Is My Daddy Gay Pt 6

After stroking it several times Todd brought Dad’s cock to his mouth. He didn’t immediately try to swallow it. He was content to lick and tongue the head for a while, tasting and teasing it, while still gently fisting it

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“Todd, I think I’m ready to see that tape now.”

“Are you sure you wanna do that?”

“I’m sure.”

Todd went to his bedroom to get the tape, but when he came back he had changed into some loose-fitting nylon workout pants and a tank top. As he inserted the disc into the player, he explained that he liked to get comfortable when watching sex videos. He came over to the sofa and sat next to me as the image on the TV came on. He handed me the remote.

“Here you go, Charlie. You get to watch as much of this or as little as you want. It’s your party. I’m just along for the ride.”

Ride indeed. I was already as nervous as a cat, perched on his sofa while he just leaned back and watched me. Todd’s placid expression wasn’t helpful at all; after all, he knew what was on the tape and I was pretty sure he was going to keep his eagle eyes trained mostly on me.

I fidgeted with the remote a bit before taking a deep breath and then hitting the play button. This time instead of coming up on Todd as the last one did, this one came up on my dad, clothed in boxers and a t-shirt, sitting on the side of Todd’s bed. Dad glanced at the camera.

“Is that thing on yet?” he inquired.

“Just coming on,” came Todd’s reply. He stepped in front of the camera and gave it a quick once-over, satisfying himself that it was recording properly before backing away and heading to the bed. He plopped down next to my dad.

“When did this happen?” I whispered to Todd, not taking my eye off the screen.

“Last year. I probably shouldn’t be more specific than that. But here’s a clue: Remember when Matt started growing that beard?”

“Oh,” I said a bit startled, remembering the first fuzzy beginnings of Dad’s neat, short, salt-and-pepper beard which I happened to like a lot and let him know it. Little did I know it signaled his breaking out in more ways than one. On screen, Todd scooted closer to Dad and reached out and rested his hand on Dad’s knee. When Dad draped an arm around Todd’s shoulder and encouraged him to go further, I gasped a little.

“You OK, Charlie?” said Todd hovering quite close to me.


On screen Todd let his hand wander from Dad’s knee to his inner thigh, and then travel up to his crotch where it lingered briefly before continuing its journey up to Dad’s belly. Dad nuzzled Todd’s neck, letting him know he could go even further, before leaning back a bit and heaving a sigh as Todd leaned in and nipped at Dad’s t-shirt-covered nipple. Obviously enjoying the attention to his pecs, Dad yanked off his t-shirt so as to give Todd unfettered access to his hairy chest. I heard another sigh when Todd closed his teeth around Dad’s large round reddish areole, and began to eagerly munch on the proud expanse of exposed skin.

As Dad sighed I sighed too, feeling a warm glow of lust from the image onscreen. Without breaking contact, Todd who was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs, dropped to his knees in front of Dad. He slid his tongue from Dad’s erect nipple over to his underarm where he proceeded to thoroughly lick and scour Dad’s hairy undercarriage. It had never occurred to me that a man’s underarm could be an erogenous zone, but Dad’s clear enjoyment of Todd’s ministrations told me exactly that.

After only a few minutes of underarm action, Todd reached out and began tugging at Dad’s boxers. As in the first video, he was obviously impatient to have access to that big Daddy dick. Dad stood and let him pull the boxers off, and while he seemed as cool as a mountain breeze, watching with satisfaction as Todd took hold of his cock, Todd was obviously getting worked up, a flush of desire already reddening his cheeks.

He wasn’t the only one getting worked up. I sucked air when Dad’s heavy dick made its latest appearance, much as I had in that first video, and swiped my suddenly clammy hands on the plush mat of the sofa. To my surprise, I brushed up against Todd who had scooted even closer to me and now was sitting mere inches away. I gasped a little upon touching the bare skin of his thigh, unprepared for the tang of feeling it set off in me. Our eyes briefly met before I quickly refocused my attention on screen.

After stroking it several times Todd brought Dad’s cock to his mouth. Unlike in the first video he didn’t immediately try to swallow it. This time he was content to lick and tongue the head for a while, tasting and teasing it, while still gently fisting it. Dad’s cock quickly lengthened to its full impressive length, and the sight of it made my mouth water.

After a while, Dad moved his rod deeper into Todd’s mouth, urging the young cop to suck harder. Todd reached down and shed his own underwear, revealing his own rock-hard dick. I caught my breath again when I felt a warm reassuring hand on the back of my neck, giving me a gentle squeeze. When I made no attempt to remove it, Todd moved even closer, his warm body brushing up against mine.

On the screen, Todd had moved Dad’s shaft fully into his mouth, bobbing up and down as Dad moved his piece in and out. The sounds of licking and slurping could increasingly be heard, along with the sound of groaning, and my own breathing was starting to come in spurts as it matched the give-and-take on screen. And not just that, I was starting to hear the deepening breathing of the real Todd, and feel him too, as he hovered just behind my shoulder. Now both his hands were on my shoulders, kneading them with a gentle pressure in time to the motion on screen.

Dad’s groans became more noticeable. He started running his hands through Todd’s long loose hair, encouraging him, and then moved his hands down to his shoulders.

Todd leaned close and whispered in my year. “I don’t know about you, Charlie, but this is really starting to turn me on.”

And then out of the side of my eye, I watched as Todd began to actively stroke his dick through the silky shorts he was wearing. His meat was plainly visible through the loose folds of the material, and he appeared to be rock hard. My own cock was starting to ache inside my jeans. I made myself refocus on the screen, but I could hardly ignore the lusty display happening right next to me. Minutes later, Todd brazenly slipped his hand into the waistband of his shorts and resumed stroking his cock, making me squirm with heat.

Dad started running his hands all over Todd, his hair, his neck, his shoulders and finally even down his back. Todd just went on chowing down on that thick Daddy-dick, obviously relishing the taste of it. Again I flashed back to that first tape, to the image of Todd eagerly devouring Dad’s dick, so drunk with it’s tangy goodness that he seemed oblivious to everything else. Beside me, Todd’s hand buried inside his shorts was stroking his cock more vigorously than ever. And then without warning he extended his free hand across my back, gripped my shoulder, and pulled me into him.

“Oh, my God!” I gasped.

“Sorry, Charlie, I know I shouldn’t, but I just can’t help it. You smell so damn good. And you feel good too.”

I didn’t say anything. I merely moaned and let my body settle into the warmth of Todd’s torso. He felt good too.

On the screen Dad pulled Todd to his feet and continued to stroke his body, nuzzling and tweaking him, finally even kissing him as he felt up the young cop’s cock and ass. Still as sex-drunk as ever, Todd clung to Dad’s solid body, mumbling things I could not really hear.

Abruptly Todd stood up next to me and removed his tank top. And then as boldly as you please, with his eyes fixed squarely on me, he hooked the waistband of his shorts and shucked them off too. I looked at him nakedly standing next to me, his hand firmly around his cock.

“Sorry, baby, but I get so damned hot watching this stuff. You mind?”

I shook my head and went back to watching the video as Todd again settled in next to me on the sofa. He continued to languidly stroke his cock as he kneaded my neck. I could smell the raw heat of his body.

On the screen Dad maneuvered Todd onto the bed. Though he clearly was ready to fuck Todd, the young cop was not quite done sucking Dad’s ramrod-straight man-tool. Dad let him pull the big cock back into his mouth one more time, and stood watching as Todd again went to town on it. I shuddered at the thought of how sweet that cock must have been, that someone like Todd could not get enough of it. I also shuddered at the magnificent sight of my Dad as he stood there in all his naked glory being serviced as if he were a Greek god.

Todd slipped his hand under my t-shirt and began massaging my back. When I moaned, enjoying his sensual touch, he went further and began pulling off my t-shirt. I made no effort to stop him. The more he touched me the better I liked it, plus I was increasingly being drawn into the heated scene on screen.

“You ready for this cock, boy?” I heard Dad say as he upended Todd and began lustily rubbing his ass.

“Yeah, man, give it to me.”

On the sofa, Todd groaned and pulled me against his naked body. I groaned, too, when he took my hand and wrapped it around his hard dick. His pale smooth cock was wonderfully warm to the touch, and it throbbed in my grip. Meanwhile he reached into my lap and buckled my jeans. And somehow through it all, I continued to watch the screen, not wanting to miss a moment of what was about to happen there.

Dad worked his thick sausage along the crevice of Todd’s ass cheeks and was preparing to push it inside when, unexpectedly, Todd took the remote and paused the screen. Exasperated I turned to him and he covered my mouth with his lips.

“I want to see the rest,” I insisted when the kiss ended.

“Don’t worry, you won’t miss a thing,” he promised even as he pulled me to my feet and began tugging down my jeans.

“Todd, maybe this isn’t such a good idea . . .”

“Who are you kidding, Charlie. I can see this scene is affecting you the same way it’s affecting me. We’re just two lonely people here together. What’s wrong with us taking care of each other?”

He undressed me completely and then wrapped our bodies together. In an instant the heat factor shot up a thousand percent. I felt like I was in a dream, hazily watching this all unfold from afar, unable to stop it. Todd moved in behind me and pulled me back down onto the sofa, our bodies still tangled together. He bent down and took my cock into his mouth, filling me with a moist tingly glow. Even as he did, I grabbed the remote and restarted the tape. I could not bear waiting another second to see what was going on with my dad.

On the screen Todd accepted Dad’s big cock into his bunghole with surprising ease. It was obvious this was not the first time they had fucked. I must have stiffened a bit at the point of penetration because Todd eased up on the sucking and began to caress and stroke me.

“Easy, Charlie.”

“How long did you and him . . .”

“Fuck?” he said, reading my mind. “A few months. It was never a steady thing. Just whenever we got together and felt the urge to do it.”

Somehow that actually made me feel better and I did start to relax. I think I was relieved to know that what they had was casual and not a serious thing. On the screen Dad was firmly ensconced in Todd’s willing ass and starting to establish a sensual fucking rhythm. I was mesmerized by the lines of his body as he moved, the hips and butt moving almost independently of the rest of him, the muscles clenching and flexing, as he pinned Todd flat on the bed. There was such a fluid motion in the way Dad moved that it was almost like watching a swimmer in motion or a dancer. And like before, I soon found myself being drawn into the rhythm of that motion. It didn’t hurt that Todd had wrapped his warm body around me on the sofa and was actively stroking my cock. I could feel his rock-hard fuckpiece probing me from behind, like an anxious suitor. And just as Todd’s body was hungrily devouring Dad’s cock, I was starting to feel a certain hunger for Todd’s.

“Oh God,” I moaned when Todd slipped a finger into my ass. I couldn’t believe how good it felt inside me. He reamed me slow and sensually, while still holding me close, and breathing into my ear. I gasped and sucked in his sweet manly scent.

“Jesus, Charlie, you’ve got me so fucking turned on right now.”

I opened my mouth to speak but the only thing that came out was a sigh. I was turned on too, as much by the image of my dad on screen as by Todd. I squirmed in his arms and when I turned my head he covered my mouth in a hungry kiss. His tongue slipped into my mouth, and suddenly I had the sensation of being penetrated from both ends. When Todd began to shift my body around in the couch and position me against his cock, I offered no resistance. I wanted to feel him inside me.

Dad was still on his feet bending over the bed as he fucked Todd. He tightened his grip on the young cop and began to fuck him harder and deeper. Todd held tight to Dad’s undulating hips as the barrage of fuckstrokes fell on him, obviously relishing every minute of the pounding he was getting. Even Dad had to take notice of Todd’s remarkable stamina.

“Damn deep hole, swallowing me up. Goddammit, Todd, you really like getting’ it like this, don’t ya? It’s like you can’t get enough.”

“Fuck yeah, I like it. Just like this. I can feel your fuckin’ heat right down to my toes.”

I was half-drunk on the waves of lust coming off the screen when Todd began pushing into me. I groaned, squirmed, shivered and shook when the blunt end of his manpole divided my buns and pressed through the door of my channel. And though I tensed up a bit, Todd would not be denied and he sliced me open like a piece of warm Swiss cheese. There was a brief burst of pain and I cried out.

“Oh, God!”

Though I involuntarily jerked forward, Todd held me firmly in place. I whimpered and crumpled against him. Almost immediately I refocused my attention on the screen, anxious not to miss anything. I had to admire how Todd onscreen seemed to absorb all the punishment of Dad’s thick weapon and yet came up smiling. I groaned and squirmed in Todd’s arms. Already the sting of his fucking was fading, being replaced by an immensely pleasurable glow.

On the screen Todd was really egging Dad on, even challenging him, and all the while he was getting this really drunken look in his eyes.

“That’s it, Daddy, give it to me. Dammit, I want your big fuckin’ tool. Drill me hard.”

An involuntary gasp rose out of me the instant I heard him say that word. “Daddy’ coming out of Todd’s mouth shocked me and made me jealous—and intensely turned on. My mind flipped back to that first tape, and the feeling I had of being drawn into the sex between them, but I also flashed on the bizarre moment with Trey when it suddenly felt like the one fucking me was not Trey at all, but Dad.

As if reading my mind, Todd began to move his cock inside me, roughly in time with the way Dad was fucking him onscreen. Meanwhile on screen, Dad was only to eager to deliver the heat Todd so obviously craved, pounding his ass with a steady rhythm of hammer blows. Already a fine sheen of sweat was coating both of them and a drumbeat of grunts and groans was emanating from the screen.

As if on cue Todd escalated the power of his fucking, and as he did he leaned into my ear and began muttering a string of words.

“Dammit, Charlie, can’t you feel it? I knew it would be good with you. Your hole is so fuckin’ hot. You know just how to ride a man’s tool, how to make him feel like he’s on top of the world.”

The fact is I hardly heard a word he was saying. Increasingly I was being completely wrapped up inside that damn screen. Just like that first time, I could feel myself floating along on the heat Todd and Dad were generating. I just couldn’t believe how incredibly hot my dad was, his tense hard body like a muscular engine pounding home his lust as Todd arched his back to meet each withering thrust. Instinctively I was pumping my own hole up and down on Todd’s fiery dick.

“Charlie. Dammit, I’m gettin’ close.”

“No, not yet,” I whined. “Not yet.”

On the screen Todd could not hold out either. He shuddered and started cumming, noisily, loudly groaning as his cock spit out several thick wads. Dad now awash in a sweaty glaze just kept on drilling him. Behind me, Todd slowed his fucking and basically just held me while both of us stared at the image onscreen. Finally, Dad just seemed to run out of steam. Without much warning, he suddenly grimaced in mid-fuck, grunted, and lurched forward.

“Here it comes, fucker,” he snarled and began unloading in Todd. Simultaneously, Todd grabbed me and began pumping into me, unleashing his own brand of fiery joy juice. Swept up in the dual realities of then and now, the room awash with the primal sounds of masculine release, and with my head swirling with the unforgettable image of my Dad, hot, sweaty, panting and sated, I came too, unable to hold back the tide. Cum flowed out of me like a faucet.

“Fuck yeah, Charlie. Sweet,” groaned Todd still clinging to me while his cock throbbed deep inside. Still in the glow of the orgasm I looked at the screen. Dad pulled away from Todd and rolled onto his back exhausted. Todd looked even more spent and just lay there breathing heavily. With the Todd beside me nuzzling my neck, I suddenly felt very weird, like I was in some kind of crazy upside-down dream. One thing for sure: I’d never be able to explain this to Dell.

Finally Todd exhaled and sat up, then he sprawled backward across the sofa. He laughed a little and seemed in an exceptionally good mood. I made a move to get up from the sofa but he caught me and pulled me down into his sweaty arms.

“Don’t go anywhere, Charlie. The party’s just gettin’ started.”

Party indeed. The crazy thing was I did feel like I had just been inside some kind of crazy orgy between Todd and Dad. I glanced at the screen to see what came next. Dad slapped Todd’s wet ass and got to his feet.

“Damn, man, that was hot,” grinned Todd, sitting up on the bed. “So how about another go-round?”

“Do you ever run out of steam? ” breathed Dad. “That’s about all I got in m gas tank tonight. That ought to be enough to make you and your camera happy for a while.”

Todd rose and yawned. “If you say so, dude. But remember, I can always make time for you.”

The Todd on the screen walked over and shut off the scene. I backed away from the Todd here and now.

“I had a good time, Todd, but I’ve really got to be going.”

“I had a feeling you were going to say that. But I’ll tell you something, Charlie: You and me, in the bedroom, we could make some mighty fine music together.”

I gathered my clothes and began to pull my socks and underwear back on. “That really sounds great, but it’s late and I’ve really got to run. Maybe I’ll call ya.”

Todd met me as I reached for his door. “Something tells me I shouldn’t hold my breath waitin’ for that call, Charlie. That’s really too bad because you and I, I think that could have something really special, kid.

“I like you too, Todd.”

“Just not enough, huh? . . . at least not enough to take your mind off that screen. OK, I get it. I know when it’s time to give up.”

“See ya, Todd,” I said, giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

“See ya, Charlie. Listen, if you ever get tired of—well, you know—call me. I’m always around.”

It was quite late before I got home—past three o’clock—and I headed straight to my room, hoping not to wake Dad. I stripped for bed and was out like a light the minute my head hit the pillow. I didn’t stir until late the next morning, long after Dad had left for work. It was just as well. It wouldn’t have been extremely uncomfortable facing him after the night I’d had. Not long after rising, my phone rang. It was Dell calling to find out how the date had gone.

“I have just one question for you, Charlie: Did you go home with that dog?”

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