Boning My Son’s Best Friend

“I’ll do anything you want me to,” Sean said as he came right up to me and put his hands on my chest, looking up at me because I was a head taller than the diminutive lad. “Anything”


“Hey Mr. Longo!”

I had been tidying up the garage, so the voice from the driveway startled me, but I recognized it immediately as belonging to my son’s best friend, Sean Farrell. He had been a fixture at our house for many years, and he was always unfailingly polite and respectful, qualities that seem to be in short supply these days, so he was always welcome.

“Hi Sean. Long time no see,” I responded as I turned to face the lad, who with his bright red hair and multitude of freckles, reminded me of Alfred E. Newman of the old Mad magazine, because of the hair and freckles and the fact that he was often smiling.

With my only son off to college, I hadn’t seen Sean in months, and after we shook hands I asked him how he was doing in the studies, with him having decided to stay in the area.

“Doing okay,” Sean informed me. “How’s Scott doing?”

“When he bothers to call, he seems to be doing well,” I said. “Sure is quiet around here without him and you though. What brings you around these parts?”

Turns out he had lent Scott a book over the summer and my son had forgotten to return it. Not surprising, I replied, and told him he was welcome to look in my son’s room for it.

“If you can’t find it, give me a yell and I’ll help you look,” I said. “Almost done here anyway.”

I watched Sean go up the back porch, his red hair almost glowing in the sunlight, and his presence made me realize how lonely it was around her. My wife had divorced me four years ago, and now with Scott gone the house was like a morgue.

A few minutes later I was finished with the project, and I was wondering whether Sean had found the book and just left, but that wasn’t like him. Besides, his bike was still in the driveway, so I went into the house to see if I could help the boy out.

“Any luck?” I said after going down to hall to Scott’s bedroom, but my sentence was cut off from the shock of seeing Sean, who was in the bedroom but was not looking for the book.

Sean was just standing there facing me, but the smile was gone. He was also naked.


“I don’t understand,” I said, trying not to look at the boy, who looked even smaller than his 5’6″ and 130 pound frame did when clothed.

“Didn’t know how else to do this,” Sean said nervously.

“Do what?” I asked while trying not to look at the naked form.

“Always had a crush on you,” Sean mumbled.

“You’re…” I started to say, and after Sean nodded, I added, “I didn’t know.”

“Are you and my son…”

“Scott? God no. He’s as straight as they come, dammit. He doesn’t even know about me,” Sean said.

“Tough secret to keep.”

“It is, isn’t it Mr. Longo?” Sean replied. “You can look at me, you know. I want you to, or at least I hope you do.”

I had been staring at the wall behind Sean, trying like the devil not to look at the boy, but after he mentioned the secret part a shiver went down my spine.

“Scott doesn’t know about you either, Mr. Longo,” Sean said.


“I always suspected it about you, but a couple of nights ago I saw you go into The Fuse Box,” Sean said. “Sometimes I can get in when the right doorman is there, but since I’m only 18 they usually keep me out.”

“Don’t you like me?” Sean asked after a moment of awkward silence. “This was probably a dumb idea. I’m sorry. I was hoping – always fantasized that you would see me naked and want me, but you won’t even look at me.”

“You’re a very handsome boy,” I assured him.

“Man,” he corrected me. “I’m 18. I’m legal and I want you.”

“What if Scott…”

“Scott will never know,” Sean said as we stood in the same places we had been in all along, and then Sean took a small step toward me.

“Long time ago I saw you naked,” Sean said. “Don’t ask how, it’s too embarrassing. You were the first man I ever saw naked and I was stunned at how great you looked. So hairy and your – well, the size of your cock. Couldn’t wait to get to be like you, but that didn’t happen obviously.”

“You certainly didn’t get cheated,” I said in voice that was more like a croak, nodding towards his cock, which was certainly longer than average, and then Sean brought his hand down and gave his manhood a long slow pull before letting it go, the effect of that making an already impressive piece of equipment even more so.

“I’ll do anything you want me to,” Sean said as he came right up to me and put his hands on my chest, looking up at me because I was a head taller than the diminutive lad. “Anything”

“I’m – I’m all sweaty,” I protested as he started to unbutton my work shirt.

“I know,” Sean sighed as he got the last button loose and pulled it out from under my pants, yanking it open and running his hands through the hair on my chest.

“Let me take a shower,” I protested as he pulled the shirt off my shoulders and flung it aside.

“Why? I plan on making you sweat a whole lot more anyway,” Sean replied, ducking down to bite my nipple. “We’ll take one together later.”

I had taken a step back, and now I found myself against the hall wall. Not used to being the submissive one, I was stunned to be manipulated like this, and now Sean was grabbing my wrist and yanking my hand back up against the wall.

“Grr,” Sean seemed to say from under my arm where he had buried his face, and as the lad licked at chewed under my arm he was making the damp jungle even wetter, even though to my shame I could smell the musk that was being stirred up by Sean’s oral assault on my armpit

I could also feel his cock against my thigh, and it felt hard as steel.

“You want me?” I asked, grabbing a handful of hair from the back of his head to pull his flushed face out of my armpit, and after he nodded I led him away from my son’s bedroom and down to my own, when my unmade bed was waiting.


After I locked the door behind me, I turned and looked at my prey. Seeing the little fellow there made me feel like a predator of sorts even though he was 18, because he didn’t really look it, except for that long stiff prong which waved in front of him like a diving board, probably 7 inches or more of throbbing man flesh that made up for in length what it did in width.

The guilt. It’s because you’ve known him all this time, I kept telling myself as I undid my belt and let my work pants drop to the floor, and then I was pulling down my boxers and stepping out of them.

Sean cried out, muttering something I could make out, and then he practically ran to me, dropping to his knees in front of me and grabbing my cock in his hands while bringing it to his mouth and coaxing the foreskin down with his lips.

I was hard within seconds, the blood pulsating through my cock while Sean’s mouth slid down an amazing distance down the shaft of what was becoming 9″ of thick cock which had gone too long without affection.

In another minute I was cumming, although I wanted to make it last and warned Sean that my orgasm was going to happen if he didn’t slow down. The effect was only to inflame him to suck me harder while his hand tried to twist my nuts off, and I came with intensity and Sean swallowed as fast as he could until I had no more to give.

When I finally stopped coming I reached sown and lifted Sean up to his feet, his lithe body making me feel guilty until I saw his still erect cock bobbing in front of him and reminding me he was very much a man. I took Sean’s reddened face in my hands, and with my semen trickling out the corners of his mouth I kissed him.

As our lips met I felt Sean’s body swoon, and after our lips parted and put him down on the bed and told him, “My turn.”

My hands rubbed along with feet and then slid up his legs, the light dusting of red hairs silky against my palms, and then up along his skinny thighs. I avoided the obvious, my hands going around the long arching prong which was curved up onto his stomach, exposing a nice pair of balls which hung loosely in a long almost hairless wrinkled sac.

Sean’s chest was scrawny and smooth, and he moaned when my fingers took his tiny nipples and gave them a little twist and pinch. This reddened the pale skin around them, and I kept plucking until my hands slid up and rubbed his shoulders and arms which were covered in freckles.

Pulling his wrist up and above his head, I smiled at the tiny wisps of burnt orange hairs that sported from the center of the bony hollows of his armpits, while I lifted my leg and straddled Sean while leaning down.

Unlike my armpits, which had been steamy and musky jungles when Sean had devoured them, Sean’s pits were almost smooth and the scent was that of artificial fragarance that burned my tongue a bit while it pasted the sparse downy hairs to his pale skin.

“OMIGOD!” Sean groaned as his body writhed under mine, seeming to relish the feel of my hirsute body against his smooth skin as much as I did, but there was something else making him squirm.

“Your cock – cock and balls!” Sean gasped. “Feels so good.”

Down below, my being on top of the lad and put my limp cock on top of Sean’s stiff prong and as I moved my nuts and dick were rubbing on the underside of his stuff.

“You like that?” I chuckled while watching Sean’s eyes roll back in his head, and when I looked down and saw his cock drooling onto his stomach I stopped.

“No, don’t stop,” Sean complained, but it was too late because I was already on the move. “Almost cumming!”

“I know,” I told his as I took his stiff dick and pulled it upright. “I want you to.”

The feel of his throbbing tool as my lips slid down the pale shaft was exhilarating, and the sleek dick was made for sucking. A smooth tube except for a vein down the middle of the shaft and the slight ridge of his glans, my mouth glided down until my nose was in the little nest of burnt orange pubes and the tip of his erection was touching my throat.

I made Sean wait to cum, savoring the thrill of having this beautiful cock in my mouth for as long as I could, but I knew he wouldn’t last. When he came, he came like a geyser and I struggled not to choke as he coated my throat with spurt after spurt of hot cum until he went limp in my mouth.

Eventually I let his spent dick out of my mouth, the limp tube bearing no resemblance to the throbbing organ it had been seconds earlier, and then we were embracing, with Sean’s tongue seeking to share the gift he had given me.

“This is like a dream – the same dream I’ve had for years,” Sean admitted as we held each other. “Only this isn’t a dream. It’s real and even better that I imagined.”

All I could think of was that it was too bad for my son that he was straight because Sean – this lad was something special.


We had been in the shower together for quite a while, and we needed the cleaning because we had spent about 5 hours doing just about anything two guys can do to each other. I felt like a teenager again, or at least I had back in the bed, and my endurance delighted Sean as much as it had me although my back and knees were starting to remind me than I wasn’t 18.

Sean was though, and I could feel his erection poking me as we soaped each other up.

“You can’t be hard again,” I said as I reached down, and was ready to kneel down and suck him dry again but he stopped me.

“No – just relax,” Sean told me, and with that he eased me against the shower wall while his hands played around down there.

“I can’t – not again,” I said as he lifted my sore limp log up towards him.

“That’s okay,” Sean said, and then I realized that he was pulling our cocks together, his stiff one and my soft one, and was attempting to rub ours together.

“Here,” I said, and reached down to offer my hand to help.

“Oh yeah!” Sean cackled as we held our cocks tightly together while he stood on his tippy-toes and thrust while directing me. “Raise your other hand up.”

When I did Sean leaned forward and started licking me from nipple to armpit while our cocks slid together. Sean seemed to love my armpits, having already spent considerable time lavishing attention on them. I mentioned that at least now they weren’t all sweaty, but he smiled and said, “Too bad. Maybe if we’re in here long enough…”

We weren’t, because not only was the hot water running out but Sean was cumming. After he groaned and spurted all over me, we barely had time to rinse off before the water went cool and forced us out of the shower.

“Hope I’m not freaking you out,” Sean said as we dried each other off while a lot of attention to detail. “Spending all this years looking at you in the pool and all? I’ve been dying to do a whole lot of things to you.”

“I’ll let you know if you offend me,” I laughed. “Maybe next time you’ll get even stranger.”

“Next time?” Sean asked, and after I made a face and nodded his eyes watered up. “Tomorrow?”

“Sure,” I said a second before he jumped into my arms, and as he wrapped his legs around me our cocks met once more. “Only if you keep arranging this frottage between us you’ll still be here tomorrow.”

“Really?” Sean cackled, and as he ground into my lap I felt my cock start to stir again somehow, and Sean felt it too because his eyes lit up. “Hmm… your bed is a mess but isn’t there a guest room?”

“There is.”

“Then what are you waiting for Papa Bear? Take me there.”

With that I carried my son’s friend down the hall and into a fresh bed while my body let me play a teenager a little while longer.

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