Math Teacher Opens Me Up

I couldn’t remember how I got there. I couldn’t remember a thing leading up to the moment I lowered my hips downward and felt his thickness prying my asshole open wide and easing up into me. I had no idea how I had come to be dropping my ass down the long, thick length of my Algebra instructor’s cock.

My mind whirled and I could recognize my own moans, a mix of pain and pleasure, as my guts were rearranged within my body, filled inch by inch as the thick penetrator probed ever deeper. I saw my own cock, barely of legal age as a matter of fact, twitching excitedly as my back door was being ever so slowly pried open. I felt strong hands on my hips pulling downward, and I settled onto the man’s hips a moment later. I moaned as the cock, thrust high into my guts, twitched with its own excitement. The hips rose beneath me, thrusting yet another inch or two into my aching bowels. I grunted as he did. I leaned forward, towards his feet, and felt his cock high inside me turn a corner, and the pain was suddenly gone. Only an ache of fullness and of being fulfilled remained, and my body trembled atop my lover.

The fog in front of my eyes began to lift and I saw my own image looking back at me. It was a large mirror, mounted atop the oak dresser in the bedroom I found myself. I could see the pain, and so much pleasure, on my face in the mirror. I could also see the face of the man whom I was sitting astride. It was Mr. Alexander, my freshman algebra instructor!

“Oooohhh!” I heard myself groan. I also began to tremble, with fear mostly.

I looked around and realized that I was in his bedroom, the very bedroom he shared with his beautiful wife, Janine. And I was sitting on top him, just as his wife would, with his long, hard dick shoved up my ass! How the hell had this happened?

“You can start moving, Rodney,” his deep growling voice told me. “Slowly. Enjoy yourself.” I felt his hands push my hips upward, and I followed his lead. I rose, letting his thick spike slip out of me until I felt the knob catch at my anal ring, and then I slowly, ever so slowly, sank back down. He filled me so completely. My cock twitched and I saw a drop of my clear cream fall to the sheets between his thick, hairy legs. I was panting heavily. The pain was easing, being replaced with an ultimate pleasure.

“That’s it, Rodney!” he sighed, enjoying himself as I again rose and fell. “Take that fat dick! Your ass is so fucking tight! I love it!”

I still had no idea how I came to be in his bed with him, naked, with his thick manhood wedged high into my guts. At that moment, however, I didn’t care. I was starting to enjoy myself.

Mr. Alexander started rocking his hips beneath me, and that motion, combined with the push-pull of his hands on my hips, had his cock see-sawing in and out of my ass. I was being fucked by this handsome older man, and my rock-hard cock, as well as the tingles of desire that had begun to build within my body, indicated that I was absolutely enjoying myself. For several minutes I rode Mr. Alexander’s cock, and with my asshole relaxing quickly, I was soon bouncing up and down his full length like a slut in heat. It wasn’t long before the bed was rebounding from the bouncing I was doing on his post of man-meat.

“That’s it, Rodney! That’s the way I like it!” Mr. Alexander grunted beneath me. “I was right, wasn’t I? You are a cock hungry slut, just as I figured you were.”

I moaned my agreement as I worked my ass up and down his dick. His knob popped out a couple of times, but my gaping hole easily plopped right back down, taking him to the very root. My balls, heavy with seed and need, slapped his equally large, yet so much hairier sack. The sharp smack hurt just enough to make me grunt, and he matched mine with his own.

With my obvious acceptance, Mr. Alexander soon changed things up. “Slow down, Rodney. Let’s try something different.” I soon found myself lying on my side with him behind me, my left leg held high in the air as his cock again slid easily in and out of my asshole. The sloshing of my ass-juices around his well-lubed cock shaft were clear, even as both he and I grunted with every deep thrust into my bowels. My cock continued to twitch, throbbing wildly as his cock pounded deep into my guts and into my prostate. Clear pre-cum was drooling out and roped down across my right hip. Mr. Alexander reached around my hip and smeared his fingers through the goo before bringing them to my lips. I sucked my own juices from his fingers as his cock began to drill ever faster, ever deeper. As I savored my own taste upon his fingers, I wondered if this was how his wife Janine was treated in this very bed, and if she enjoyed it as much as I did. I could almost imagine Mr. Alexander ass-fucking Janine in this very position, in this very bed, and for a moment I felt the pleasure she most assuredly did, when Mr. Alexander had his cock pistoning within her bowels. I might have even felt a hint of jealousy, knowing she could have him whenever she needed him.

Mr. Alexander’s thrusts into my ass began to grow harder, deeper, and quicker, and I thought that he must be drawing close to blasting his hot cream high into my guts. I wanted him to. I wanted to feel his hot semen breed me. It had been too long since I’d been completely filled and creamed. For a few gut-wrenching minutes he pounded me, grunting loudly with his efforts as sweat poured from his face and shoulders. I, too, was sweating, and yet I was doing little more than just lying there taking it. Taking each hard, thick inch of Mr. Alexander’s wonderful cock up my tight, no-longer virginal ass. And I was loving every minute of it!

Suddenly I cried out, “Oooohh, yes! Fuck me! Ooohh god! Yes!” In response, he growled and rammed his cock deep into my guts and held it there. I could feel his knob pressed against my intestines, pulsing but not cumming. His shaft throbbed at my ass-ring, and I clenched around it. He moaned low and deep beside me, then rolled his hips ever so slightly, while easing back. A moment later, I gasped in surprise and disappointment when his knob popped from my anus, quite audibly.

“Not yet,” he groaned as he rolled away from me. “I’m not done with your ass yet, pretty boy!” He moved quickly, pushing me to my back as he took hold of my knees in his strong hands. He pressed my knees back to my shoulders, opening my hips and rolling my ass-hole upward. My cock, still a rock-hard tube of nineteen year-old sex-flesh, lay on my belly, pointed towards my parted lips. I watched expectantly as Mr. Alexander took aim with his massive looking fuck-brute at my gaping, ravaged asshole. He rolled his hips to align himself, and then leaned forward.

“Aahh!” I gasped when the spongy knob pressed against my rosebud, and then I croaked, “Uuunnngggghhhhh!” as it popped through my anus and began to slide effortlessly up my ass.

“Ooooohhhhhh, yeeaahhh!” Mr. Alexander moaned as his cock sank deeper and deeper into my guts, touching me in places I’d never been touched before do to the extreme angle of my hips. I watched his face, his mouth a gaping “O” and his eyes bright as I accepted every inch he fed me, and found a growing need for even more. Our eyes met, and for some reason in that instant I became Janice, his daughter. And I was being fucked by my father.

I croaked, “Fuck me, Daddy.” He paused, holding his cock deep inside me. I felt it twitch repeatedly. And then a grin spread across his face. It was a wicked grin, no doubt, and I think he knew then that not only did I know that he had been fucking his own daughter, but now I too would be his to fuck, whenever he wanted. And he began to fuck me, lovingly and yet quite savagely.

“Oooohh, yes! Yes, Daddy! Fuck my pussy!” I huffed as he worked himself ever deeper with each hard thrust into me. His belly, what little of it he had, pounded my balls. My cock wagged against my own belly, spitting pre-cum with every thrust against my prostate. My entire being was vibrating in seconds, and I knew that I would cum before he did. That was what he was after, wasn’t it?

My hands went to his hips and began to pull as he plowed. My legs went around his upper torso and I locked my ankles behind him. His mouth suddenly descended to mine, and I kissed him as passionately as he kissed me. Our tongues swirled in each other’s mouths as his cock continued to drive my entire body deeper into the mattress beneath us. My head was pressed hard against the headboard, and with every thrust of his cock into my guts, my head banged against it. The rhythmic echo must easily be heard throughout the house, and for the briefest of moments I worried that his wife or daughter might hear, and come to investigate. But I realized that I didn’t care, not as long as Mr. Alexander continued to fuck me.

Mr. Alexander broke his mouth from mine, and while we both panted for air, he settled back on his haunches and took my ankles in his hands. His hips rocked quickly and his cock pistoned in and out of my aching, gaping ass. I reached for and wrapped my fist around my forgotten cock and began to tug. I stroked myself in time with Mr. Alexander’s fucking. I looked up and met his eyes once again. He grinned down at me, as a conquering hero might. I was most assuredly conquered. I was his now. To use and abuse.

“I’m going to cum, baby!” he huffed. “I’m going to cum inside your tight pussy, baby!”

“Yes! Yes, Daddy! Cum inside me!” I cried. “I want you to fill me up, Daddy! Fill your baby girl with your hot Daddy-cum!”

“I’m cumming! Oh, god damnit! I’m cumming!” And then he growled. I watched as Mr. Alexander threw his head back and growled deeply from his broad, hairy chest. His hips slapped against my thighs harder and faster, and suddenly I could feel his cock swelling up and pulsing within my ass. His eyes popped open and he looked into mine. I could see myself in them, and I wasn’t me, but I was Janice. And my Daddy began to cum! And as he did, so did I!

“I’m cumming, Daddy!” I screamed as my cock erupted and sent white hot ropes of teen-aged boy cream jetting out to crisscross my chest. My rectum locked tight around his piston and locked him inside as his shaft pulsed and spit his own hot creamy load high into my pussy. His growls became howls as his hot seed began to flood into me, warming my body from deep within as he breeded me, as only one man could another.


I awoke to find my cock spitting white ropes of cum across my belly. I was in my own bed, in my own apartment, on campus. I was no longer a teen-ager, but a young adult, in my senior year at college. And I wasn’t getting the fucking of my life by my hot Algebra teacher, Mr. Alexander. I was having a wet-dream about a man who I had never once thought about in that way. And I realized in that moment that my house-mates very well might have heard my cries of ecstasy as I busted a nut into my bedsheets.

I was trembling in the afterglow of a seriously awesome wet-dream. I quickly scooped up my spent semen and licked my fingers clean. I so loved the taste of my own brand. I lapped up the final salty drops and then rolled over, hoping that my dream could continue, but knowing that it wouldn’t.


“Are you paying attention, Mr. Steele?”

I jumped at the mention of my name. I looked up to see Mr. Alexander looking at me, his hand poised at the white board. A lengthy equation was written out and he was ready to write down the answer. I was supposed to provide that answer.

“Uh, yes, sorry,” I muttered. I hadn’t been paying attention at all. I was playing back my dream in my mind yet again. My cock was rock-hard in my jeans, uncomfortably so. I really needed to reach in and nudge it over, but the girl to my left kept looking over at me. I didn’t need to give her any ideas.

I looked over the equation quickly, and then down at the notes I’d been taking, but had no idea what the answer should be. I again looked up and could feel not only his eyes on me, but several of my class-mates’ as well. I’d never been stumped like this before. I was an honors student when it came to math. And yet I had no idea what to do. So I guessed.

“Pie, times ten to the seventh power?” I croaked.

Mr. Alexander paused, still looking at me. He grinned a moment later, turned to the white board, and wrote out what I had just said. “Very good, Mr. Steele. I had thought I’d lost you there for a moment.” When he was finished, he turned back to the class and said, “I expect you all will complete the on-line test before the end of the period. You have,” he paused to look at his watch, “seventeen minutes. Tests submitted after that point will be awarded only 75 percent of results as credit. Begin.”

I logged in quickly on my lap-top, as did everyone around me, and started. I had to fight to concentrate, however, as the image of Mr. Alexander’s face in the moment of his orgasm kept flashing in my mind. It had been all a dream, and yet since entering his classroom and seeing him standing behind his desk, I hadn’t been able to concentrate on much of anything. Only the stiffening of my cock within my jeans, and the twitching of my anus. Seemingly, every time I looked up he was looking at me, and I imagined he could read my thoughts, or somehow knew that I’d had a wet dream starring him.

Even with my self-created distraction I was the first to submit my test answers and close up my lap-top. With that I was free to leave, and I did. The bulge in my shorts was noticeable, had anyone been looking up from their own lap-tops. I avoided looking at Mr. Alexander as I headed out the door. I threw my back over my shoulder as I headed down the hallway and halfway down I turned into the restroom.

The restroom was empty, as classes were still in session. I ducked into a stall, hung my pack up on the hook mounted on the back of the door, and ripped my fly down. I reached inside and pulled my cock free. I was more than half hard and it didn’t take much to get me fully erect. Not with Mr. Alexander’s image so fresh in my mind. After two or three minutes of slow stroking, I was beginning to feel my balls start to tighten. All I could think of was bouncing on Mr. Alexander’s long, fat dick. I must have missed the buzz of the bells as suddenly I wasn’t alone in the restroom anymore. As I stood in the stall jacking my hard-on with slow strokes, several people came and went, pissing in the urinals for the most part. The sinks ran and shut off. Paper towels were dispensed and tossed into the bin. Someone entered the stall next to mine and had a seat. All the while, I continued to stroke my dick slowly, thinking about Mr. Alexander.

At some point the toilet in the next stall was flushed and the person left. I listened to the sink again run with water, and then a paper towel ripped off. I was very close to cumming as my hand worked faster, smearing my pre-cum along as lubrication. I heard the door bang shut. I was alone. I worked harder, faster. I still had a class to get to.

“Oooohhh,” I softly moaned as my balls tightened and my shaft throbbed. “Aaahhh!” I grunted a moment later as my semen burst out and flew into the open toilet in front of me. I jacked my load out until the final drops fell into the water. Panting from the release, I used tissue to wipe my fingers off and then flushed. I zipped up and retrieved my pack. I pulled open the door and came to a sudden halt.

I hadn’t been alone after all. Mr. Alexander was standing at the urinals, his back to me. He was just finishing up, as a moment later he stepped back and turned. For a brief moment I caught a glimpse of his cock, hanging from the front of his slacks, before his tucked it away. The image of his pink arrow-head shaped tip was instantly burned into my mind.

I realized that I was staring at him, standing in the doorway of the stall, with my mouth hanging open when he saw me. “Mr. Steele. Don’t you have a class to get to?”

I watched as he tucked his cock into his slacks. He seemed to take forever to zip up, and I knew he saw me looking. It couldn’t be helped. “Uh, yes. I do,” I stammered. I joined him by the sinks and we washed our hands. I noticed him looking at me in the mirror, with a slight grin on his face that I might have been imagining.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, then,” he said as he tossed away the paper towel he’d used to dry his hands. I was still standing at the sink. I watched him leave and then noticed that I had a very obvious bulge in the front of my shorts again. There was no possible way he hadn’t noticed it as well, I thought. I was so embarrassed, and yet thrilled at the same time. I went the rest of the day with the image of Mr. Alexander’s cock-head in my mind, and twice that day I had to jack off to it. By the time I got home, I was spent, and yet I remained in a semi-hard state even after tossing off once again in the shower. I went to bed, hoping to dream of my algebra instructor once again.

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  1. Justjackinit says:

    The only reason this sub Grandpa can relate is back in 60s when a freshman in college I was fortunate enough to serve 2 of my college professors in this very small Ky city

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