Is Gay French-Kissing Harmless Fun Pt 2

Slick and slippery with lubrication, eight inches of cock – his long hard sensitive cock – are now balls deep inside another male, and it feels incredible.

Part 1


The sun-drenched city bustled on in blinding streaks and shadows. Hazy blue and warmer now, the first day of Spring too late but welcome all the same. That blissfully abused feeling hadn’t left him yet, and in fact he could still feel Danny’s hands and strong arms all over him.

Jamie longed to be held in a way he could not want from Danny. But off he went back into his own reality, off down the rabbit hole into the weary trance of those post-hump day blues where the weekend could not come quick enough.

Employment beckoned!

Danny and Jamie still didn’t know each other so well, but they knew each other’s bodies. Faster becoming friends, friends with benefits and without sexuality’s boundaries, though where it would lead neither knew.

Jamie basked in the sun and in the memory of last night, and this morning, where they lovingly and hungrily sucked each other’s hard cocks to climax. And they had touched and kissed tenderly like lovers, before and after.

Jesus, how could a straight guy – okay, a closet bisexual – make him feel this way?

Jamie felt truly gay, and the irony was not lost on him. He’d felt his way around numerous men and boys and fallen deep into his own sexual identity long ago, but Danny…

It was all good fun, and it was harmless. They had not technically had sex, but they had made each other feel so good. And maybe what they shared would go further in the near future.

But neither really knew!

Jamie worked the whole Friday with a smile plastered across his face. He didn’t have to say anything for the barmaids to guess that he’d gotten some. By the way he behaved too they might have wondered if the new boy was something special.


‘There’s something different about you today,’ Danny’s supervisor noted with fascination. ‘You finally catch up on the last ten years of sleep?’ Ralph, the old cherub, was the first to laugh at his own joke. Danny laughed along as he necked his coffee.

‘So what’s her name?’

‘Huh?’ Danny did not betray even a hint as he made the connection.

‘You don’t fool me, lad,’ Ralph grinned, his face a tight ball of childish red-faced mirth. ‘I know that look… I know that look…’

Danny laughed harder. ‘Fuck off, Ralph, worry about your own dick.’ Just making banter!

Laughing along, Ralph disappeared into the office, thanking god that it was Friday, even though he hadn’t had a Friday to himself since Top of the Pops was still a thing.

One last thing, and Danny knew he didn’t have to. It was vital, even with the women, not to appear too grateful or eager. He left a note for Jamie, knowing that he’d be busy until later, and then set off to get on with the cover shift he so desperately did not need.

‘We can definitely do that again sometime,’ he had typed and even put a kiss on the end.


For the next five days work was torture for everybody. The races and two major football games all crammed into the space of one week, Danny pulling almost sixty hours, forty eight of those dealing with one seriously hazardous schizophrenia patient.

But over several of those days he and Jamie kept in touch, shooting the breeze by phone briefly one night, and then the next getting pretty bold by text.

‘So you want to do that again, do you?’ Jamie got around to asking on the Tuesday evening. Danny was gratefully off-duty and off his feet for the next four days.

‘You have no idea how good that felt,’ Danny dared to lay bare.

‘Don’t I?’ came complete with a cheeky little wink.

‘Seriously, when you sucked my cock I swear I never felt pussy like it!’

Jamie was all smiles at that. ‘You still have no idea what you did to me.’

‘No?’ Color him intrigued – it was blatant that Jamie liked Danny enough these things to have happened. It was blatant that he’d planned on them all along, which was why it was such a surprise that Danny had made the first real move and got him into bed.

But what did Danny do to him that was so special?

‘I want you,’ he confessed, plain and simple. ‘Let’s leave it at that.’

Whoa, Danny thought. Could you drop a bombshell like that and then expect it to be ignored? How did Jamie want him exactly? Exhausted as he was, he wasn’t so fucked that he couldn’t hold up his end.

‘Really?’ Danny posted a smiley face of his own. ‘Want me like how?’

‘Next question – have you ever done anal?’

‘With a girl, yeah,’ Danny replied in quick time. ‘What was wrong with my question?’

If Jamie didn’t answer him the second time, he would leave it. No pressure – maybe he was too shy to say what he felt, even though if he wanted something serious, that wasn’t going to work for him.

‘Do you like it?’ Jamie prodded.

‘Ehhh, it can be amazing or terrible,’ Danny weighed the pros and cons.

‘It can definitely be amazing,’ Jamie snuck in,

‘Too many girls don’t get the importance of cleanliness, or actually know how, though,’ Danny went on. ‘Why do you ask?’

‘Just, you’re open to lads and yet you claim you’ve never gone there…’

Not the answer he was expecting but; ‘It’s the god’s honest truth!’

‘Sure,’ Jamie replied, winking excessively. ‘There’s nothing wrong with it…’

‘Never said there was.’

‘So when will you be recovered?’

‘Probably day after tomorrow,’ Danny supposed wearily. He just knew that if he tried his luck, he’d wake up tomorrow feeling like he’d been hit by a truck.

‘Well let me know when you want to do something,’ Jamie concluded. ‘I’ll be around.’ But then; ‘Watching anything worthwhile tonight?’

‘Might get into some anal on the PornHub now that you mention it,’ Danny teased, or was he hinting that he was in on Jamie’s subliminal suggestions?

‘Straight anal though?’

‘Might be open to suggestions if you know your stuff…’


Jamie awoke at 11pm two days later to a ringing phone. Please, god, please do not let it be work, he begged from the depths of his soul. Winking one eye open to the day’s bright grey overcast, relief overcame him as he scanned his phone screen, and then so did another welcome feeling.


‘Did I just wake you?’ Danny asked. He figured it out for himself while Jamie laughed off his embarrassment. ‘You lazy bastard.’

‘So what? I put the work in. I deserve to sleep if that’s what I want to do!’

Danny laughed to himself. ‘Fair enough,’ he dismissed. ‘Hey I’m in town just looking around. I don’t suppose you want to meet up?’

‘Oh, right now?’ He thought about it not too long. ‘Do you want to come round?’

‘That depends if I’m walking into some kind of freaky sex dungeon,’ Danny hesitated, but not really.


Half an hour later Danny was on his doorstep and Jamie was a hot mess, unlike his spotless place. He looked cute with his scruffy bed-head and with nothing on but his boxer briefs – so much that the moment he closed the door behind them, Danny made his intentions clear.


Danny had two fistfuls of KY Jelly and Jamie’s shorts were no longer with them. With one hand wrapped competently around Jamie’s stiff cock, two fingers sloshed around inside of him, milking his prostate. All the while he sat spread-eagled before Danny on a towel at the end of the bed, squirming – mouth agape and breathing raggedly – and shuddering as the feeling built and built!

‘Ahhhh,’ he gasped as Danny’s fingers curled upward and stroked and stroked. He couldn’t hold his position anymore. Jamie had to lie down. Intuitively, Danny who was very, very new to this, and had gone so far on Jamie’s own instructions, closed the distance and used his free hand to pin back one of Jamie’s thighs against his chest.

‘You have no idea,’ was all Jamie managed to say before the moans would make him intelligible. ‘You have no idea what that…’

‘Honestly you look sexy as fuck right now,’ Danny breathed deeply. If anything Jamie could say right now, it’d have been that Danny’s cock would have been a perfect replacement for his fingers.

Instead he let the moment be what it was. It was already an incredibly erotic experience and a complete shock to the system that he’d seduced Danny into going this far. When he shot off like a geyser of sweet young spunk, that was something else to behold. Danny hadn’t seen so much since the very first hand-job he’d given himself.


‘That was…’

Fuck, what were the words? In fact what were words anymore?

‘That was just wow!’

‘I haven’t had an orgasm that strong in fucking ages,’ Jamie said as he dreamily smiled away. ‘Thanks for that.’

Danny stifled a laugh, took a sip of tea. ‘Well thank you,’ he replied in kind, the ghost of Jamie’s wet lips, tongue, and throat still haunting his flaccid cock and balls in the best way. ‘You know I’ve done more with you now than any other lad…’

‘No you haven’t.’ Jamie didn’t believe that for a second.

‘I mean I’ve done things more times with you,’ Danny clarified, looking back. ‘That’s three times. The other few were random.’

Now Jamie paid more attention, becoming engrossed in Danny’s little confession. What else could he learn? He rolled onto his side and rested his head in one hand, beaming at Danny.

‘And well, technically yes I’ve done more with you,’ Danny went on. ‘I’ve never been up a guy like that before. Not even close!’

‘Would you do it again?’

‘For you,’ Danny admitted without hesitation, and he was grinning. Jamie blushed hard. ‘So that reminds me of something,’ he added.


‘That thing you said about wanting me.’

‘Err… yes?’ Jamie was shying away now, grinning from ear to ear just like Danny.

‘Did you get what you wanted then?’

‘Hmmm,’ Jamie hummed and drew it out longer than was acceptable, before he rolled onto his face to stifle his laughter. ‘Close.’

‘I didn’t quite get that,’ Danny apprehended, hearing only Jamie’s muffled voice.

‘Close,’ Jamie said clearly, but now avoided eye contact as he continued to blush rose-red.

‘How do you want me?’

There it was, the moment of truth. It was make or break, or was there a third option. Jamie wanted – no, needed – that third option. ‘I’ll tell you when the time is right.’

Against his better judgement, Danny chose to trust him. He just didn’t want to break his heart. Of course, no matter Jamie’s shyness and his tendency to come across like a cheerleader with a crush, Danny might actually rest assure that the rules were still the same.

Gay kids didn’t fall in love with straight ones, and least of all the bi ones, and because they knew that the chances were a million to one that they would bend to become the exception. And generally speaking, the rules of nature would simply change to suit them either. For now he was sure that they both just wanted to enjoy their unique thing.


That week had been different to the last, when they had given into their desires. In getting to know each other, there had always been a measure of inebriation involved. The night they ended up playing in Danny’s bed, they had been a little high too.

The next morning had been different. Never in his life had Danny shared oral sex with another male while sober, but with Jamie it seemed okay. It was more than okay, in fact. There was a delicious sense of wrongness and uncertainty to their morning sexual activity that awoke something in him.

He may have been more straight than bisexual. He was not gay and in the closet, though he kept this part of himself to himself. But with Jamie he couldn’t deny the attraction, the chemistry, and the quickening depth of their friendship.

It was not love in the sense that he knew, but they were bonding in a way that was more than sexual and as much as he couldn’t put his finger on it, he loved it too much to be afraid.

Then on that day in town, Danny had performed a series of sexual acts on Jamie – things that he never would have imagined doing, and enjoying, whilst stone cold sober. When he got home that evening he couldn’t stop touching himself, not even after a cooling shower.

Later the next night he asked to call Jamie, and they talked about their friendship, the things they’d done with each other, and the feelings it all evoked. And then he told Jamie how constantly aroused he had become.

At least with a woman, he thought, there was a natural conclusion that he understood instinctually. He now found himself wishing that Jamie was a woman. And if Jamie could ever have been that, he’d have loved the shit out of her, recklessly and passionately.

‘You’re not doing anything tomorrow are you?’ Jamie intuited. In fact he wasn’t. Jamie decided that maybe now was time to take the plunge, or at least partly so. ‘I’m not in work either. I was thinking I’d like to come around and explain what I meant…’

When he said he wanted me, Danny recalled. ‘But?’ Danny relayed, and then quickly added; ‘You can still come around…’

‘But… I figured I might need to prepare you for it rather than look like I’m trying to force you,’ Jamie said seriously.

‘Oh my god, are you gay?’ Danny joked. ‘I had an idea, but…’

‘Funny! I just really…’ Jamie snarled like a dog, and the funniest thing was that it wasn’t even uncharacteristic of him. ‘God please, have sex with me,’ he pleaded with all his heart. ‘That is how much I want you. Don’t look too deep into it. I just want it to go that way so much.’


Ear-pounding, brain-wracking, horrid palpable silence…

‘I’d actually love to,’ Danny finally replied on a whim, terrifying himself with how excited he now was. And that silence returned.

‘I’ll see you tomorrow then,’ Jamie concluded. ‘I’ll come to you.’


This is the way the world ends,

This is the way the world ends,

This is the way the world ends;

Not with a bang, but with a kiss!

Jamie approaches Danny’s flat with a familiar feeling in his gut and with a hunger that aches in a lower place, and in a way he has never been able to describe. He feels clean deep inside, and in a way that makes him feel sexy in a way which nothing else is comparable – clean and ready to be made filthy again.

He rings the buzzer and announces himself and the door is unlocked, and then stepping inside, he’s met by Danny, wearing a t-shirt and a loose-fitting pair of cotton sweatpants and possibly nothing else underneath, judging by his expectant bulge.

Danny invites him in with a knowing smile and closes the door behind them, and if he’s nervous then he’s hiding it incredibly well. Proving that he’s not though, as he follows Jamie to the bedroom, he pulls off his t-shirt and then steps out of his sweats, leaving him naked and erect.

Soaking in Danny’s body with hungry eyes, Jamie, trance-like, begins to undress, and in that time they begin to stare into each other, a palpable force of attraction growing like magnetism.

Jamie salivates over Danny’s muscular upper body, thinks about being wrapped up in his bulky arms in this very bed beside him; tingles to feel his lips on his body again, but like never before; feels that deep hunger within him, that he has felt since Danny said yes!

Danny would love to have sex with him and Danny is going to, right here and now, but before that happens, that magnetism must play its part.

They come together tenderly, hands to arms, to faces, to bodies, and lips to lips, and tongues to tongues, and now Danny is kissing Jamie like he has never kissed him before. Danny is kissing him with love, despite the new sensation of his hard and heavy cock batting for the same team opposite.

‘Do you want to get into bed?’ he asks. Jamie growls softly but deep enough to rumble against Danny’s naked flesh. So Danny flips aside the duvet and Jamie climbs in backwards, leading him by the hand until they are both making out in the middle of the bed.

And it isn’t long again before Jamie is showing Danny his appreciation by sucking his hard cock, serving him up a hot, sloppy blowjob. He scooches around, offering up his pink little hole as he does, hinting that Danny knows what to do.

So while he’s getting lost in the taste of his secret lover’s pre-come and marveling at the feel of it filling his mouth, Danny lubes up Jamie’s rectum, and then a finger or two, and goes to practicing again what he’s learned.

Jamie utters a loud and appreciative moan when Danny finally eases his way in and begins to tease and relax his sphincter, his heart hammering in the knowledge of what they’re about to do. And the more he thinks about it, it makes him all the stiffer, which Jamie clearly notices.

‘How do you want it?’ Danny inquires, now working him out with two fingers, which still won’t stretch him out enough – but it’s a start.


It’s a tight fit. It’s always been a tight fit as far as Danny has experienced anal sex, but there’s something different about Jamie and the way he takes it – the way his body takes it!

To hear his moans as Danny fills him inch by inch, pushing and relenting, resisting and yielding, Danny is excited to see where this goes and can’t deny that he’s turned on like never before the moment it strikes him…

Slick and slippery with lubrication, eight inches of cock – his long hard sensitive cock – are now balls deep inside another male, and it feels incredible. On the inside Jamie isn’t super-tight. There’s enough give so not to cut off Danny’s circulation. And as he grows to accommodate even further, the first time Danny withdraws to re-penetrate, the sloppy suction is almost too much.

On all fours, Jamie looks over his shoulder and back at Danny, who has two handfuls of ass and a look of intense bliss. Mirroring his expression, Jamie states the obvious, whispering, ‘you’re inside me and you feel fucking amazing!’

Gradually Danny dares to move and begins to gently buck his hips, watching Jamie’s back pussy suck tightly around his girth, and his length. The sound of his ass loudly sucking at him as he plunges in and glides out is so disgustingly erotic, and the feeling so intense.

‘Fuck me,’ Danny groans, trying not to come already.

‘Okay,’ Jamie says grinning and begins to flex his butt as he bears back on the cock impaling him. ‘Jesus I can feel you so deep,’ he then groans and mashes his face into a pillow. Acclimatizing himself, Danny slowly screws away, still in disbelief that he’s actually having sex with this cute lad.

‘I’ve got a good one for you,’ Jamie promises and cautiously helps Danny to pull himself all the way out. Jamie meets Danny face to face and they embrace in a tender kiss again. ‘Lie down on your back,’ he commands and meets Danny in the middle of the bed, straddling his hips and hovering above his straining cock.

Entranced, Danny watches as Jamie lines up his cock with his hole, just behind his shaven cock and balls. With the other hand free he pulls his junk out of the way for Danny to see what’s about to happen.

So deliberately slowly he impales himself on Danny and slides down with the tight velvety slipperiness of a virgin pussy. ‘Oh that feels so f-

Struck dumb, Danny closes his eyes to feel it and nothing else, as Jamie begins to slide up and down, taking him all in. This goes on for way too long, of which there is no such thing.

Their bodies heated to the point of perspiration now, muscles burning and aching, and the swell of butterflies churning inside them both, Jamie adores the man he is fucking into sweet oblivion, and looking down on him with something more than sexual tension, he dares himself to feel something even deeper than the endowed cock sliding far beyond his quivering p-spot.

Jamie relaxes himself, settles down lightly on top of his bed mate, his cock hard between their bellies, and proceeds to French kiss Danny tenderly and with a love he’s never kissed anybody before, and he knows it’s wrong to do so, but Danny accepts him and the kiss grows all the more tender and loving.

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  1. Jay says:

    Fuuuuck! I’m in love with BOTH of these hot guys! Insanely erotic! Reading things I’ve dreamed of for years gives me new hope they could happen if I find my own Danny or Jamie! (deeply satisfied sigh)

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