Let Me Cum In Your Mouth

He unsnapped and unzipped, pushing the pants to pool around Kevin’s ankles. Impatiently he shoved the briefs to mid-thigh.


Stefan moved in to clean the table as the group headed out of the bar. Almost immediately it was filled with a new group. Friday and Saturday nights were regularly busy, so he knew it would be more of the same the next night. He trotted back to the bar to continue serving the seemingly never-ending line of customers. He liked working in this bar. Although it was predominantly gay, there were often mixed groups that enjoyed the music played there.

“Large gin and tonic, please. It’s really busy tonight.” The customer smiled companionably at Stefan as he placed his order.

Stefan returned the smile and nodded his agreement. He’d seen this guy here on a couple of occasions, but this was the first time they’d spoken. As he poured the drink, Stefan surreptitiously studied the other man. Where Stefan’s hair was strawberry blond and short, the other man’s was light brown and longer. It was too dark to see the color of his eyes. But he presented a pretty enough picture so that Stefan would be interested if things looked likely to progress. He especially liked the way the other man’s smile seemed to light up his face. He decided he liked that look and would aim to see it as often as possible. As he took the proffered money, their fingertips brushed together and their eyes met.

“Do…ah…you get…um… a break here?” the man stammered shyly.

“I get fifteen minutes in about an hour,” Stefan said consulting his watch.

“I’ll be here. My name is Kevin.”

“Stefan,” came the reply. “I’ll see you in an hour.”


In his shower, Stefan cleansed away the night’s sweat and grime. He replayed the evening’s events. True to his word, Kevin was waiting as Stefan took his break. They had chatted comfortably enough. Kevin saying he was a departmental manager of a large store. And that he was single. Stefan smiled as he remembered that titbit of information. As he thought about the other man, Stefan’s hand roamed across his lightly furred chest to tweak at a tightening nipple. As one hand worked his nipples, the other began to stroke his rapidly hardening shaft. He wondered whether Kevin’s body was furred or smooth. His hand abandoned his nipples in favour of cupping his sac and rolling his balls. He thought of what Kevin might look like on his hands and knees, casting a sultry ‘come hither’ look over his shoulder. The hand working his shaft pumped harder, Stefan’s hips now snapping rhythmically into the tunnel his hand provided. With a grunt, his release spurted thickly on the wall of the shower to be washed away by the cooling water.

Stefan slept well that night, a lithe brunette featuring prominently in his dreams.


The next evening Stefan kept watching out for Kevin. The other man had assured him he would be in. Somehow Stefan missed his arrival. Instead he caught his first glimpse of Kevin in deep conversation with another man. Stefan knew the other man was a regular, but not his name. He realized he was getting agitated watching them. He growled angrily as he watched the man touch Kevin’s shoulder, elbow, side…

//Enough// Stefan thought angrily. He picked up a cloth to pretend to be cleaning and strode towards where the men stood. His anger was slightly appeased to notice that for all the touches Kevin was receiving he offered none in return. In fact, on closer inspection, he appeared to be trying to avoid them.

“Good evening, Kevin. How are you?” he asked smiling widely, as though he’d just noticed the other man.

“Stefan,” Kevin said, his face lighting up. “Good to see you.” The smile was warm and genuine and just a touch relieved.

“I will see you later? The same time as yesterday,” Stefan didn’t mean to make the suggestion sound like an order, but sometimes his English let him down slightly. He was Romanian by birth and had studied English only for a year. He was happy enough that the interloper seemed disgruntled that Kevin was pleased to see him.

“Yes, I’d like that,” Kevin replied in a husky voice.


Stefan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He prayed fervently that he hadn’t misread Kevin’s reaction. He spotted Kevin and strode purposefully forward. Clasping the other man’s hand he led him wordlessly upstairs to the least frequently used storeroom and pushed him inside, locking the door. As soon as he was satisfied they couldn’t be disturbed, he pushed Kevin roughly, but with care, against the wall. He had a couple of inches in height and breadth on the other man and immediately put them to use, standing aggressively over Kevin as he put his hands either side of his head, encircling him. He leant forward and was pleased to see Kevin wanted the kiss. Resisting the impulse to plunder this time, Stefan brushed lightly over Kevin’s lips once…twice…then crushed their lips together. As Kevin’s mouth opened on a soft ‘oh’ Stefan dominated the kiss. His tongue swept unchallenged into the warm wet cavern, tasting and possessing imperiously.

He slid his hands under Kevin’s t-shirt finding smooth, warm skin. He caressed the soft belly before moving upwards and entrapping both nipples, delighted to find one was pierced and sporting a ring which he tugged on firmly as he continued to ravish Kevin’s mouth. The resultant thrust of slender hips and the bulge that pressed against Stefan’s thigh told the blond all he needed to know. He dropped a hand to Kevin’s groin and cupped the hardness he felt. He broke the kiss, stared into Kevin’s desire-darkened eyes and squeezed the cloth-concealed swollen flesh.

“Please,” Kevin begged. “Oh, God..yes…please.”

Stefan was squeezing rhythmically. He growled at the pleading tone from the other man. He unsnapped and unzipped, pushing the pants to pool around Kevin’s ankles. Impatiently he shoved the briefs to mid-thigh. Kevin’s cock sprang free to fit comfortably in Stefan’s hand. An inch or so smaller than Stefan’s own, cut and curling slightly to the left. He swung the unresisting man to stand with his back against Stefan’s chest.

“Lean back against me,” Stefan commanded and was obeyed immediately. One hand continued to fist hard flesh, the other tugged on the nipple ring. Kevin moaned mindlessly as Stefan manipulated his body. The blond bent to kiss and bite gently at Kevin’s throat, the darker man angling his neck for more of the pleasurable sensations. As Kevin writhed in his arms, Stefan felt his own shaft throb. Briefly relinquishing his hold on the nipple-ring, Stefan freed his aching dick. He pushed it along the cleft of Kevin’s ass and left it to nestle there as he resumed his erotic torture of the pierced nub.

“Yes,” Kevin murmured, feeling the hard flesh push up and down between his buttocks. He ground back shamelessly, lost in sensation. A twist to his nipple coincided with a hard pull on his swollen flesh. “Oh, God, comingcomingcoming,” he babbled. His cream pulsed free from his body and he felt Stefan’s hand drop from his nipple to his hip.

“Good boy,” Stefan growled, as he milked the other man. He then pushed Kevin to bend a little at the waist and jacked furiously at his own dick, coming in creamy strands across Kevin’s lower back and taut cheeks. He pulled the smaller man back to his chest and held him as their breathing gradually slowed. He reached for the towel he’d purposely left and cleansed both Kevin and himself. He also wiped the evidence from the floor. Dropping the towel to one side, he wrapped an arm around Kevin’s waist and drew him into a tight embrace. The hazel eyes were still pleasure-dazed and Stefan kissed the red, inviting lips.

“Next time I want you naked.” He relished the shiver of anticipation that the words engendered. The hazel orbs darkened and focused on him.

“I’d like that,” Kevin said throatily. “Are you working tomorrow? If not would you like to meet for lunch, maybe spend the afternoon together?”

“I do not work Sundays or Mondays,” Stefan said, sucking slowly on a succulent morsel of neck and shoulder. “Tell me where and what time.”


Lunch was leisurely, the food good, the wine palatable, but the company was the most enjoyable of all. Kevin was easy to talk to and a good listener. Stefan told him of his decision to move to England, of his qualifications, the difficulty getting work commensurate with his studies in Hospitality Management. It meant that during the day for five days, Stefan had a waiting job and Thursday to Saturday that job was supplemented by the bar-work. Despite the difficulties in obtaining a position which reflected his degree, Stefan still enjoyed the work he did. He was, however, taking some additional studies using distance learning to move on. They found they had a similar sense of humour and the time slipped by quickly. As it did, their hands began to touch, fleeting fingertip contact becoming lengthier caresses.

“Would you like to come home with me?” Kevin asked.

The uncertainty in the hazel eyes make Stefan want to catch hold tightly to the hand that gently grazed across the back of his knuckles and kiss it reassuringly. Instead he locked his smoldering sapphire gaze on the sienna orbs and smiled.

“I would love to,” he answered honestly.


Stefan caught his breath at the luxury apartment on the city center limits that Kevin took him to. A concierge sat and nodded at Kevin as the two men entered and, as they rode up in the lift, Kevin explained that the desk was manned 24/7. There was also a security guard in the back who monitored comings and goings. Five stories later, Stefan was entering the apartment itself. The living room was probably as big as his entire flat. Three walls were cream colored, the fourth was glass, home to large French windows leading onto a balcony. There was a reclining seat and table outside and in front of the glass, a wooden dining table and chairs. The sumptuous suite was coffee-colored leather, cushions, throws and rugs ranged from black to cream and it spoke of taste and wealth. The kitchen was partially obscured by a wall, but Stefan took in the breakfast bar and the blue and white of the cupboards beyond.

“Through there, Kevin said indicating a door to Stefan’s right. “First left bathroom, second left, guest bedroom, first right master bedroom, second right a small office and at the end of the hall is a cupboard space for hanging coats and storing things. You like it?” he added, looking anxiously at the blond.

“It is quite magnificent,” Stefan nodded. “Very nice.”

“Can I offer you anything?” Kevin’s voice had become rougher, huskier and it immediately caught Stefan’s attention. “Coffee, beer … me?”

Stefan sauntered over to him and reached to stroke a smooth cheek. He pulled Kevin into a one armed hug as he smoothed a few stray hairs from the beautiful face.

“I thought you would never ask,” he grinned, dropping a kiss to Kevin’s nose. Then he crushed their mouths together in a hard, possessive kiss. “Here? Bedroom?” he growled.

“Please, Stefan, please,” Kevin moaned.

“What, baby? Tell me what you need.”

“You, Stefan. Take control? Please?”

Stefan rumbled as he mouthed at Kevin’s throat, the brunette having dropped his head back to offer easy access. Stefan was dominant without ever becoming a Dom and had bedded submissive partners without them being a sub. At the moment, he wasn’t sure just what it was Kevin needed, but he could certainly take control.

“Bedroom, now,” he rasped. He followed the other man into the master bedroom and swept his gaze around the room. The same cream and chocolate theme was evident in the light walls and dark, silken bedding. One wall was mirrored and clearly housed the wardrobe and the bed was king-sized. Unthinkingly Stefan licked his lips as he eyed the expanse of mirror and then turned a predatory eye on Kevin who stood, body visibly thrumming with anticipation and eyes darkened with desire. “Strip…slowly,” he growled. He stood watching as the other man disrobed, admiring each new piece of skin that was revealed. Kevin’s chest was lightly haired and the golden nipple-ring glinted enticingly. The skin of his abdomen was smooth, but a dark treasure trail led to a nest of curls that adorned the hard flesh Stefan had already touched. Flesh that was now erect, red and wet. “Turn around,” Stefan commanded. “Stop,” he barked as Kevin completed an 180⁰ turn. He gazed at Kevin, devouring him with his eyes. “Bend forward, spread yourself,” he husked. He bit back a moan of appreciation as he was instantly obeyed. “Good boy. Get on the bed, on your back. Put a pillow under your hips. I want your arms above your head and your legs spread wide. Go.”

Kevin couldn’t stop the whimper as he did as commanded. He felt vulnerable yet safe. He was certain he could trust Stefan with the gift of his submission.

“Can you see me?” Stefan’s voice reached his ears and Kevin moved his head.

“Yes, sir,” he whispered throatily.

“Watch me,” Stefan purred. The blond knew he had a good body and he exercised to keep himself in condition. His muscles were well-defined without being overly-so. He had close to wash-board abs and was justifiably proud of the way his body looked. He posed for Kevin, allowing his hands to tease at his body, watching as the other man began to writhe his hands clenching and unclenching, before stalking to the bed. He knelt over Kevin, his cock hard and dripping, just millimeters from the other man’s mouth.

“Please, sir, please,” Kevin begged, his eyes never leaving the erect organ so close yet so far from his lips.

“Tell me what you want,” Stefan ordered.

“Let me suck you?” he asked, glancing briefly at the blond.

Stefan said nothing, but nudged at Kevin’s lips and slid inside as the smaller man opened to him. Languidly Stefan rocked his hips as he felt Kevin’s tongue swirl over his hardness, licking, sucking and probing at his slit. He made small sounds of appreciation before slowly withdrawing. He moved to lie between Kevin’s spread thighs. He ran his fingers up and down the splayed limbs, watching as Kevin trembled and gasped. His lover’s erection rolled languorously over his abdomen leaving silver trails of need in its wake. Stefan bent to taste them and gave a growl of approval. He heard the barely-there whimpers and raised his head to lean inches from Kevin’s face.

“Tell me you want my mouth,” Stefan husked.

“Yes … oh, God yes, please, sir,” Kevin pleaded.

“Here?” Stefan teased, nipping at an earlobe. “Or here?” he tugged at the nipple-ring. “Maybe here?” he nipped a satiny inner-thigh. “Or here,” he rasped, enveloping the turgid flesh to the root to a scream of delight that had his own flesh surging in empathy. Engrossed in pleasuring his new lover, Stefan was only vaguely aware of a barely-heard ‘please’. He continued to bob up and down, sucking hard and suddenly found his mouth filled with Kevin’s salty elixir. He swallowed rapidly, massaging his lover’s balls to milk every drop of Kevin’s crème. It was only as Kevin’s climax began to recede that Stefan registered what his lover was saying.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Stefan looked at Kevin with concern.

“You enjoyed it, I enjoyed it. What is wrong?” Stefan didn’t like the frightened look on his lover’s face. This was not good.

“You didn’t give me permission to come,” Kevin whispered.

“Is that what you would have preferred?” Stefan asked. “I am not a Dom, Kevin. I would not presume to have forbidden you to enjoy what we were doing, not unless you specifically asked me to do so. Even if I had, I would not want you looking so afraid of me. I want to share pleasure with you. I hoped we may have a relationship. Please, Kevin, talk to me.” Stefan sensed that his lover would find it easier to talk if he felt secure. He moved to hug Kevin tightly and cradle his head. He felt the darker man nestle a little closer and was reassured by the action. He stroked Kevin’s back in an attempt to coax him to talk.

“I like being told what to do,” Kevin whispered. “I like putting myself in my partner’s hands, mild bondage and spanking, but not pain. My last boyfriend seemed to like the same things. Then he started ringing me and leaving me kneeling naked for longer and longer. When he spanked me it was hard and painful and he would still take me, sometimes ignoring the safeword I used, saying I was too soft and needed toughening up. I had to be naked as soon as he arrived, not look directly at him and call him ‘sir’. I was forbidden to come until he said and he was angry if I failed. Sometimes my punishment was to be tied to the bed, putting a cock-ring on me once he got me hard again and keeping me unfulfilled as he pleasured himself over and over. I began to realize that if he didn’t get me hard before we started, I wouldn’t harden because I wasn’t enjoying it any more. He was furious when I broke off the relationship and it’s taken a long time for me to try again.” The sigh was deep and heartfelt. “If you want to leave, I’ll understand. I’m such a screw-up. I’ve ruined everything.”

“Nothing’s ruined, baby,” Stefan murmured, nuzzling at soft, brown hair. “You are not a screw-up. Let’s take this slowly and make sure we do what’s good for us both. You like my mouth on your cock, what about your nipples? What else do you like?”

“I love my nipples being played with, mouth or fingers,” Kevin said throatily. “I like love bites, not bruising my throat, but discreet. I like knowing my lover has marked me … oh yeah,” Kevin’s words dissolved into a moan of appreciation as Stefan rolled him onto his back, pinched one nipple whilst sucking at his shoulder.

“What else?” Stefan growled.

“Rim…rimming,” Kevin panted, as his lover bit gently at his neck.

“Roll over,” Stefan’s voice was a dark, sensuous purr and the sinful sound had Kevin trembling with anticipation. “Pillow your head on your hands; you will be in this position for a while.”

Stefan let a finger tease Kevin’s cleft, stroking the soft skin hidden there. Kevin reacted immediately, gasping, eager and willing. Stefan wanted to make him writhe and squirm, and beg for more. He also loved the idea of controlling him this way, to make the smaller man go wild just with his tongue. Stefan firmly cupped Kevin’s cheeks, kneading the hot flesh, and ran a thumb down between them again. This time he spread the cheeks, displaying his lover. Stefan relished the moan and the already shaking legs. He held Kevin open, doing nothing but devouring him with his eyes. The sight of his lover totally spread open arousing him further.

Suddenly the blond needed so much more. He grasped Kevin’s hips in a tight grip, and his tongue caressed the cleft as a prelude for what was to come. He could feel Kevin shaking with eager anticipation under his hands, trying not to push back. It was Stefan in control. Stefan’s tongue teased his lover and left a wet path along his exposed skin. The blond licked around his lover’s opening and his hands cupped Kevin’s cheeks again, pulling them apart, granting him easy access. He moved slowly, licking and lapping, and didn’t allow Kevin’s moans to dictate the pace. The brunette was just so responsive, and Stefan felt his own cock getting harder and harder.

Kevin knew his role was to take, to let himself go. To submit not only to Stefan, but to the pleasure he was going to give him. Slowly he relaxed into the lovemaking, trusting the man whose tongue was giving him so much delight. He moaned softly and felt one of Stefan’s hands caress his cheek lovingly, gently. He relaxed further.

Stefan felt the conscious submission and probed gently inside his lover. He knew how his lips and tongue would feel on the delicate skin and took advantage of it. His tongue pushed back and forth, licking across the smaller man’s opening in soft, warm, wet strokes. He lavished undivided attention on this special part of his mate. Stefan felt the growing strain in Kevin’s body. The brunette wanted to rock back hard and take more of his lover’s tongue in him, his moans coming from deep within his throat. Stefan could feel the further relaxing of his lover’s inner muscle, opening to him more, allowing him to gain even deeper access. Kevin also spread his legs even wider- if that was possible. He looked and sounded so wanton like this, Stefan loved it, and a growl escaped his throat. One hand abandoned his lover’s cheek and travelled between his thighs. Kevin was rock hard again, and Stefan could feel pre-come on his cock. When he caressed the tip, Kevin bucked against him and called his name in a throaty rasp. Stefan’s tongue pulled away for a moment, making Kevin groan in frustration.

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