My First Man On Man Kiss

It was the first time actually experiencing what sex with a man could be, far beyond the intensely focused joys offered by a glory hole, something more encompassing, even more irresistible than imagined.


Over the preceding few weeks, the idea of kissing my first man had been growing as a fantasy, a delightful idea that drifted into awareness while stroking my horny cock one morning, still half asleep, a half-dream of desire between thought and erection. The idea grew quickly with a certain intensity, much like that surrounding my first visits to the glory hole, first feeling a man’s touch on my hard cock. The glory hole had been a logical and long not taken step from merely watching another man stroke himself decades ago, masturbating with a good friend, looking at Penthouse, Hustler, or other harder, magazines. The thought of kissing easily merged into an earlier fantasy of actually sharing a booth with a man at the glory hole, feeling the entirety of a man’s body, not merely his skilled hands, sexy cock, or sucking mouth – the first time a man sucked my cock at a gloryhole, he made me hard again after swallowing my pumping cum, and such skills would work easily well kissing.

An opportunity arose to return on a Saturday afternoon to the same erotic complex where just a couple of months ago, a man had just started sucking my cock in a theater chair, after I’d publicly stroked myself to hardness watching hot gay porn – two men stroking and kissing each other’s nipples, then rubbing their hard cocks together as they leisurely kissed. This had been several of the things which had so turned me on the first time actually jacking off to gay porn, in my early 20s.

The complex was also the place I had first played with and tasted a man’s nipples in a ‘pair’ room, touching his cock and my own turned on rod – the room had an L of bench space with a padded section along the wall, more than large enough for several people and any number of positions. The possibilities appeared to have been barely explored then, and plans concerning a second visit kept becoming more urgent, each solitary orgasm thinking about it just adding to the temptation.

Entering this new playground for the second time, a bit of time was spent wandering among the aisles of the porn DVDs before going to the theatres side. With little reason to care whether anyone could see how quickly I went to the gay section, after being bored by the offered DVDs, the obvious simple truth being that the gay section is where hot quick sex is found. My taste for such has been acquired with enthusiasm over the last couple of years at the glory hole. If luck held, the chance to first kiss a man was floating within reasonable reach. Little was happening in the essentially deserted spaces, and checking the straight porn revealed it was fairly boring, the various areas also deserted, excepted for a closed door in one small theater – the complex has both open and private spaces (though one of the ‘private’ theater spaces also has a voyeur space attached to it, overseeing the seats).

Wandering back to the same theater as the last visit, at the back corner of the gay section, any previous shyness disappeared, being replaced by a certain eagerness to see what could happen. Opening my pants and starting to touch myself for anyone to see was a thrill, a familiar mixture of the forbidden and unstoppable causing my heart to race, knowing that a threshold had been successfully crossed again, willingly. Only one other person seemed to be in this area at the time, sitting in the back corner opposite me. I was leaning against the narrow end of the wall dividing the theater from the entrance space, and increasingly kept enjoying myself to porn of a man getting rimmed in larger than life size, his turned on cock well in hand. The unknown watcher moved diagonally, from chair to chair – then next to me, something registered, and though my pulse picked up, it was anything but disturbing.

Now, losing any remaining inhibitions, or so it seemed, feeling a rush of hot lust along the solidly lengthening shaft, stroking with growing intensity to get him hot, growing hotter myself, starting to drift in the idea of the unknown possibilities of a man who wanted to play hot games, ever more delightfully irresistible thoughts beckoning in the tantalizing haze of fantasy and raw lust at hand.

The feel his breath on my cock showed how getting myself hard had affected him, and it seemed clear he wanted to suck it, but though my head turned to look at him, tantalizingly close, my body didn’t turn to his mouth, and just kept stroking, waiting for him to rise, my head turned to keep watching the rimmed man’s stiff hard cock pumped with his partner’s fist, whose own cock was hard, on the floor to ceiling screen. He must have already known that I had been glancing at him as he moved closer, my cock growing in my grip as he did, but now my length was growing rigid, and he seemed entranced by what I was doing. Ignoring him to focus on my own pleasure, showing off, appeared the best way to get him even more deeply interested in what I was curious to explore.

He stood up from the chair, reaching out to touch my cock lightly while rising, growing ever closer, then gently starting to kiss my neck as he felt my quiveringly thrilled cock in his hand. He smelled somewhat of peppermint and other unidentifiable scents, utterly unlike any woman. That this was not a woman was obvious when reaching down to feel his cock in turn, stroking his ass with my other hand.

Touching and kissing lightly, his lips were now on my ears, making me harder and definitely more in the right frame of mind to actually kiss a man, a fantasy already starting to merge into luscious reality. His embraces were pulling us together, but each time his mouth moved from one side of my neck to the other, he didn’t actually linger over my lips, even as our bodies pressed with growing force.

It occurred me that the pint of beer, drank 45 minutes ago, was the reason – but a certain lowering of inhibitions remains part of such explorations, though this time, it might prevent any further chance to actually kiss a man, even as the temptation was growing ever larger. Our cocks had been rubbing almost from the first touch, and it was making me incredibly hot. Cock to cock is something purely male, something more unique than a blow job. As his foreplay began to center on my nipples and armpits, ever deeper fantasies were being replaced by incredibly delightful reality.

My pants were already opened from stroking myself, but after several moments of increasingly passionate contact, he began to unbutton my shirt, and his hand again went to my nipples, spreading open each side of my shirt, and again to the sensitive hairs under my arms. Both are extremely erotic to me, either doing or experiencing, or just watching happen. Now, some stranger was doing me like this in public, as my hips began moving beyond thought, getting totally turned on in open view, not caring in the least.

Neither did he, my hands reaching in turn under his t-shirt, our cocks solidly touching, both of us beginning to breathe more heavily, getting ever more aroused, losing awareness of such trivial details as how obvious our games were becoming to anyone interested in watching them. And at least one other person was, something lightly registered from the corner of my eye, though by the next look in that direction, the person was gone.

After an impossible to measure time of his mouth on my body, our cocks playing, sometimes in my hand, sometimes his, and sometimes together, I lowered my head, and began to kiss his neck, and then lick his ears, hugging ever closer. He seemed maybe 15 years older, a bit shorter, also wearing glasses. His kisses started to grow closer to my lips, so I pulled away from his neck, offering my now turned up throat, which rapidly lowered under his skilled licking. As his mouth grew ever closer to mine, the excitement was becoming unbearable, two men together for anyone to see, and I began moaning about how hot sex with a man was.

He shifted, and started whispering in my ear about how much he was enjoying himself with me. It was the first time to hear a man’s voice in all the times strangers and I have shared orgasms. And now, I wanted the mouth that had spoken in the dark, an intense lust growing between us, two men already far beyond conventional limits, both of us clearly recognizing that sharing such feelings and touches was just the start of what could happen together. Though a beginner, by this point, I had collected enough experience to be open to anything offered, knowing how good all the other times with a man had been.

From his whispering lips to feeling those same lips on my own seemed to have happened in a complete daze, and after realizing that a man was kissing me for the first time, I started to respond, my own tongue meeting his, then reaching my hands for his head, our cocks still grinding against each other in an delightfully unstoppable grind of pure male pleasure. I then truly started to kiss my first man, trying my best to return the feeling he was creating in me. This was more even intense than simple cock sucking, our tongues merging together, sharing tastes and sensations, adding incredibly to our horny cock to cock motion.

We kept kissing, hands roaming over each other, with nipples a particular destination, along with ass cheeks and armpits, and I was growing completely abandoned in his touch, our kissing grower deeper and more intoxicating. My fantasies seemed based on a simple truth – kissing a man was ecstasy, the pleasure merely a taste of what waited to be shared, a feeling that seemed to grow between us.

He unbuttoned my shirt, kissing my hot and erect nipples, then he pulled the shirt down along my arms, completely baring my chest to his touch and tongue, again for anyone to watch, pumping my hips with his fist circling my prick. After a while of this, he actually kneeled, putting my horny cock in his mouth. I was completely overcome, unable to move, already on the verge of cumming, so turned on that just the idea of getting sucked had almost pushed me over the edge, a beckoning escape reinforced by what he was doing. The positioning had been chosen beforehand, anyone could see what was happening – being so public was part of the thrilling newness, even as that fact sank beneath the surface of my aroused state, bathed in sexual satisfaction, beyond any mundane concerns. Concerns which disappear in the slowness of thinking, as the body expands to fill awareness with pleasure, each thought fading into the past, with barely a ripple.

This is one of the most seductive aspects of such games – having all concerns fade away in the total bliss of honest male sex. And married men probably face another hurdle, enjoying the glorious luxury of sex without condoms on a regular basis. Getting sucked with a condom seems completely beside the entire point of feeling soft wet skin contrasting with flowing air and the delicate concreteness of teeth, the subtle variations masted by a skilled tongue, possible to someone possessing true oral skills. To be honest, I have never experienced my cock being sucked covered with a condom, but the parallels between the feeling with and without a condom while fucking a pussy certainly allows some conclusions to be drawn, an awareness of how seductive purely animal sex is compared to its more cautious and often less fulfilling variants.

Following a too brief period of him sucking my erect cock, his hands at my nipples and armpits while slowly taking more of my cock into his wet and willing mouth, he rose, and I seized the opportunity to kiss him hungrily, barely waiting until my tongue could enter his now opening mouth, pressing my lips against his, greedily wanting more. My hands rose to his head, pulling him tighter, then holding him fixed as my tongue explored him in a deep kiss, seeking ever more, getting lost in the experience.

He shared his name, and between maddeningly intoxicating kisses, I shared mine, a certain reluctance being washed away in the recent taste of his mouth, the desire to keep kissing him overwhelming the shrinking desire to remain complete strangers except for the feeling of his hard cock against mine. He kept taking a gentle lead in our growing lust, as my mind melted into a warm pool of sexual release, with a growing awareness that kissing a man truly involved crossing into a new world. Coupled with just how fantastic that world was becoming, one eagerly being rushed into, wanting more. One actually already entered, in public, my cock happily against a stranger’s as our opened mouths met, an awareness which sent shivers of animal lust deeper into my fading sense of self.

He began to say how he would like to see me naked, a very arousing idea from someone who had been kissing so passionately, and asked about sharing a ‘pair’ room with him. At that point, I replied somewhat distractedly, sex with a man was unimaginably sexy, and that though married, such totally seductive lust was something completely new. He laughed, and said he was married too, and ‘clean.’ This was one of only a couple of less than perfect notes throughout our encounter – ‘clean’ means nothing in the face of such lust, and even mentioning it was a small dose of essentially irrelevant reality. We both knew that such trivial concerns had already been taken care of, as our bodies were long past paying attention to anything but their own needs.

After pulling up his shorts and pulling down his t-shirt, he began to leave in the direction of the other sections, after a final kiss which stretched on, leading to our hips moving again, my hands reaching for his nipples, his hand pressing my cock to rock against his, just above his shorts. As he finally turned to leave, I began to follow, but then decided that taking a moment to at least button my pants and close my shirt was a prudent thing to do. Such horniness leads to a complete fogging of rational thought, or even half rational, such as thinking it wouldn’t really matter if anyone saw how completely sex had replaced normal rules with its own logic.

Following him, shirt barely buttoned, my cock was stiff against the still unzippered jeans, and somewhat thankfully, the area was empty, even if I wasn’t really paying attention to such mundane details. My mind seemed to be swimming underneath a golden honey slowness, noticing little until seeing how he had turned into a room just outside the theater, one I had never noticed before – the last time, the layout of the gay section had not really been a focus of my limited attention.

It had been enlightening during the first visit to see how such rooms could be locked, and entering after my new-found partner, it was simple to turn the knob to create a truly private space. He kissed me briefly, then started to undress to his socks, his clothes easily removed. I followed, though unlacing my hiking boots took an almost awkward moment. Naked except for socks, we began touching and getting hard again, the short pause for practical activities over, being erased steadily from memory by what we were doing to each other. The lack of hesitation or doubt on my part was merely a surprisingly distant observation, as we again began to grow closer in intimate and thoroughly erotic ways.

He asked me about how often I came here, a question which just served to increase my desire, replying briefly that this was only the second visit. And adding about on how the first one, a man had sucked my cock by surprise, my fingers on my stroked cock because the porn made me so horny. This time, the burning intensity came from a man kissing me for the first time, discovering how sexy it was to kiss and get naked with a man, how horny sex with a man was making me. He laughed, grew still closer, telling me again how good it was to feel my body against his. This led to our kissing again, rubbing our hardening cocks as our tongues entwined, lips pressing together ever more solidly, hands moving over naked flesh, free to enjoy each other fully in a private space. Clearly, both of us desperately wanted to, with a deeper and stronger feeling than that offered by the frenzy which had resulted when we were in public.

That preceding open display of my horniness was merely foreplay, a process now repeated in private, but compressed. We started to become incredibly aroused, fully involved in sharing purely male sex, two screens on the wall playing gay porn which simply added to the atmosphere, without drawing any attention to itself. Our kissing rapidly led to my moaning as his hand held our cocks again, my hips moving in waves of bliss against him, my cock head feeling his balls as we rocked with growing abandon, his other hand finding my nipple, doing magical things.

After almost surrendering to the tightness gathering in my balls, I pulled him tighter, feeling his ass, enjoying another opportunity to discover that men and women share many of the same basic tastes. And that having a turned-on man’s ass in your hands offers a surprising sensation of power when starting to grab at it, as my cock pushed through his thighs, now covered in almost its entire length with his skin, moaning uncontrollably for the second time about how horny it made me to have sex with a man.

His replies were less hectic, saying in turn how much he was enjoying what we were doing. After almost cumming for another time, a number being lost in the haze, we started talking a bit during a necessary pause on my part, hands wandering against each other’s body. He said that he didn’t often go as far as he had till now with me, and I told him that this was the first time I had ever kissed a man. Our talking led to sentences being reduced to simple words, then to nothing but the contented sounds of kissing and fondling.

Things began to again grow hazy in the fascinating immediacy of the sensations being created between us. The deep satisfaction of our kissing was no longer something merely novel, yet remaining deeply enticing, the forbidden nature of what I was so hungrily enjoying becoming unimportant. His hands and mouth roamed freely, and often, I could do little in response to his skills but melt weakly, offering myself to him. We were both sweating in the heat, and the contact of our skin grew increasingly interesting as I stood, beginning to slide while trying to hold each other tightly, nipples against nipples, cocks against thighs, fingers running easily over sensitive skin, adding to the fantastic erotic tension that kept building even as each new moment brought its own satisfaction. After a while of this, I grew too weak to stand, in part because of how much thrusting my cock had been enjoying, without any restraint.

As I sat, sprawled against the bench, my legs spread wide, cock jutting, he kneeled, starting to suck me the second time. His head moved down, and his lips opened, his tongue touching my cock first, circling the cock head, before he began to lower his mouth, as I watched, fascinated to see a man go down on me. He had a certain technique that was new in my experience – he kept my cock circling against his hot mouth and lips by moving his head. It was an incredible method, especially after he reached upwards, seeking my nipples and armpits, his moving head in perfect accompaniment to the feeling that was building. I had never imagined such purely primal sexual bliss with a man, and when he began to rise to his feet, my head turned towards him blindly, lips parted, wanting his kiss, utterly open in my raw desire, trusting that he shared it, that he would give me what we both wanted.

The taste of his mouth had subtly changed, something slowly registering as we began to again kiss deeply, tongues against teeth, my hands pulling his hair, then running over his cheeks while sucking deeply. After a while, both of us stroking the other’s cock, it occurred to me that the taste in his mouth was my own, a surprising thought as he bent down over me. The kisses grew more passionate after this realization, adding to the awareness of just how far I had already gone in enjoying sex with a man. I was still sitting, legs spread, stroking my cock as he leaned against my torso, my other hand wandering under his arm, across his chest, then slowly down his stomach, reaching his balls and the base of his sexy rod after several tantalizing moments, his attention wandering from me, to what I was doing to him. The balance was shifting apparently, as I tried harder to keep up with his talents, to service him as he had me.

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