Loving My Stepdad Pt 14

I continued to slurp on his cock not giving it time to soften. I reached over and grabbed the lube Billy had pulled out of our bag, I lubed Scott up and planted my ass on his cock, he and I changed positions a few times, finally in a doggy style position, Scott was a gentle lover, but I liked it hard.

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I continued to kiss him everywhere, down his chest to his navel past his cock to his balls, I slowly sucked one ball in at a time, running my tongue all over them, Scott was moaning and squirming. I propped his legs up, lifting his ass so I can get to his pretty little pucker. I could see he is more than nervous, no one had gone near his hole. I looked at him to reassure him he was safe with me, he was okay, he would enjoy this, he could trust me.

I ever so slowly slid my tongue along his butt crack, the moans so loud, Scott was now holding his legs so I can get in there better and deeper. I pressed my tongue to his pucker, the man so tight, there was no hope that I will ever get my tongue in his tight hole. I continue to lick him, lathering his hole with saliva, I gently pressed my tongue to his hole, Scott released and let me in, my tongue invading his hole, I licked him till he was once again close to orgasm.

I let his legs down and lay on top of him, he rolled us over holding me down, his lips on my lips, his hands in my hands.

“Tommy you’re driving me crazy, my cock needs to cum soon, if I so much as touch it right now I may cum all over you.” Scott says out loud not worried that the other two hear us.

“Scott Babe we are not in a hurry here, you and I have all night, I was not sure if you could cum more than once in one session.” I said to him quietly.

“Oh Baby I can cum and cum and cum with the right guy, and you are the right guy.” Scott said loudly.

I rolled us over, I got between the mans legs, my mouth ready for Scott’s cock, I took the shaft and swallowed it whole, I rolled us over so Scott was in control again, the man would fuck my face and make himself cum deep in my mouth. Scott quickly took control, slamming his cock deep in my wanting mouth. It could not have been more than ten strokes and the man flooded my throat, mouth lips face, he shot all over me, seven full streams of cum pelted me.

Scott was very vocal when he came, the entire Motel would know Scott had had an orgasm. Scott collapsed on top of me, I held his cock in my mouth rolling us over, I would drain his cock of every single drop, and hopefully keep the man hard.

Scott still had to fuck my ass, he was not about to roll over and go to sleep, I continued to slurp on his cock not giving it time to soften. I reached over and grabbed the lube Billy had pulled out of our bag, I lubed Scott up and planted my ass on his cock, he and I changed positions a few times, finally in a doggy style position, Scott was a gentle lover, but I liked it hard.

“Come on Scott pound that hole.” I ordered him.

I did not have to tell Scott twice, he flipped me over, shoved his cock back in me, and banged me till he was once again on the edge of yet another orgasm. Scott lubed up my cock and grabbed it hard, he stroked while he fucked me. Both of us on edge of a huge orgasm, Scott gripped my cock harder, his strokes softer, the stimulation to much for me, my cock shot me in the face, on my chest, I was covered in cum.

“Oh fuck Tommy, Fuck I’m cumming.” Scott screamed out.

This time I knew for sure the entire Motel heard him, he even woke up Darren and Billy all snuggled in together.

“What to fuck Scott shut the fuck up man, some of us are trying to sleep here bud.” Darren said pulling Billy in closer.

Once cleaned up Scott and I snuggled in our bed together, I felt so good snuggled in close to this man, his arm around me, my head on his shoulder, my leg on top of him, my deflated cock on his hip. He and I kissed and were soon asleep. I was the first to wake up, being used to sleeping with Dad him being up early for work.

Scott held me tight to him, I had to sneak out to pee, my bladder ready to burst, I unhooked his arm and snuck out, he looked so handsome asleep, he was a truly ruggedly handsome man. After I peed I climbed back in, seems someone was semi erect and ready for me.

I got under the covers in between his legs taking his cock in my mouth, I sucked him deep, my tongue lathering him up getting him wet, I slurped sucked, licked, fondled his balls and stroked his cock as I sucked him he was close, I would not stop him this time I wanted no I needed his cum injection in me right now. Scotts balls rose, his cock tightened, his breathing louder, his hands came to hold my head on his cock, his hips rocking, his cock pistoning my mouth.

“Oh Fuck Tommy you suck my cock so well, make me Cum Babe, Oh yes, Yes Tommy, Fuck Yes Tommy.” Scott screamed as he flooded my mouth and throat.

“Shut up Scott for fuck’s sake were trying to sleep here.” Darren said to him.

The people in the next room banged on the walls, yelling “Shut Up”.

I emerged from under the covers my hunger for cum satisfied, I snuggled in with Scott, him pulling me in tight to him.

“Thanks for that Babe.” Scott whispered to me.

“You’re most welcome my sexy man.” I whispered back kissing him.

Scott and I were woken up a couple hours later by Billy and Darren going at it, Darren was pounding Billy’s tight little ass, I have to say Darren had a nice cock on him. Scott and I snuggled back in and slept another hour or so. I took Scott’s cock got it hard them positioned it in my hole, Scott quickly awoke as his cock sunk deep into me.

Scott rolled us over him on top of me face down, he would be in control of this one, at first he was gentle then the assault started. Scott fucked me hard, the position we were in his cock hit me in all the right places, my cock was rock hard and rubbing the sheets, Scott was quick to shoot his load in me, my cock blasted the sheets as his cock exploded in my hole.

He and I laid there both not moving, Scott rolled off of me laid there beside me out of breath, I looked at him he and I smiled, both euphoric from our orgasms.

“Tommy man I have never had sex like this in my entire life, I have this ache in my loins, not sure I have ever deposited that much cum in less than twenty four hours in my entire life.” Scott said to me.

“You are an excellent lover yourself, not many can make me cum hands free.” I said as I lifted off the wet spot on the bed.

“Shower Babe? You and me?” Scott asked me.

“Yes please.” I replied to him.

Scott helped me up, he and I still tired and worn out from all the sex he and I had, I got the shower running, he and I both got in, first I washed his hair, then his chest, his legs, his beautiful feet his back, his ass, his legs to his ankles, then he turned to his cock, semi erect ready, I took it in my right hand, I examined it closely, it really was a work of art, the veins protruding, his knob so purple, his cock throbbing in my hand.

“Not sure I can cum again Tommy, you’re wearing me out here.” Scott said as I pressed him to the wall and took his cock deep into my mouth.

That feeling of when your cock enters a nice warm wet mouth, the guy tongues your shaft just right in all your sensitive spots. Scott was again moaning very loudly, I gently took his balls in my hand, my middle finger sliding to his pucker, I did not force it in but gently massaged his hole.

“Oh Fuck Tommy, Tommy yes do that, Oh yeah right there Tommy, that’s the spot, Mmm Yes suck harder, Fuck I’m Cumming.” Scott screamed as he grabbed my head and shot me full of his seed.

The neighbours not impressed banged on the wall again, “Shut the hell up”. I had to steady Scott as his legs were weak, I had taken it out of him it seems. Scott grabbed the shampoo and lathered me up, he continued to wash me down till he got to my cock.

Scott got on his knees and did as I did looked at my rock hard cock, he leaned in and licked it, running his tongue under the hood. Scott took my knob in my mouth and slowly stroked my cock, what he did with his tongue and how he stroked my cock he had me on edge so quickly. Scott abruptly stopped and looked at me still holding my cock in his right hand.

“See how it feels when the guy stops and your so close to cumming Babe.” Scott said to me smiling.

“Please Scott I need to cum please, let me cum Please.” I begged him.

Scott continued I was so close my cock would soon unload a massive load, my balls rolled, my cock swelled, my orgasm imminent.

“Oh Scott Please let me cum, Here it comes Scott take it Scott Please.” I yelled out.

The neighbours quick to bang on the wall, “Would you people please stop already.” They yelled to us. The man in the room came to our door while Scott and I were still in the shower , Darren answered the door with only underwear on and a massive hardon he could not hide, he and Billy about to go for another round.

“What to fuck do you want?” Darren yelled at this guy.

The guy stood there taking in Darrens body and massive bulge in his underwear.

“Uh sorry Sir it’s just the noise is all, my wife sent me over she is mad.” He sheepishly said to Darren.

“Maybe your wife needs this.” Darren said as he pulled his underwear down showing him his massive uncut cock.

The guy turned every shade of red, his mouth fell open, his tongue licked his lips, his eyes locked on Darren’s cock.

“Uh Ssorry Sssir, Sssorry to bbbother you Sir.” He said his eyes glued on Darren’s cock a bulge in his pants.

“Dude are you getting hard looking at my cock, you can touch it if you want, might even let you suck it, if your any good at it.” Darren told the guy as he backed away back to his room.

Scott and I came out as Darren shut the door, his cock still hanging out of his underwear.

“Why even wear underwear Darren if your going to have it hanging out anyway?” Scott asked him.

Darren quickly dropped his boxers where he stood, just then another knock on our door, this time Darren, Scott and myself all naked waiting to see who was at the door. Seems the wife did not like the outcome her husband came back with so she thought she would deal with it herself.

Between Darren’s semi erect cock, Scotts soft cock, and my cock she got an eyefull, Darren stood in the doorway buck naked cock swinging in the air.

“Can I help you with something Lady?” Darren asked her in his rough tone.

“Uh Uh loud, noise Oh my so big, Oh my.” She tried to say.

“Well your husband offered to suck my cock but I already have a hot guy to do that for me don’t I Billy? Come here Billy show this nice Lady how to suck a cock properly.” Darren told Billy.

Billy followed his command, got out of bed semi erect, on his knees taking Darren’s huge cock in his hand taking the knob in his mouth.

“If you want to watch Lady you will have to come inside, the others may get jealous and call the police if I stand here to long.” Darren told her.

The woman was speechless, she had nothing to say, she had seen a massive cock and a young guy sucking it in front of her, she would be scarred for life. Her husband offered to suck it for this man, he would be in for it later.

Billy sucked Darren till he filled him once again with his cum, Billy was infatuated with Darren and his huge tool.

“You guys coming for breakfast? Or you gonna fuck all day?” Scott asked them as he and I got dressed up.

“But Billy just had breakfast, still hungry Billy want some more, or do you want to go eat real food?” Darren asked him.

“Real food then more please.” Billy said smiling.

We all got dressed, as we were headed to the diner the husband and wife came out Darren stood there looking at them both, grabbing his cock in his pants. We all laughed, we had a great breakfast, then we were supposed to hit the road, Billy pulled me aside so we could talk alone for a bit.

“Tommy I don’t want to leave yet, we have two more days before classes start, I want to spend more time with Darren, can we Please Stay?” Billy pleaded with me.

“Let’s see if the guys can stay, I am more than willing to spend more time with Scott.” I said to him.

“Guys do you have to be anywhere? Can you guys stay for another day or maybe two?” I asked them.

Scott and Darren looked at each other, not sure what to make of all of this.

“Thought we would show you how much we really do appreciate all you did for us.” I said to Scott licking my lips.

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