It Went Down In The Locker Room Pt 1

“You have such a fucking hot ass, Jake.” Alex groaned as he slapped Jake’s ass hard. HE then grabbed the muscled cheeks and pulled them apart, admiring his tight hole. “You ready to take my big cock inside you?”


The whistle blew, signaling the end of practice.

“Huddle up everyone,” Coach Alex yelled out, waving all the soccer players to join him at the center of the field. It was 6pm on a hot, August day, one week before classes would start for Fall semester at a small liberal arts college in central Iowa.

Jake, a college senior, was the first player to reach the huddle.

“Nice practice, Alex. Or should I say, Coach Alex?” Jake smiled as he teased his buddy.

Alex had been a senior on the team two years ago when Jake was a sophomore, and they’d been good buddies ever since. After Alex graduated, he spent a year playing soccer in the minor leagues but with no prospects for professional playing, so he had decided to go back and coach his college team when he heard that the previous coach was retiring. This was his first practice as coach.

As the rest of the squad arrived, they pulled off their shirts to cool down from the summer heat, glistening with sweat from a long training session.

“Excellent first practice everyone,” Coach Alex encouraged the team. “I know I pushed you guys hard today, but I gotta show you who’s boss around here, right?” He laughed jocularly, teasing his friends and trying to be friendly to the new players.

“Let’s all hit the showers and grab some dinner, okay?”

It was team tradition to wash up after practice each day and then go to the college dining hall to eat a huge meal together in hopes of bulking up for the season. Jake was excited to catch up with all his buddies again and hear about their summer vacations, internships, and off-season training routines. As the team hustled to the locker room, Alex pulled Jake aside.

“Hey man, quick question,” Alex began to ask Jake casually, “do you think it’d be weird if I showered with you guys? I’m basically your age, and we’ve all seen each other naked before anyway.”

“Not weird at all, Alex. You’re essentially part of the team.” Jake was being honest. Alex was easily the coolest guy he’d ever played with, so him joining the team rituals wouldn’t be uncomfortable in the slightest. He had just been on the team a few years prior, after all.

They arrived at the team’s private locker room, a fantastic perk of attending a small college with a large endowment. Of course, the space was relatively small, with just two rows of lockers, an office for the coach, and a gang-style shower with 6 huge showerheads for the guys to crowd around as they rinsed off.

Jake stripped off his soccer cleats, gym shorts, and penny jersey to the floor as he headed to the shower, knowingly showing off his newly defined abs, pecs, and shoulders. He had spent the entire summer strength training, hoping to improve his performance and make team captain. Of course, he knew it would also help him on the dating front too, being a gay dude at a college full of attractive, sexually active guys.

The second he arrived at the showers though, he realized he had been upstaged by Alex. Despite all of Jake’s own gains from the summer, he had nothing on their new coach. Alex was ripped from head to toe, his year of training obviously building out his physique. He was about 5’11”, which short blonde hair and almost no body hair. What was once a stocky frame was now completely filled out with muscle. His abs were perfectly defined, his pecs rounded and firm, and his ass tight and high. He had shaved his pubes, making his dick seem large even though it was soft.

“Fuck Alex,” said Eric, another senior on the team, “a year away has really been good to you!”

Alex smirked, aware of the stares from his players.

“Happy to be an inspiration to you all,” he joked back.

It was a good thing that Jake was already out to the team, because he began to spring a hard-on as he continued to watch Alex in the buff. Looking around, clearly a few other guys felt the same way – even some of the straight ones. Alex was a god among men, albeit, a group of very in-shape college jocks.

As they wrapped up, Jake threw on his towel and walked back to his locker to change. But suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Hey Jake,” said Coach Alex in his towel, “hold up for a second. I need to ask you something before dinner.”

“Sure man, let me just change and we can chat.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. It’ll just take a second and then we can go join the guys.” Alex motioned Jake into his office, who went in without a second thought.

Alex closed the door behind him, but left the blinds to the windows to the rest of the locker room open. He then showed Jake a seat, as he sat down in the chair behind the desk.

“First off, I wanted to say that I was impressed by your performance during practice today. You’ve obviously grown a lot since I last played with you on the team. So good work.”

“Thanks, Coach,” said Jake, seeing where this was going.

“So since you seem like a great player and even better leader, I wanted to ask you if you’d like to be team captain this year?”

Jake beamed. He was thrilled to be asked, mostly just because he loved playing soccer with these guys.

“Yes! I’d be honored, Coach”

“Fantastic,” replied Alex. “You’ve earned it, man. Of course, you know that this comes with some responsibility. You’ll be in charge in leading captain’s workouts, keeping tabs on everyone’s academics, and making sure team spirit is high. We can’t have a sour team dynamic if we want to play well.”

“For sure, Alex, I’m on it.” Jake would certainly take this responsibility seriously. After all, Alex had been team captain when Jake first joined the team and it made a huge impact on him as a player.

“Well great,” said Alex, happy for his friend. “Oh, and the other thing I wanted to say was just that I was impressed with how much stronger you’ve gotten this past year. You’re looking huge, buddy!”

Jake smiled, needing the compliment.

“Thanks man, I appreciate it. I’m not nearly as strong as you, but I’ll get there.”

“Don’t worry about that, Jake,” replied Alex. “You’re nearly as big as me, and I have a couple years on you. So what have you been doing in the gym?”

“Just the usual squats, bench presses, and a little cardio. It’s mostly worked, but I still want to build up my thighs.”

“No way,” replied Alex. “They’re looking huge! Come on, show me them again.” Alex motioned for Jake to stand up and show him his leg muscles.

Jake tried to pull up his towel to be modest, but quickly realized it couldn’t be done. So he removed his towel, letting his dick hang loose to show off his newly formed muscles.

“Looking good man, although I guess they’re not quite as defined as the rest of your body. I think you just need to keep adding weight to your squats and you’ll get there,” Alex encouraged. “That’s all I do, and you can see it’s worked well for me.” He stood up and removed his towel, flexing his leg muscles as well.

Almost immediately, Jake’s dick began to grow at the sight of Alex’s naked body. He was a little embarrassed but knew there was no sense in covering up. Alex could see clear as day Jake’s budding erection.

“Sorry man,” Jake half-apologized. “You put a muscled man in front of a gay dude, and a boner is inevitable.”

Alex chuckled. “No worries Jake, I saw you weren’t alone that way in the locker room. Honestly, I had forgotten how gay this team is,” he said with a big grin across his face.

“Yeah, probably half these guys are at least bi,” replied Jake as his erection grew to full mast.

Alex peered behind Jake’s back, noticing that the locker room had now cleared out.

“Well since you’re my new team captain and I’m feeling pretty horny myself, why don’t we get to know each other a bit more? We’ll be spending lots of time together this season after all” Alex moved inches from Jake, grabbing his ass as their cocks brushed up against one another.

“Fuck, coach, I’d like that,” Alex replied with a flirtatious grin. “What were you thinking?”

“How about you start by sucking my cock?” Alex hopped up on the desk, spreading his legs apart and pushing Jake to his knees.

Jake enthusiastically got to the ground, looking up directly into Alex’s eyes as he grabbed his still flaccid dick and low-hanging balls. Having just showered, they smelled clean but still emitted a masculine odor, Alex’s natural scent. He began to fondle his buddy’s balls as he kissed the tip of his dick, feeling it began to grow.

“That’s it, Jake,” Alex encouraged as he grabbed the back of Jake’s head, guiding it in towards his groin.

As Jake’s cock fully stiffened, Alex pushed back to admire it. It was a beauty, about 8″ long and medium girth, but with a huge, bulbous head and nice strong veins along the shaft.

“Fuck man, you have a great dick.”

“It’s never failed to make people happy,” replied Alex with a smile.

As Jake continued to play with Alex’s balls, he let his cock fully enter his mouth as he pressed lower and lower on the shaft. He let his mouth slide up and down quickly as he tried to take all of Alex’s manhood. He started to feel it hit the back of his throat, holding back his gag reflex as Alex moaned in pleasure.

“Damn Jake, you must have some practice sucking dick.”

Jake looked up knowingly at Alex, enjoying how much pleasure he was giving him. Without even touching his own cock, he felt it pulsing in the air as he used his spare hand to grope Alex’s six-pack abs and well-defined torso.

Alex began to thrust softly inside Jake’s mouth, but quickly pulled out.

“I wanna fuck something, but not just your mouth,” Alex said to Jake with a ravenous look on his face. “Lean over the desk for me, man.”

“Sure thing, Alex.” This was the moment Alex was waiting for. He stood up, positioned his legs wide parallel the desk and bent over, letting his chest hit the wood surface.

“You have such a fucking hot ass, Jake.” Alex groaned as he slapped Jake’s ass hard. HE then grabbed the muscled cheeks and pulled them apart, admiring his tight hole. “You ready to take my big cock inside you?”

“Yes, Coach!” Jake wasn’t sure what had gotten into him, but he was loving the coach/player dynamic, even though they were only a few years apart. “I want you to cum inside my ass.”

“I can definitely make that happen, Jake!” Alex spit on his hand, lubing up his dick and Jake’s ass with it. Then, he positioned his cock against Jake’s hole and pressed hard, slowing letting his cock break the tight barrier and slide in.

“Fuck, you’re thick!” Exclaimed Jake, trying to relax as the pain subsided.

“You’re so tight, Jake,” Alex grunted as he began to thrust slowly inside of Jake’s warm hole.

Alex grabbed Jake by the hips, picking up speed as he rammed his cock inside of Jake over and over again. Jake moaned loudly, enjoying the sensation of Jake’s dick hitting his prostate and hearing his balls slap against his taint.

Jake noticed a small mirror on the wall behind Alex’s desk, allowing him to see the coach as he fucked his ass from behind. Sweat was pouring down Alex’s face and chest, his muscles rippling from the post-workout activity.

“You’re so fucking hot, Alex! Keep fucking my tight ass!”

Alex smiled as he spanked Jake once more, noticing a red handprint forming on his cheek. Then, he reached around to grab Jake’s 7″ cock, stroking it at the same pace as his thrusts.

“You’re gonna make me cum, coach,” Jake squealed, the pleasure of being fucked and jacked off too much to keep going.

“Cum on my desk, Jake,” Alex commanded his player as he began to throw his body weight behind each thrust into Jake’s ass. He pulled up Jake’s torso to let his cock hit the top of the desk.

“FUCK!!” Jake screamed as his cock unloaded onto the desk. He sprayed cum across the desk’s surface, coating both the wood and some papers with his seed.

Just then, he felt Alex tense up, ramming his dick inside Jake one last time as he pushed his chest against Jake’s back and into his pool of cum on the desk.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Alex shouted uncontrollably as his dick pumped cum directly into Jake’s ass. He shuddered from the pleasure of his powerful orgasm inside Jake’s tight hole. He let his cock fully unload, filling up Jake’s hole with his seed. The both breathed heavily, panting from the exertion.

When Alex was fully dry, he pulled out his cock and let his seed stream out Jake’s gaped hole. Semen ran down his thighs, making a little pool of jizz on the ground.

“Fuck man, I haven’t fucked a dude since my own days on the team,” Alex said to Jake as they both got up, trying to wipe off with the towels they’d left on the ground.

“I didn’t know you had ever fucked a dude, Alex.”

“Yeah, and I always forget how fantastic ass is.”

“Well, we probably should join the team at dinner before they get suspicious,” said Jake.

“Sure, Jake. But don’t worry too much about that – We’ll just say we were chatting about you being our next team captain!”

Jake beamed once more, knowing this would be the start of a very good soccer season.

It Went Down In The Locker Room Pt 2

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