Married Man’s First Time Topping

The perfectly round tanned, hairless buttocks were spread apart and revealed a beautiful brown rosebud, ready and waiting like a bullseye for me to hit it. It clenched and spread open, inviting me inside.


I heard the loud thumps of my heartbeat through my arteries. My breath was ragged, shaking with nerves just like the rest of my body. In front of me was the most gorgeous body I had ever seen. It belonged to man. And even though I was straight and married to a woman for 12 years, I was about to fuck it.

The perfectly round tanned, hairless buttocks were spread apart and revealed a beautiful brown rosebud, ready and waiting like a bullseye for me to hit it. It clenched and spread open, inviting me inside. I couldn’t resist any longer. My meaty white cock, harder than it had ever been, jammed against the sphincter. The touch of my soft cockhead to the warm flesh inside the ring made me almost cum. It felt like silk, tightly wrapped around my pole. It felt like a woman’s pussy, and yet so different at the same time. Its entrance was harsher, drier, but therefore more exhilarating, challenging. I needed to push through it. Break it. Destroy it.

I felt the hole resist and I pushed my hard pole further inside regardless. I knew I was supposed to ease into it. I knew it must’ve hurt. But I couldn’t control myself. I plunged deep inside the slick warm colon of the bottom slut in front of me. And I nearly lost it. My hips started thrusting, as if triggered by nature, doing what they were designed to do. Breed a man’s ass. The sensations were taking me over. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t breathe.

I let myself collapse on top of the muscular back, clamping onto his thin waist. It felt so hard and yet it fitted perfectly in my hands. It was nothing like holding a woman. I pushed his hips down, causing my dick to be buried inside to the hilt, reaching an even tighter part of his insides. I heard the low grunting of a man, but I couldn’t think of him right now. My dick was where it was supposed to be, and it needed to release. I started pumping hard and deep, using his body as a masturbation tool. The unmistakable sounds of sex filled the air. My pelvis smacking against his meaty buttocks, my balls slapping against his skin. I was so entranced I held my breath, waiting for release.

I felt my orgasm brewing in my balls. I embraced his hairless body with my arms, continuing to thrust my hard, 7-inch uncut cock inside this man’s asshole. My face rubbed up and down on his sweaty back. I licked it like an animal. I heard him moan. I increased my pace. I pushed myself up, and inevitably he sank towards the bed. Surrendering his ass entirely to my dick. I grabbed his waist once more and went completely wild. My entire body was smashing against his fat ass like I was having a seizure. I was fucking him the way 19-year old frat boys fucked for the first time. In some ways this was my first time too. Just with a man. With a strange man’s asshole. Without a condom. Man to man. Body to body. My dick rubbed inside his rectum at high-speed. I started screaming.

Here it came.

My dick just started discharging semen. Shot after shot. I couldn’t stop fucking. The high-paced scrubbing of my glans against the walls of his intestines was the greatest feeling I ever experienced, and I never wanted it to stop. Sweat flung from my body. My dick slid in and out with ease, so fast I could barely see it. And then the final blow came. I pulled his lower body close. My dick thrusting in one last time. I shot my load deep inside his guts, while I held my breath. And then I exhaled.

“Shiiiiiiittttt” is all I could say, while I let my entire weight fall onto him. His limbs gave out and he crashed onto the bed, rubbing my dick with his canal once more. I shivered at the friction and felt some more drops of cum leave my slit, even though my penis was quickly going soft.

Suddenly I awoke from the rush. I was on top of a 28-year-old gay man. He was muscular, and you wouldn’t exactly think he liked it up the ass if you saw him in the street. But once he took his clothes off you knew he was made for cock. His beautiful brown eyes begged for semen and his entire hour-glass shaped body resulted in the most fuckable ass to ever exist. I licked his neck to say goodbye to the animal in me that just destroyed him and pushed myself off of him.

I walked into the shower of the cheap motel he rented for the night. I wasn’t going to stay though. I had to get back to my wife. After the shower I quickly got dressed.

“Bye” the Latino man, whose name I had forgotten through all the horniness and excitement, said as he was still laying in a daze on the bed. His head was buried in the pillow, his arms spread out, but his left leg bent, so his ass was arched up in the air. God, I could fuck him again, if I wasn’t in a rush. But we had met within fifteen minutes from the app to me at his door, so it seems fitting I left the same way.

“See you next time perhaps,” I whispered politely as I awkwardly made my way out. He smiled back, knowing we’ll probably never see each other again.

I closed the door quickly behind me, the fresh night air washing away my sins. I breathed again. It had started as a curiosity, and it led to this date, but I knew in my heart that I had found myself in a new hobby. And I couldn’t wait to find the next man-hole to destroy.

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8 thoughts on “Married Man’s First Time Topping

  1. Rob says:

    I’m simply eager to hear the events and process, where “straight” becomes the receiver , in a very similar operation!

  2. Alex says:

    I thought the guy was a douche! Jams his cock deep to get it in. Then doesn’t let the guy get use to it and just starts power fucking him. And then never got the guy off, just thought about himself.

    Well! I would throw my clothes on while he’s in the shower. I would steal his pants and underwear and I would pee in his shoes and on his shirt. And then I would take his money and drivers license. Get his cell phone number. Then call him and rip him a new asshole and tell him what I thought of him. And if he tried to come after him, I would write his lovely wife a letter letting her know of his extra activities. That will teach that fucker. Now that is hot!

    • Robbie says:

      That’s energy wasted being petty. Most guys who meet married men know the deal and like to be fucked and treated like that.

  3. Phxtom says:

    More please! Title says first time topping- there has to be more now that he discovered a whole new world for him out there!

  4. Micky says:

    Not bad, quick encounter, first fuck of a hot gay ass. Now give us a full story of when he goes back, bc you know it will last longer and you will enjoy even more

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