Man Sex With Wife’s Cousin Pt 2

He licked down the shaft and gave my balls a hot wet treatment. Then he went back to my taint and I stayed frozen as his hot wet tongue made its way into my butt crack.

Part 1


I hadn’t been asleep too long when I felt the bed move and a body slide up close beside me. For a moment I assumed it was Carrie not remembering in my sleep that she was gone. When his tight hairy muscled body slid up close to mine I realized it was Aaron.

When I turned to him, Aaron smiled and said, “Hey buddy, I couldn’t sleep, and there is one thing that makes me sleep like a baby!”


He reached around me and squeezed my cock. It wasn’t totally hard, but there was some definite swelling going on there. “Come on buddy, you’re almost hard already, no sense in letting a good boner go to waste!”

With that he ducked under the covers and had my cock in his mouth in a flash! By the time he slid up and kissed my abs, licked my chest and nipples I was totally turned on for him again. We met in a hot passionate kiss and rolled back and forth on top of each other taking turns exploring each other’s hot bodies.

We ended up in a sixty nine with me on top. When Aaron let my cock slip from his lips and started licking and slurping my balls I loved it. When he let my balls slip from his mouth and licked that sensitive area behind them I was in heaven. When Aaron positioned himself to where he could run his hot, wet tongue around the outer edges of my butthole, I almost jumped to ceiling!

“That’s what I’m talking about buddy! That little secret place down there is all kinds of sensitive!”

“Jesus Aaron, were you going to lick my butthole?”

“Yeah and I would have if you hadn’t jumped three feet!”

“Fuck man, I don’t know…”

“Well I do stud, hold still and let it happen!”

Aaron pulled my cock back to his mouth and tongued the now throbbing head. He licked down the shaft and gave my balls a hot wet treatment. Then he went back to my taint and I stayed frozen as his hot wet tongue made its way into my butt crack. Fuck it was making me jump and shiver! After lots of licking and teasing around my hole he just started in licking it like a fucking dog.

I know I was making noises and moaning, as I had never felt anything like this in my life! After a while I realized I was kind of pushing back at his face and he was grunting and moaning as he licked. He adjusted his position and I felt him reach around and spread my ass cheeks wide and pushed his wet pointed tongue right into my virgin pucker hole.

It felt amazing and awesome, but the next thought that hit my brain was that this big, hot, hairy, muscle man was trying to fuck me! That was all it took for me to immediately end the ass licking session. I jumped up, spun around and pounced on top of him. I kissed his face before I thought about the fact that his tongue had just been inside my butthole. Could I taste it? That was kind of repulsing and for some crazy reason, hot at the same time.

I smiled and looked at Aaron’s hot masculine face and said, “Enough of that, I’m going to fuck you again!”

That was all it took and Aaron’s legs raised up and wrapped around me. This was hot; it was more like love making now, not quite the animalistic scene in the shower. My cock was as hard as it’s ever been and his motion put it right into his hairy butt crack. I suddenly realized I was leaking an amazing amount of precum. Our lips met and I just started sliding my cock up and down his crack as we got into really deep kissing.

We were both caught up in the kissing and I realized this his crack was getting slick with my precum, we were panting and really getting turned on, when all of the sudden my cock found his tight hole and plunged in. I guess it slid in about half way and Aaron grunted deeply in my mouth. He threw his head back and let out a loud moan and said, “Oh fuck, that feels good!”

That gave me a green light and I started moving my cock in and out of him slowly and started going deeper and deeper. Aaron was making noises and grunts but he wrapped his powerful legs around me and drew me in deeper.

Fuck I had to admit this all felt great. Something about the domination of this hot macho man fueled my fires to fuck and possess him. Aaron wrapped his powerful arms around me and pulled me tighter again. This was so intense and when he moved his arms I realized he had not used deodorant after our shower. I don’t know if he forgot or did it on purpose but his masculine scent just made it hotter.

He returned his face to mine and we went back to a very passionate kissing session as I fucked him deeper and harder. He hips were now moving against me, urging me deeper and into a more intense penetration. I soon pushed his knees against his shoulders and felt myself penetrate even deeper. This brought louder and more intense moans from both of us. It was as if I could feel my cock hitting a second opening way up deeper inside of him.

Our passion became even more intense, and his grunts became loud noises. I felt things inside of Aaron spasm and milk my cock to near orgasm when Aaron broke our kiss and hollered as I felt his cock throb out a huge load of hot sticky fluid between us. The feelings inside of him were a goddamn carnival, it was like nothing I’d ever felt! For the first time in years I felt my cock spasm beyond my control! I had been able to control my orgasms for many years. I knew how to fuck my wife over the edge, but just hover on the brink myself, then back off and fuck more until she came two, three and sometimes four times.

This was totally different. The motions and spasms going on inside of Aaron drove me to the edge and past without my being able to control it. I had hit the wall and gone past without being able to stop it. My cock was throbbing like it hadn’t since I was a teenager! I could feel that inner ring, way deep inside of Aaron grabbing and releasing my super sensitive cock head was urging me to shoot my man juice deeper inside of Aaron’s spasming guts than I thought possible.

Garble sounds were coming from deep inside of Aaron’s lungs and I let loose a long, loud stream of “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” as I shuddered and spasmed. I basted Aaron’s inner walls with all the juice I had in my balls, and suddenly as if on their own my hips kicked into overdrive and I pile drove and pounded Aaron’s open, now pussy like hole.

There were sloppy wet sounds, a gushiness inside of him that made me want to just keep pounding until I collapsed, and I did! His hairy well fucked hole was so open I was moving all the way out and plunging all the way back in as his open hole sputtered sloppy noises that drove me on.

The scent of male sex permeated the air. The pungent male odors coming from his pits multiplied, the smell of ass, cum and sweat rose around us like a cloud and I just couldn’t stop. I was hearing loud howls, grunts, moans, cussing and sloppy farting noises all around us, and wasn’t sure who was making which ones.

I thought I was going to bruise my balls the way there were slapping against his sloppy wet hole. We were drenched in sweat and cum was flying everywhere! Time stood still and marched on quickly at the same time. Aaron grabbed my ass and pulled me in hard for the deepest penetration yet. I felt a couple of things at the same time. The head of my cock had impaled that inner ring deeper than ever which I think made him orgasm again, and the wide spread his grab to my ass cheeks also stretched my hole tightly and for the first time in my life I realized how much my own hole spasmed when I shot a load!

Aaron held me deep inside of him and our contorted faces came together, for what could only be called feeding each other what was left of the oxygen in each other’s lungs. I collapsed my full weight down on him as we kissed and we both felt my cock twitch and jump inside that tight inner ring that had caused my first orgasm and his second.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, but I woke up as I felt my now soft cock slither out of Aaron’s now tight again well fucked, slippery hole. We both groaned and as the wet noises and mansex scents rose in the air, we both kind of giggled. It was amazing that we had such an intense sexual connection.

All of the sudden Aaron jumped up off the bed and ran to the bathroom holding his butt! As soon as his cheeks hit the seat I hard all kind of sloppy noises with my load of cum and lots of slippery noises escaping what had once been his super tight muscle butt and we both started laughing again.

I flopped over onto my back and laid there on the bed surveying the mess of cum and sweat that was smeared all over my chest, stomach and crotch.

I kind of went into an analysis of what had happened. Had I been convinced or cajoled into doing something I didn’t want to do? Had I ever in my life thought about having sex with another man? I didn’t think so. Then I thought about the men I admired. Professional athletes and celebrities were first. There didn’t appear to be anything not normal there.

I started thinking about friends and buddies, and there was a bit of a pattern. They were all pretty damn well put together men. The kind of guys I wished a looked like, they were also the kind of men who were accomplished in sports and such. My thinking was interrupted by Aaron’s announcement that he thought he could get up and not shoot my cum down his legs.

I laughed at that as he did, and he hollered he was going to take a shower and invited me to join. I figured what the hell, we just fucked, again, I guess I can shower with him, again. I went into the shower and we washed each other as we had earlier, again, there was no resistance or embarrassment. Was it male bonding? Yes, but of course it was also more, much more, but neither of us were really ready to admit that! We kissed a couple of times and it amazed me that it felt so natural.

When we were finished we went back to the bed and I sat down on it. Aaron just crawled into to get ready to sleep. “What’s up Aaron, you’re not going back to the guest room?”

“Hell bro, why would I do that? I know how much you like to fuck, and if you wake up in the night with a boner, it ought to just slide right into this sloppy mess you’ve made of my previously macho butthole!”

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4 thoughts on “Man Sex With Wife’s Cousin Pt 2

  1. Billy says:

    Dang! Super hot- can’t wait for the end and the girls come back because one forgot something and they catch their men fucking each other!

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