Kissed By An Asian Boy (Romance)

With a bit of hesitancy, he kneeled between my legs and kissed the top of my dick. For some reason seeing a boy touching my cock with his lips made me even more aroused than I expected. My dick throbbed and Jiro smiled.


I have known Jiro since middle school, just never paid too much attention to him. He was one of the smallest, most shy kids there.

Jiro was, however, friends with my twin sister, so sometimes he came to our house. We played video games together, and hung out a bit, but not often enough to give me a chance to become close friends with him, anyway.

As we hit puberty at the end of middle school he stayed small and I had a massive growth spurt. About this time, I think, I totally stopped being aware that he even existed.

I was all over girls, started my martial arts training and befriended “popular guys”.

We all went to the same high school soon after and, there, I had my first successes in regional Muay Thai competitions. I almost exclusively hung out with rich, popular kids in school, so Jiro had become almost invisible to me. We only exchanged ‘hi’s’, and some occasional small-talks while he was visiting my sister.

My best friend Jamal was captain of the football team and all my girlfriends were cheerleaders. I was already one of the tallest guys in school with my 6’3” and I was always surrounded by a circle of people, so my life had not really allowed me to look around and notice the less popular kids in school.

But, as it was to be revealed, one kid had noticed me.

It all happened rather innocently.

One time I was eating with my guys in the school cafeteria and in my peripheral I saw a shoving contest going on.

With raised eyebrows, I noticed two idiots from different classes pushing Jiro around, until his tray fell to the ground.

I had the occasional impulse to interfere with other people’s lives (as I usually didn’t care, or rather, was too busy to notice) so I stood up and went over there.

“What the problem, Martin?” I asked with a nonchalant face, my hands crossed on my chest.

“Not a problem, Hunter,” the idiot responded. I disliked this particular kid. He was this jerk that wanted to appear as a bulky guy, but had more fat than muscles and a tiny brain. He and his friend, Joel, were standing there with rather tense faces. They knew me all too well and my status in school as a martial artist.

“Jiro, are you okay?” I asked the little student, glancing toward him with a friendly smile.

“More or less…” he murmured, looking at his tray and food scattered on the floor.

I grabbed a tray from Martin’s hands and gave it to Jiro.

“I think you need a new tray. Oh, and look. I got you a new one!”

And I smirked mischievously.

Jiro responded with a shy smile.

Of course I could hear some angry mumbling under Martin’s breath, but ignored it and went back to my table.

My friends looked at me with surprise.

Jamal leaned a bit and said, “Who’s the kid? Do you know him?”

“He’s friends with my sister. His name is Jiro.”

“Ah, yes! I remember now. I heard something about his situation. I believe those two hate him since he won a painting contest over Martin. They were disputing the verdict publicly and making a fuss about it.”

Stephen, the quarterback, made a loud grunt. “I also heard about Jiro. I heard he draws some cool comic books and has won some national awards for his work already.”

I raised my eyebrows as I didn’t know that. It was proof of how little attention I paid to Jiro. I even felt stupid as I remembered our ‘kind of friendship’ from the beginning of middle school. I felt guilty that I forgot about him…

Now, when I thought about it, I vaguely remembered his shy attempts to engage with me on different occasions, but I wasn’t very responsive to that. Not because I was rude. I was just focused on my friends and martial arts training and didn’t have time for anything else. Even my dating life was very superficial, to put it lightly.

This day our conversation quickly changed to a different topic but for some reason I darted one last gaze toward Jiro, who sat at the next table and, by chance, our eyes met.

He smiled timidly, and I responded in the same way.

Well, why not?


About a week after that situation I was watching some football game on TV in my room when I heard some laughter in the backyard below the window. I glanced out there and noticed my sister and a couple of her friends sitting in the gazebo and drinking something from a weird jar. Curiously enough Jiro was among them. I stared at him for a minute. He was smaller than most of the girls there, my sister alone with her 5’10”, towering over him.

Our parents were having a night out, so Monica used this opportunity to invite her friends over to have some garden party. I wasn’t – obviously – invited. Can’t blame her. We were not close siblings, always moving in an entirely different circle of friends.

She was the “artsy” type in our family, interested in acting, and I was the “sporty” type.

This was also the main reason why my path and Jiro’s path went in different directions at some point.

I started to practice martial arts a lot and he… practiced with his pencil.

We both were ARTISTS, but not of the same kind.

Or so I thought. Our kinship was to be of another type… As it was soon to be revealed.

But that day – I decided to ignore them and went back to watching the football game.

About an hour later I got up and was about to hit the club where my friends and I usually met on Saturdays, but I was surprised with a loud knock on my door.

“Who’s there?”


That was new!

“C’mon in.”

Jiro came inside and closed the door behind him. He was… pretty drunk, as far as I could tell. He had blurry eyes and a weird smirk on his plump lips. His walk was a bit wobbly which looked funny.

My sister should really be careful with what she’s been serving to her barely legal friends… She could get her ass in trouble, if their parents noticed…

“So. What’s up Jiro?” I said with a friendly smile.

I sat on my bed and moved my laptop aside. He weirdly jumped on the comforter and sat just next to me, his arm touching my arm and his thigh pressing on my thigh.

Odd, but okay, I was gonna listen to what he had to say anyway, mostly because of my guilty conscience for ignoring him so long.

“I wanted to thank you, Hunter. I didn’t have the courage to do it right away. You know, for helping with Martin.”

I shrugged, smiling. “No problem, Jiro. They are just assholes.”

“Yeah. You didn’t have to help me, though. Sooooo… thanks.”

His tone was a bit weird, almost seductive?

“Don’t mention it.” I shrugged again, even more intently.

He turned his face to me, and he whispered breathlessly, “Really, Hunter… I’m grateful.”

And then it happened.

He moved even closer to me, raised himself a bit and… kissed me on the lips.

I was so shocked, I didn’t react at first. He was just pressing his lips to my lips, and I was watching him with my eyes open. I didn’t push him away for some unknown reason. I was also aware he was drunk and probably didn’t know what he was doing anyway.

He backed off and stared at my face waiting for my response with a bit of fear and apprehension in his dark eyes.

But I only blinked and asked, “Are you… gay, Jiro?”

Jiro blushed. “I’m not sure about it. Maybe. Sorry, I had to… do that. It was my first kiss. It had to be you. Somebody nice. That’s all.”

“Glad I could be of help” I smiled awkwardly, feeling super weird. But why?

That he used me for his first kiss? Or… that it was more of a peck, and not a kiss. Because first kisses had to be something special, right?

My reaction just made no sense!

Why on Earth would I want him to kiss me for real? This little, scrawny kid with long black hair, big, black eyes and a weirdly pale face? Looking like the Asian version of Alita Battle Angel – with his hair flowing down to his shoulders.

So, I smiled at him softly, but I didn’t turn my head away from him, I just looked into his eyes which were a bit glazed over. His lips were pink and soft. And wet…

What a weird observation of a guy. I never noticed those kind of things.

Jiro realized my gaze was fixed on his lips and he froze, watching me attentively, almost analyzing my face, my expression, assessing me. I guess he decided I had nothing against another kiss – because… he suddenly did it again!

This time it was a real kiss.

He parted his lips and… I parted mine. I really didn’t know why!

I just let him kiss me and let his tongue meet my tongue and slide over, and rub over, and taste it… It was weirdly pleasant, and forbidden, and exciting. Like a sin, we commit in secrecy. When nobody sees, nobody knows… It’s even more enticing. And I loved secrets!

I raised my hand and put it on his slender neck, over his silky, black hair. And pulled him even closer to me.

The kiss was now a real-real kiss. Open mouths, tongues rubbing, fighting, even some moans escaping out throats. I was in some kind of pleasant haze and just enjoyed the kiss without giving it any deeper thought. So it went on for quite a long…

And suddenly I heard my sister’s voice:

“Jiro?! Where are you?”

He jumped back rapidly, pushing me away at the last moment, before she came in.

She didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, and she probably would never even consider the thought of us kissing. In her mind – I couldn’t kiss some nerdy manga artist guy – it just wasn’t fitting in her mind.

Even our red, swollen, wet lips – didn’t mean anything.

Her cluelessness was funny. And it added to “the secrecy thing” I was so up to.

“What are you doing here, Jiro? You promised Marcy a quick sketch portrait. She finished her makeup already and is waiting for you.” Monica glanced around. “You were supposed to just go to the bathroom and ended up here?”

I huffed. “Hey, leave him alone. I wanted to show him something on my laptop!”

Jiro eyed me, as if in surprise I was defending him again.

“You can do that later. Or you can join us. Maybe you can… lower yourself, Hunter, and actually get to know my friends a bit more?” she asked with a bitter tone of voice.

I bit my lips.

“You know what? Actually it’s a good idea. I can watch how Jiro is sketching Marcy. I heard he is quite an artist.”

I smiled at him. He was red as a beet, looking very embarrassed.

We went down and joined the rest in the gazebo.

All the girls sitting there were now gaping at me, as I NEVER-EVER joined their small circle. The only guy there was Jiro, and he was… as I gathered… rather not the one who would be regarded as an alpha male stud. By them or anyone, to be honest. That much I understood already. Especially after the kiss.

Jiro seemed distracted and as he sat to start drawing I could see his quick glances toward me. I sat near him, so I could better see him working. I was curious about how good he really was.

And he was good! I could see how he did it – quickly, smoothly, his hand moving over the tablet. I got closer, leaning over his slim shoulder.

“Wow, you are brilliant!” I muttered, genuinely impressed.

Jiro became even more red. “Thanks.”

I was kind of starting to respect him more now, as I knew about his talent. He was a truly bright kid. How had I ignored him so long? I now vaguely remembered he started drawing in middle school, but I never asked about it, I was a jerk, that’s for sure.

We sat there for about forty minutes before he finished, as other girls talked. In the meantime, I took the colorful “fluid” from my sister’s jar and drank it, while Jiro was focused on drawing. Soon I started to feel pleasantly relaxed.

All the time I was sitting super close to him, observing what he was doing, glancing right above his shoulder. He kinda smelled nice.

As he presented his work to everybody, all the girls were astonished. The sketch was truly good.

Marcy was jumping in excitement and happiness, she hugged him and suddenly kissed him on the lips pressing her mouth to his mouth with passion, which made me feel weird.

My eyes met his eyes.

Fuck. I swallowed and turned around to march toward the house, not even knowing why. What’s with this absurd reaction? How could I be jealous over the guy whom I had ignored for years?

But that was the reality. I felt an unusual wave of annoyance toward Marcy.

As soon as I was back in my room, I heard steps on the stairs. And a knock.

“What’s now?!”

“It’s me, Jiro…”

“Again?! Oh, c’mon.”

He came inside, and we stood in front of each other in silence for a moment. I just couldn’t stop myself from being unreasonable:

“You quickly had your second kiss, after the first, that’s for sure,” I said with an unnecessary bitter tone to my voice. I truly didn’t know what I was even doing. He wasn’t my boyfriend and I was straight!


But his reaction was different than I expected. Oddly enough he took my jealousy in a positive way?

His big eyes blinked. “But I only liked one kiss.”

I crossed my hands on my chest. “Which one?”

Jiro chuckled. “That’s a stupid question. You know well – which.”

I stared at him for a moment, and realized he was… really cute. Very small, maybe 5’3”, but cute! Why did I never see that before? With his long lush black hair and dark almond-shaped eyes and white skin. He was of Japanese descent from what I knew about him. For a moment, I carelessly admired his smooth skin, and the soft line of his lips, that I not so long ago… kissed with passion.

Finally I had to say something.

“What do you want from me?” I asked quietly.

He bit his lips. “I really don’t know. I’m kinda wondering why I don’t have a broken jaw now, after I attempted to kiss you. Still can’t believe it.”

I made a weird smirk. “To be honest, I also have no idea, I surprised myself.”

Another moment of silence.

Jiro looked aside. “Why did you run away, Hunter? The second you saw Marcy kissing me?”

“Why did you come after me?” I was not gonna let him win that easily.

He stepped closer to me. “I think I’m gay. I’m not sure. But I suspect that, especially after today, as the kiss confirmed it a bit.”

I tilted my head. “Why me? Why did you choose me for your first gay kiss? You surely heard I’ve only dated girls.”

“I heard. But… I like you. I’ve always liked you… Sometimes I stared at you in class, when you didn’t know. I have like… 100 portraits of you.” Seeing my surprised face, he chuckled and added, “Sounds kinda stalker…ish?”

“Kinda. But also sweet. In a way. Will you show me these portraits?”

“If you want. And all this time I’ve hoped you may not be totally straight after all. I felt something from you, like this… openness. You seemed more gentle, more kind… So, are you open to exploring?”

I sighed. What was the point in denying it after I plunged my tongue in his mouth.

“I guess I’m a bit less straight than I thought earlier. But you know what? I would probably need to check one more time, just to be sure.”

He blushed a bit and made another step toward me. “You wanna give it a try?”

“Why not? I’m a bit drunk also, so I’m probably more bold to experiment. But that’s okay. I might just as well have it behind me and know for sure. Right?”


So, I put my hands on his neck and pulled him closer. His pink lips parted in invitation almost instantly. I loved the eagerness for some reason, so I covered his lips with my mouth.

It was a really sweet, intoxicating feeling. I let myself just feel the pleasure, kind of swimming in the pink, delightful haze. Our tongues entwined, our hands wrapped around each other’s bodies.

And I felt it. My dick started swelling. And… his dick was swelling also, I felt it pressing on my thigh.

So, I broke the kiss. “Yep, now I’m sure. I’m not totally straight.”

I looked at Jiro. His hair was a bit rumpled, his cheeks red, his lips wet and parted and… oh so inviting.

He was a mess. But I just couldn’t stop.

So, I kissed him again. More passionately than I had ever kissed any girl. I awkwardly “walked” with him toward my bed, and we kinda slammed down on it, without breaking the kiss. I felt his dick rub over my stomach, and suddenly I wanted to see it, I don’t even know why.

For that reason, I raised my head and looked at him.

“You’re hard, right?”

Jiro blinked a bit nervously. “Yep. That’s bad?”

“Nah. I’m hard too. Pretty weird, but I kinda want to experiment a bit more. Are you on board?”


I hesitated. “So. Let’s do something bold here. Can I see it?”

He looked absolutely abashed. “Are you… sure?”

“Yeah. Pretty sure.”

“But it’s not that big.”

I chuckled. “Are you crazy? Do you think I want it to be big? I would rather you have a small one. I want to be the one with the bigger dick in the room.”

He giggled. “That’s a very logical approach. Okay. I agree.”

So, I grabbed his pants and pulled it down, his dick sprang free, bouncing over his abdomen.

It was a pretty normal 5” dick, and remembering that Jiro was so petite, it wasn’t that small at all.

I looked at it with amazement. “So cool! I never saw another guy’s dick hard like that… in my vicinity.”

He bit his lip. “So how is it?”

“Rather pretty. Looks nice and clean. Can I … touch it?”

He nodded, halting his breath.

I took his shaft in my hand.

“It’s so warm,” I murmured.

Jiro rolled his eyes. “It’s full of blood, how could it NOT be warm?”

I responded with a similar eye roll. “Right. Stupid me. Mine also is like that, but I guess you never really think about the temperature of your own dick. But when you touch another, it seems so surprising. So silky to touch.”

And I attempted to move my hand a bit up and down.

Jiro made a small gasp.

“Did you… like it?” I asked.

He chuckled. “C’mon. What do you think? It’s a dick, you touch it, so… one plus one.”

“Sorry for my dumb questions. It’s just so new to me. Kinda fascinating.” I grinned and continued to move my hand up and down. And then I had this weird thought. Maybe I could up my game a bit?

Make this experiment really interesting! So I went for it.

I lowered my head and took it in my mouth.

“Fuck!” Jiro almost jumped, dislodging my lips from his dick. “What are you doing?”

“Sorry! I didn’t know it felt that bad!”

He snorted. “No, no… that’s not it. It was just… surprising.”

“You want me to stop?”

“No! No! Absolutely no! Please. Continue… Please.”

So, I did continue it. It tasted nice – a bit of saltiness at the slit and a bit of soap.

I pressed with my tongue from the bottom and wrapped my lips around as I liked girls to do to me. I worked on it for about two or three minutes and soon his breath changed.

“Umm… Hunter… I should probably warn you, as I’m gonna…”

I did not stop.

So he did it. He unloaded in my mouth, quivering a bit and arching his hips. He also made a small moan, but deep, guttural, and long.

Surprisingly, the taste of his cum was more pleasant than I expected. Neutral, maybe even a bit sweet. Much better than mine, that’s for sure.

I lifted my head and sat next to him. My task was done, and I was weirdly proud of myself.

Jiro swallowed, his cheeks blushing.

“Thanks, Hunter. It was… nice.”

I smirked, and his eyes bore into mine. There was a moment of silence.

“Do you want me to reciprocate?”

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11 thoughts on “Kissed By An Asian Boy (Romance)

  1. LPS says:

    How does one become a logged user? I applaud you for using a proof reader! So many stories on UDATZ are ruined by such bad grammar. I would gladly edit for others. I enjoyed this story of young, innocent love and would love to read more by this author.

  2. Jay says:

    Totally loved this story – the sex sounded hot too – LOL but the storyline was the draw – we knew the sex was gonna happen, the fun was getting there – Great Job

  3. Bucky says:

    Very SEXY, innocent 1st LOVE …. that ended up being GAY & TRUE LOVE . It’s nice how they never understood their attraction due to their inexperience & unknowns . You made it beautiful how it evolved with A HAPPY ENDING. I’m glad you kept expected COMMON CONFLICTS to be minimal but realistic. I’m always praying it will be more common & normal for any 2 ppl who love each other never have to hide it .

  4. Ken says:

    Hot story! Well-written and kudos to the proof reader! Most of the other authors need a good proofreader!

  5. Bill says:

    Beautifully written story of discovery – the love between two guys is so captivating and the author has told it so poignantly. Thanks also to his proof reader! It DOES make a difference and reading a story like this easily without stumbling over grammer issues is such a joy – thanks to you both!

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