Learning About My Dad Pt 3

I had just watched this man force feed his cock down another man’s throat for the last two hours, but . . .well, he still was my father, after all.

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“Oh. My. God. Quick, Charlie, pinch me. This cannot be real.”

Dell just kept going on like that, muttering endless epithets under his breath as he sat rapt on the sofa, his eyes glued to the images spooling by on the TV screen. Occasionally, he’d cut a glance my way, his expression a mask of utter shock, then he’d go right back to the screen, staring as the vision of my Dad feeding his big erect cock into Todd’s slurping mouth.

Actually, I wasn’t doing much better than Dell. I was curled up in a side chair, taking deep breaths and tightly hugging my body as frame after frame of my fully naked father went by working his steel-hard weapon into the younger cop’s eager throat. I’d watched it all the way through, or most of it, before Dell arrived, but here I was watching it again, and was just as mesmerized and turned on as I was the first time. Finally, unable to take another second of this exquisite torture I jumped up, grabbed the remote from Dell and shut the thing off.

“Hey!” croaked Dell, finally snapped out of his spell. “What’s the big idea? You’re the one who called me over here to see this.”

“Yes, I know. But give me a fucking break, Dell. This is my dad.”

Dell glared at me, then fixed me with a knowing look. “You’ve already watched it, haven’t you?”

When I didn’t answer, Dell lunged at me, wrestled the remote out of my hand and restarted the video. “This is the wildest thing I’ve ever seen, and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let you stop me from seeing it all.”

“Fine—but cut the goddamn sound effects, will you? All that grunting is driving me crazy.”

Dell dialed down the volume, and thereby took away much of the effect the endless succession of groans and grunts were having on me. Make no mistake, every time I glanced at the screen and saw my dad fucking his cock into Todd’s deep throat, it sent a fresh chill of excitement through me. But for now, at least, I felt as if I could breathe without those heated sex sounds coiling around and choking me. And without those riveting sounds, I was able to divert my attention at least partly onto Dell. And it was then I realized he was just as turned on by the searing images on screen as I was. After several more minutes of torture Dell turned and looked at me.

“And you really didn’t know . . .?”

“That he was doing that? God no. Don’t you think I would have told you?’

“Jesus H. Christ,” sighed Dell. “Charlie, this is huge.”

“You’re telling me? What the hell am I gonna do about it?”

“What are you going to do? How the hell should I know?”

“Well, for heaven’s sake, Dell, why do you think I called you!”

“OK, OK, settle down, little Mary Sunshine ” said Dell, once again studying the screen. “You do know, don’t you, that you’re not the first guy to discover his dad is gay, though I have to admit finding out this way, now that takes the cake. The only thing worse would’ve been if you had actually walked in and caught ’em doing it.”

“Shut up, Dell. This is no time for jokes. Talk about a total fucking disaster.”

Dell snickered and then cut his eyes my way and tried to look serious. But there was no disguising how much he was getting caught up in the images on-screen. “Say what you want, Charlie C, but this is hot. I mean, really incredibly smoking hot. Why didn’t you tell me your dad looked like that without his clothes on?”

I grabbed a cushion off the recliner and threw it at Dell who just dodged it and snickered again. Frustrated, I reached over and once again took the remote and shut the tape off. “We need a break. Don’t argue with me, Dell. Maybe yours aren’t, but my eyes are burning. We can finish this later.”

“I’m not arguing,” said Dell, standing up, taking a deep breath and running his hand across the nape of his neck. “For some reason my neck is stiff and my throat is dry. I could go for a soda. You want one?”

“Yeah,” I said, following him into the kitchen.

“But how could he be gay?” I said, downing a big gulp of the soda. “I would’ve known.”

“How would you have known?” said Dell, fixing me with a look. “Think about it, Charlie. How many times have you and I sat around talking about some famous macho guy who everybody thought was straight as an arrow, and turned out to be as queer as a two-dollar bill? It happens all the time. It makes you wonder, though. About your mom, I mean. Maybe the real reason she took off was that she found out that your dad actually prefers dudes, and she couldn’t take it.”

“Makes sense—except that’s just a bunch of bull, Dell. I was around then, remember? I know the real reason she left, and it was because she couldn’t handle the responsibility of raising a kid. And, besides, she wasn’t his only one, you know. My dad’s had lots of girlfriends since then. There was a really pretty one just a couple of years ago, and I know for a fact they were doing it.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I heard them—especially her. She wasn’t exactly the quiet type, if you know what I mean, and when she slept over, I swear you could her squealing all the way down the hall. There was no faking that.”

“OK, so he was straight once, and then he flipped, and became gay. Or maybe half-gay. Jesus, I don’t know. This is starting to hurt my brain. I’m fresh out of ideas. You got any?”

“You’re really giving up so easily? That’s not like you.”

“Will you cut me some slack?” said Dell throwing up his hands. “You invite me over here, throw me for a loop by showing your straight-arrow cop dad force feeding his cock down some guy’s throat, and expect me to explain it all in twenty words or less. OK, sorry. I think I’d the one who needs to take a chill pill now. Look, Charlie, this isn’t the end of the world. Heck, if I were to find out my dad was gay, I’d probably throw a fucking party. Maybe the real question isn’t how could he be gay, but why are you so upset by it? And in any case, this little intermission is over. Time to restart the movie. Maybe further viewing will give us a clue as to what’s actually going on.”

An hour later we had made it through most of the tape. It was taking so long because Dell kept slowing it down and backing it up, then pausing it to make little observations and ask impossible questions. I had pulled my feet up and coiled back into my lounge chair. Dell was so absorbed by the screen that he didn’t seem to notice me pulling the edges of my T-shirt down over my shorts so that I could press my hand over my crotch and gently finger my cock. I couldn’t help it. I was as hard as a rock.

“Charlie, look at that. Have you ever noticed that your dad has a cute little mole on his left cheek?”

“Fuck, no, Dell. I really hadn’t been studying my dad’s naked butt lately.”

Dell just chuckled. By now he was totally ignoring my snarky little comments and thoroughly enjoying the show. “What difference does it make—right? Not when you have a butt like that. Damn, the whole package looks good. So how did he get all those muscles?”

“He runs a coupla times a week, plus he works out regularly at the police gym. But I thought you knew that, Dell.”

“I may have, I don’t know. Funny how you can be around someone for years and yet still not really see them—huh?”

The truth of Dell’s words had only begun to sink into me when suddenly there was another shock. The scene we were watching came to an end and almost immediately another scene started up.

Dell gasped. “Jesus-Fucking-Christ, Charlie, there’s a second part. Did you know that?”

“Hell, no!” I yelped. “I was only getting to the end of the first part when you showed up. My God, this really is a whole other scene.”

It was indeed. Obviously taped some time after the first, this scene had quite a different look and feel. The picture seemed brighter, sharper, less murky. Dad was already seated on the edge of Todd’s bed when the action started, this time wearing an undershirt as well as his signature boxers. Todd appeared wearing a pair of underwear himself and made a beeline for Dad who showed none of the hesitancy of the first scene. He stood as Todd approached and began shedding his own underwear, not waiting for Todd. Following Dad’s example, Todd quickly stepped out of his own boxer briefs and knelt down in front of Dad.

Dad seemed not just more comfortable but more confident in this scene. He and Todd had obviously been fucking around on a regular basis off camera for some time. Seeing the ease with which they approached and touched each other, even caressed each other, left me feeling distinctly strange and left out. That first time, when they had seemed so awkward and uncomfortable with each other, warmed and excited me because I felt like I was right there in the moment with them as they were discovering each other sexually for the first time. Now I just felt—excluded, like I never was a part of it. And now I had to confront the real feeling these scenes were exciting in me: jealousy.

“Oh, damn, this one’s even hotter than the first!” declared Dell as he saw the urgency with which Todd swallowed Dad’s hunk of thick meat.

Dad settled back on the bed and spread his legs, content to let Todd do most of the work while he sat back and enjoyed the fruits of the boy cop’s sucking skills. But if Dad was more into the pure enjoyment of the moment this time around, so was Todd. After only a few minutes of active sucking, Todd eased off of Dad’s now wet and glistening manrod and began to sensually stroke it while settling in for a spell of licking and tonguing the hairy underside of it. Dad groaned audibly when the young cop brought his moist lips down to the pendulous brown ballsac, hanging sensuously between Dad’s well-muscled thighs.

“Fuck, yeah, Toddy boy. Take care of Daddy’s nuts. You know how I like it.”

An involuntary gasp escaped me when Dad said that, using words that almost made it feel like he was talking more to me than Todd. Even Dell was shocked and shot me a look when the word ‘Daddy’ escaped those lips. But who were we kidding? Talk like that only made this thing that much more intoxicating.

By now, neither Dell nor I was making much of an effort to disguise just how turned on we were. We were both starting to breathe heavily and rub our hands over various parts of our bodies. Both of us exhaled when Todd make contact with Dad’s well-turned balls, and then we sucked air when Todd crammed them greedily into his mouth and made Dad visibly shudder and throw back his head.

“OK, this is hot—right? Tell me this is hot,” breathed Dell who by now was cupping his own hardon as blatantly as I was. Dell and I had watched porn together before, even openly stroked ourselves on occasion when some fine young stud had struck our fancy on screen. But there is a world of distinction between watching the commercial stuff and this, the difference being experiencing something you know is fake and then getting caught up in something you know is the real thing. And this was about as real as it gets. I could see the sweaty sheen breaking out on their bodies, feel the magnetic pulse in their loins, and smell the simmering musk rising off their hairy bodies.

Some minutes later Dad was on his feet, ready to start pumping in earnest his cock down Todd’s willing throat. A couple of times, he pressed so deep that poor Todd had to momentarily pull back to catch his breath and try to swallow the undoubtedly thick streams of precum Dad was putting out. Dad seemed rather amused when the younger man couldn’t keep pace with him.

“What’s the matter, Donovan? This meat too much for ya?”

“Hell, no,” grinned Todd, still trying to catch his breath. “You just keep bringin’ it, old man. I can handle anything you got.”

“I know you can. You really do love gettin’ it—dontcha, boy?”

As if to prove the point Todd descended back onto Dad’s dick, humming and purring as he suckled it. Every now and then he would grab his own dick and give it a few quick furious strokes, but it hardly seemed to need the attention. From the time Todd removed his briefs until now, his own rod had stood bolt upright like the mast of a ship.

As the tension between Todd and Dad heated up I felt myself being drawn even closer to the screen. As in the first scene, Dad locked his grip on Todd’s head, steadied himself, and began heavily fucking his cock fully into the boy cop’s open throat. The first scene had ended when Dad had pulled out and plastered his seed all over Todd’ face and chest. As I watched him now, his expression a sold mask of lust and concentration, I wondered if he would do the same or force Todd to swallow his fiery man-load. I held my breath awaiting the outcome.

“Did you hear that?” asked Dell, glancing over his shoulder.

“What?” I said.

“I thought I heard something . . .”

And then I heard it too: the clear sound of a car door being slammed shut. I turned to Dell.

“Oh, shit, what time is it?”

“Wow, six-thirty. Who knew it was so late?”

Already I could hear the kitchen door being opened, the one that leads to the garage. Frantically, I grabbed the remote and shifted the TV reception to a cable channel, then I glanced at Dell.

“Whatever you do, Dell, act natural.”

Just then I heard a familiar voice calling out from down the hall.

“Am I hearing voices in the house? Now who the Sam Hill can that be?”

“It’s me, Dad,” I yelled in the direction of the hall. “We’re in the den.”

Dad stuck his head in the wide entranceway and smiled. “Hey there, stranger. Long time no see. You don’t call. You don’t write . . .”

“It’s good to see you too, Dad.”

“Fuck that. Get your butt over here and give your old dad a hug.”

I dutifully did as I was told, rolling my eyes as I did. This had become a little ritual we observed whenever I came home from college: him demanding I come and give him a big hug hello and me pretending it was just too damned corny. There was just one little problem: This time my heart was pounding in my chest like a gong. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that that stupid video was still playing on the machine, covered up by a TV show, and I hadn’t even remembered to hide the damned DVD case that was lying in clear sight on the coffee table!

Dad wrapped me up in a big bear hug and shook me. Out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of Dell blessedly grabbing the case and shoving it behind a cushion on the sofa. He then stared at me with an expression of abject horror.

“Dad, jeez, you’re squeezing me to death, ” I protested after a moment, which was also part of the ritual, at which point he reluctantly let me go, still grinning wide. I tried to look as nonchalant as usual, but the truth was that for the first time in my life I was feeling totally weirded out by my own father. He may have been feeling warm and fuzzy, but I was feeling something else, but what—overwhelmed? Confused? Turned on? That last thought really threw me for a loop. I mean, yes, I knew I was feeling turned on. I had just watched this man force feed his cock down another man’s throat for the last two hours, but . . .well, he still was my father, after all. Talk about confused. And to be even more honest, feeling Dad’s arms around me, feeling the warmth of his body pressing into me, smelling that distinctive mix of aftershave and musk, and just a hint of sweat that marked him after a long day on the job—all this was also giving me some pretty confusing feelings. I was glad he let me go when he did because I was starting to feel awful warm myself.

“Dad, hey, look who’s here: Dell!”

“I see him hiding over there on the sofa. Hey you, kid, get your skinny ass over here and gimme a hug too.”

Dell meekly complied, even managing a guilty-looking smile before being swallowed up in Dad’s huge embrace. Jesus, Dad really is a big guy, I thought, strong and tall. Muscular. Square-shouldered. But still lean and compact in a really nice-looking sort of way. And even as I stood by, watching him, assessing him, I couldn’t keep my eye from trailing down, to his waist, and butt, also so firm and rounded in just a nice sexy way. Goddammit, I thought. Put your fucking eyes somewhere else!

Glancing over Dad’s shoulder I could see poor Dell with a near panicked expression on his face. He was obviously thinking the same sort of things I was, and really not doing a very good job of covering it up. Before Dad saw that face, I decided I’d better distract him.

“Dad, you’re home sort of early, aren’t you? I mean, don’t you usually work that part-time security job on Fridays after your shift?”

“Yeah, usually,” he said, releasing Dell and turning to me. “But I blew it off, called in sick. It’s been a long week. Hell, I’m old, pooped. I’ll probably try to pick up some extra hours tomorrow night.”

“You—old? I can’t believe you said that, Mr. C,” said Dell, now staring at my dad like he was a porn star. “You’re in fantastic shape.”

Once again I was glad Dad was looking at me and not Dell. Asking him to act nonchalant was like asking Nicki Minaj to act nonchalant—not possible.

“I’ve really missed this,” said Dad, beaming at the both of us. “Coming home, finding you guys here hanging out. I mean, I thought I was going to love having a quiet house, no TV constantly blaring, no stereo blasting. But now that I’ve got it, the place is like a funeral home, too damned quiet.”

“Yeah, let me cut that off,” I said, grabbing the remote and shutting off the TV while still noticing that the DVD player was still going. Luckily, Dad had his back to the TV and had not noticed.

“Yeah, that was just on,” volunteered Dell. “We weren’t even watching it.”

“I have an idea,” said Dad. “If you guys don’t have any plans for tonight, how about splitting a pizza with me? My treat. I don’t feel like trying to whip up anything. What do you say, college men?”

“Great,” I said.

Dad grinned and began unbuttoning his regulation blue shirt. “I’m gonna head up to my room and get out of these clothes and into a hot shower. Order what you want, I’m open to anything. But why am I telling you? You know what I like.”

Dad disappeared into the hall and headed for the stairs. I turned to Dell and gave him an irritated look.

“Really, Dell: ‘Oooo, Mr. C, you look sooo good. You look sooo fine. I could just lick you from head to toe.'”

Dell giggled. “Is that supposed to be me? I know I did not say that.”

“You might as well have, from the way you were ogling him. Dell, we have to be careful . . . and smart, if we’re ever going to figure out what’s going on with my dad.”

“And just for the record, I do not ever sound anything like that.”

“Focus, Dell. Now hand me that case.”

Dell retrieved the jewel case from behind the cushion where he’d hid it and gave it to me. I quickly ejected the disc and tucked it back into the case.

“I can’t believe my dad stood next to this thing and never noticed it was running. At least some of our luck is holding.”

“And I was quick enough to tuck that case out of sight—quick as a fox.”

“Yes, Dell, you were Johnny on the spot. And thank God you were. But I just had another horrifying thought. What if he goes looking in his drawer for some underwear and sees the disc is missing?”

“Then I’d say our gooses—geece?—are cooked. Charlie, you’d better get that thing back in his drawer right now, before he has a chance to see it’s gone.”

I had to laugh. “This just gets better and better, doesn’t it? Well, come on. Let’s sneak up there and see if he’s gotten in the shower yet.”

We crept up the stairs and peered cautiously into Dad’s bedroom. The shower in his bathroom was running, so I motioned to Dell to follow me over to the chest, but he balked.

“You go,” he said, looking uncomfortable. “I’ll wait out here.”

“Coward,” I muttered and scurried across the room to the large chest on the far wall. Pulling out the top drawer, I tucked the disc back where I’d found it and gave a huge sigh.

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    Really didn’t care to hear about the movie Gilda. Was much more interested in talking to Daddy about his huge cock in a hot guys mouth.

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