It’s Not Just Black & White Pt 1

He knew I would cum in seconds but he was using just the right amount of pressure to pleasure me and also let me last a little while.


“Are you kidding me Nick? God damn it again? Are you fucking serious?” I yelled as I ushered the half naked man that was just balls deep in my boyfriend in our apartment. Well ex boyfriend.

“I’m sorry man, he never said he had a guy!” He was mumbling while his cock waved around still hard.

I didn’t respond just slammed the door in his face and turned to face Nick.

“Listen, Jay, I didn’t mean for this to happen at all I swear.” He said and I could feel the tension in my neck building.

“Oh what? He came over, you accidentally poured some wine and he just happened to fall over naked and hard and fuck you?”

“Well I mean he messaged me on Instagram wanting some fitness tips just being friendly. So I invited him to hang out since you’ve been working so late and I’ve been bored. One thing just kinda led to another honestly.”

“Wow. Great excuse so it’s my fault that you’re an asshole? Even after I said I was open to a threesome if you were missing new dick? Just get the fuck out!” I finally said.

He went back and forth with me a couple more times before finally packing a bag and dipping out, probably to a hotel. Probably to some other guys DM’s for a hookup.

We’d only dated like three months, but he had already cheated on me with 5 other guys. And that was what I knew about! I chalked up the first two to just being together for a month and not really exclusive. But he asked to move in in-between leases and we went public with friends and everything.

That was when the problems started. He was sneaking around, still on tinder and Grindr and man I try not to be jealous but if you move in and go out in public, maybe keep your lips off of other dicks? Especially since I had offered to do threesomes and fool around with groups if that would keep him more satisfied.

Whatever. I finally thought to myself as I locked the door behind him and took a few deep breaths to steady myself. It was 9 pm on a Wednesday and I had just kicked out my live in boyfriend. This was supposed to be a celebration day as I was finally done with my work project that was making me work much more OT than usual.

At least I was taking the next two days off to regain some semblance of where I was at in my personal life.

Which was nowhere now, I thought as I grabbed a beer from the fridge and started warming up the shower. I walked into my bedroom and stripped off my clothes and tossed them in the hamper and checked myself out in the full body mirror on my wall. Fuck I’m still young, hot, fuck him and anyone else, I’m a catch.

I am 24, red hair, about six foot tall, and a decent athletic build from playing sports all my youth, but I’ve gotten a little softer since leaving college and being less active. At least my ass jiggled now, the guys I’d been with since i moved to this city after college always told me how much they loved that.

I grabbed the beer and washed myself in the shower while drinking it. The cold beer combined with the steaming hot shower was making me feel more relaxed than I had been in a month.

I drained the rest of the beer and shut off the water. I stepped out onto my bath mat and tossed the can into the bin and grabbed my fluffy towel to dry off.

I walked back into my bedroom and started grabbing clothes from my closet. Tight, skimpy briefs that barely covered half of my ass, check. Tight chinos that showed off every inch of my legs, check. Untucked button up shirt, only halfway buttoned up, check.

Damn I looked good! I checked myself out again and then pulled on a pair of Chelsea boots and headed out the door to the bar nearby to celebrate alone.

I walked into the loud bar and had to blink my eyes a couple times with all the lights blazing from a game corner and the pool hall section. The light by the bar was much softer and that’s where I was headed anyway.

This was just a local sports bar. Salt of the earth people, loud music, games, cheap drinks. The perfect place to unwind.

I slid onto a bar stool and ordered a shot of Jameson along with a beer to chase it with. The bartender smiled at me and I think he could tell I was either celebrating or chasing some residual anger away. If he’d have guessed both, he would have been right!

I did the shot and then chased it with a few sips of beer while casually browsing my phone and checking out the scene.

“Is this spot taken or do you want to drink alone?” I heard a deep voice that was smooth as amber from just behind my right shoulder. He had to kind of shout and it made me startle a little.

“Oh! Hey!” I kinda mumbled turning to face the voice and being greeted by a big, beaming, bright white smile. “I wouldn’t mind a drinking buddy if you’re free.” I said smiling broadly back at him.

The rest of him behind his smile was just as stunning. He was a black man that looked like he bent iron bars for a living! He seemed like he was just about as tall as me, a very handsome face, and definitely a little husky, probably 30-40 pounds heavier than me. 20 years of fast food, hard work, and more than a few beers. He was wearing aged jeans and a heavy duty cotton long sleeve shirt.

“Thanks, I saw you pound that shot and thought to myself, damn he looks like a party!” He said sitting next to me, our knees casually brushing together and flashing me another big smile.

I couldn’t help but blush and take a second to gather myself. Damn I move on quick, I thought as I motioned for the bartender to bring another round for me and my new friend.

“I’m Jay!” I said reaching my hand out to his.

“Briggs.” He answered back, enveloping his large hand around mine and giving it a quick pump that crushed my fingers. “So we doing shots for a reason or is this just a normal Wednesday night for you Jay?”

The bartender set down two shots, two beers, and flashed us a big smile before walking away.

“Nope just kicked my boyfriend out of my apartment and finished a project that’s been making me work 14 hours days for a month!”

“Haha cheers to assholes and congratulations to you then!” He said raising his shot glass to clink mine before we downed the warm liquor.

“Whoo!” He cried out making me laugh as we chased with our beers.

We made small talk for a little while more before moving over to playing some of the games. They had a pinball machine and some random arcade games we took turns on or played together.

He told me that he lived a few blocks in the other direction of my apartment in relation to the bar, divorced twice, two kids both in high school, and had worked construction all his life. I told him I was a project manager, some brief details of kicking my ex out earlier that night, and had just moved to this city after college two years ago. He was older than me, 42, which led to some jokes about if you turned his age around that’s where I was, 24.

The beers we finished long ago and switched to two white claws each before I finally met his eyes with a smile and asked him if he wanted to come back to my apartment, I had a fridge full of drinks and they’d be way cheaper than here.

He agreed and we settled up at the bar and walked back to my place. I pulled my arms around my chest not anticipating the colder weather at midnight. He had brought a heavy duty work coat that kept him warm. At least I only lived a block away.

When we got to my apartment, Nick was pacing outside. “Hey listen can we talk?” He said as I approached, his eyes glancing over Briggs.

“Hell no,” I probably slurred out. “I’ve talked enough, so good night.” I said opening the door and letting Briggs inside and keeping Nick in the cold with his mouth hanging open.

I led Briggs up the stairs to my apartment.

“Hey man I don’t want to get in the middle of something if you need more time or whatever.” He said as he plodded up the stairs behind me.

“No ive done enough thinking, kicking him out was an action I should have done a long time ago. In fact, I should have never let him crash with me.” I answered as I unlocked my door and we walked in.

“Wow great place!” He said as he pulled off his coat and hung it up on my coat rack. “Should have been a damn project manager!” He said laughing with me while rubbing his hands together to warm them up.

“So any preference on drink? I’ve got white claws, craft beer, lagers, ipa’s, anything but stouts I keep here!” I said walking to the fridge and hoping he was checking me out.

“An ipa would be fine. Something a little heavier from the cold!” Briggs said as he reached down to untie and kick off his heavy boots.

I handed him the beer and cracked open a white claw for myself and pushed off my boots and excused myself to the bathroom so I could pee and give myself a once over really quick. I came back and leaned my butt against the kitchen island.

He smiled at me and took a large gulp of the beer. “Mind if use the bathroom too?”

“Of course not!” I said pointing its direction. He left and I sipped on my white claw for a couple minutes while I waited for him.

“Make yourself comfortable, mi casa, su casa” I said as he walked out of the bathroom. He smiled and walked up in front of me and reached just next to my hip and set the beer down. His hot, heavy breath I could feel on my neck.

“I could think of a few ways I could be more comfortable.” He said smiling as his right hand left his beer and grabbed my waist. His left hand reached up to wrap around the back of my neck and he pulled my lips to his.

His big lips covered mine and I got goosebumps from his large hands wrapping around my waist and neck. We kissed softly and silently for a minute. Just the sound of our bodies pressing together and the occasionally smack as we released and then locked lips again.

We broke the kiss and he smiled that big smile at me as he reached around and grabbed his beer. “Not a bad kisser…” he said as he took another large drink.

I smiled and sipped some of the white claw. “Not so bad yourself!” I answered as I set the seltzer down and wrapped both of my arms around his neck and shoulders to kiss some more. He set his beer down and gripped my hips with both hands now.

Our kisses were deeper now. His hot, heavy tongue had pressed between my lips and I was playing with his tongue. Light flicks and then deep presses as we learned what the other one liked.

I felt his hands leave my hips and I gasped into his lips as he unbuttoned my shirt all the way. His body was hot and warming me up, but I was still a little chilly from the walk. His hands pushed my shirt open and softly ran up my abs and to my chest.

I whimpered into our kiss as his fingers found my nipples and started to firmly, but softly press and tweak them. His big fingers felt so good. Suddenly he pinched me hard and I gasped as loud as I could with his tongue trying to get into my throat.

I could feel his heavy belly pressing into me, but also his hips pinning me into the counter. It felt like he had a third leg growing and I pushed my cock bulge into him. I was hard as fuck already.

His hands left playing with my nipples and travelled up to push my shirt over my shoulders and onto the counter. My hands fell from his neck to start feeling up his strong chest arms. God his arms were as thick as my thighs I think!

I muttered into his lips between our long, passionate kisses, “I love the way you touch me…your hands are so sexy…”

He didn’t answer just put his hands on my hips again and reached around to grab my ass. I was pulled away from the island as he pulled my hips into his. We grinded as he felt my ass up before coming to my front and undoing my belt, button, and tugging the zipper down. I could tell he was a pro and experienced so I had no problem letting him take the lead.

Briggs pulled me around so I was facing away from him. My hands pressed into the counter as I felt him tug my pants down to around my ankles.

“Such a pretty little white ass!” He murmured just behind my ear as I felt his hands grope me. My butt cheeks were lifted, squeezed, pressed together and then played with so they jiggled a bit in his hand.

I kicked my jeans off to the side and now I was fully aware that I was in calf height socks, briefs that covered less than half of my ass cheeks, and nothing else in front of this man I had just met who was still fully clothed. I felt so naked and exposed but more turned on by the second.

Good thing I got over it quickly because next I felt his big hands wrap into my briefs and tug those down to my ankles. I kicked those off and now here I was just in socks. My cock pointed straight out and straining with how horny I was.

I glanced over my shoulder and watched him reach up and wrap those long fingers over my shoulders. His eyes were glued to my butt. I loved that I could feel him being so turned on by my body.

Briggs pressed into my backside now. His meaty chest on my upper back, his belly on my lower back, and his bulge and thighs pressing into my ass and hamstrings.

“You are so fucking sexy.” I muttered back to him as his left hand snaked around my chest and started playing with my nipples again. His right hand started on my hip and then trailed around to my cock. His strong fingers running along the length of my shaft up to my cock head. Then back down and trailing around every inch of my balls. All the while his left hand was rubbing and pinching and alternating between my nipples.

“Such a horny boy…” he whispered in my ear. “That cock wants to explode for me doesn’t it?”

“Fuck yes I want to cum for you Briggs, I’m so fucking turned on.” I groaned back to him.

His fingers trailed from my balls and then back up my shaft to my cock head. His big fingers playing with the edges of my head. My cock was twitching in response. I pressed my ass back into him as he used just his finger tips to clamp down and start to slowly slide just over my head.

He had a soft grip with just the tips of his fingers but it was hitting every sensitive pleasure spot on my cock head. I wanted him to just grab my cock and stroke me, I knew I would cum in seconds, but I think he knew that and was using just the right amount of pressure to pleasure me and also let me last a little while. My head was spinning with the alcohol and becoming delirious with what felt like him edging me.

His left hand finally left my raw, sore nipples and came up to my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked on his fore and middle finger. Moaning around his thick fingers as he played with my cock.

“Get them wet, that’s right you sexy boy, suck those fingers hard, let that tongue drool over me…” he whispered in my ear.

Then Briggs pulled his fingers from my lips with a pop as I wanted to keep sucking him. I felt him adjust behind me and leave some space between our hips and his hand go between my ass cheeks.

Fuck now I was only in socks, getting edged and about to be fingered by this man. So vulnerable but so fucking hot, I thought. He spread my soft white cheeks and pressed his wet fingers against me. I moaned out and dropped my head down onto my arms on the counter. He kept playing with the head of my cock as he slowly kept rubbing me. Then finally with a cry from me, his large forefinger entered me. I moaned as he rubbed inside of me. Stretching and slowly fingering me with the tip of his finger before slowly he added his middle finger.

I exhaled hard and felt my toes curl as he stretched me more. Slowly sliding down to the first knuckle and making circles to stretch me out. My head spun as he slid into the second knuckle now. His fingers curling in a come here motion as my hips started to buck.

“You’re going to cum for me aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum so hard!”

Right as I finished that I felt his fingertips leave my cockhead making me moan in protest but I couldn’t move with how I was positioned with my ass in the air and his fingers inside of me. I didn’t have to wait though as Briggs large hand enveloped my shaft and gripped me tight. I bucked my hips against his fingers in my butt and his hand around my cock and a second later I was shooting one of the biggest cum shots of my life into the side of the kitchen island and the floor.

I rode him for a while. Barely able to catch my breath. My face red and sweating into my arms as I rocked back and forth into his fingers and hand. He kept a tight hold on my shaft which felt like he was forcing more and more cum out of me. I finally pushed out what felt like the last and I felt his fingers slide out of me and his hand release my dick.

“Oh my fucking god that was amazing!” I mumbled out as I raised up again. My legs unsteady and shaking, my cock dribbling out more cum. I didn’t even know I could cum that much!

I turned around to see his smiling face as he grabbed me and kissed me again. His hands on my head and his tongue deep in my throat. My hands were holding his firm sides.

I pulled my lips away, just an inch with the hard grip he had my my head. “Fuck me…” he kissed me again. I pulled away for a breathless moment, “I need you to fuck me Briggs!” Another long kiss as I squirmed in his strong arms.

“Show me your bedroom.” Was all he said as I took his hand and led him to the hallway to my room. We walked in and I crawled onto the bed and laid on my back. We didn’t bother turning the lights on. I could make out his big frame in the moonlight coming from the windows with half drawn shades anyway.

He grabbed my sock covered ankles and tugged my butt to the edge of the bed. I was on my back with my legs spread and my soft cock resting on my abs. He undressed between my legs. Shirt, then jeans, then socks, then his boxers. His heavy, thick, big black cock that I could feel when we grinded finally free.

“Oh my god you’re cock is beautiful…” I told him as he opened my nightstand and pulled out my bottle of lube.

“Thank you, it looks even better inside a cute white butt!” He said smiling as he used a lot of lube to coat every inch of his glorious shaft. Then he squeezed the bottle over me and used his fingers to get me wet. I was more soaked than the wettest pussy I was sure.

“I’m ready Briggs, I’m ready now!” I told him. All the foreplay had turned me on so much he could have rammed it in me and I would have accepted it.

With that he tossed the lube onto the bed and held my ankles as he set his knees on the bed. I wrapped my legs around his hips and felt his big body press onto me. His heavy arms were making big indents in the sheets next to my head. I could feel his cock head rubbing against my asshole.

I reached down between my legs and stared into his eyes as I guided him into me. His cock head popping into me and making my eyes bug out. It felt so fucking good and intense!

He moaned deeply above me. His hot and heavy breath washing over me. “Fuck your ass feels so good.”

I whimpered as I helped pull him into me with my hands and his hips pressing his cock deeper. I turned my head and spread my mouth over his large forearm and groaned as he stretched me fully.

“I love that tight white ass baby so fucking sexy. I’m about to fucking bottom out in you.” He said as I finally felt his full shaft penetrate me, his big heavy balls resting on my ass cheeks.

“I’m going to fuck that sexy little ass now.” He whispered as he started to fuck me with short, firm strokes. I moaned into his arm. His breath was hot and he was breathing hard as he started to lift his hips up more.

Briggs was driving about half of his cock in and out of me, slowly and firmly with a consistent pace. It was a frenzy, he knew his cock was a lot and he used its power slowly and in control like a well versed guy would.

I took my mouth off of his forearm to face his eyes again. His eyes were hard set on leading my ass into every pleasure he could pull out of me. He was focused on fucking my ass well and I appreciated it. “More Briggs, more please I need all of you!” I moaned inches from his lips and soon he was pulling up and slamming down into my ass with his full weight and power. His cock was driving from tip to balls deep as I kept my legs lifted high and gave my ass up to him.

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