Is Gay French-Kissing Harmless Fun Pt 1

For the first time Danny felt really right with a cock in his mouth. It belonged to the right person, he realized. For the few times he experimented and explored, this felt like the real thing. Closing his eyes he made love to Jamie with everything he had.


The night city rolled by in glares and blurs. Golds and blues, and golds and blues. Streaking streetlight against the darkest of the small hours. That pleasantly wasted feeling ended about an hour ago. Now off down the rabbit hole of the post-drunk trance they went, not really knowing why they were sharing that taxi anymore.

Danny and Jamie didn’t know each other so well but they were fast becoming friends, though in what sense neither knew either. What strangers became friends so soon – though it helped to have mutuals – and then neck each other like two shameless lipstick lesbians at the bar on a drunken dare?

It was all good fun, and it was harmless. Jamie was gay, and that was no secret, and Danny couldn’t think of any reason not to go through with it, and therefore proved that at least he was harmless one.

But what had happened to the rest of that night and where did everybody go? Danny had a habit of drinking himself to confusion, and now he had a partner in crime, and that made it okay.

So maybe that’s why they were sharing that taxi, but neither really knew!

Jamie was going to sleep on the couch until the next day, because somebody had suggested a joint or two to keep the night going, but maybe also because Jamie wanted to get another kiss. Too many tender moments – shared with the straight boy in their newfound friendship under the influence – told Jamie that Danny could be the type to bend his own rules.

But not that Danny had forgotten that kiss, and fucking hell Jamie had shocked him with his sensual feminine frenching, engaging that kiss better than most girls he’d ever copped off with. He was just on his way from drunk to sleepy. And as they pulled up at his flat and paid the driver, he was very aware of the palpable distance and silence between them.

He hadn’t made the connection until now that there might be something happening between them!


‘Mind the mess,’ he told Jamie, who rather saw obsessive cleanliness, but then Danny sloppily tripped over the shoe rack behind the door.

They made a beeline to the kitchen, opened a couple cans of lager, and snacked and made small-talk while Danny rolled and lit a pungent, sweet-sour joint and offered it up after a few tokes.

Danny West, warm and gentle, brown-eyed Danny, black haired and broad-chested, with a voice like honey – he asked Jamie where his friends went at the end of the night. Jamie said he saw them off quickly when they were headed out for food but was having too good a time to leave Danny on his own.

So they toasted and they put on some tunes and they sang along, like young lads do when they’re trashed, and that pleasantly pissed feeling was back for a while.

‘What have I got to do to move this along?’ Jamie thought as they later sat giggling at old episodes of the IT Crowd. It was approaching 5am and the both of them could have used the sleep, but was there something wrong with Jamie? Jamie was hormonal and horny and he wanted to see if he could capture the earlier magic he felt when they kissed at the club.


‘You can sleep on the other side if you want,’ Danny offered. He was stripping off for bed while one last episode came closer to its end on the wall-mounted flatscreen. ‘There’s plenty room, it beats the couch,’ he added, and he was about to remove his underwear when he wondered if that was too weird.

He always slept naked and almost never had company, but then all of the girls he’d been with became the official girls he’d been with once he took off his briefs to sleep naked beside them.

Jamie was not one of those girls, but Danny felt comfortable enough. The thought didn’t cross his mind that Jamie was not to be trusted, or that he could be dangerous in any way. And besides, if he was, what difference would it make if he slept on the couch by the dining area?

Another hour and it’d be bright outside. Jamie jumped at the opportunity and stripped down to his shorts, slipping under the duvet to delightfully cool sheets on a firm and supple mattress. And just like that, Danny turned off the TV and rolled over to sleep.

‘Well that’s just fucking great,’ Jamie thought rather sarcastically and suppressed the urge to kick him. No, if Danny needed to sleep then he deserved his sleep. But Jamie would have to see how he felt later that day.

Still, that didn’t solve his problem in that moment. It took a while before Danny began to softly snore, and up until then Jamie could have cut the air with a knife. The silence was thick, almost stifling.

He was straining in his shorts, hard for Danny like he hadn’t been for anyone in a while. He didn’t dare rock the bed or make a sound, no matter how stealthily he might be able to pleasure himself. No, he just lied there wide awake until the sun came up, a million different scenarios riding the blood-rush through his head…

As to how… he might…

Still be able to…


Maybe he had a knack for it or maybe his senses were still reaching while he was sleeping. Jamie awoke to utter silence. Before his eyes opened to allow in the bright sunny day streaming in through the partly opened curtains, he came around to the suspicion that he was alone.

He might even have thought for a second that he was in his own bed, but the ambiance beyond that silence was wrong. His body ached, he stretched hard and bent his backside to wring out the crick in his lower back.

He ached deliciously all over, also having woken to the feeling of his hard cock having poked out through the leg of his shorts. Instinctively his hand reached down under the lowered duvet and he took a moment to cradle himself in the hot palm of his hand, when he realized…

Danny was in fact still lying right next to him, and by the absence of that deep and heavy breathing, his being awake might have roused Jamie out of his sleep.

He opened his eyes and looked over to the body lying next to him. Jamie wasn’t the only one sporting a hard-on. His stomach fluttered, his heart palpitated, he grew harder instantly in his own hand.

He could easily have rolled over, released that fine looking thing from its prison and greeted Danny with a hot sloppy blowjob. Danny sighed deeply, also stretching, and before Jamie could decide whether he should or not, he was sitting up and flipping his feet onto the floor.

Tasting the hot, dry fug of his morning after breath, Danny groaned and made for the bathroom. ‘I feel like utter shit,’ he grumbled. Thinking better of it, at least for now, Jamie decided to get dressed and announce his departure after Danny returned.


Getting his number felt like a signal if anything, but then maybe Jamie was just crushing. An impromptu pub meet invite came up three of a kind the following Wednesday and he was made all the more eager when Danny turned up without friends.

‘It’ll just be a few,’ they said. ‘Nothing too heavy,’ they said. Danny quickly went on to serve up the evidence of his roasting since Saturday night. Some motherfucker had taken a photo of the two of them in their steamy embrace at the bar and uploaded it to Facebook.

He wasn’t living this down, not ever, though he didn’t seem fazed. Jamie suggested that somebody might be jealous – side-bitches aren’t they all – and Danny surprised him with one little nugget of truth that hinted he might be in with a chance.

‘It doesn’t bother me. To each their own. I don’t go out to judge,’ he said. ‘All the lads who’re taking the piss have grabbed each others’ cocks and slept in the same bed and didn’t judge each other. It’s harmless fun.’

He had to ask. ‘Have you ever actually…’

Danny seemed to know that the question was coming. All he gave was grade-A poker face, but his failing words betrayed him. ‘I’m not saying anything, but I’m not gay, I’m just open-minded.’

And there it was. Jamie smirked and hid behind his drink, bringing it up to his lips to sup from. ‘Do you think any of your friends have done more?’ Jamie investigated. It was good to know, and to swiftly divert the spotlight from Danny, whether he would sweat or not.

Danny shrugged, peered into the distance, and came up with Joey in first place and Sean a close second. ‘Joey’s so far in the closet his homophobia isn’t even shocking to me. The girls though, they’ve definitely been around. They like to make it known.’

‘See I wouldn’t,’ Jamie hinted, shaking his head in disgust. ‘The only time anyone needs to know they can work out for themselves, and that’s when you’re officially someone.’

‘Women are different, men don’t judge unless they’re envious,’ Danny pointed out courteously. It may never have occurred to Jamie or he might just see things differently, but it was good to make comparisons. ‘You can call a woman a slut for banging a different guy every few months, never mind every weekend. With other women they can yell it out and the worst thing you can call them is a dyke.’

Jamie laughed. ‘Maybe that’s why more lads get with other lads than you realize!’

Danny raised his pint to the truth. ‘But if a guy did the same, he’d be labelled gay for the rest of his life.’

‘Like you?’

‘I wouldn’t have minded but I didn’t even get a suck out of it,’ Danny joked, or was it a joke? He wasn’t easy to read. He played his cards to his chest. So did Jamie when he was invited back to Danny’s flat again for a smoke.


Danny worked odd shifts on odd days as a care worker. It was rare that he got a Saturday off, even though he pulled three twelve-hour shifts per week and then used two of those four days off to recuperate. As luck had it he was not working for the next two days, hence his lax attitude to the time.

Of course it was still relatively early at 11pm, five pints and two joints later, and Danny would be up for some time to come. Jamie worked afternoon shifts at a gastro pub across the other side of town and it let him fall out of bed at his preferred time of day – late morning.

‘So you won’t be out this weekend then?’ Jamie asked upon hearing about Danny’s almost ideal situation. The lack of a social life otherwise horrified him. No, Danny would not be out for the foreseeable future, and that saddened him.

‘You try getting smashed after twelve hours of running around after people all day,’ Danny lamented. ‘I tried it for a while but there’s nothing worse than trying to survive the next day let alone the next week.’

‘Shame you won’t be there,’ Jamie set up the perfect sucker punch. ‘Everybody thinks you’re gay now anyway. They’ll be waiting for a repeat performance…’

Danny bellowed hard, howling silently at the ceiling. His shoulders wracked with laughter. ‘They can’t think I’m getting gay with you if you’re there and I’m not though,’ he said and emphasized with a wink. He wasn’t stupid.

‘I’ll just tell them we are anyway,’ Jamie wickedly suggested.

‘Sly bastard, you wouldn’t,’ Danny chided with a glazed look in his eye. ‘You said that was a bitch thing to do.’

‘No, I wouldn’t! And it is,’ Jamie agreed. Then he half-joked, ‘but when else can a faggot get a straight mate drunk enough to agree to have his cock sucked?’

For the first time, not even excluding Saturday night’s events, Jamie watched Danny turn a flustered red. He was utterly speechless. Out of nowhere Danny just about managed to salvage himself, shrugging, raising his hands up into a “no can do” gesture, and said ‘I don’t make the rules. I just bend them where possible.’

It was Jamie’s turn to blush. The very same question had been on his mind recently. ‘Never a gayer word spoken from a straight man…’

For the rest of the night, Danny wouldn’t live that down either.


‘This stays between you and me,’ read a text from Danny, Friday noon. ‘Tell me what I just said.’

‘Your secret’s safe with me,’ Jamie replied, as he stood there naked and steaming from his pre-shift shower. He could almost sense the words before they came. His cock began to swell and arch upwards, but if he started now he might not be able to finish.

‘I’m not completely straight.’

‘Well no shit, Sherlock,’ Jamie taunted.

‘I’ve done a few things and a couple times I enjoyed it. I’m not ashamed to say it. It just doesn’t define me,’ Danny continued.

‘Of course it doesn’t. Sex is just sex…’

Now Jamie did want to touch himself, to take a firm handle of things, and to frankly abuse himself there and then. With one hand wrapped around his now solid tool, he slowly masturbated awaiting the next message and what other insight into the future it might offer.

‘Sadly my social life defines me, which is why I don’t bring it up. Not gone the whole way with anyone but, yep, there it is anyway.’

There was what? Was that an invitation, or did Danny have something on the mind? Was he going to go from a potentially good lay to non-stop emotional baggage? Was he coming out?

‘It isn’t a big deal,’ Jamie offered with a healthy dose of nonchalance. ‘Let me know when you’re off next and fancy doing something.’ The words “doing something” were very carefully chosen. The rest weren’t. ‘Or we could just stay in yours and I’ll flip you over and raid your back hole.’

He was joking. Jamie wasn’t a top and Danny knew it. If anything Jamie wouldn’t have minded being the one getting flipped and impaled like a woman on a nice cock like Danny’s. Still, a nice bit of foreplay would also have been ideal.

‘You aren’t the top,’ Danny replied quickly. ‘I saw you looking at that kebab meat pole Saturday night and wishing you were impaled on a hard cock like that!’

‘Being spun and roasted and dribbling all those meat pole juices? It’s like you can read my mind!’

Danny wasn’t expecting the comeback. Even less did he expect to be finishing his lunch break with his own meat pole tenting his trousers. ‘You are absolute fucking filth,’ were the last words of the day from him. ‘Don’t ever change.’


For whatever reason he thought it best, Jamie let himself cool to Danny over the coming two weeks. They spoke by Messenger and joked back and forth about everything under the sun, but otherwise Jamie let the sexual suggestion fall away.

As it happened, there wasn’t an honest day or night that either had available to meet and do anything. Both had odd social lives. But that was a good thing. It gave Jamie the opportunity to see what direction Danny might coax their new friendship in.

Would the vague flirting and signaling end and would they be reduced to the typical gay jokes, or would the chemistry and notable tension ramp up and become physically sexual?

A warm and sunny Thursday afternoon came. Jamie sat digesting his lunch, listening to the seagulls crying their mocking laughter overhead, when he got a text message inviting him for another drink with Danny that evening.

‘I’m off ’til Saturday so I was wondering if you were up to anything,’ ended the message.

Jamie confirmed that he was indeed free. Danny even suggested that he could travel to Jamie instead, seeing as he had gone out of his way. ‘You’d rather be up my end would you?’ Jamie replied shamelessly.

‘Well I do like variety,’ was Danny’s reply, complete with a great big winking emoji.


Skip to the end of a good night, they weren’t even parting ways when Danny stated, ‘always a pleasure,’ hugging Jamie not too tight and patting him on the lower back. They’d left the pub and Danny had lit a joint he’d brought along. They were sat in the shadier corner of a beer garden, side by side, and sharing a smoke.

‘You can come back to mine if you want,’ Jamie suggested, or was it a hint?

A few beers and then a smoke on top and Danny was easy in many ways, but not easy of reading signals. Or maybe that’s just what he wanted Jamie to believe. ‘I’m gonna want to roll one or two more and I didn’t bring any,’ Danny explained. Jamie’s mood sunk a little, but he kept his shoulders up. ‘Come along if you like.’

‘It’s getting a bit late…’

‘You’re welcome to stay,’ Danny assured. ‘People are saying we’re sleeping together anyway…’

On second thoughts, maybe Jamie was failing to read Danny and not the other way around. ‘Might as well then if they’re going to keep saying it,’ Jamie teased.

Danny fished out his phone from the inside pocket of his coat and calmly ordered a taxi to the pub. By that point the joint had extinguished and now sat in a pile of ashes in a glass tray on the wooden bench.

‘That’s settled then,’ he said and turned to look Jamie in the eyes, up close and personal. His face was like the half-moon, pale and almost spectral in the glow of the garden floodlights, but still his deep brown eyes somehow softened him.

Time stopped still suddenly, both of them nicely mellowed, deafened to the pounding silence of the deserted scene around them. Jamie could hear his soft nasal breaths, like waves on the shore of the distant seaside, but shorter and quicker.

He wet his own lips and stared back patiently. Was Danny really going to be the one to make the move? It seemed that way, and yet in that brief but somehow lingering moment, they just stared at each other.

And then it really did happen. Danny’s warm hand had crept its way to the back of Jamie’s neck and gently pulled him in to where his lips waited. A few affectionate pecks to test the waters first, they were warm.

Jamie’s mouth filled quickly with his own hot saliva, particularly as Danny’s teasing tongue invaded his mouth, just the tip at first, and then thirty seconds later they were all over each other, breathing heavily, literally drinking each other in, when two things happened at once…

The phone rang signaling the driver call-back, and somebody came crashing out through the pub’s back doors for a smoke; a slob in a rugby shirt who couldn’t walk straight and probably now believed that he wasn’t seeing straight either.

Instantly they let go of each other, but in a sort of casual way that implied they hadn’t been doing anything shady. Time flowed again, and so did Danny and Jamie as they slipped into the back seat of the Vauxhall waiting to take them back across town.


Now it was Jamie looking forward to a smoke. You couldn’t beat a hot make-out session while riding high. But now he was in for another shock he wasn’t expecting, and while he was still blushing like he had all the way there.

‘I will roll another,’ Danny assured, ‘but I’ll be honest…’

Jamie waited for it, intrigued to say the least.

‘I only invited you here to see how interested you still were.’ Even harder Jamie blushed, his shoulders lightly ricocheting up and down with silent laughter, though his eyes betrayed another feeling – that hormonal horniness he’d been suffering as of when they’d first kissed.

Jamie pushed forward and up against Danny, who was leaning back against the kitchen worktop, and seductively rolled his bulging pelvis up against Danny’s. In that same deliberately slow movement, he trained his eyes on Danny’s lips and craned his neck so that once again both their mouths could meet.

‘Now let me see how interested you are,’ Jamie whispered and engaged his crush in a real French kiss now that they were alone in comfort and privacy. At first Danny relaxed into his body, his hands resting on Jamie’s hips before reaching around to his lower back.

Good sign, Jamie thought; a very good sign. Their lips wetted and squished together slowly at first, tongue tips communicating fleetingly. A deep breath in and a deep breath out performed in tandem, their hands began to explore more openly.

Jamie’s hand went straight to what he wanted and felt it long and straight and hard, funneling down Danny’s inside leg beneath the rugged cotton of his jeans. Danny’s hands kneaded at Jamie’s firm but supple buttocks and then even dared to slip beneath the waistband of his jeans so that he could feel their flesh pressed together.

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