It Went Down In The Locker Room Pt 2

Jake pushed his cock gently against Ethan’s tight, pink hole. After a few seconds, he felt the tip pass the initial barrier, taking Ethan’s anal virginity. “Shit, man!” Ethan screamed. “Your dick is huge!”

Part 1


It was a hot, Saturday evening at the end of August. The first week of soccer practices had flown by. Coach Alex was determined to make the team better than ever, so he had pushed them hard through long days of drills, strength training, and cardio. With all the hard practices and school resuming on Monday, everyone was beginning to lose their initial momentum and start feeling the dread of a new term.

As team captain, Jake knew it would be his responsibility to check in with all the players. Especially for the underclassmen, the stress of balancing being on a demanding team with their coursework could be daunting. He remembered how when he started playing, the mentorship of his team captain Alex, now Coach Alex, had made all the difference on his experience of joining the soccer team.

At the end of Saturday practice, Coach Alex got the group into a huddle.

“I know I’ve pushed you really hard this week, guys, but it’s clear you’re making good progress. I can already see this is going to be a winning team, but only if you keep up the good work.” Alex smiled as he patted the guys around him on the back encouragingly.

“Now before you go shower up, does anyone have any announcements?”

Jake cut in. “Hey everyone, as team captain I wanted to say that if you’re feeling any stress about the school year starting soon, feel free to come chat with me. I’ll be in the locker room for a bit after practice you want to talk – nothing is off limits.”

“Thanks for doing that Jake,” said Alex. “Now go have some fun tonight and enjoy your last weekend of freedom before school starts!”

The team cheered as they ran towards the locker rooms, anxious to grab dinner and begin their night off. Most of the guys quickly rinsed off, getting dressed in their normal clothes and heading out towards the dining hall. Coach Alex even was in a hurry that night, leaving soon after the rest of the guys.

“See you on Monday, Jake,” Alex hollered as he left. “Don’t get into too much trouble tonight!” He smirked, knowing Jake loved to party.

“Don’t count on that, Coach,” Jake replied with a laugh. “You only get to be a college senior once, right?”

Alex laughed as he left the locker room, leaving it seemingly empty and quiet.

Still wet from the shower, Jake walked over to his locker in a towel. He took his time, standing in the nude as he began to dry his hair, torso, and legs. He peered around to see if anyone would take him up on his offer to chat, but it didn’t look promising. Since no one appeared to be around, he started to comb his hair, put on deodorant, and open his locker to grab his street clothes.

But just then, he heard a locker across the bank open. Still nude, Jake walked around the row to see who it was.

“Oh hey, Ethan. I didn’t think anyone was still here.”

Ethan was a new player. A sophomore, he had spent his freshman year practicing hard to get on the team, having barely missed the cut out of high school. He hadn’t showered yet but was midway through removing his sweaty athletic clothes. When Jake got there, Ethan was wearing nothing but a white jock strap.

Immediately, Jake noticed his nice physique. Ethan had an average build, not too muscular but still showing some mass. He had short dark hair with some scruff on his face and chest that had been neatly trimmed. Jake couldn’t help but think he was quite sexy. Still, he tried to focus on the situation at hand.

“Hey Jake,” Ethan replied. “Didn’t mean to be so quiet, I just got back after doing some more laps outside.”

“No worries, man. Glad to see you putting in the extra mile,” he replied, chuckling at his bad pun. “Did you want to chat or anything?”

Ethan looked a bit nervous, like he had something on his mind but felt a bit embarrassed about it.

“Well, I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Whatever it is dude, I’m sure it’s not a big deal. Are you worried about being on the team or classes or anything?”

Ethan looked a little surprised. “Oh, it’s actually not that at all. Everyone’s been great so far and I registered for some easier classes this semester to let me focus on practice.”

Jake was relieved. “Glad to hear that. So, what is it?”

“Well, I guess I wanted to ask you about something. On Monday, I got back to the locker room a little late because I did some running after practice that day too. When I got back here, I think I saw Coach Alex fucking you.”

Jake was taken aback. He thought everyone had already left the locker room that afternoon, but they had left the blinds open.

“Fuck dude, yeah, sorry about that,” Jake stammered as he tried to figure out what to say. “I didn’t realize anyone was still around that day. But you’re right, Alex did fuck me that day after practice.”

“No need to apologize man,” said Ethan, almost too casually. “Basically, I just wanted to give you a heads up to be a bit more careful if you don’t want to get caught by the other guys on the team.”

Jake breathed a sigh of relief. “Thanks for being so chill, Ethan. I appreciate it.”

“For sure, it’s not a big deal at all,” he replied. “Honestly, I thought it looked pretty great getting fucked in the ass.”

Jake laughed, surprised by Ethan’s candor.

“To be straightforward, it was pretty hot. I’ve slept around probably more than I should, and Alex has one of the best dicks I’ve ever felt.” Jake could feel himself start harden at the thought of coach fucking him.

“I’ve never done it,” said Ethan. “But I’ve always been curious.” Just then, Ethan stepped closer to Jake, placing his hand on his chest. He smiled flirtatiously as he looked directly into Jake’s blue eyes.

Jake couldn’t believe where this conversation had gone.

“Well, I have to admit that I have a thing for studs in jock straps,” Jake whispered back to Ethan, keeping up eye contact as their faces neared.

Ethan leaned forward and kissed Jake, grabbing his neck as he pulled their bodies together. As they kissed, Jake wrapped his arms around Ethan, feeling the muscles on his back as he left his hands graze down until they reached his side.

Jake played with Ethan’s jock strap, running his hands between the straps and Ethan’s ass, then pulling the straps out to let them slap against his cheeks. Ethan moaned, enjoying a man fondle his backside. His cock stiffened, pressing against the fabric in front of his jockstrap as the tip of his cock peaked out the side.

“You have such a fuckable ass,” said Jake as he continued to grope Ethan. “Lay down on the bench for me.”

Ethan did as he was told, straddling the bench between his legs, then sitting down and leaning back until his head laid down on the wood. Jake moved in front of him, also straddling the bench as he pushed up Ethan’s legs towards his face.

“Since it’s your first time, I’ll get your ass warmed up.”

Jake leaned down, bringing his face close to Ethan’s pink asshole. Just like the rest of his body, it was surrounded by trimmed black hair. Then, he began to lick the taint in long, circular motions.

Ethan moaned loudly. “Fuck, that’s incredible!”

“Just you wait,” replied Jake. He started to lap Ethan’s hole, trying to get him relaxed and loosened. He savored Ethan’s sweaty scent, the taste of an athletic stud in heat. Ethan continued to moan, clearly loving the sensation.

After a few minutes, Jake got up and positioned his body near Ethan on the bench.

“I think you’re ready for the main act,” said Jake. “Ready for this cock?”

“Yeah Jake, fuck me hard,” Ethan replied ravenously.

After lubing up his dick with spit, Jake pressed the tip of his 7-inch cock against Ethan.

“I’ll go slow, but it might still hurt at first. Just try to relax.”

“I’m ready, man. Get inside me,” Ethan moaned.

Jake pushed his cock gently against Ethan’s tight, pink hole. After a few seconds, he felt the tip pass the initial barrier, taking Ethan’s anal virginity.

“Shit, man!” Ethan screamed. “Your dick is huge!”

“I’m barely in, dude, you’re just super tight. It’ll feel great in a minute.” Jake encouraged, leaning over to kiss Ethan’s muscled chest as he let him acclimate to a cock in his ass.

Jake continued to push gently inside Ethan, letting his cock slide further and further into his hole. Ethan moaned, beginning to feel the ecstasy of anal sex as Jake’s tip poked his prostate.

“Fuck, Jake, your dick feels so good.”

“Your hole is incredibly tight, Ethan. You’re gonna make me cum so much, dude.”

Jake pulled up his chest, looking down at Ethan on the bench. His legs were over Jake’s shoulders and dick still in his jockstrap. He glistened with post-workout sweat.

Now that Ethan’s hole was loosened up a bit, Jake started to thrust in and out. Moving slowly at first, he let his cock nearly fully exit before pushing all the way back in, allowing his groin to press against Ethan’s taint.

Ethan continued to moan loudly, in a much higher tone than his normal, deep speaking voice. He was in heaven.

Jake picked up the pace. He kept his dick deep inside Ethan’s hole as he thrust quicker and quicker, now beginning to moan himself.

“You like when I pound your ass, Ethan?”

“Yeah, Jake, you feel so good inside my hole!”

After a few minutes, he had to pull out to prevent himself from cumming. He took the opportunity to show Ethan some more positions.

“Want to sit on my cock, Ethan?” Jake smiled as he laid down on his back, holding up his cock to the ceiling.

“Fuck yeah, dude,” said Ethan as he straddled Jake, lowering his ass down and subsuming his dick.

Jake grabbed Ethan’s hips, guiding them up and down as Ethan began to ride him. Finally, Ethan pushed his jockstrap to the side, releasing his cock from its confines.

“Shit man, you’re packing down there!” Jake smiled as he continued to fuck Ethan. “How big is that?”

“I don’t know, maybe 8 or 9 inches?” Ethan said back. “Just wait ’til you see it cum.”

He began to stroke his cock as he bounced up and down. Jake grabbed his ass, squeezing Ethan’s muscular cheeks as he fucked them.

“Fuck,” Ethan said loudly, starting to tense up. “I’m really close!”

Jake held up Ethan’s sides as he began to thrust rapidly inside Ethan’s hole, doing all the work from below so Ethan could focus on blowing his load.

“I’m cumming!!” Ethan screamed as his every muscle in his body tensed up. After a moment of stillness, his cock exploded out massive ropes of cum. The first blew past Jake’s head, and then the second landed directly on his neck and face. More and more came out, pooling all across Jake’s chest and stomach, running down his sides onto the bench.

“Fuck yeah, man. I’ve never seen someone cum that hard except in porn!”

“I know, dude,” replied Ethan with a laugh. “I’ve been told I should film myself.”

Jake was nearly ready to cum himself. Soaked in Ethan’s load, he leaned up and pushed Ethan back, once again getting on top. This time, he brought his legs up onto the bench, essentially planking above Ethan. He started to pound Ethan’s hole with the entire force of his bodyweight, excited to blow a huge load. Ethan moaned loudly, in some pain from the hard dicking.

“Want me to cum inside your virgin asshole?”

“Yeah Jake, breed my hole!”

Sweat and semen rolled off Jake’s body onto Ethan as Jake got closer to orgasm. Finally, he rammed his cock one final time inside Ethan.

“FUCK!” He screamed as his dick erupted, streaming his load into Ethan’s cavity. After feeling his cock pulsate a few times, he quickly pulled out and moved his cock up to Ethan’s mouth. Still streaming out huge globules of seed, he let Ethan suck him off.

“Eat my cum, Ethan. Taste how good your ass is,” he said as Ethan hungrily wrapped his lips around Jake’s dick. As Jake continued to unload, Ethan swallowed quickly, making sure his lover’s dick was clean and savoring the salty taste of his jizz.

Finally, Jake pulled out, slapping his dick playfully against Ethan’s smiling face.

“You’re pretty great for a first timer,” said Jake. “We may have to make this a regular thing.”

“I could be into that, but I want to try fucking you too,” replied Ethan.

“Anytime, man. Now, let’s go shower up and see where the night takes us.”

With that, the two guys got up from the bench and went back to the showers, Jake slapping Ethan’s newly-fucked ass on the way.

It Went Down In The Locker Room Pt 3

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4 thoughts on “It Went Down In The Locker Room Pt 2

  1. gary lloyd says:

    I am endlessly curious that every fuck session, as hot as many are, never has any concern that the fuck-ee, bottom might not be clean and ready to take a cock… It’s not pleasant to talk about, but these stories need a bit more realism… I am constantly nervous that my boyhole will be clean and welcuming to a cock… Any thoughts?

  2. william says:

    It all seems so easy to make the first connection… Then, in only a few minutes, they are fucking… Real world for me has never been so easy, except in a fuck club, and was not as a virgin for sure. Still it was hot and I made a nice mess here as I read the quickie 1st fuck for Ethan…

  3. Bucky says:

    FUCK, that was HIT ; just love that no one is uptight & accept what the other says & ENJOYS every lustful act to the MAX.

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