Life Of A Gay Man Pt 2

“I’ve never been with someone I cared about like you, Tommy and I really liked when you kissed me. I guess I like the love stuff more than the sex.”

Part 1



One evening, as Billy and Tommy lounged watching a film, the doorbell rang. Tommy got up, turned to give Billy a kiss, then went to the door. A uniformed messenger waited in the elevator vestibule. He simply bowed and handed Tommy an envelope and retreated into a conveniently open elevator. Tommy merely blinked at this pantomime, then turned and carried the envelope to Billy. It was addressed to “Dearest Billy” in a florid hand.

“Who was that?”

“A messenger, with a letter addressed to you, ‘Dearest Billy.'”

“Do read it.”

“Very well, ‘master.'”

“Spare the S&M talk, just read the letter.”

“It’s an invitation.”

Dearest Billy,

Here we are, well into the Fall Season, and where is Billy? No one has seen him in a month. His name has not graced the obituaries – thank goodness. Neither is he on the list of those sailing on the QE2. To paraphrase a girl about her sheep, where, oh where could he be?

Rumors surface that he’s been seen around town in the company of a stunning suitor. Hmmm. Could this be love? Or has this fiend just eaten you up. Do end my conjectures by attending a soiree this Friday evening at ten at my place to either celebrate your new found love or to mourn your oh so untimely passing. The “crowd” is desolate in your absence. Do come and liven things up.

Yours, as always, in passion and despair,


PS: You must bring “him” with you – it’s him we really want to see. To have you holed up for a month, he must be fantastic.



“Reginald Thornton the Fourth – Piggy to his friends and his many conquests. Seems dearest Piggy cannot get enough and can be altogether indiscriminate in his choice of lovers when “in the mood.” But then, I’ve known him forever, shared a few beaus – damn him – and he throws fantastic parties, both at his home here in the city and on his daddy’s yacht. So, what do you think? Are you up to a ‘gay old time?’ Booze, boys, and carnal joys? I expect to be piqued with jealousy all evening as they ogle you, my lover. At least I can tell them ‘hands off’ before they make a play for you when I’m not around.”

“I don’t want to do anything that will upset you, Billy.”

“I suppose we have to ‘come out’ sometime. Hell, it will be fun. And I’ll really enjoy all those looks of envy at my lover. Yes, do let’s go.”

When Tommy returned to the apartment after classes on Friday afternoon, Billy was out. Tommy found a note taped to the bedroom door informing him that Billy had to do some ‘family business’ and would have to meet him at Piggy’s – address on reverse. The note also informed Tommy that clothes had been laid out on the bed for him to wear. With time to spare, Tommy took a long bath, remembering fondly the events that had followed his last bath. He shaved and moisturized and styled – following Billy’s careful instructions. On the bed was the tuxedo Phillipe had made for Tommy. Tommy became very self-conscious and concerned. Piggy’s party was going to be a formal affair? Tommy had rarely worn a tie. Billy’s friends certainly came from a different world than Tommy had ever experienced.

As Tommy stood looking at the carefully arranged clothes, the doorbell rang. He slipped on a robe and stepped to the door. Upon opening it he saw one of the staff from Phillipe’s, the men’s clothing salon Billy had taken him to on their first day together.

“Billy thought you might want some advice on getting dressed this evening. He asked me to drop by in case you had any questions.”

Tommy reverted to his “speechless” mode, but held the door open for the man to enter. The man seemed to be familiar with the apartment. He walked directly to the bedroom and began to hand clothes to Tommy, turning away from the blushing Tommy. It was only after getting on shorts, socks, and pants that Tommy saw the man watching in a mirror. Well, no secrets from one’s tailor, he surmised. The man assisted Tommy in putting on the stiff, pleated shirt. When Tommy was stumped by the lack of buttons, the man stepped up and deftly applied mother of peal studs. With a flourish, he presented a tie to Tommy.

“I, I don’t know how to put it on,” confessed Tommy.

“A simple thing, once instructed. Permit me.”

The man placed the tie around Tommy’s neck and with what seemed a single gesture produced a perfect bow. After assisting with the coat, the man stepped back to admire his work.

“You look perfect. I am pleased to see how well the clothes fit. Phillipe certainly has an eye. I will bid you good evening.” The man turned and went through the door out of the apartment.

Tommy heard a crinkle of paper as he moved. He discovered a note in the jacket pocket.


I’m sorry to not be with you at this moment. Your image in my mind is divine. A split of champagne awaits in the fridge. Have a glass for courage. I’ll be at Piggy’s when you arrive. And know that I love you.


Tommy’s eyes teared as he read the note. Even though Billy was just across town, he missed him. Tommy wanted Billy’s approval and support. He decided to follow Billy’s advice and helped himself to a glass of champagne – vintage, French, obscenely expensive and typical of Billy. He returned to the bedroom to get the white scarf, gloves and cape that completed his evening clothes. A cape? How would he ever fit in? Well, in for a dime, in for a dollar.

He put on the remaining items and took the elevator to the ground floor. The doorman raised his eyebrows approvingly as Tommy approached. A cab awaited and quickly took Tommy to the address Billy had provided. The cab drove into a curved drive in front of a large house, brilliantly lit. A man appeared, paid the cab driver and opened the door for Tommy. Tommy leaned his head back to try to take in the opulent residence. It occupied its own city block and seemed to be surrounded by a park, the grounds disappearing into distance.

Tommy climbed the entry stairs and as he approached the doors, they swung open to admit him. As he stepped across the threshold, he was met with an amazing sight. He entered a vast entry hall of gleaming marble. The room was crowded with men, tall and short, built, thin, and fat, young, old and trying to look not so old, all in black tie. Upon his entrance, the roar of conversation stopped. Heads turned toward him. He scanned the room, becoming more and more desperate until he, at last, spotted Billy on the landing of a grand staircase on the far side of the room. Billy raised the glass in his hand as if to toast Tommy. The moment of silence past and many men rushed to greet Tommy.

The crowd of men surrounding Tommy suddenly parted, giving way to a youngish man, a little plump, immaculately dressed. He smiled broadly at Tommy, winked, and drew him into a hug, kissing him on both cheeks. “You must be Tommy. Billy hasn’t shared a single detail and I simply must get to know you.” Smirks and snorts and ribald comments came for the surrounding crowd. The man swept Tommy toward a side door. Just as they neared the doorway, a hand caught Tommy by the arm.

“Piggy, you don’t think I’m going to let you get Tommy alone.” Billy’s voice.

“Darling,” Billy kissed Tommy fully, lastingly on the mouth. Billy steered Tommy back toward the center of the room, nodding to and acknowledging many of the men. Leaning his face toward Tommy’s, he whispered into his ear, “You entered the room like Cinderella at the ball. Quite an entrance. I’ve never seen anyone so handsome, no more than that, as beautiful as you as you came through the door. I can hardly blame Piggy for trying to sweep you away – bastard. There are some special friends I’d like you to meet. I think we’re seated with Piggy, so we’ll see our host at dinner. Now then, let’s run the social gauntlet.”

Billy introduced man after man. Each was courteous, some flirtatious. A tall man stepped into their path. His face was familiar, Tommy recognized the man, but he could not place him in this setting. “Tommy, I believe you and Charles have already met.” Not seeing recognition on Tommy’s face, Billy continued, “On the train?”

“Ohmygod,” Tommy blushed furiously.

The man, Charles, stepped up and embraced Tommy, kissing him on the cheek. “I know I should be thanking you for telling me about Tommy, Charles, but somehow that would be easier if you weren’t consuming him. Tommy, I’ve known Charles forever. He’s a fixture at the country club. I think he waits for each boy to hit eighteen and then seduces him in a cabana. Certainly was a first for me in lots of ways. Over the summer, when in his cups, he kept talking about this ‘Adonis of the train’ – handsome, hung and humble, unaware of his charms. Even if I had to get up at an ungodly hour to catch that train, I had to see this man of Charles’s. And there you were, my love.”

“Charles is a very successful banker of some sort, family name and stuff. If you ever need to know about money, Charles is the man. Come to think of it, he’s a pretty good handicapper of boy flesh, too. Charles, thank you for bringing love into my life.”

Charles pretended to be sad, “The men on the train have wondered what became of their chief entertainment. Some have even resorted to being nice to each other. Would it be possible for you to return to the country and commute again? We’d even share you with Billy.” Observing Billy’s ‘I don’t think so’ look, Charles laughingly kissed both Billy and Tommy and melted back into the crowd.

Billy continued introducing Tommy to friends and acquaintances until they were called to dinner. A large dining room was set with several tables. Piggy was already standing at the center of a long table across the far end of the room. He gestured for Billy and Tommy to join him.

“Tommy, you sit here, right next to me, and you, Billy, over there at the end. Place cards were at each seat. The men filtered through the room, searching for their places, greeting friends as they went. At last, everyone was at his chair.

“Friends and Lovers, I want to welcome Tommy to my home and to our little society. Raise your glasses, I give you Tommy!” All cheered. Tommy sought out Billy’s eyes which returned a look of pride and love.

Piggy fawned and flirted with Tommy throughout the many courses of the dinner. His attentions became more exaggerated the drunker he got. When, at last, the dessert was served Billy stood and indicated that Tommy should join him. Tommy thanked Piggy for the welcome and eagerly evaded a slobbery kiss.

“Piggy can be a dear, but also such an ass – but then that’s always been his best part.” Billy laughed, himself a little unsteady with drink. On their way to the door, many men stopped them extending invitations to dinners, weekends and shows. Tommy had never experienced such a lively social crowd. His head swam.


After Tommy’s introduction into the ‘crowd’, they received many invitations, most often from Piggy. One Friday afternoon, another message arrived from Piggy.

Dear Ones,

Be ready at 5 PM, full dinner dress, Armando is performing in New York and you’re coming with me to the opening. Don’t make any plans for Saturday, or for Sunday for that matter.


It was already past four when Tommy and Billy got the note. Tommy looked at Billy with a questioning expression. “It’ll be fun. Armando is Piggy’s tenor friend.” They ran to shower and change.

Unusual for Piggy, he was waiting in his car when they emerged from Billy’s building. “Get in, we’ve got to go.” Tommy squeezed into the backseat, Billy got in next to Piggy and the car roared off in a u-turn. It normally took a few hours to reach New York, but Piggy drove very fast, ignoring any and all traffic regulations. Somehow it worked for him, though he chatted the entire time and appeared to pay no attention to the road, traffic seemed to open up and give way for him.

They pulled up in front of Lincoln Center. This was Tommy’s first trip to New York, the scale and energy of the city dazzled him. And arriving at the premier cultural spot of that city was all the more intense. A valet took the car and they walked across the plaza to the Metropolitan Opera House. Piggy was recognized as he entered the door. While many others waited in long lines for admission, an usher opened the way and led them up the grand staircase. The usher then used a gold key to admit them into a tiny room. Piggy preened in front the mirror and then opened another door. Through the door, Tommy first saw a theatre box with a small group of guilt chairs with red cushions. Looking past, the entire vast space of the Opera House opened before him. The giant hall and every occupant seemed to glitter. Piggy urged them to take a seat and the conductor appeared and the overture began.

This was spectacle beyond Tommy’s imagination. The vast stage was occupied by personalities even he had heard about. The music, the voices, the story, and setting were magical. Billy held his hand throughout, watching Tommy’s reactions rather than the opera, seeing through Tommy’s expressions the wonder of this event.

Piggy applauded uproariously when a slender young man marched to the center of the stage. The man, whom Billy recognized as Armando, turned to face the box where they sat and began an aria about the passion of youth. The song ended in a great crescendo and to an uproarious ovation. Armando exited the stage at the end of the scene. A few minutes later, there came a soft knock at the box doorway. Piggy jumped up and disappeared into the anti-room. After a few minutes, Billy got up and peeked in the door. He motioned for Tommy to join him. Inside the small dimly lit red room, they saw the tenor Armando being fiercely fellated by Piggy. His eyes were closed in ecstasy as Piggy, true to his name, sucked and slurped. At a change in the music, Armando’s eyes popped open and he pulled away, giving Piggy a quick kiss as he fastened his trousers and rushed out the door. A few moments later he appeared on the stage, singing lustily.

Piggy returned to his seat, wiping his face with a handkerchief. “I like to think I do my part for the arts,” he said as he sat down.

The rest of performance was marvelous and though quite long, Tommy was sad when the last curtain fell. Another new world had been opened for him.

The evening continued with a lavish dinner, hosted by Piggy and featuring Armando. Armando had arrived at the head of an entourage of admirers. He abandoned them all to pay court to Piggy who glowed with the attention. Billy and Tommy sat back and enjoyed the spectacle, almost as grand as the opera had been.

Tommy thought he would pass out from drink and tiredness when Piggy announced that they were heading to ‘the Village’ to a club. Somehow Tommy found the energy and rallied. The club was in a small dingy basement. Drinks were quickly provided and then a small jazz ensemble began to play. During the course of the evening, members of the audience were identified as musicians, themselves and encouraged to join the ensemble. By the end of the night, the club rocked with the music of a large band made of celebrities. ‘Wow’ thought Tommy.

Tommy woke up all curled in a ball in the back seat of Piggy’s car. Billy was driving, sipping coffee from a paper cup. Piggy snored loudly from the passenger seat. Billy turned and smiled at Tommy’s touch. “Quite a night, lover. We’ll be home in a half hour. I’ll bet you need to stand up.”

“I’m not sure I can. I’m still feeling those last twenty drinks.” Tommy’s head already ached.

Billy drove to Piggy’s house and turned over the still sleeping man to his butler. Tommy and Billy caught a cab back to Billy’s apartment. They both crashed into bed and slept through the day.


The following day, another note appeared.

You scamps,

You left me in the unloving arms of Mr. Jamison when I so much needed tender affection. Well, to make it up to me, be at the City Yacht Club at 8 PM Thursday. Daddy’s boat is there and Daddy’s not. Be sure to bring your sailing togs. Ah, the call of the open sea!

Refreshments and lube provided.


P.S. Thanks awfully for driving home. You know, Billy, I do believe you like me, after all.

Tommy was able to clear his few Friday classes and Billy always seemed to be able to take what time he needed. Billy called Phillipe and asked what the well dressed yachtsman was wearing this year. Phillipe promised a complete three-day wardrobe for two – pre-packed – would be waiting dockside.

Schoolwork and lectures, no matter how interesting, dragged by until Thursday evening.

Billy met Tommy on the university campus and they walked the few blocks to the yacht club. True to his word, a shipment from Phillipe was being delivered as they arrived. Tommy stopped to ask an attendant which boat belonged to Piggy’s father. Billy walked ahead down the main pier. Off the end of the pier a sparkling white and mahogany sailing yacht sat at anchor. It stretched beyond the yacht club borders, clearly too large to dock. A smart motor launch waited at the end of the pier. Billy directed their luggage should be brought to the launch. Two uniformed sailors waited in the launch and loaded the luggage, then assisted Billy and Tommy aboard.

The launch pulled away and sped to the side of the yacht. Billy and Tommy called out for Piggy, but were met by other uniformed staff who assisted them aboard, explaining that Piggy was currently occupied and would they make themselves comfortable in their cabin and join the party for dinner at eight.

They could hear the sound of the sailors getting the boat ready to sail. Billy speculated that one of the sailors was probably doing special duty with Piggy, accounting for his being ‘occupied.’ The yacht began to move freely, they had set sail. Billy and Tommy got changed for dinner. It was like a birthday surprise, opening the suitcases provided by Phillipe. Each suitcase had their initials embossed. On opening, all the wants and needs for a cruise of several days – including shoes and somewhat silly nautical hats – were revealed.

“Ho there, commodore,” joked Billy donning his full attire. “I think we can dispense with the headgear,” as he tossed his hat on the shelf.

“You look too good in this sailor stuff, Tommy – but again, you always look better out of it.” They kissed and had begun to become ‘involved’ when a loud rap came at their door

“Ho there, without,” snapped Billy in assumed salty talk.

“Ho there, within,” came Piggy’s voice in reply.

“Captain Turner won’t open the bar until the guests arrive, and I want a drink, so get out here, would you?”

Tommy and Billy disentangled and opened the door to Piggy’s impatient face. “It really is good of you to join me. Wasn’t last weekend a blast? The evening has warmed up, we can take our drinks on deck, come on.”

“So, Piggy, where is he?”


“Whomever has been keeping you occupied and inspired your thirst.”

“Oh, him? I’m afraid he has to eat with the crew, but he’ll be back. It’s a small boat and I’m sure my bed is much more comfortable than his and has fringe benefits.”

They had arrived on the after deck and were given cocktails. The river had opened to the bay and the ocean could be seen ahead. The boat’s engine stopped and the boat healed as the open sails propelled the yacht. It took a while to become comfortable with the motion of the yacht. Its movement became sinuous as it plied the waves.

“I asked you to come tonight so we could head south for warmer weather. The captain tells me – such a dear – that we’ll have a great day for sunning tomorrow.” Piggy all but leered at Tommy.

“Anyone else aboard?” Tommy asked a little desperately.

“Just we three and about fifteen in the crew, a barebones cruise. Say how about some oysters?” A buffet had appeared while they were talking, seafood of every kind. Chilled wine was served. The tastes and textures were new to Tommy, the oysters at first strange, but when Billy showed him how to eat them with cocktail sauce and lemon, he ate many.

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  1. Alex says:

    Disappointed in this chapter. I’m monogamous and hated when Billy and Tommy played around with other guys. I hated Billy for allowing it and i hated that Tommy went along with it.

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