My First Man On Man Kiss

Speaking such thoughts out loud became more difficult when he squatted down, and started sucking my totally aroused cock. It was strange to think that two married men could get each other so hot, but maybe there are more levels to this game than male/female and individuals. By this point, the balance between leaving soon and cumming wildly was level, and eventually, it was possible to weakly stop him, even if the familiar ‘no, no – yes, cock suck, YES’ response had happened a couple of times beforehand, his mouth irresistible.

I was weakening, but his mouth did leave my cock as he gently pushed me down at the corner of the L shaped benches, his mouth guiding mine as our kissing resumed. And to my delight, he again squatted, and continued his blow job. I was getting lost in his mouth, an awareness which slowly grew enough to cause me to move. He again talked about how good it would be to cum on him, and with my legs spread, feet on the bench itself of the floor, he went down hungrily. Repeating the sequence, I went to my knees trying to shrink away, but the wall was at my back, and his mouth was again well positioned, sucking me so good.

Instead of moaning, disjointed words about fucking my wife’s pussy filled my mind, which slowly allowed it to actually imagine the need to shower, including cumming there instead of here and now. Neither aspect was very effective in slowing down the feeling gathering in my balls, so I scrambled up to a standing position, and realized that I was still cornered, literally, a situation leading to indecisiveness, which meant that actually a decision was made by doing nothing. As his mouth continued its games with my throbbingly erect cock, any final resistance was undercut, overwhelmed by his skills and persistence. The game of ‘no…no… YES’ became earnest, and I was drowning, with my hands holding tightly to him, beyond conscious control, wanting to cum deep in his throat.

This final, dimly recognized realization led me to break away from the corner, contact being broken while scrambling to escape the orgasm which somehow kept building against my will, weak as it was by then. Too weak, as my hand went again to my wonderfully wet and slippery cock, no longer able to stop, lost in a primal fog of sexual need, not caring about anything. Sitting in the middle of the longer bench, stroking myself in a daze of contentment, no longer able to muster any strength to resist the orgasm welling slowly, the feeling in my tight balls unstoppably rising. Somehow distantly majestic in its overwhelming presence, beyond any thought of controlling. My cum simply started flowing, a state of total freedom, getting off with another man.

My head had lolled back, eyes closed, before the first waves of primal joy started washing over me. This time, such a slow and deep orgasm meant that opening my eyes was possible, especially knowing how it would add to the thrill. A thrill which had already moved to a higher level, as his murmuring words began to reach deeper than my ears alone. My vision widening lazily, I could watch him moving in front of me, the words about cumming on him clearer as he stood against me. It was simple to guide my cock and pump cum downwards against him, his hand stroking his hard red cock as the hot cum kept fountaining. His hand and cock sliding against me, I could see white semen dripping down from the tip of my cock onto him while he stroked, getting him totally turned on.

His breathing and stroking started to become more obvious as my own orgasm subsided. My body was completely wrung out, sprawling along the bench, and watching him cum was perfectly easy to do. He stepped back, vigorously fisting his rock hard length, straightened, mouth opening slackly, eyes closing, and began to cum. After a moment or two, it was clear he was cumming on me, pumping his own cum against my cock and pubic hair. As my hand still encircled my softening cock, I knew, with certainty, that this time, the sensation being felt was a man’s cum on my cock. It was a small shock to realize how incredibly hot it was to feel a man cum on you. His cock was peaking in ecstasy above my totally spent body, and watching the first man I kissed cum was a perfect end to an unexpected interval of pure sex.

Slowly, unwillingly, practical details began to intrude. Most of our cum was on each other, but we hadn’t prepared for cleaning up in the first rush of our kissing, and afterwards, such thoughts were irrelevant. We cleaned ourselves using tissues, talking quietly about how good it was. He asked if we could meet again, as he would there again Sunday, but my replay was gently negative, since such special conditions were not likely to be repeated.

This was not the first or the longest time I had actually experienced such a magical interval, and the conditions between those two times had some interesting similarities – I had spent the previous day driving fourteen hours with my wife back from a French nude beach, and hadn’t had any sex for a couple of days beforehand. The other time I had been lost in such total sexual release was after driving from Santa Fe to the east coast with an old girlfriend, stopping for only one night, then arriving home exhausted. And after sliding into bed, spending the next five hours in what may have been the best sex of my life.

As I drove away, noticing the time was 5:30pm, it meant that roughly an hour and a half had been spent kissing my first man. And going to the lake, stripping and swimming in the cool water of the early evening, simply added to a certain feeling of pure natural contentment.

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