Is My Daddy Gay Pt 7

His strong arms snaked around me and his lips parted and his tongue met mine. The rough edge of his mustache and a day’s growth of beard scratched my chin and my cheek, and I loved it.

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Once gain I moved closer to him and sniffed his wonderful manly scent. It was a mixture of aftershave and musk and a scent all his own, and it filled me with a most exquisite longing. I stood so close I could feel his body heat radiating through me. I reached out and touched him.

“Charlie . . .”

“Give me a chance, Dad. All I want to do is make you feel good.”

This time when I kissed him he didn’t push me away. He just sort of stood there as I threw my arms around him and molded myself to his form. But after a moment’s hesitation I could feel him start to respond. His strong arms snaked around me and his lips parted and his tongue met mine. The rough edge of his mustache and a day’s growth of beard scratched my chin and my cheek, and I loved it. And as he locked his mouth onto mine, I could feel every inch of him awakening to me.

We ate each other’s mouth for some time before he finally separated from me. But this time, he continued to hold me. He spoke quietly.

“I’ve gotta tell ya, Charlie, this is unchartered territory for me. What are we supposed to do now?”

I grinned and nuzzled him. “Anything we want to, Dad. As far as I’m concerned, the wilder the better.”

“Little fucker,” muttered Dad as he squeezed me and covered my mouth with another hard kiss. “You want wild? Hell, this is about as wild as it gets: a man making out with his own son. This is crazy and dangerous.”

I grinned. “Yeah, ain’t it great!”

“Damn,” muttered Dad as he brought my body fully into his, holding me in his strong embrace. I could feel the heat of him radiating right through his clothes and I groaned at the unexpected thrill of it. It was the most electric feeling I’d ever had, touching this incredible, beautiful, powerful man. Yes, I knew this was the same man I’d snuggled against when I was kid and put myself to sleep with so many times, but this time it felt like I was holding him for the very first time.

Impatient to be closer to him, I pushed off the loose shirt he was still wearing and threw it aside. Dad looked so incredibly sexy standing there in just a white t-shirt and his regulation blue pants. Once again it struck me as ironic that I’d seen him like this a thousand times before without once stopping to take note how great he looked. I began tugging at his t-shirt, anxious to remove that too, but Dad pressed another kiss upon me before I could get that off.

“Damn, I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying this,” he sighed.

“Me too, Dad,” I said, still nuzzling his neck and cheek. “It’s the best feeling ever.”

“You really do mean that, dontcha Charlie? I won’t kid you, boy, for me this is mind-blowing stuff. You’ve got me tingling right down to my toes. But if this is too much for you, all you’ve got to do is say the word and we stop right now and never mention it again.”

I laughed. “Too late, Dad. I’m not about to let you go.”

This time when I began pulling at his t-shirt, he not only didn’t stop me he helped me pull it off; then he grabbed my shirt and pulled that off too. Suddenly our hands were all over each other’s naked torsos, stroking and touching the expanse of bare skin. I could feel the smooth contour of his biceps, the downy curve of his pecs and lats, and the hard ripple of his stomach. He was so beautiful it literally took my breath away.

I began to lick and taste his body. Starting with his shoulders I worked my tongue down to his hairy chest where I singled out his ruddy tits for special attention. I wasn’t surprised to see that like me, Dad’s nipples were sensitive and responsive. If anything his were even more sensitive than mine and I delighted when he clenched his teeth as I worked over his big tits pretty well, even nipping at them gently with my teeth. From there I moved to his muscular pits where I nuzzled my mouth and tongue deep into the groove there. As I dropped lower, closer to his crotch, I couldn’t help but recall his magnificent daddy cock which he had flashed me in all its manly glory just two nights ago. I longed to see it again. I pressed my hand over the growing mound in his pants.

“Easy,” gasped Dad as I fingered his dick.

“I want to see it, Dad.”

“You’ll see it soon enough,” he mumbled and pulled me upright. This time when we kissed, the heat of his body enclosed me like a cocoon. That’s when I felt the thickness of his erection pressing into me through his dark pants. I let out a deep moan.

Finally impatient to see his cock, I separated from his grasp and began unbuckling his pants. I could tell Dad was nervous, but strangely I wasn’t. All I felt was anticipation and a thrill at knowing this fantastically beautiful man belonged to me. I pulled off his pants and then lowered his blue boxers, revealing his length of half-hard mandick. I dropped to my knees and gently took the burgeoning truncheon into my hand. It was wonderfully warm to the touch. I glanced up at Dad who was watching me with keen interest. I gently stroked it as I brought the tip to my lips.

“Aahhh, you horny little fucker,” Dad gasped as I took his manhood into my mouth. As I slowly worked my tongue all around the glans, his cock filled to its entire considerable length. I mainly focused on sucking and licking the mushroom-shaped cockhead which was so large that all by itself it seemed to fill my mouth. Nevertheless, I eagerly suckled my dad’s fat and juicy cock. It had a sweet musty salty manly taste all its own, better than any I’d ever known.

“Damn, Charlie, you do that awfully well, son. Do I want to know where you learned to give head like that?”

I just purred and went on suckling Dad’s rock-hard dick. Now and then I paused to swoop underneath and lick and lather his pendulous balls suspended in a wonderfully loose and crinkly ballsac. And all around them I could sniff Dad’s pungent thicket of pubes. Now I understood why Todd had gone so wild sucking my dad’s dick.

“Hey, how about giving me a turn at bat?” Dad said, interrupting my dreamy thoughts. He pulled me to my feet and flicked aside the shorts I was wearing. The instant he wrapped his big paw around my dick, I let out a loud gasp. I had been so caught up with servicing Dad’s hot bod that I had hardly realized just how intensely turned on I was. But the feel of Dad’s hand on me lit me up like a flare.

“Oh my God, Dad!”

He chuckled. “You like that, baby boy—having your old man touch you there? I guess I’m just gonna have to keep doing it.”

He dropped to his knees and began actively messaging my dick, making it feel fantastic. And then he did the inconceivable: My dad leaned in and took my steel-hard rod into his mouth. I yelped and jumped.

He laughed. “Dammit, Charlie, do you really like it that much? I guess it’s pretty obvious I’m not much of a cocksucker.”

“Not much of a cocksucker? Jesus, Dad, you’re giving me goose bumps.”

Still grinning he once again descended on my dick. He may not have been the most experienced cocksucker I’d been with, but right now it didn’t matter. Just feeling my dad’s big strong hands holding me and seeing his sexy mouth wrapped around my joystick was driving me bonkers. After a while I had to ease him off my super sensitive cock or I was going to start blowing cum wads all over him. Instead of letting go, he pulled me down onto the carpeted floor next to him where he continued to touch and stroke me. Eventually he worked his way around to my asshole. After lightly fingering my hole, he lifted my legs and slid a spit-slicked digit inside. Once again I jumped.

“Oh, God, Daddy!”

I was shivering all over with anticipation as he gently finger-fucked my hole. Hardly had I adjusted to the sensation of one finger sliding inside before a second one joined it, and then a third. Dad’s fingers slithered in and out, oiling me, widening my crevice, filling me with the most amazing, delicious feelings. I squirmed and groaned for more. In no time at all I had become like putty in his hands.

Dad scooped me up and laid me flat on the floor. His hands slid under me and lifted my legs into the air. Moving around me he hoisted my legs to his shoulders, and once again began to probe and prod my waiting ass, this time with his tongue. And for the third time this evening I gasped in shock. Could this really be my conservative, buttoned-down, straight-arrow, cop Dad who was lowering his mouth into my ass and plunging his tongue into my steamy hole?

“Oh my God, Dad. You’re blowing my mind.”

Dad licked and smacked at my bumhole like a pro. There was no hesitation or holding back, no clumsiness or delay, just the determined slurping of a man who knew what he wanted. I was moaning audibly as I opened myself even more to him, knowing the wonderful tingling sensation in my ass was just the foretaste of pleasures to come. Finally Dad lifted his head above the V formed by my legs and grinned at me. In that instant we exchanged a look that told me he was ready to fuck me.

Dad rose up and pulled my body to him, positioning my hole just at the tip of his cock. I was determined to watch as much as I could and rose up on my elbows straining my head forward, just enough to see what he was up to. He spit into his hand and greased his cock which was already glistening with precum. My God, his cock was magnificant, I thought. Once again Dad pushed a finger into me, but this time he used it to guide his thick mancock into my anxious crevice.

“Ohhhhhh shit,” I moaned at that first electric connection and fell back onto the floor. I felt like sparks were flying inside me.

Dad glanced up at me and I could see the intensity was just as great for him. His cock was now inside the lips of my bunghole, pushing steadily forward, but then he ran up against the barrier of my sphincter. I gasped.

“Easy, Charlie, relax. Just let it happen, boy.”

My breathing was coming in short bursts. How could I be this tight and yet want this so much? Luckily Dad didn’t seem worried at all. He just paused and held me.

“Sorry, Dad.”

He just smiled. “For what: making me happy? It’s like you say, Charlie boy: fucking perfect.”

“Oh, Dad,” I groaned and in that moment felt all the resistance in my body melt and his cock plunge deep into my ass. I lay shuddering and gasping in his grasp. I could feel the last few inches of Dad’s thick snake rolling into me, filling me to the hilt. I was lost in a world of sensation.

“How ya doin’, baby boy? Talk to me.”

“Fucking fantastic, Dad,” I said reaching out for him, pulling him to me. “It feels so good.”


“Hell yeah. Now give it to me, Dad. Fuck me!”

Dad stretched forward, pushing my legs even farther apart and giving his steely fuckshaft maximum penetration, and then began moving inside me. It was like I imagined it—only ten thousand times better. His body was like a heat engine pumping inside me, warming me from within and I was immediately caught up in that sweet hot Daddy scent that had enveloped me in his sheets. I groaned shamelessly and held onto him. The feel of his skin on mine was like being touched by flame.

“I’m so totally fucking in love with you, Dad.”

“Right back at ya, baby boy.”

With Dad’s heavenly cock moving inside me, every other thought melted out of my head. All I could focus on was how exciting this felt and just how much I wanted to please this incredible, beautiful man. From the start our bodies seemed to move in unison, to fit together seamlessly, and I responded to every downward stroke of his cock by arching my back up to meet him. And all the while I was doing this, I was purring and moaning shamelessly like a cat in heat. I could feel Dad’s hands moving along the edges of my body, tracing the line of my hips and delts, and warming me with each little touch.

As Dad’s fucking grew forceful, I began to realize just how strong he was physically. He was fucking me harder than Trey ever did, and it felt like he was penetrating deeper than Trey ever did. After a while I was being tossed about like a sailboat in a storm, and I was pretty sure Dad was about to split me open like a Christmas turkey. When I cried out in pain, Dad slackened the pace.

“Dammit, Charlie, you gotta let me know when it’s too much.”

“It’s not too much, Dad,” I said breathlessly.

“I don’t wanna hurt you, boy.”

“You could never hurt me, Dad.”

“Stubborn little fucker,” groaned Dad stretching forward, gathering me up and filling my mouth with his tongue. Gradually he resumed his fucking motion. And though it still felt great, I could tell he was holding back, being more careful. He didn’t dig as deep or pound as hard, and though I was undeniably enjoying this softer form of interplay, I knew that eventually I had to get that hot old action back. At some point he backed away and flipped me onto my stomach, and then plowed back in. The feel of Dad’s warm sweaty body on top of me, forcefully dividing my equally sweaty back and ass, exploding a whole new series of sparks in me, and sending yet another round of thrilling shock waves right down to my feet and toes.

“Ummmm,” I crooned, loving this way of fucking. Dad began driving his thick fuckpole into me with heated abandon.

“Oh fuck yeah, Dad. Fuck me like that.”

“Oooooo, Charlie. Dammit, boy. You’re milking my cock with your ass.”

We were very deep into some very heated sensual fucking now. Dad moved his hips up above my body and directed a series of power blows straight down into my ass, so deep he was grazing my prostate with every stroke and provoking from me a long string of moans and sighs. I was starting to rock back and forth, waves of sensation crashing over me.

“Daddy . . . I’m getting close . . .”

“Fuck,” grumbled Dad who abruptly pulled out of my hole and once again flipped me over on the carpeted floor. “This first time, Charlie: I want it to be face-to-face.”

By now my well-stretched hole was primed and well-oiled with the motion of our fucking, and he entered me easily. Dad tried to restrain the power of his fucking, to prolong this first time together, but the growing momentum of our lust just wouldn’t let him. Pretty soon the entire room was reverberating with the sounds of our relentless fucking, the hot slapping of his wet sweaty balls on my wet sweaty ass, accompanied by a chorus of heavy grunts and groans as we shook with every body blow. Though I didn’t know what was coming or going, I was in total fuck heaven, being fiercely reamed by the man of my dreams. And then without warning I began to cum, quaking like an aspen as waves of pure sensation blasted through me.

Oh fuck, Daddy, I’m cumming . . .”

Dad growled and kept right on fucking, even as I shook in his arms and spewed long ribbons of silvery cum in all directions. I tried to grab him but my grip kept slipping in the oily film of sweat that coated us both. Just as I was beginning to settle down, I felt him convulse, and grunt, and suddenly there were fresh rounds of pleasure grenades going off inside my guts. I screamed and started cumming all over again.

“See, I told you it wasn’t too much,” I giggled as the last of the cum trickled out of me.

Dad groaned and collapsed onto me, kissing me deeply. He seemed content to just lie there, quietly holding me and saying nothing. Finally he rolled onto his back next to me, his stomach gently heaving.

“Dad, you still alive?”

“Just barely,” he said flashing a weary grin at me. “But I’m definitely gonna have to learn how to pace myself around you, baby boy, or you’ll wear me out.”

“I have an idea: Let’s wear each other out.”

I snuggled up next to his warm, sweat-soaked body, and cradled myself in the crook of his neck. I sniffed his fragrant pits and licked his tits and was surprised to see just how hard and sensitive they still were. Dad gasped a little every time my tongue made contact. It made me feel playful to see him react so sensitively to me even after such intense sex, so I reached out and began to lightly stroke his still full cock.

“Careful there, tiger. That gun’s still cocked and loaded.”

“Are you serious?” I giggled and increased the pressure of my grip on him. I felt him flinch.

“Aaaaah, Charlie, dammit, boy!”

Dad wasn’t kidding about his cock. The damned thing had firmed up in a matter of minutes and was now starting to lift its head and leak fresh precum out of the piss slit. Intrigued, I moved closer to his musky groin and pulled his beautiful tool closer to me. Every time I moved it or tweaked it or squeezed it, Dad flinched. It was obvious his breathing was increasing and his hair-brushed skin was getting warmer.

As Dad got more turned on, so did I. I could feel little goose bumps breaking out all over my body as I guided his now fully recovered poker into my mouth.

Dad shuddered. “Oh, fuck, yeah, Charlie. That feels mighty fine, boy.”

He was right: it felt good and tasted good too, sweet and funky with the salty scent of cum on it, and the length of it stretched my jaw completely. I was in hog heaven and wasted no time chowing down in this delectable slice of prime manmeat. The taste of Dad infused my senses with an intoxicating glow. I began to deep throat him. I simply couldn’t hold back. His snake was pulsing deep into my throat, heating me up and stoking my fire from within. But after our vigorous fuck session, neither of us was in shape to last long, and it didn’t surprise me when Dad suddenly bucked, grabbed my head and began pumping a whole new load of manseed down my throat.

“Aaayyyy, Charlie, dammit, shit!”

As Dad fed me his milk, I furiously stroked my rod until I shot off too. This time, we were both too spent to do anything but curl up in each other’s arms. Filled with a peaceful glow we drifted off to sleep.

Dad roused me some time later and led me up to his room. For the first time we showered together in Dad’s big glass-enclosed shower, and despite all the space, we clung very close to each other. OK, so mainly it was me clinging onto him. I couldn’t seem to get enough of touching him. I used the soapy bar to trail my fingers over every inch of his beautiful well-muscled body. Luckily Dad didn’t seem to mind; in fact he got in on the act and began to tweak and caress me too, occasionally splashing me with water like a playful kid. I splashed him right back, so you might say we were both like a couple of kids.

But the best part came after when I climbed in Dad’s huge oversized bed for the first time since I was a little kid. Back then it was mainly so I could snuggle up close to him and drive all the demons in my dreams away; and he would let me because he knew that the real monster I feared in the middle of the night was to wake up and find him gone, just as Mom had gone, years before.

No sooner had we snuggled under the covers than I began to tug off his boxers and suck his dick. I guess that old cliché is true true: When you really love a guy you simple can’t get enough of him. And Dad to his credit just let me have my way. Sometime before midnight he rolled me onto my back and took me again, with long hard fuck strokes that punctured my pleasure center and sent me to the moon and back. This time when we drifted off, we slept the sleep of blissful exhaustion, confident in the knowledge we would be there for each other when we awoke.

Late in the night Dad woke me when he climbed out of bed and trotted off to the bathroom to pee. All I could make out in the gloom was the silhouette of a man, tall and strong with broad shoulders and a muscular butt. By the time he returned my eyes had adjusted to the dark and I could see him clearly. The image of my dad’s naked body climbing in bed next to me was an immense turn-on. He pulled me to him as he slipped under the covers, and I curled my body around his, wrapping my hand around his fat cock. Soon I’d scurry under the covers and get things heated up between us once again, but for now I was content to just snuggle close to him and talk.

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