bear’s cock digging in even deeper, and gasped, his hands flying out to grab Bear’s shoulders, holding himself steady as he sat in his lap. He glanced down at their bodies, Bear’s tan skin a contrast to his own, his eyes trailing over to his own belly. He made a startled sound in the back of his throat, realizing with horror that the bulge in his belly was from Bear’s cock.

“Bear!” Mack gasped, trembling as he raised himself up, his hole tugging angrily around Bear’s cock as he moved, stopping halfway to pant. Below him, Bear looked up at him, his cheeks flushed and his chest heaving with the effort to not slam into him. He groaned when Mack slid back down, his hole wet and tight around him, pleasure rippling through him. Mack began to bounce, his cock slapping against his belly, his hands gripping Bear’s shoulders roughly. Bear panted and watched as Mack impaled himself over and over on his cock, his hands gripping Mack’s hips and helping him move.

Mack licked his lips and moved faster, chasing away the pain with every grind against his prostate. Why had he waited so long to sleep with Bear? God, he’d never be able to sit again, but it was beyond worth it as pleasure began to pool hot and sticky in his belly. Bear wrapped a hand around Mack’s cock, pumping it clumsily as Mack continued to ride him, his balls squishing against his ass with every bounce. Bear’s eyes wandered to Mack’s chest, staring as his pecs bounced, full and round, the closest anyone could get to tits on a man. He reached up with another hand and squeezed one, Mack moaning and arching into his touch as he tweaked a nipple.

“Bear! Beaaar! Ahm close!” Mack gasped, bouncing harder, faster as Bear began thrusting up to meet him, his own release beginning to build, balls drawing up tight and heavy as Mack cried out for him.

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