Locker Room Sex With Basketball Team

Gay Sex With Basketball Team

If you were asked, could you name the most famous person you went to school with? How about the most well-known person from your class? For me the answer is easy, it would be Randy Conner, former NBA player and my best friend.

I’ve known Randy since we were in 4th grade, Randy’s family lived four houses down the street from mine and our parents were good friends. We did everything together; we went fishing with my father, took our younger sisters to the movies, ate at each other’s house for dinner three or four nights a week, he was only two months older than me and he was truly a great friend. The thing we liked to do the most was play basketball, Randy’s father was the basketball coach for our high school and he taught us the fundamentals of the game. Randy was a better athlete than I was and he played the game much harder, I have always considered him a better player than me. But his father still pushed me hard to be a good shooter and I was a starter for three years.

We were State runner up in our Junior year and won the state championship our Senior year, the first state championship for our school. Randy was the best player on our team and led the team in most statistics like scoring, rebounds and assists. I was a better shooter than a defensive player but we made a hell of a duo. Randy received a scholarship to play ball at a major college. In his Junior year, he led them to the Final Four. After graduating, he was selected 9th in the NBA draft and played for 7 seasons including making the All-Star team twice.

Despite helping his team make the playoffs four of the five years with them, Randy was traded and injured his foot his first year with his new team. He returned the next year but decided to retire because as he told me, he had lost a step and just felt like he wasn’t the same. Randy invested his money wisely through his playing days and by the time he and his wife, Lori returned to our hometown to live, he was worth over 20 million dollars. Along with some investors, Randy build a luxurious, state of the art health club with all the amenities. He also had built a separate small basketball gym next to it, he envisioned creating his own three on three basketball league inviting the best players in the area.

He named it, The Big 9, because there were 9 teams in the league. Every individual player put in $3000 in a pot to play in the league, Randy insisted that he pay for mine and our teammate Charles Simms’s fee. Charles was a former college roommate living in the area. Each team played each other once and the team with the best record won the pot. If there was a tie, the teams would play a championship game, but so far that hasn’t happened.

Because the seasons only take a little over three months, we play two a year. We played our first two last year and have only came in third and second the first two seasons. We went 5-3 our first season and Randy was pissed, mostly with himself. His foot gave him some problems (he developed bursitis in it) and my shooting was horrible, the next season we went 6-2 but finished one game behind the league champion that season. We really should have won more games even though Randy played better, I felt like the losses were my fault, I should have scored more, but there is a reason my head hasn’t been in the game.

During the first season, our third game was canceled due to a player not showing up. When I returned much earlier than I was expected, I found my wife in our bed with her co-worker. I found out that they had just started an affair a few months earlier. We separated a few months after that. All through last year my head just hasn’t been right. I offered to leave the team in the second season but Randy wouldn’t hear of it. He told me we would get by and insisted I stayed; he knew playing basketball was actually good therapy for me. I have always loved to play basketball.

Like Randy, I got a scholarship but to a much smaller school and started my last two years. I got a degree in sports management and took a job in the front office with a professional team in Atlanta. Also like Randy, I married my high school sweetheart and moved back to our home town. It was great to have Randy and Lori back home and the first couple of years it was fun having the four of us together. I gave my ex the house, a car and some of our savings. I started over and am trying to adjust. In February we started a new season, it might just be what I need to get out of this funk.

Going into our third season, we prepared more than ever before even running a few scrimmages and developing game plans. I know he doesn’t need the money (he even told Charles and me we could have his share of the pot if we win), he just plays for pride, I guess. There were somethings about this league that perplexed me and didn’t make sense, but I was afraid to mention them to Randy because he worked so hard to put it together and I didn’t want to insult him. I mean he spared no expense with the league or the gym for that matter. Although the court was smaller to accommodate a game of three on three, we had a full score board, shot clocks and Randy hired people to keep score, time and referee the games. There were some bleachers so friends and family could come and watch and a full locker room for this gym with showers.

The things that seems strange was how every other team was comprised of a white player and two black players and how the teams reacted when they won or lost. If a team lost the black players were all smiles and even seemed to congratulate themselves, while the white player sometimes stormed off, seeming a little too upset with the loss. If a team won, the white player was excited and gave high fives while the black players seemed a little serene with the win. Every white player in the league except me, wore knee pads and elbow pads every game. The other thing was that the games were always played late, usually starting when the rest of the health club closed at 9pm. We never played more than one game a night. I just thought it was strange that we didn’t fit any games earlier since they usually lasted about an hour.

Our first game was tough, the two black players were tall and quick and we had to rely on our outside shooting since Charles was the tallest guy on our team (I’m 6’3″ and Randy is 6′ 1″ foot tall). I took the final shot and nailed the shot to win the game. Once again, the reactions were not what you would expect. The white player on the other team just got his gear and took off, not even congratulating anyone. Charles actually acted pissed and barely spoke to me before he left. The black players were smiling and shaking Randy’s hand talking to him near the bleachers. They looked like they were having a deep conversation while the refs, scorekeepers and game watchers were filing out of the gym. I decided to get my shower and change. It was pretty customary for Randy to stay behind; he would lock up the gym and head to his office in the main building to do some late work.

The most bizarre thing happened in the locker room, as I finished my shower and was leaving, the two men from the opposing team were coming in to shower. One turned to me and asked, “Sure you don’t want to change your mind?”

“Huh?” I responded.

“Your going to miss the fun.” He said.

“What fun?” I asked perplexed.

“Never mind, I thought you knew.” He said and started to take his shower.

I got dressed and in a foggy mindset I left the gym, I looked for Randy but he wasn’t around. When I got to my car, I realized that I had left my sneakers in the locker room. My mind was too much on the guy’s question. I debated if I should leave them, even starting the car but I thought I better go get them. When I got to the gym I found it was locked and most of the lights were turned off. I have a key to the door that Randy gave me to use the court to practice with and entered from the side. The locker room doesn’t have a door entrance just a wall that provides privacy from those on the other side and when I entered the lights were off making the locker room pitch black. But as I tuned the corner, I heard a loud moan that unmistakably belonged to Randy. The door to a room that was next to the showers was open with lights on, I assumed it was a water heater room or maintenance room. When I could see inside from about 20 feet, the image I saw shocked me to my core, even more than when I caught my wife cheating on me.

Inside was Randy on his knees, with the two black opposing players standing on each side of him. They were nude and dripping wet from their shower, Randy was still in his full basketball uniform. Both were sporting huge erections and they were gripping them from the base of their cocks. Easily over ten inches long, since they were about the same height, their cocks lined up perfectly. Randy was moaning loudly as he was flickering and running his tongue up and down between the two men’s bulbous heads. Saliva was dripping wildly out of his mouth and pouring off each man’s thick head. Although he was fully clothed in his uniform, Randy had one hand pulling the waistline of his shorts out while his other hand was obviously masturbating his cock. The men were talking loudly.

“Mmmm, lick that head man.” The first man said, his hand on Randy’s shoulder.

“That’s it white boy, give up that tongue.” His teammate added.

I thought Randy was being raped for a second and was about to charge in the room, but it only took a few seconds to her Randy’s moan and see the expression on his face, he was in ecstasy and fully enjoying it. I slipped back into the darkness more, but got an angle that would reveal everything that was going on.

“Now lick our shafts motherfucker.” The second man commands Randy. My friend immediately ran his tongue down each man’s amazing length, continuing to wetten each with a constant supply of saliva.

“Oh yeah, nice and wet. Good boy.” The one with his hand on Randy’s shoulder said. Randy is whimpering as he continues, I have never seen him so vulnerable, yet so excited for that matter. His hand is stroking his cock at an incredible pace while he holds his shorts as open as he can pull it out, he is mad with lust and sexual fever.

“You really wanted to win this one didn’t you superstar?” The man with the hand on Randy’s shoulder asked. His cock could be about 11 or 12″ and impressively thick.

“Yes, oh yes I did.” Randy answers. “Big win.” He slides his tongue to the other cock which looks like it’s about 10″ itself. “Big, big win. Well worth the effort.” As Randy is running his tongue along both black cocks, you can see that all three men are enjoying his efforts tremendously, Randy the most.

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    Mmm such a hot story! Reminds me of my first BBC and the good times sucking and fucking with it and him. Gonna jack this rock hard little white cock off now

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