Loving My Stepdad Pt 15

Scott pushed his cock as deep as he could, I sucked and swallowed all the precum his cock could produce. Scott was close, I would not make him wait, he would fill me full of his precious seed.

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“Hard to refuse an offer like that one don’t ya think Darren?” Scott asked him.

I walked up to Scott and pulled him in for a kiss, him and I making out in the parking lot, dam I liked this guy so much.

“Well guys lets go pay for our room then, one day or two?” Scott asked me.

Billy looked at me, I could see he wanted the two days not just the one.

“Two more days it is then, but Scott Babe we are paying not you guys.” I said to him.

“Tommy, Darren and I do have money you do know right? I can afford to pay for the room.” Scott said pulling me close to him.

“Don’t care this is on us not you and Darren, let me do this please Babe.” I pleaded with him.

“Okay fine then, me and you shall go pay, these two can go play.” Scott said to us.

Billy and Darren walked to the room hand in hand, Billy wanted more of Darren, seems the boy was falling for Darren.

Scott and I asked for the room to be cleaned and lots more towels, and a bed change. We had forgotten that Darren and Billy had gone to play, forgetting to warn the maid. Scott and I went to get the tire, they even offered to install it. Scott and I went for a walk, it was a beautiful place, great scenery, so much to see.

Scott and I talked, he and Darren friends since childhood, they decided to hit the open road, take time off work and enjoy life, both guys well off but not flaunting it, they had met great people along the way present company included.

“I really like you Scott, I am really going to miss you once Billy and I have to go.” I said to him pulling him close to me.

“Really like you too Tommy, your a great guy, I could easily fall for a guy like you.” Scott told me.

Scott and I stood there kissing, the rest of the world shut off from both of us, I would miss this guy once I had to go back to University. He and I walked back to our room, holding hands, looking at each other over and over. As we got closer we saw the Maid running out of the room, Darren standing in the doorway naked.

Both of us laughed so hard, Darren standing in the door naked and hard, the Maid screaming as she ran from our room, sheets and towels flying to the ground as she ran. Scott and I decided to go for coffee and talk, he and I did not know each other that well but I so wanted to get to know him.

Both Billy and I got to spent time with both of our guys, he and Darren talking to each other about everything, making out every chance they got. Scott and I walked the area, talked about everything and anything, he and I making out, having sex in every place imaginable. Our time with the two guys about to end soon, I did not even want to think about not having Scott at my side, but our time together soon to end.

Billy and I got the car packed up, I had a hard time to even look at Scott, I could not imagine having to say goodbye to him. The time had come the time was right now, Scott stood beside me as we were about to get into the car, me with my back to the passenger side Billy the drivers side. Darren pressed up against him holding him between himself and the car door.

Scott took my hand in his, we stood there both speechless for a minute or two, I pulled the man to me, placing my lips to his.

“Going to miss you Babe.” Scott said to me.

“Gonna miss you too, wish we did not have to say goodbye, but Billy and I have to get back to niversity today, classes start tomorrow morning.” I tried to say the waterworks pouring out of me.

I laid my face in Scott’s chest I could not hold back, I knew I would cry when the time came to say goodbye to this man, I knew I was in love with him. Once I got myself back in control, I looked up into Scott’s eyes he too had tears coming from his eyes. Scott pulled me in for one last kiss, he held me the way a man in love holds the person he loves with all his heart and soul, lifting me off my feet pulling me in to his chest, not letting go.

Scott opened the car door for me to get in, as I was about to climb in the car I slipped a note in his pants pocket.

“Just in case you’re up my way, Please Please Please stop in to see me if you are.” I said to him.

“Darren and I are supposed to be heading out in the opposite direction tomorrow, he and I have to get back to work too, our vacation over.” Scott said to me.

I somehow knew I would never see this man ever again, part of me would be lost to him, I knew I was in love with him, but I was afraid to say it to him out loud. Billy got in the car, he too in tears, these two guys had taken our hearts, Billy started the car, put the car in reverse to back away from the Motel room we were in. As he put the car in drive I stuck my head out the window, I had to say it, I would regret this if I did not tell him how I felt.

“I love you Scott, very very much.” I yelled out the car as Billy pulled on the main roadway.

“I love you Darren, take care of yourself please.” Billy said before he hit the gas peddle.

It took us some time to get ourselves back in control of our emotions, I simply stared forward, we could not go back, I had to finish University so I would get a decent career. The rest of the drive Billy and I barely spoke, both of us heartbroken, we had to deal with the fact we would never see them ever again.

We got to our small apartment, unloaded and got settled in, he and I deciding on pizza and beer for dinner. We took in this tiny place that made the best pizza I had ever eaten. I called Dad he and Timmy were getting along fine, they were about to have dinner so we would chat later in the week. Billy and I were both so depressed about not having the guys with us but we had to face facts they were gone from our lives for good.

We ate our pizza and headed back to our apartment, early to bed and back to classes tomorrow. The week dragged on, but Billy and I were deep in studies, I could not get Scott out of my mind. We quickly got back into the our studies, no sooner did we know it and Christmas was upon us, Billy and I would have a much needed break.

The entire drive back I was watching for our two guys, on their familiar motorcycles, I was almost hoping for car trouble so they would turn up and save us. We gassed up at the same location we first met the two of them, but no sign of them. Billy dropped me off, I was sad, but glad to be home but sad at the same time.

Dad came home from work, he knew immediately something was wrong with me, I was not my usual self, I missed Scott so badly, he was all I had on my mind. Dad and I talked about it, I told him I loved this man, I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life, I knew he was the one for me, but I did not have a number or any way to contact him.

I had given Scott all my contact information from where I was in University to my home address here at Dad’s place. Timmy and I would plan out our Christmas dinner, we planned to make it all, turkey stuffing, cabbage rolls, two kinds of meatballs, salads everything and more. We even invited Billy and his parents to join us if they could, Billy too was sad like I was, I did not want to have sex anymore, I slept in my old bedroom, Timmy and Dad in their bed.

Dad knew I had it bad for this guy, I knew he hoped he could get a hold of this guy for me, but that was impossible. Timmy and I cooked for days before the big day, we had it all done just the turkey left to cook. Timmy and I both up early Christmas day to get breakfast made, then gift exchange, Dad bought Timmy and I laptops, he was encouraging Timmy to continue his education.

We had breakfast then clean up and get the turkey cooking, Timmy and Dad seemed to be getting along so well, they had become really close to each other. I wondered if these two might be in love with each other, I was on their side if they were, Timmy was the perfect man for Dad. If I had one wish for today would be to see Scott once more. We set the dining room up all fancy dishes Mom had, the best silverware, candles the works.

I tried to put on a happy face but my heart was broken into a million pieces, Billy came over he and I agreed no gifts between each other, but Billy did have something for me. A picture he had taken of Scott and I standing in front of the Motel, arm in arm, eyes on each other. The picture made me cry, then Billy cried, it was one sad day for both Billy and I.

Timmy and I got dinner ready, everything on the table ready for our meal, Dad opened the wine, we all sat, I made Timmy sit at the end of the table, he was Dad’s partner now, not me. Billy and I were across from each other.

“Merry Christmas everyone, this meal looks delicious you two out did yourselves, it all looks so delicious.” Dad toasted to us.

We started to dish out the food, passing platter after platter of food Timmy and I had prepared, my phone pinged, not once not twice but multiple times. I was going to get up to grab my phone but Dad said wait till after dinner Son. We all started to eat, the food was incredible if I do say so myself, we were part way into dinner and there was a knock on the front door.

Timmy got up to see who it was, the person at the door did not talk he simply asked Timmy quietly if this was the right house. Timmy shook his head in the affirmative, the other guy asked if Billy was here as well very quietly. Again Timmy nodded saying he was.

“Who is at the door Timmy? Your dinner is getting cold here.” Dad said to him getting up to see who it was.

Dad knew without even meeting these two guys who they were, Billy had his back to the two guys he continued to pick at his food. When Dad escorted them in I sat there frozen, my eyes teared up, I could not hold it back. Scott walked up to me leaned in and pulled me to my feet, I wrapped myself around him, I would not let him go.

Darren came up behind Billy, putting his hands on Billy’s shoulders, Billy too was in tears, Darren lifted him out of his chair and held him kissing him the whole time. I could not control my emotions I was so happy to see Scott once again. After Billy and I pulled ourselves together, I could not stop kissing Scott.

Timmy got two more place settings for the table, I introduced Scott and Darren to Dad and Timmy, I could not let go of Scotts hand like he would run away from me. We sat and passed the food to our additional guests, I could not take my eyes off of Scott. We all ate till we could eat no more, Timmy, Billy and I cleaned up while the men sat relaxed and had a beer with Dad.

Dad liked both of these guys right away, he could see why I was so infatuated with Scott, the man was incredible, a true gentleman. We got all the food put away, dishes in the dishwasher, we would all settle in for a night of conversation and a few drinks. Billy called his Mom to tell her he had a few drinks so he would not be home tonight.

We later had dessert, a nightcap, then off to bed, Scott and I in my room, Billy and Darren in the spare bedroom. Scott brought in a bag, Darren too, I hoped they planned to stay for a while. He quickly started to get undressed, I stood there watching him, he was perfection in my eyes.

“Babe is something wrong? Aren’t you coming to bed with me?” Scott asked me.

“I can’t believe you came, I’ve been missing you so badly since we last saw each other, I still can’t believe it, you’re here with me, you came to see me, to be with me.” I said the waterworks on again.

“Of course I came to see you, I’ve missed you so much, you’re on my mind daily, nightly too.” He said with a sly grin.

Scott and I got undressed, crawled into bed, he holding me close to him, he and I holding each other closely.

“How long can you stay Scott?” I asked him.

“How long can I stay Babe?” Scott asked me.

“Is the rest of my life to long?” I asked smiling at him.

“I’m off for the week then I have to get back to work, if you will have me I can stay the week.” Scott said smiling.

“If I will have you, I did tell you I was in Love with you didn’t I?” I told Scott.

“Yes you did yell that out to me as you drove out of my life.” Scott said to me.

“You do know I Love You too, don’t you Babe?” Scott told me, rolling on top of me.

I had a hard time to hold back the waterworks, this man loved me, how would I hold back all these emotions. Scott and I kissed, I rolled us on his back taking his cock in my hand.

“Dam I missed this cock.” I said to him.

I kissed it, I licked it, I basically made love to it, I swallowed it to the base, then all the way back out. I licked it took it back into my mouth, back out I looked at it, I licked his balls, took one in and rolled it around with my tongue. I had them both in my mouth and I sucked down on them, my tongue licking them as I held them.

Scott being Scott was not being quiet, the entire house would know he and I were at it, I did not care I wanted them to know I was making love to this man. I folded Scott in half, my tongue lathered his ass, his hole allowing me access inside of him, I rimmed Scott till his cock was dripping precum like a faucet.

His load would be deposited in me, none of his cum would be wasted in this next week, I let his legs down, his cock there ready for me to swallow it, the pool of clear precum was so tasty looking. I gently took Scott’s cock in my right hand, I pulled it straight out, my tongue lapped up the precum it was leaking, my lips pursed on the slit trying to suck the precum directly out of him.

I licked his cock over and over, then I took it deep, grabbed Scotts hips and rolled him on top of me, his cock deep inside my mouth, my hands making him thrust into my willing mouth. Scott quickly started to pump his cock deep into my mouth, the moans and groans coming out of this guy were incredible.

Scott pushed his cock as deep as he could, I sucked and swallowed all the precum his cock could produce. Scott was close, I would not make him wait, he would fill me full of his precious seed. Scott’s breathing was deeper, his cock pistoned my mouth, his balls slapped my chin.

“Oh Tommy, Oh Babe I’m so close, Here it comes take my cum Babe, Oh Tommy yes Yes Fuck Take It.” Scott yelled out.

His load was incredible, he shot me full of his cum, his cock seemed to shoot out more and more, his body jerked as his orgasm took a hold of him. Once his cock slowed down, I licked and sucked the man clean. Scott laid on his back beside me, winded and drained, but I had so much more for him before he would be allowed to sleep.

I ran my hands over his body touching him everywhere, I kissed the man first his lips then his neck to his earlobes, down his chest to his nipples. I ran my tongue over them, knowing how sensitive his nipples really were, I kissed his ribs to his hips, down his right leg to he beautiful feet, I kissed the arch running my tongue all over them.

Scott was going crazy, when I hit really sensitive spots he would jump squirm, moan, groan, shiver. I licked the insides of his legs to his ballsack down his left leg then back up to his cock, his beautifully perfect cock. I held it in my right hand, his cock now semi erect, I ran my tongue around the knob, sucking it in my mouth and getting it wet.

“Oh Tommy, Oh yes that feels so good Babe, suck my cock for me.” Scott said loudly.

I got the mans cock lathered up, I spit in my hand wet my ass and planted my hole on his tool, I rode Scott like a horse in full gallop, I liked my ass pounded. Scott repositioned us so he was on top me on my back, legs on his shoulders folded like a pretzel. Scott was gentle at first, he knew what I liked, gentle was fine but I liked it rough, hard, I liked to be pounded.

Scott let me have what I wanted, his cock slammed me over and over, he spit in his hand and grabbed my cock firmly in his hand. He held my cock tightly in his hand, his strokes in my ass matched the strokes on my cock.

“Oh Scott I am so close, give it to me please, stroke my cock, fuck me harder. Scott oh my here it comes.” I said as quietly as I could.

“Take my big cock Babe, I’m gonna fill you with my seed. Oh Fuck Babe, Take it, Oh Fuck TOMMY.” Scott screamed out.

His cock exploded inside me, I felt every drop he planted inside me, my cock shot torrents of cum in my face mouth, nose and neck. Scott let my legs down and collapsed on top of me, his head on my chest, out of breath and drained of cum. I held him to me, like he would fall off of me. Scott and I laid there for some time, both of us out of breath and tired from the long day.

Scott rolled over I got up to wipe us off, he and I covered in cum, my cum. I went to the washroom to drain my hose and my hole. I came back in the room Scott was covered up and asleep, the man exhausted from the long trip here to see me. I snuggled in beside him, his arm under my neck, my head on his chest. I can honestly say I had the best sleep ever that night, having my man beside me made my night.

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