It’s Never Too Late For A BJ

“I’ve never had another guy handle my cock.” Charlie said. “You don’t know what you’ve been missing. How big does this big thing get when it’s angry?” he asked, stroking the shaft in his hand.


Charlie was depressed and pissed off and didn’t want to get out of bed.

Yesterday he had moved into “Manorhouse Assisted Living” and he was already sure it had been a big mistake. He was only 68, for Christ’s sake, that isn’t really old anymore.

But, he’d had a real scare a few months back when he’d had a mild heart attack and been all alone at home and had to dial 911 for help. His doctor said it could happen again at any time, so he’d moved out of his condo and into this hell hole.

Not that it was even that bad. He had what amounted to a studio apartment and it was sunny and bright with big windows and his own balcony. He had his favorite possessions with him and his own furniture. For a widower with no close family, it was the ideal situation. There was even an on-site health club downstairs that was free for use.

However…as soon as he’d arrived yesterday, there had been a train of widows and spinsters knocking on his door to “welcome” him to the complex. He had grown tired really quickly of their shiny little eyes appraising him as future husband material as it became obvious they were doing.

Now, it wasn’t even 9 AM and already some old biddy was knocking at his door.

He had slept nude because he hadn’t unpacked his clothing yet and he dragged himself out of bed and went to the door. When he looked through the peep hole, instead of some gray haired biddy there was a guy around his own age outside. He must have seen the peep hole darken because he smiled and waved and yelled, “Open up, neighbor!”

Charlie opened the door a crack and craned his head around the door.

“What is it?” he asked.

The new neighbor replied, “I fixed you breakfast.” and bent down to retrieve the tray he’d set on the floor, then stood up and pushed his way into the apartment. He walked over and set the tray on the dining table, then swiveled around to face Charlie.

“Whoa,” he said, “you should just be glad it was me instead of one of the matrimonial bureau crones. If they had seen you like that with that big meat flopping around, you’d never get rid of them hanging around.”

Charlie had forgotten that he was standing there nude and he looked down at his body. He’d never thought of his cock as any more than average, now here was a complete stranger commenting on his dick size.

“I guess I should get dressed, I wasn’t expecting visitors and you woke me up.”

“You don’t need to get dressed for me.” his visitor said. “We’re both boys and that’s not the first cock I’ve seen. Besides, you’ve got a really nice body so it’s not like you’re not easy on the eyes.”

Charlie walked over to where he’d dropped his briefs the night before and slid into them. He was conscious that the neighbor had been scoping out his ass when he bent to put them on. What was with this guy?

When Charlie turned back to face him he said, “I live in the next apartment. I figured that you’d still be getting organized so I brought you breakfast. Plus, I saw that parade of old bags dropping by to scope you out yesterday and I wanted you to know it won’t keep up. Any new guy who shows up here is automatically a potential mate if he’s breathing. We guys are outnumbered 2 to 1 around here so they try to get their claim in early.”

Charlie laughed and replied, “Well, spread the word that I’m not available. The last thing I need is some old cow bossing me around.”

“I’m glad to hear it; we guys kind of stick together around here. I’m Ben, by the way.” He stuck out his hand for Charlie to shake but Charlie knew he was staring at his crotch instead of his hand.

“You’re in really great shape for a guy our age.” Ben said. “Have you checked out our gym, yet?”

“I was planning on doing that later today.” Charlie replied.

“In that case, I’ll give you the guided tour. Sit down and eat your breakfast and I’ll go and get my gym bag. We can hop down there when you’re through. Don’t bother showering; we’ll do that after we work out. See you in a few.”

Ben crossed over and let himself out and Charlie sat down to breakfast. It was the first meal that he hadn’t cooked for himself in ages and he found himself surprisingly hungry. He was just finishing up the last of his pancakes when Ben let himself back into the apartment, gym bag slung over his shoulder.

“Good, you’re done eating.” he said. “Slip some clothes on and let’s go. As much as I like looking at you, you could start a minor riot if the biddies see you like that. And don’t worry about finding your gym clothes; I stuck some of my things in the bag for you. I judge we’re about the same size.”

Again, Charlie was aware of him staring at his crotch.

Charlie slipped his clothes on that he’d worn the day before and then followed Ben down to the gym. It was amazingly well equipped. Ben showed him into the locker room.

“We can share a locker since it’s your first time. We’ll get that sorted later.”

Ben started to strip and Charlie followed suit, hanging their clothes together in the metal locker. Charlie was uncomfortably aware of the close proximity of Ben’s nude body when they both were down to bare skin.

“I’m in pretty good shape, too, don’t you think?” Ben asked and Charlie was forced to look him over.

Their bodies were much the same, lean and tightly muscled. Charlie had a nice coating of hair on his chest whereas Ben was smooth and while Charlie had a full bush; Ben’s pubes were trimmed into a tight patch above his cock. Charlie had to admit that there was a lot of truth in Ben’s earlier comment about them being the same size. Ben’s cock hung down about 5 inches long soft, roughly the same length as Charlie’s relaxed dick. His cock seemed thicker, though and his balls seemed bigger in his stretched sack.

“Hell, we both look pretty good for a pair of old fuckers. Check out my ass, I’m really proud of not having a droopy old man’s butt.” Ben said.

Ben turned around and Charlie was confronted by a noteworthy ass. He’d never thought much about other men’s butts but Ben’s looked like it belonged on a teenaged boy. His cheeks looked like two perfect melons, rounded and firm and Charlie could tell that his ass crack was probably as hairless as most of the rest of his body.

“You’re looking at the result of about 2 million squats and lunges.” Ben said. “Let’s see yours.”

Charlie shyly turned around and said, “I’m not nearly in the shape you’re in.”

Ben took a step closer and Charlie could feel the heat radiating off of his body.

“You must do a lot of walking.” Ben said. Charlie felt him grab his ass cheek and squeeze. “You’re solid muscle. Nothing to be ashamed of with a butt like that. Come on, let’s work out.”

Ben emptied his gym bag and supplied Charlie with exercise clothes, shorts and a tank top and a worn jockstrap. Charlie felt an odd thrill putting the jock on, knowing that in the past it had often held Ben’s cock and balls. Ben watched him dress, then slipped on his own jock and turned his back to Charlie. The tight straps perfectly outlined his lush ass and lifted and separated the fleshy cheeks. He looked back over his shoulder to make sure that Charlie had seen him.

When they were both dressed they entered the gym. It felt good to be up and exerting himself and Charlie’s gloomy mood slowly subsided. This might not be such a bad place to live, after all. He certainly had an interesting neighbor.

After about an hour of exercise, Ben said, “I’m about tapped out. How about you?”

“I’m pretty much at my limit. I’ve been sweating like a pig.”

“Time to hit the showers and relax, then.” Ben said.

They returned to the locker room and stripped off their sweaty clothes and Ben said, “Follow me.”

He led Charlie into the shower room, his plush ass flexing with each step. Charlie couldn’t take his eyes of it and he wondered if Ben was deliberately trying to lead him on.

They stepped under adjoining shower heads and began soaping up. Charlie noticed that Ben took an inordinate amount of time soaping up his cock and balls, often glancing in Charlie’s direction to see if he was watching. Then he turned his back and began to soap his ass. Charlie watched his hands sliding over the full buns, caressing them and massaging them, then sliding his soapy hand between them to probe his deep ass crack. In spite of himself, Charlie felt a tingling in his cock and it seemed to fill with blood.

Ben turned around to face him again, blatantly staring at his flushed cock. He reached out and Charlie gasped when he closed his hand around his shaft.

“I’ve never had another guy handle my cock.” Charlie said.

“You don’t know what you’ve been missing. How big does this big thing get when it’s angry?” he asked, stroking the shaft in his hand.

“That’s about it, it doesn’t get hard anymore.” Charlie said, drawing away from his grasp.

“Hell, they’ve got medicine for that nowadays. We need to get you fixed up.”

They finished showering in silence, Charlie replaying in his head the whole episode of having his cock fondled by a guy. Toweling off, he couldn’t help but admire Ben’s body and he had an urge to discover what Ben’s cock would feel like in his hand.

Dressed, they exited the gym and headed up the hall to the elevators. Dr. Shapiro, the head of the building came walking toward them. The doctor was a very handsome man in his mid thirties with a compact muscular build and a full dark beard.

“Hey, Dr. S.,” Ben said, “I’ve been showing Charlie around.”

“How are you, Charlie? Are you settling in?”

“I’m making sure he feels at home, don’t worry.” Ben said. Dr. Shapiro looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Hey, doc, while we have you here,” Ben said, “Charlie wants to try out one of my Viagra. Would that be okay for him?”

Charlie, embarrassed and surprised, didn’t know what to say but he could feel himself blushing.

Dr. Shapiro, totally nonplussed, said, “Let me check that out.”

He looked at the tablet he was holding, hit some buttons and read the screen.

“That shouldn’t be a problem.” he said to Charlie. “Your blood pressure is fine. Just be aware if you start to feel faint that you should lie down.”

“Wow, doc, you examined him. Is his dick so big that he’ll faint from blood loss if it gets hard? I need to get a look at that.” Ben said.

“Just ignore him.” The doctor said to Ben. “If he gives you any problems, just let me know and I’ll prescribe something to keep him permanently sedated.”

“You just want to do that so you can sneak into my apartment and take advantage of the admittedly gorgeous butt of a helpless old man. I know how you doctors are.”

Dr. Shapiro just gave a wry grin and continued walking up the hall, waving a hand over his retreating shoulder.

“Just stop by anytime, doc. ‘All work and no play’ and all of that horseshit.”

“I can’t believe you said all of that.” Charlie said.

“He’s used to me. He’d probably worry if I didn’t say something suggestive.”

“And what was that crap about Viagra?”

“That was no crap. Come on.”

They rode up to their floor and Ben led the way to his apartment. He opened the door and ushered Charlie inside. It was the same layout as Charlie’s apartment but with more modern, oversized leather furniture and a big screen television.

“I’ll be right back.” Ben said, disappearing into the bathroom.

When he came out, he was holding a prescription bottle and standing in front of Charlie he shook a tiny blue pill into his palm.

Handing him the pill he said, “Okay, take this around 3 pm, then come over around 4 and tell me how it’s working.”

Charlie accepted the pill and then went to his own apartment. Once inside, he looked at the pill in his hand. Should he take it?

Charlie spent the rest of the day unpacking and arranging. He kept thinking about how Ben had fondled his cock in the shower and how matter of fact he was about the Viagra. It was pretty apparent, even to Charlie that Ben had more than altruistic motives for wanting him to have a hard cock. He was excited that someone actually wanted to have sex with him, at his age, but he was also frightened by the idea of trying something new.

By 3 o’clock, he had talked himself into taking the pill. Hell, just because he took it, that didn’t mean he had to go over to Ben’s. He could just try it out and see what happened, right?

He swallowed the pill and waited to see what would happen. He kept pulling out the waist band of his shorts and looking down at his cock to see if it looked any different. It didn’t.

By 3:30, he decided that the whole thing was a waste of time and that he’d take a shower and go grocery shopping. He felt disappointed.

He went into the bathroom and stripped off his clothes, then fondled his cock the way that Ben had earlier that day. It felt a lot more sensitive than usual and he felt the blood rush into it.

In the shower, he soaped his body, thinking about how Ben had looked doing the same thing earlier. His soapy hands slid over his body and he felt strange tinglings in his cock. He soaped his balls and he could feel his cock starting to harden so he slid a soapy fist up and down the shaft. He cock was growing and filling out for the first time in years. And, not only that, the whole shaft felt super sensitive and when he squeezed his swollen cock head, the sensation almost made him shoot a load. His cock was standing straight up, hard as a crowbar and seeming even bigger than it had been when he was younger.

He climbed out of the shower, the big erection swaying in the air in front of him and toweled himself dry, then wrapped the towel around his waist. The clock in the kitchen read 3:55.

“What the hell!” he thought. Ben had already seen him naked; he’d even handled his dick. It couldn’t hurt anything to share his good fortune with someone and let him see the effect his pill had had.

He stepped out into the hall and walked the few steps to Ben’s door. When he knocked he heard Ben call, “It’s unlocked, come on in.”

He opened the door and entered. Ben was sitting on one of the leather sofas totally nude with a huge erection, every bit as big and hard as Charlie’s dick.

“I took a pill, too.” Ben said. He slapped at his upright cock and watched it sway back and forth.

“Then I turned on the porn and you can see what happened.”

For the first time, Charlie was aware that the TV screen displayed a huge cock with a pair of lips sliding up and down it.

“So let’s see what it did for you.” Ben said.

Charlie hesitated, then loosened the towel around his waist and let it drop to the floor. His cock felt like it had grown even harder, excited by the sight of Ben’s big hard meat and the porno on the TV.

“Damn, buddy, that’s a real honey of a hard on. How big is that thing?” Ben asked.

“I’ve never measured it.”

Ben stood up from the sofa. “Well, bring it over here.” he said.

Charlie walked over and stood in front of Ben, who reached down and grasped both of their cocks and pressed them together, undersides rubbing together.

“I’m 8 inches, man, and your cock is bigger than mine. I can’t believe you don’t have every cock sucker in town swinging on that big thing.”

Ben sat back down and admired the big piece of meat standing in front of his face. Charlie’s cock had a wide base, then grew narrower as you looked up the shaft, then flared out wide again before narrowing again at the head. It was perfectly smooth like a piece of ivory and you could see blue veins snaking under the taut skin. His balls were in proportion to his cock, almost as big as hen’s eggs and weighing down the wrinkled sack.

“That cock was made for ass fucking.” Ben said. “Sit down here and watch some porn with me.”

Charlie sat down on the sofa and Ben moved over till their bodies were touching. Neither one of them was watching the TV. Charlie was examining Ben’s cock, noting how similar it was to his own. But, while Charlie’s cock had different widths of shaft, Ben’s was perfectly straight up and down with a fat helmet head that flared. It was also olive skinned and the skin was loose on the shaft.

Ben reached over and ran his fingers through Charlie’s abundant pubic hair.

“You should let me trim this up for you, it will make your cock look even bigger.” he said.

Charlie was still staring at his cock and Ben said, “You can touch it if you want.”

Charlie reached his hand over and closed his fist around Ben’s thick shaft. The cock was hot to the touch and harder than it looked. The loose skin slid over the steely muscle and Charlie stroked it up and down a few times.

“I’ve never touched another guy’s cock before.” he said.

Just then, the DVD came to an end. Ben jumped up and went to the TV, then crouched down in front of it to where the player sat on the bottom shelf. His legs were spread wide and his beautiful ass cheeks gaped open, his hairless crack open to view. Charlie could see his tiny puckered ass hole.

“Are you looking at my ass?” Ben asked.

“Yep, I am.”

“How does it look?”

“A lot hotter than I would have guessed.” Charlie replied. “I can sort of see now why guys fuck other guy’s asses.”

Ben crouched lower and spread his cheeks even wider for Charlie’s benefit. Charlie’s cock was so hard that it throbbed. He was admiring the view and wondering what to do next when there was a knock on the door.

“It’s open.” Ben called, standing up.

The door opened and a guy around Ben and Charlie’s age walked in. He was shorter than the two of them and had a slight paunch. When he looked at Ben’s upright cock and then at Charlie’s even bigger meat, his eyes lit up.

“Goddamn and it’s not even Christmas!” he said.

“Charlie, this is Stuart.” Ben said. “He’s the best cock sucker in the whole building.” Ben walked over and sat down next to Charlie and Stuart walked over to stand in front of them, admiring their swollen cocks.

“I’m the best dick sucker in town, not just this building, and don’t you forget it.” Stuart said.

“I invited Stuart over because I knew we’d both have erections and need them drained.” Ben said.

Charlie looked from one guy to the other before finally saying, “I’ve never had my cock sucked.”

“This really is my lucky day.” Stuart said. “Not only do you have a monster dick but I’m the first lucky cocksucker to get to drain it.”

Stuart got down on his knees in front of Charlie and Ben.

“Okay, which one of you bastards is going to feed me first?” Stuart asked.

“Do Ben and let me watch.” Charlie said. “I’m still not real sure about this.”

“Okey-dokey.” Stuart replied.

He crawled forward until he was kneeling between Ben’s wide flung legs. He reached into his pocket and drew out a handkerchief, then covered his mouth with it and removed his dentures and put them in his pocket.

Then, he grasped Ben’s big hard cock around the base. He lowered his head and stuck out his tongue, licking up the juice that was spilling out of Ben’s distended piss hole. After cleaning up every drop of precum, he opened his mouth and closed it around the big knob of cock head. Ben let out a groan of pleasure.

“I don’t care how often this old fucker sucks my dick, I never get tired of it.” he said to Charlie.

Stuart responded by lowering his head and engulfing every inch of Ben’s long cock. When his nose was resting against Ben’s short pubes, he hesitated a moment, working his throat muscles around the cock and Ben squirmed with the sensation. Charlie had never seen another guy get his dick sucked and he couldn’t believe that it was possible to swallow that much meat. His cock was throbbing, bouncing against his belly and Ben reached over and closed his hand around the thick shaft.

“It looks like this big boy is enjoying the show.” he said, lightly stroking Charlie’s cock. “He knows he’s next.”

He looked down at Stuart crouched between his legs with his lips riding up and down over his thick shaft and said, “Okay, cocksucker, show this guy how much you love the taste of big hard dick.”

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