Living A Double Life Pt 3

He plunged into me so hard his cockhead banged against my prostate and my balls exploded. My body was totally out of control as sperm and semen sprayed the bedspread.

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Some boys claim the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach-those boys must be bad in bed…

Give a man a choice between a delicious steak, or a mind-numbing, body-shaking orgasm, a dominant man will choose his hard cock over his rumbling stomach-well, most of the time anyway, hahahaha…

If that means having to indulge their harmless whims and fantasies, go for it-play along-your natural submissiveness and your ability to sublimate your ego to theirs is what attracted them to you in the first place.

So once inside Ben’s car, and his demeanor suddenly turned forceful, I knew enough to go along with him.-I had played the same game in the past with men much less desirable than Ben.

When he brusquely ordered me to “Kiss it, boy-get your face down there and kiss my cock thru the slacks!” I groaned and demurely said, “Ohhh, yes, Sir-thank you, Sir!”

I buried my face in his crotch and deeply inhaled his manly aroma. I moaned into the thin material of his expensive slacks and pressed my lips to the outline of his long and slender penis. The heat and odor caused my brain to melt into a fog of need and anticipation.

His hand held my head to his crotch as he drove the car…he didn’t need to do that-I was thrilled to kiss the length and width of his dormant cock thru the slacks-I would have pulled his zipper down using only my teeth if he had so ordered me.

By the time the car came to a stop, I had roused him to full erection, and the crotch of his slacks was damp from my wet kisses.

He gasped, “We’re here-let’s go inside.”

I inhaled the manly aroma emanating through the cloth of his bulging crotch one more time then raised my head-stars were spinning before my eyes-I was dizzy and disoriented-he helped me from the car to his room, his hand on my ass the whole way there…once securely inside his room, he took me in his arms, kissed my lips then staring into my eyes said, “I want to see you naked, Billy…get your clothes off-NOW!”

“Y-Yes, Sir,” I said breathlessly.

I quickly flipped off my shoes and socks…he immediately began to unbutton my shirt and when he had it open, his hands caressed my chest; he fondled my breasts and pinched my nipples into hard little points…he pushed the shirt off my shoulders and threw it on a nearby chair. My hands went to the belt on my slacks but he pushed them away and slowly worked it open himself.

“The most exciting part of receiving a gift is unwrapping it,” he said smiling down at me.

Oh my goodness-what a classy gentleman-most of my motel encounters with men I barely knew consisted of them simply saying, “Get your ass naked and on the bed!”

His smile widened when it took him extra effort to pull the zipper down over my throbbing erection.

My slacks dropped to the floor and as I stepped out of them, I was about to push down my red and white striped, string bikini briefs when he stopped me.

“Ohhh, nice,” he said with a grin. “What cute little boy-panties…leave those on…for now.”

I stood before him in my undies and waited while his eyes drank in the white flesh of my trembling body.

It is for moments like this, John, I thought, why all those sit-ups are worthwhile.

He took me in his arms and kissed me hard. His hands roamed my body, massaging and squeezing my flesh.

“Oh my,” he gasped, “…your body is as soft as any woman I have ever touched…no chest hair, and very little hair anywhere else…is this natural, or by design?”

I blushed at his words. “It’s natural,” I said.

What little body hair I have, had been a huge source of embarrassment for me when I showered with the guys after gym class in high school…but now I was happy because men seem to love this look…I’ve considered removing all my body hair, but it doesn’t seem right-I’m not a woman and don’t aspire to be one either-I am a gay MAN, and unless a lover wants my body clean shaven, I want to hang onto some semblance of my maleness.

He took my hand and led me further into a living room area.

My goodness-it’s a suite…and large one, at that.

I saw an open door to my left, it was an adjoining room, Ben quickly, and wordlessly, closed the door and locked it.

He must not be alone here, I thought.

I saw a long sofa and an ice bucket next to it with the neck of a bottle protruding from the ice.

“I’m going into the bedroom and change into something more comfortable-why don’t you open the champagne and pour us two glasses,” he said.

I remembered the little game we were playing and replied, “Yes, Sir!”

My response amused him. He chuckled then gave me a quick kiss and pinched my butt through my briefs. He lowered his eyes to my crotch where my boner pushed-out the cotton fabric of my briefs, and the wet stain of my leaking pre-cum was growing larger.

He smiled and said, “Try to control yourself while I’m gone.”

I blushed and replied, “Yes, Sir!”

I removed the foil from the bottle, worked the cork upwards, and waited for him to reappear in the living room.

He was wearing a perfect-fitting silk, rich burgundy colored robe that emphasized his chest and broad shoulders…I smiled at him and using my thumbs, worked the cork until we heard the loud POP! and watched it sail across the room.

I poured two glasses and he joined me on the sofa. His free hand once again roamed over my chest and thighs.

“I can’t get over how soft you feel…it’s very sexy,” he said.

“I’m glad you like it, Sir,” I replied.

I gushed over the size and expensive furnishings of the suite then said, “I’ll bet you have a nice house in Dallas…do you live alone?”

“My assistant lives with me…we do much of our work from home these days,” he said.

“Do you go out much?” I asked. “Are there any clubs like ‘Chaps’ there?”

“My-my…you are an inquisitive one, aren’t you?” he said with a slight smile. “I have a small circle of friends…we meet every Saturday night-we alternate hosting our parties…but to answer your question: yes, of course there are gay bars in Dallas…however, a man in my position needs to be discreet…I have been to a couple nightclubs, but do not make a habit of it.”

The air conditioner kicked-in and I was hit with a sudden blast of cold air and I shivered.

Ben took my glass and along with his, set them on the coffee table.

“Sit on my lap-I’ll keep you warm,” he said.

“Oooooo-I like that,” I cooed.

Once I was seated firmly on his sturdy thighs, his hands went back to caressing and fondling my chest and thighs. We kissed open-mouthed, our tongues probing and searching. My little boner grew to full-length, straining against the fabric of my briefs.

His previous erection had subsided, and I moved my buttocks ever-so-slightly on his crotch. We continued kissing and soon I was rewarded with the feel of his hard-on pressing on my butt.

When his hand dipped into my briefs and took hold of my erection I was thrilled beyond belief and expectations. Most of the men I’d been with have been ‘one-way’ types-they want me to play with their dicks, but wouldn’t dream of touching mine.

I groaned into his mouth when he slowly squeezed and stroked my penis…God, it felt wonderful!

I tried to move off his lap, but he he held me firmly to him. Our breathing became irregular from the kissing; I finally broke away, smiled, and said, “I want to please you.”

He smiled and pulled his hand out of my briefs. I slid to my knees before him and opened his robe.

“Oh, Sir…you have the most beautiful penis I have ever seen!” I said, and I meant it. I planted my lips on the bulbous head, and covered his cock with wet, and noisy kisses.

He moved forward on the sofa to give me complete access to his scrotum. I kissed his balls and licked at his salty flesh. I sucked one ball into my mouth, lathered it with my tongue, then repeated my loving attention to the other one.

I licked the underside of his cock; my tongue gliding up and down a prominent vein. When I wet my lips and slid them over his cockhead, he sighed, sat back on the sofa, and surrendered himself to my expert sucking.

I would give him a long and slow sucking. I wanted to feel his body squirming, and hear his moans of pleasure.

I began with only my mouth. With hands resting on his upper thighs, I slowly moved my head up and down, my tongue never leaving his cockflesh. I swallowed four-inches of his erection deep in my mouth…gripped him firmly with my lips and masturbated him using only my mouth.

I sucked him that way until his hips began to move slightly and began tiny, upward thrusts forcing more of his cock into my greedily sucking mouth.

Low groans now escaped his tightly pursed lips, and when his hands held my head to him, I took the base of his hard cock in one hand and began stroking the pulsating flesh. I cradled his balls in my other hand and gently rubbed and massaged the large, egg-shaped orbs.

His moans grew louder, and he forcefully began fucking my mouth, I sucked him in earnest. My head and hand became a blur bobbing rapidly up and down his swelling erection.

When his body stiffened, he cried out, and I plastered my tongue over his cock-slit and awaited his eruption.

His hips bucked and jerked wildly and it was all I could do to keep his exploding cock inside my mouth. I lost track after swallowing three mouthfuls of sperm and semen…for an old guy, his balls held a tremendous amount of cum.

When his body finally came to rest, and his prick began softening in my mouth, I went to work licking the excess cum from his penis and his matted, gray pubic hair. I pulled my face away from his crotch only when I was satisfied I had properly cleaned him.

“Billy…” he gasped, “…my God boy, that was even better than last week…”

A smile formed on my lips…a boy never tires of hearing praise from his man…and then he did something that thrilled me-he kissed my cum-slick lips-he even sought out my semen-coated tongue with his…many men have been squeamish, or have outright refused to kiss me so soon after shooting their loads in my mouth…his kiss gave me a warm glow all over.

I sat beside him. He poured more champagne and we clinked glasses and drank. Truth be told, I preferred the taste of his cum more than the champagne.

He ran his free hand over my chest and thighs then it dived inside my briefs. He claimed my hard prick as his own…since I had controlled my orgasm, it was still throbbing and super-sensitive, and if didn’t stop him, I would soon be squirting in my briefs and on his hand.

“I’m sorry I was a naughty boy, Sir…” I said, hoping to remind him of the game we were playing in the car, and his ‘threat’ to spank me.

It worked. I saw his eyes light-up and he said, “You know Billy…when I spank a boy I don’t stop until I have his ass glowing red and he is crying like a girl-are you ready to take that kind of punishment?”

It warmed my heart that he was giving me the opportunity to change my mind.

“I have a confession to make, Sir…” I said innocently, “…when you just came in my mouth I didn’t swallow every drop like you ordered me to…I’m sorry for that-it won’t happen again.”

His lips formed a miniscule smile. He abruptly released my erection, pulled his hand out of my briefs, and with as much phony rage as he could muster said, “You’re darn right it won’t happen again, boy-march your ass into the bedroom-NOW!”

“Y-Yes, Sir,” I said acting as fearful as I could.

I walked ahead of him, and when I saw the full length mirror on the bedroom door, I snuck a quick peak and saw his bathrobe open, and his flaccid penis and heavy scrotum gently swaying between his powerful thighs…I much prefer a hard cock to a soft penis and I vowed to myself I would get that bad-boy of his as hard as a rock very soon.

“May I use the bathroom first, Sir?” I asked.

“You may, but don’t think you’re getting out of your spanking!” he said.

“Oh no, Sir, I know I’ve been a naughty boy,” I said closing the bathroom door behind me.

I examined the items on the large vanity then opened the cabinet door and immediately spotted what I was looking for-a bottle of baby oil.

I lowered my briefs to my knees, opened my legs wide, then proceeded to coat my middle finger with oil. I pushed the finger past my sphincter muscle and greased the walls of my asshole. I applied more and more oil until my ‘pussy’ was wet and slippery.

I washed my hands, pulled up the briefs, then took a deep breath to prepare for the upcoming assault on my unblemished buttocks.

Ben had pulled back the bedspread and was sitting on the side of the bed waiting for me.

“Get over here, boy!” he commanded.

“Y-Yes, Sir,” I replied. His forcefulness caused my prick to twitch and jump.

I stood before him. My prick strained against the fabric of my briefs…he squeezed the outline then said harshly, “Push your little panties down to your knees and get across my lap!”

“Y-Yes, Sir,” I said.

His broad thighs easily held the weight of my body.

I wasn’t quite settled in yet so the first SMACK of his hand on my butt caught me by surprise.

“Ow,” I exclaimed.

“That was nothing, boy,” he warned me. “By the time I’m done with you you won’t be able to sit for a week!”

Then in rapid fire succession came five very hard SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK…

My buttocks were now burning…tears welled in my eyes…I could feel his penis rising, pressing against the taut flesh of my belly. Like most men, he was getting sexually excited by spanking me.

Then another quick and painful SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK-SMACK…

I didn’t know how many more I could take before I broke down. During the brief respites, his hand gently stroked and massaged my inflamed buttocks.

Suddenly it was SMACK-SMACK-SMACK and I unthinkingly cried out, “Daddy, please, no more!”

I heard him groan, and his cock lurched into a full-blown erection. Even though it was a complete accident I called him ‘Daddy,’ his hard prick and shallow breathing told me he loved it.

My suspicions were confirmed when he said, “I told you boy I was going to teach you a lesson-now don’t ever interrupt your ‘Daddy’ again, hear me boy?”

This was also a game I’d played before.

“Y-Yes, Daddy-I’m sorry Daddy!” I cried out on mock panic.

Yes, the spanking hurt, but as usual, the boner I always get was throbbing and pulsating. There’s just something about a strong man spanking me…


In his next rest period, I felt him slip a finger between my asscheeks and press on my anus. His breath caught in his throat and he exclaimed, “What is that I feel? You nasty little boy, did you oil your asshole for your Daddy?”

“Yes, Daddy, yes…I want you to use me like you did before, Daddy-please put your ‘thing’ inside me back there, Daddy…pleeeeeezzzzzzzzzz…”

“YOU NASTY LITTLE SLUT!” he shouted then I felt his true wrath. I wasn’t sure anymore if this was still a game or we had crossed into some weird, and surreal fantasy-land.


Tears flowed out of my eyes dropping to the carpet below me. My chest heaved; my sobbing was very real.

“Do me, Daddy.” I said thru choking sobs. “Push your hard thing in-and-out of me, Daddy…I want to feel your thing squirting its hot stuff in my boypussy, Daddy!”

He suddenly pushed me off his thighs and I landed on the floor.


I scrambled to my feet and pushed the briefs down my legs. I stepped out of them, went to the end of the big bed, and lowered my head and shoulders to the mattress. I opened my legs as far apart as they would go, reached back with my hands and pried open my buttocks.

He stood behind me. He guided the head of his cock to my entrance and when I felt the glans in-line with my anus, I pushed my hips back to take it inside me.

He gripped my hips and yelled, “THAT’S IT, BOY-SHOW DADDY HOW MUCH YOU WANT HIS COCK!”

He plunged into me so hard his cockhead banged against my prostate and my balls exploded. My body was totally out of control as sperm and semen sprayed the bedspread. ‘Daddy’ held on for dear life until my orgasm subsided then rammed his wonderful cock in-and-out me until, he too, had an earth-shattering climax.

I was disappointed he’d cum so fast…that is until I noticed his cock was not shrinking…his hard-on was still firm and throbbing, and this time he fucked me slowly, sliding his cock in-and-out of me…in-and-out…in-and-out…in-and-out…in-and-out…

My prick was hard and ready to explode one more time…the walls of my pussy clung to his rock hard cock…in-and-out…in-and-out…in-and-out…in-and-out…

Our groans and grunts of exertion filled the bedroom. The heat of his crotch against my freshly spanked buttocks intensified the pleasure he was giving me. His snake-like cock felt alive inside me. I fucked back at him impaling myself on his manly pole…in-and-out…in-and-out…in-and-out…in-and-out…in-and-out…

With one final plunge, he knocked the breath out of me and we both began a long series of eruptions…oh my God…oh my God…oh my God…OH-MY-GOD-OH-MY-GOD-OHMYGOD-OHMYGOD-OHMYGOD-OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD…

Ben awoke the next day to find me kneeling between his legs, leisurely licking and sucking his morning hard-on. I wanted to reward him for giving me the best orgasm of my life.

He smiled, patted my head then laid back and received my gift to him. He soon rewarded me with three-mouthfuls of his manly cream.

“Billy,” he said, “…why don’t you spend the day with me? I have tickets to the ball game this afternoon…we’ll have a nice dinner tonight and, if you want, we’ll come back here and, well, you know…what do you think?”

I was enveloped with a warm glow. His offer thrilled and excited me. If I stay the night with a man, they usually just want me to leave first thing in the morning.

“Ben, uh, I’d love to spend the day with you,” I said. “I won’t be keeping you from anything, will I?”

“Well…” he said; and from his serious facial expression, I became afraid he was changing his mind already. “I do have a business meeting this morning…but it won’t last more than a couple hours…after that I want to be with you…stay here and wait for me…there’s a diner next door where you can get yourself some breakfast.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “While you’re at your meeting,” I said, “I’ll go home and change clothes then come back here and wait for you.”

“I can pick you up at your apartment after the meeting,” he said.

“No,” I said, maybe too quickly, then added, “…it’s kind of far from here-the other side of town-it would be better if I come back here.”

“Yes, that would be nice,” he said showing me that beautiful smile of his. “Go ahead and shower…when you’re ready I’ll have my assistant take you to your car.”

After my shower when I pulled up my undies my asscheeks were rather sensitive to the cotton fabric. I put on my shirt, my slacks, and when I sat on the edge of the bed to slip on my socks and shoes I nearly leapt-up thru the ceiling-my buttocks were on fire…Ben had done a thorough and masterful job of spanking me. I bit my lip and held my breath as I forced myself to sit.

I thought about later on when I’d have to sit for hours on one of those hard stadium seats…I certainly wasn’t looking forward to that, but had to convince myself it was mind over matter.

I told myself: Suck it up, John, this is the price you pay for playing his game.

There were voices coming from the living room. I assumed they belonged to Ben and his assistant. I was taken aback when I saw him-he was the aging queer from the night before who’d been sitting next to Ben at the bar…the one I thought was hitting on Ben.

“Billy, this is Jeremy…he’ll drive you back to the bar,” said Ben.

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