Leather Dom Forced To Submit

Getting his cock up a sub’s tight and willing ass was always enjoyed, but he also enjoyed just getting his sub to get off – knowing that the sub would be more than willing to help Mark get his rocks off whenever he wanted to and by whatever means Mark saw fit to use.


Mark walked into the room and threw his tie and jacket onto the bed. He unbuttoned the tailored shirt and dropped the slacks to the floor. Getting home on Friday afternoon was always one of his favorite times. He could drop all of his office drag – the Brooks Brothers suits and shoes – and get ready for another weekend of fun. He enjoyed his job as the head of the IT department for a local financial house – having turned his mathematical and analytical talents from accounting to computers many years ago. But, it was still always such a pleasure to strip the buttoned up executive away and let the leather man within come out. He dropped his boxers to the floor and kicked them to the closet.

Standing nude in his bedroom, he admired his reflection in the mirrored wardrobe doors. For an ‘office’ guy in his late 30’s, he was still in great shape. And he went to the gym 3 times a week to keep it that way. He was 6’2″ of all American beef. They always used to call him ‘the boy next door’ when growing up, remarking on his wholesome and clean-cut image. He still had that clean-cut image, but now there was a bit of kink thrown in, as well. He joked sometimes that he looked like the man your mama wanted you to marry – while inside, he was the man your mama warned you about.

He stood a few moments longer, turning to give his body another once over. His dark hair was just beginning to show the slight salt & pepper of time, mostly showing on his sculpted chest. His pubes had yet to show any gray, but he knew they’d get that way sooner or later – every man’s did. He kept his balls shaved and his pubes trimmed. With nearly 20 years wearing leather harnesses, jocks, chaps and other garments under his belt, he’d had a few hair pinches by unforgiving buckles and snaps. On a weekly basis, he’d stroke his cock in the shower, getting his 9 inches up and hard. He’d then set about the enjoyable task of shaving his balls. Every once in a while, one of the subs he’d meet online would want to shave them for him, and he was a willing top – giving in to another of his secret pleasures. His Oster trimmer took care of the pubes, trimming them up and keeping them neat and tidy.

He felt his cock begin to stir, plumping as the blood pumped into his veins. He immediately began to think of baseball, nuns, and computer problems – anything to get his mind off of his growing cock. He stepped to the dresser and pulled on a pair of his ‘house shorts’ – the ones that he’d bought strictly for wearing around the house and using as pajamas… But he only used them as pjs when he had family visiting him. Otherwise, he always slept in the nude. Feeling the cool cotton sheets against his bare ass and body was another of life’s simple joys.

Mark stepped down the hall to his office. He flipped on his PC and waited as it came up. He’d found a great Tom of Finland print online and used it as his desktop. Seeing the work of a truly gifted artist each day gave him a lift. It added a nice counterpoint to the other erotic artwork adorning his den walls. Most of the other artwork was more pedestrian in nature – prints lined the walls, ranging from Mapplethorpe and Ritts to Botero and Rivera. He had an eclectic taste in his artwork – but it was always about the human form, no matter what the state of dress or undress the work depicted.

He signed onto his e-mail account and waded through the tons of junk and spam. Here and there, Mark would come across a note from a friend or relative, just checking in and checking up. His favorites, though, were always the ones forwarded from the leather website he’d joined – notes of other tops and subs, wanting to hook up. Occasionally, there would be a short story or a new chapter from one of the group’s members. He loved reading them whenever they arrived. He was always impressed with the creativity the storylines encompassed. He also found many of them to be quite erotic, and he’d used a few as jerk off material, just as he’d use porn videos from time to time.

There wasn’t a lot this time, but one e-mail stood out – it was from somebody with the handle kinkysubtoy from the site. Kinkysubtoy had checked out Mark’s online profile from time to time. The site had a tracking system in place so that users could see who’d been checking them out – and contact them if further ‘investigation’ was wanted. kinkysubtoy didn’t have many pictures of himself on the site, but those that were there spoke volumes. kinkysubtoy’s pictures always showed him being bound and gagged, tied to assorted beds, racks and St. Andrew’s Crosses and seemingly enjoying every minute. Many times, there would be a flogger arcing into the frame, targeting kinkysubtoy’s backside. Mark was intrigued by kinkysubtoy and it seemed as though kinkysubtoy was interested in Mark – or at least Mark’s alter ego of LeatherTopMQ.

He read over the e-mail quickly – it was suggesting that Mark and kinkysubtoy meet up tonight for a beer or something and see if the two men could hook up for some play. Mark was up for it, and replied back that he’d be at The Rack around 9:00 pm and that kinkysubtoy would do well to be on time. Mark always got a visceral thrill from being the Dom in a scene. But, it always played upon Mark’s desire to please. He would give the sub exactly what he – or she, occasionally – wanted. Mark truly believed that play was play and that skin was skin. His floggers and whips did not see any difference between a female sub’s back and a male sub, so why should Mark? Mark also felt that any kind of scene – whether just a simple flogging or a full-scale mummification – did not always have to lead to all out fucking. Sure, getting his cock up a sub’s tight and willing ass was always enjoyed, but he also enjoyed just getting his sub to get off – knowing that the sub would be more than willing to help Mark get his rocks off whenever he wanted to and by whatever means Mark saw fit to use.

Mark sent off the reply e-mail and did a bit of surfing the net, checking out his usual hits and checking out the site for The Rack – looking at the ‘calendar’ page, to see if it was some kind of special night tonight. There was nothing mentioned for this evening – no special parties or events. Just a TBA showing above the weekly drink specials. But Mark was feeling it was going to be a special night, tonight. And it was to be a special night, indeed.

Mark stepped from the shower and dried himself off. The quick shower served to refresh his senses and rinse off the grime of his day. It was almost a spiritual step for him – a ritual cleansing of the last bits of office drag from his system – refreshing his body and spirit from the workday world he would face again in a few days. He added a drop of hair goo to his head to amplify the natural spikiness of his dark hair. During the week, he would flatten the hair down and to the side, making the clean-cut and wholesome boy come out. Now it was time for the darker, kinkier side to make its appearance.

Mark dressed in his leathers, slowly and assuredly, making sure that each part of his gear fit perfectly, showing his assets in their best light. The harness he wore was custom measured and fitted – with 3″ wide front and should straps, thinner straps wrapping around the bottom of his ribs, and a 2″ strap slipping down his abs to connect to the steel cock ring. From there, another 2″ wide strap continued around to his ass and up his back, meeting with the lower chest straps. The fatter shoulder straps encircled his arms, coming back forward to meet in the center of his chest. He pulled on a pair of leather pants, a pair of black combat boots and his vest. He checked his look in the mirror, enjoying the tug on his balls from the cock ring, each time he moved or twisted his torso. He grabbed a bag of toys – floggers, whips, paddles, dildos and other tricks of the trade – and headed out the door.

Mark arrived at The Rack at about a quarter after 8 – figuring he’d get a bit of socializing with a few of the regulars and bartenders he knew. He ordered a drink and chatted with Mike, the regular bartender. “So, what’s the event for the night, Mike? On the web, it just showed ‘to be announced’. What gives?”

“I dunno, man. I don’t know what they’ve got goin’ on tonight. We’ve got this new kid doing the web – and he’s also our newest bar back boy. I thought he was putting something up, but maybe he just didn’t have the time. Jake!” Mike called out towards the back room. “Jake! Come here, boy! I want you to meet somebody!”

“I guess this Jake is the new bar toy, eh?” Mark inquired. “Does he fit around here? I mean, he’s not gonna be like that nelly thing you guys had before, right? You could tell he wasn’t into leather by the look on his face. Especially when some of the bears walked in that night.” Mike and Mark chuckled a little at that memory. The local bears group hosted a harness & jock party a few weeks ago – with the required attire to be either a harness or a jock – and not much else. The old bar back had such a look on his face each time another bear walked in the door, proud of their size and their hairy assets.

A young guy walked out of the back room, carrying a case of beer. “Where would you like this case of beer, Mike?” he asked.

“Put it on that end cooler. Then come back, I want to introduce you to a pal of mine!” Mike replied.

Mark looked at Jake, admiring what he could see of the boy. He must have been in his mid 20s, and he was probably about 5’10” or so. He was wearing a pair of tight jeans and a white tank top – snugly fitting the shape of his body. Mark figured Jake must have been involved in water sports in high school –swimming, diving, water polo, etc.. He had that tight build of a swimmer, trim but with a lot of muscle definition. He had dirty blond hair, and it was cut short and close to the scalp for the least resistance in the water. Mark could see that he had a round and firm looking ass, and that Jake’s thighs must be powerfully built. On his return from the end of the bar, Mark could see Jake’s chest more clearly. His pecs were well shaped and big, with nipples protruding, pulling the ribbed fabric of the tee shirt. While it was a bit cool in the bar, Mark knew those nipples were firm and robust from years of play, not from the coolness in the air.

There was something familiar in the set of the boy’s jaw line; something that sparked in Mark’s head. It must be that he reminded him of somebody, but he couldn’t quite be sure who it was. The jaw was somewhat square and stout – looking much like the strong faces many artists created for their heroes. The dark blond hair framed the rest of his squared and solid looking face. Bright green eyes shone out from the face, helping to soften the kid’s face and look.

“Jake, I’d like you to meet Mark. He’s a pal of mine and he’s quite a regular here, as well. You’ll probably get to see a lot of him here. As long as you work out, that is.”

Mark put his hand out and Jake’s rose to meet his. They grasped hands and shook for a second, each seeming to measure the other up. “It’s nice to meet you, Sir,” Jake said, showing his respect, a slight texture to his voice, an accent from somewhere, but Mark could not place it. “I’m hope that I get to know you better.” Mark couldn’t be sure, but he sensed a twinkling in the kid’s eyes.

“Great to meet you, too, Jake. I may end up calling you boy from time to time. I don’t mean anything by it, really. Just a force of habit. I’ve called most of the bar backs ‘boy’ for years. It just seems natural.”

“Not a problem, Sir. I quite understand. And, I’m used to being called boy. When you’re young in the leather world, it just seems to fit. And I don’t mind, since I am a bit of a boy when it comes to leather and BDSM, Sir.” The politeness to the boy’s speech was quite welcome to Mark’s ears; and quite rare in this day and age.

“We’ll get along just fine, then, boy!” A smile crossed Mark’s face. He could feel a bit of a stir of his cock, thinking about how great it would be to see what the boy had going on underneath the jeans and tee shirt.

“Well, I had better get back to stocking the bar. I would like to keep this job. I like the atmosphere and the clientele, Sir,” Jake said as he headed towards the back room again.

The bar started getting a bit more crowded as other leather men and boys came in. Mark spoke with those that he knew or recognized and checked his watch. It was nearly 9:00 and he was waiting for kinkysubtoy to make an entrance. He had told him to meet him at the corner of the bar, near the St. Andrew’s cross. This was one of the better-lit areas of the bars and he would be more visible here.

A half an hour had passed, and Mark was feeling a little mad. The sub had replied back that he would be there, without a doubt, and now he was late. Or he’d gotten scared and decided to not show up or to not talk to Mark. While it wasn’t OK for the sub to not show up, Mark was able to keep himself occupied, talking to other guys in the bar, as well as talking with Mike and checking out Jake. There was something about the kid that Mark couldn’t quite shake – something special about him kept him in Mark’s mind and view.

One of the other regulars at the bar, Josh, stepped up to Mark, with one of his boys in tow. Josh was an older leather Daddy type of guy, easily in his 50s. He came here every couple of weeks, bringing along one boy or a couple of them. He was fairly well off, and had a few boys in his stable. Tonight, Mark thought it was boy tom that was with him, but he couldn’t see the boy’s face under the mask that covered his face. Josh led him around the bar by a leash that disappeared into the boy’s jock, attached, no doubt, to a cock ring.

“Hi, Mark. How are you this evening? You remember My boy tom?” he said, tugging lightly on the leash, causing the bulge of the jock to bounce. The boy obediently bowed his head and dropped to one knee, greeting Mark.

“Yes, Josh. How are you? And how is Your boy doing this evening? And the other boys? I assume they are well?”

“Yes, yes. They’re all fine. boy marcus and boy jamie both had to work this evening, so I’m here with boy tom. But, they will be at home when I get back.”

Mark nodded in agreement. He had never been able to bring himself to keep a boy like that. Mark enjoyed his freedom far too much to force another into giving it up on a permanent basis like that. Mark knew how much it meant to himself, being able to come and go as he pleased, not having anybody to rely upon him for their well being, as Mark did not rely upon them, either. He liked being able to play with as many boys and subs as he wished, and did not really crave to have a regular 24/7 type of submissive. While there were many boys that Mark had played on a regular basis, like boy tom, he didn’t want a permanent one.

“Mark, I was wondering if you had your floggers with you? I was hoping to see a bit more of that double handed throwing pattern you do so well? I keep working on it, but it never seems to flow as well for me.”

“Sure, they’re out in the truck. I can get them a little later and show you how.”

“Great, I’ll see you later, then.” Josh wandered off into the crowd, boy tom in tow.

“That guy sure does live the life, doesn’t he?” Mike was standing at the bar, replacing Mark’s drink. “I guess it takes all kinds. Hell, I remember when I first started here and how he wanted me to be one of his toys. I tried it for a week or two, but I’ve never been totally submissive and he didn’t like my back bone.” Mike headed off to the drink station at the other end of the bar to serve some new customers.

Jake walked up and checked the cooler under the bar. “So, Jake. How’s the night going for you?” Mark asked.

“Fine. Fine, Sir. It’s not quite what I had expected, though. I mean, this is my first Friday night here, but I’d always thought it was a bit rougher and edgier around here. I mean, I figured there’d be a lot more rough trade walking around. More raw sex oozing from these guys.”

“Well, it depends on the night,” Mark replied. “Speaking of that, Mike was telling me that you’re helping out with the web site for the bar?”

“Yes, I am, Sir. But I never was told anything special was going to happen tonight, so I just left it blank – ‘to be announced’, and I thought we’d think of something when it happened. But so far, not much is happening here, Sir.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. It’s a little quieter and tamer than I prefer. And, since I seem to have been stood up….” Mark trailed off.

“Stood up, Sir?”

“Yeah, some kid online had contacted me about hooking up here tonight, but I guess he got scared or flaked out, though.

“His loss!” Mark and Jake said this in unison. A look of pleasure crossed Mark’s face at Jake’s agreed statement. “I mean, Sir, something important may have come up for the boy, Sir, and he couldn’t make it.”

“Oh, I’m not holding anything against him, Jake. I guess I’m just a little disappointed. I was looking forward to having a little bit of fun tonight, ya know?”

“Don’t worry about it, Sir. I’m sure you will have a great time this night!” Jake said, and then headed towards the other side of the bar. Mark saw that flash again in Jake’s eyes – only now he was sure it was there.

Mark looked at his watch. It was about midnight, and the crowds were beginning to thin out. Josh and boy tom had left earlier, and Mark hadn’t gotten to show him the flogging moves; they’ d made plans to meet up again next weekend for the lessons. Mark finished off his drink. Mike came down to offer another, but Mark said “No. I’m probably going to take off. Not much seems to be happening tonight, and the week has started to catch up with me. I’m gonna head on out. Tell Jake I said ‘good night’.”

Mike nodded and cleared away the glass. “Jake left about 20 minutes ago. He normally stays and helps me clean up, but it’s just getting so quiet here tonight, I sent him home. Well, have a great night, Mark!” He turned and headed towards the other end of the bar, clearing empties and wiping the bar top as he went, checking on other patrons.

Mark walked to the back of the bar and pissed in the men’s room. He walked out the front of the bar and headed around the corner of the building towards the parking lot. He didn’t hear the footsteps come behind him; never knowing there was anybody behind him until the cloth covered his mouth and nose. Mark struggled as much as he could, but the drinks he’d had seemed to sap his strength, as did the chemical on the cloth. He slipped to the ground as his world went blank.

Mark began to wake up, his mouth feeling dry and cottony. He didn’t remember getting terribly drunk last night, just having a couple at The Rack and then leaving… Mark opened his eyes, but his world was still black. He tried to push himself up from his bed, but his arms wouldn’t move from his sides – he felt them pull against some type of strap and felt the pulling force on his thighs. He gasped for air, only then realizing that the cotton feeling was actually cotton! There was some kind of cloth gag in his mouth, and he could only breath through his nose.

Mark panicked, feeling terribly wrong and out of place. He tried to calm himself, by telling him it must be a dream and that he’d awaken any moment now, but all he could do was wait. No harm would come to him in his dream, as long as he maintained control and kept calm. He pulled a breath deep into his lungs through his nose, noticing a slight odor. There was a faint chemical smell to the air, but it was under a more average scent to the room – it smelled as though he was in a forest – surrounded by the smell of pine trees in spring.

Mark attempted to figure out things – anything! – about his surroundings. He tried moving his hands and arms again, but they were held fast against his legs. He tried to move his legs, but felt straps around his ankles, keeping them together. He could wriggle his fingers and felt the smooth surface he was laying upon. It felt a lot like latex, reminding him of the tank and jock he had in his closet. His fingers moved across the surface, feeling the slick rubber glide beneath the tips. There was a liquid aspect to the surface; Mark thought it was probably his sweat on the rubber surface.

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  1. Kevin says:

    This reads like every leathermans dream: to be kidnapped and used and yet returned to earth like an alien kidnapping.

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