Man Sex With Wife’s Cousin Pt 4

“My turn again!” His cock slid out of me and he turned his back to me again, and I instantly found my mark and slid back into his tight but willing hole.

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Chapter 10

…Now even with the cool breeze, the sweat was pouring off of us, the man scent was strong and pungent, we continued trading what little oxygen that was left in the air in our lungs and then suddenly I shot! The cum just blasted out of my cock, it pulsed and jerked and flexed between us. Somewhere in the blurry haze, I was experiencing from lack of oxygen I heard Aaron tell me that he loved me, again! Then he shot!…

We continued kissing through our mind-bending orgasms, however, we did start taking in fresh oxygen too now, and we were starting to calm down, but we both shook and jerked now and then from what could only be called spontaneous full body orgasms! I had read about this happening through Tantric Sex practices, and I had also read about the powerful orgasms that could happen during periods of lack of oxygen. This wasn’t a planned thing on either of our parts but just happened as we were so intensely connected for such a long period of time.

At some point, we had rolled to our sides, and Aaron slipped down my body a bit and licked my chest and then brought his mouth back to mine. We shared the juices that had erupted from both of our bodies in the mind-bending bliss. It was a sweet and pungent mixture of our semen, sweat and whatever pheromones that had leaked from our pores during this hot connection. It was as if it exhilarated us. Soon I did the same and used my tongue to scoop up a large amount of the fluid and brought it back to his mouth.

I’d be lying if I said, I had never tasted my own manjuice, I’m pretty sure every guy has at some time or another, but this was different. It was a hot mixture of both of our juices, and the sweat and whatever other chemicals this masculine connection had produced. After bringing a big mouthful to each other I finally went down and got the last drops that were leaking from Aaron’s oversensitive cockhead and brought it up for us to share.

Aaron took it willingly, then smiled and turned his back to me. We rubbed against each other and I felt him pull my cock to his hole, and he pushed back determinedly. He let out a loud grunt and my sensitive cock pushed deep into his hole. He threw back his head against me and moaned. I knew it felt amazing for him and it was very intense for me. I moved up behind him as tight as I could, but didn’t stroke, we just enjoyed the connection and the mild jerks my cock made inside of him. After a while, I slid out of Aaron and turned my back to him and he suddenly, but gently slide his pulsing cock into my waiting hole and again we just reveled in the closeness.

My mind started to wonder a little bit, and I wondered how this was all going to play out? I was becoming addicted to this man. I knew I was falling in love with him, and although I had never had any ill thoughts about gay men, the two of us were as far from “gay” as any two men I knew!

What about Carrie?

The thoughts didn’t get much time in my mind because Aaron started slowly sliding his cock in and out of me, and my hips started responding on their own. Since this time my hole hadn’t been prepared by fingers and it had been some hours since Aaron had been inside of me, I felt most of the same sensations of my first penetration. But now, it was all good, I wanted every sensation even the slightly painful ones because I knew this gorgeous man not only wanted me but wanted to pleasure me!

After a while, Aaron said, “My turn again!” His cock slid out of me and he turned his back to me again, and I instantly found my mark and slid back into his tight but willing hole. I slid up behind him as tightly as I could get, then it was out of my mouth before I almost realized I was saying it, “I love you Aaron!”

Aaron turned to move his upper body toward me, he smiled and kissed me, and then said, “I love you too Kyle!” It was as if the sound of those words washed away any of the doubts and fears I had about the future, even though my practical mind couldn’t wrap itself around the entire idea. Aaron flexed his inner muscles around my cock, and any practical thoughts just melted away.

I wrapped myself around him and slowly worked my cock easily deep inside of him and then almost all the way out again. “Oh yeah, Stud, long stroke me with that big cock!”

I knew exactly what Aaron wanted and I wanted the same thing myself! I wanted to slowly stroke in and out of his tight hole and give him all the pleasure I could, but at the same time, I wanted him to do it to me too!

We started kissing again as I stroked in and out of Aaron, we went slow and just enjoyed the hot feelings. It was as if we were alone in a world of our own and time stood still. Soon I slid all the way out of Aaron, we disentangled and I turned and offered myself to him. He immediately complied and was soon buried to the hilt in my tight hole.

We went back and forth, over and over for who knows how much time. We weren’t rushed now, we were not trying to cum as fast as we could, we were just enjoying being with each other and inside of each other, it was an amazing feeling over and over again.

I finally noticed we were losing light. I mentioned it to Aaron and he said, that he had noticed too. We slid in and out of each other a few more times and he said, “I’m starving and we smell like a couple of old sweaty jock straps, and as appealing as this is, I think I’d like to clean up before we eat!” I agreed.

“Why don’t we stop without cumming, it might make it even hotter for later, slip back in the water to rinse off and go have a couple of beers and eat something.”

I had heard and felt my stomach growl a few times and I was up for that. There was cum and sweat drying all over my body. I couldn’t believe the strong pungent odors that were coming off of our bodies. We helped each other up, still with hard-ons and dove into the water. We didn’t have soap but we stood in front of each other running our hands over each other to dislodge the dried cum from each other’s hairy chests.

An hour and a half and two beers later we were sated for food, and lounging on the big couch in the living room. I couldn’t help myself as my mind had been wandering about Aaron, Shellly, Carrie and me, “What are we going to do Aaron, I didn’t expect this, I didn’t ask for it, but it’s happened and I don’t want it to ever end?”

“Kyle, I don’t want it to either, but let’s stick to our agreement not to talk about it until we’ve had two full days together and see what happens, enjoy it to the fullest and then see how we feel, but I’m going to tell you Stud, I just have this feeling that everything is going to work out fine, I have no idea how, but I have a pretty good feeling, this feels too right, and I don’t ever want to be away from you again.”

Aaron pulled me to him, and I noticed his strong scent again. We hadn’t really cleaned ourselves, we had just washed off most of the dried cum, I think maybe subconsciously neither of us wanted to remove all the evidence and scent of our hot all day connection.

Just having him pull me into him closer made me feel safer, and I gladly inhaled the strong manscent coming from his deep dark armpit, he is an amazing specimen!

About an hour and two more beers later we headed for the bed. We both knew we’d have to cum at least once more before either of us could sleep with the other’s hot body next to him since we hadn’t cum the last time we made love. “Wow, I just said it to myself, ‘made love’.”

Aaron was on top of me kissing me and then slipped down my tight body kissing and licking everywhere. He took my cock deeply and also slurped my balls for a while, it was amazing. Finally, he urged me to my stomach and then laid on top of me, starting at my neck and nape he kissed and licked driving me crazy, making me want him inside of me again.

He kissed all over my shoulders, down my back, over my butt, then down each thigh, all the way to one ankle and then back up the other. Soon he pushed my legs apart and licked my inner thighs to my hairy crack. Aaron pulled my butt up, spread it wide open and started licking and eating my crack and hole like he was starving!

He was making me crazy, then suddenly slid back up and pressed this thick hard cock into my hole and penetrated me deeply. I moaned loud and loved it. He fucked me long and deep and held me tight. I pushed back to give him deeper access and squeezed him hard. We soon fucked to an almost frenzied pitch and he stopped and said, “I don’t want to cum yet!”

After he laid on top of me for a while, not moving with his cock buried in me, he slowly slid out. It was my turn to pleasure him and I ravished his hot body with my lips and tongue. When it was my turn to get my face into his crack, I was amazed again at the beauty of him. Even here in his most secret place, he was gorgeous. I licked and made love to his tight little hole and used every pussy eating trick I had learned over the years, finally, I just spit on my cock and slid into his tight hole as deeply as I could.

Aaron moaned as I laid my full weight on top of him and our lips met. We had both been on the brink of cumming several times since early this afternoon, and I shot my load deep inside of him as we both kissed and moaned.

When we finished I pulled out, stood up on the bed and lowered my body down onto his waiting cock. I did it like he had with me yesterday, and had my feet planted on the mattress and did deep squats up and down on his huge cock. We were smiling at each other as my cock slapped his belly and mine, spraying droplets of leftover cum all over us.

After a while my legs got tired so I moved off of Aaron and turned on my side for him to fuck me in what had become my favorite position. Aaron’s cock deep inside of me, with my upper body, turned toward him so we can kiss while he fucks me.

I knew it wouldn’t take long and soon we were in a deep kiss and he was plunging another load deep inside of me. When he was finished he started to pull out, but I grabbed him and said, “No, leave it in, I want to sleep like this!”

He smiled at me and stayed, and soon we both drifted off…

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  1. Steve R says:

    I like and suck eat ass just a much as the next guy but these 2 take it to a new leave it dam hot and more to cum in part 5 Nd hope Devin join with them on there final day

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