It Started On Line (True Story)

I hunched my ass up. He moved his hips down. His cock went into my ass.

This was it. This was the moment. I was being fucked up the ass by a man. I was his sissy slut now. His girly-boy. I felt him slide deeper into me. I held him in my arms now and pulled him down onto me. Feeling him fuck me deeper until he was all the way in.

“Oh, Mark!”

“Oh, Bobbi! Oh, my little girly-boy!”

His weight was on me now, as he bucked his hips and maintained a steady rhythm. In and out of my eager ass. The preparation, the lube, the fingers… had all made this into a wondrous time.

There was discomfort. I felt stretched. It burned, like a pulled muscle… which is what it was. But it made my body tingle and my mind reel.

My cock shriveled. It shrank for some reason, even while I was as excited as I had ever been.

I moved a hand to my cock and balls and covered them with my palm. Pulling them up and out of the way. They were irrelevant at this moment. My boy-pussy was the only thing that counted. I was all-girl for now.

Mark leaned down and kissed me. Fucking his new girlfriend and thrusting that firm tongue deep into my mouth. His weight on his knees and forearms. He gripped my shoulders and pulled himself into me.

I just lay there, taking it. A sissy now. Taking cock in my ass. Giving my body up. Loving how it felt to be fucked by a manly man.

My legs found their way to the crooks of his elbows. My feet in the air on either side of his humping, thrusting torso. My arms were around his body. Around his back. Clasping him to me. My hands moved up and down his bare skin. I found his ass and pulled him into me. Feeling his buttocks clench and relax each time his wonderful cock plumbed the depths.

My eyes were on his.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“Yes… yes… yes…” I told him, in time with his cock piston.

“I love your ass, Bobbi.”

“I love your cock, Mark. I love how this feels. How it makes me feel.”

“I’m close, lover…”

I humped my hips up to meet him. “Yes, I want it. Cum, Mark. Cum in my ass. Give me your cum.”

He moved faster. Really driving into me. Faster and harder…

“OHHH god, yeah yeah yeh yeh mmmph yeah, here it comes…”

And then… he froze. He was grinding himself into me and I watched his face as he climaxed.

I looked up at him as he pumped his seed into my girly ass.

Being his slut, his bitch, his sissy cum slut.

He gritted his teeth, squeezed his eyes shut and grunted with each buck of his hips. I counted seven shots before it began to subside.

Still, he remained deep in me. Jerking and shuddering. Cumming in my ass.

I was overjoyed. Different thoughts meaning the same thing ran through my head. I had made Mark cum. He had found me so exciting. My ass around his cock had brought him off. A man had fucked me to completion. There was cum in my ass. I could feel how wide my smile was. It was stretching my face.

Mark dropped from taking his weight on his hands to his elbows. He collapsed onto me. His mouth was at my ear. I felt his hot breath as he whispered loving words.

“So good, my sissy lover. So good. I never thought I’d like this so much.”

I hugged him and replied that I hadn’t imagined how good he would make me feel.

His cock began to shrink and I felt him pull out. Cum seeped out of my ass.

I felt that stretched hole closing slowly. Mark climbed out from between my thighs and I was able to lower my legs and close them a little. Being so widely spread for so long had been quite a workout.

He lay next to me with an arm under my shoulders. I nestled into his chest. Mark idly ran his fingers up and down my belly and chest and whispered sweet nothings into my ear.

“You’re so sexy, Bobbi. You turn me on. I love your smooth skin. Your slim figure. Your sexy ass.”

He nuzzled my earlobe. Butterfly kisses down to the nape of my neck as I turned away from him slightly. We were spooning. His lips brushed against my neck and shoulders. His semi-hard dick rubbed the cheeks of my bottom.

His hand moved down to my cock. I felt it stirring. He was bringing me to another erection. His hand went around my stiffening shaft. He sat up onto one elbow so he could watch himself stroking me. I rolled back onto my back and he began to jerk me off while he kept on with his sweet compliments

I lay there with my eyes closed. Limiting my sensory input to his loving words and touch. Feeling that burning, stretched sensation in my ass and that big fist around my cock.

A gentle handjob after the rigorous shafting I’d just taken was perfect. Even though I’d stayed soft while he fucked me, precum had been steadily dribbling and I felt my foreskin slipping easily up and down again.

I moved a hand and put it on Mark’s, giving him input as to how fast he should move his hand and how hard to grip. I moaned in pleasure as he hit the perfect combination and let him bring me off.

Cum shot up. I felt it landing on my chest. Then I felt Mark’s lips around my cock again as he took the remainder of my orgasm directly into his mouth.

My hand was on the back of his head. My fingers ran through his hair.

My climax ended and Mark came back up to me. His lips found mine. We shared my cum. Then he lay down beside me. We were two naked men staring up at my hotel room ceiling, reveling in the pleasure of their first sexual encounter.

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2 thoughts on “It Started On Line (True Story)

  1. penfire says:

    OMG so HOT- wish MArk was here playing. love to feel him and also love to have Bobbie girl here to lay- sounds like one hot pussy

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