Meet Me At The Bath House Pt 3

I scooted my ass up at a different angle and put the head of his crown at my hole. Using his previous load as lube, Chris sank the length of his dick into slowly.

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I was lying in a dream state for a while. Chris snuggled next to me lightly covering my body with his. He slowly made his way to my ear and started sucking on it. My ass started flexing slowly, oozing out some of his cum. He continued his assault on my ear, while slowly pulling my legs apart. As he slid between my legs again, I felt his cock nudging under my balls.

I spread my legs further apart and reached down between my legs. Chris’ cock was still hard. I scooted my ass up at a different angle and put the head of his crown at my hole. Using his previous load as lube, Chris sank the length of his dick into slowly. My ring spasmed as he drove forward. He was so long and thick it was like he was breaking me in again. He was so thick at the bottom of his cock the last inch couldn’t go in. Chris moved a millimeter forward and a cramp seized me. He was so fucking big. Jesus Drew, I told myself, leave it to you to pick a guy with a dick of death. He backed up a little and the cramp subsided. Then he moved forward again.

Over and over he repeated this move until both of us were wet with sweat and our breath came out in short hard gasps. I could hear a scrunching noise as he pushed the last inch inside. Finally, I felt his balls hit mine and it was done. “Fuck!” I said as if either of us had to be reminded of what was happening.

As he lowered his torso down onto mine felt his hairy chest rubbing all over me. I sought out his mouth and tongued him greedily. Slowly, he withdrew his hips. The relief was enormous; I moaned as my stretched gut relaxed. I thought he was going to pull out further, but instead drove fully home and I moaned loudly. He pulled out about an inch and drove forward again. “Oh fuck,” I said again. He was deep-dicking me.

His cock was hitting my button, sliding over it, every, single, time he moved. A shot of lightning ran up my spine, and my own cock jerked, smashed between our bodies.

Now my voice held something other than pain. It was still there, but pleasure was taking over, dulling the ache, making it seem unimportant in comparison to the thrills my prostrate was producing.

Chris signed and jabbed me again and again, harder now, pushing me forward and driving deeper into the bed. His cock pressed down on my prostate. “Fuck,” I gasped and my eyes started to roll back in my head as I road a wave of pleasure in my ass.

“I glad I followed you in here Drew,” Chris gasped as he punched into me harder. “You love it don’t you? You like being my bottom boy, right?”

“Oh God…”

“Tell me Drew, the truth now, you love it don’t you baby.”

He was right. I did love it. All of it. Even the pain felt good now. I started to slam back into Chris, asking for more.

“Jesus, yes… So good, oh God Chris… Fuck me!”

By now my cock was throbbing. I couldn’t control my hips, they started to move frantically, trying to find some way to give me the friction I craved. Chris used one hand to pinch my nipples, the other reached under us and tugged on my nuts. I was loosing control.

“FUCK ME HARDER CHRIS!” I shouted at his touch. My mouth dropped open as a groan escaped it. I started bucking up against him. I was greedy for more. He pulled my legs up and put them over his shoulders, driving at a deeper angle into my hole. I couldn’t breath. I couldn’t talk. My hole started to spasm, like it was having its own orgasm. I squeezed my eyes shut and my body started to quake. My balls were on fire and suddenly I shot load after load on my face and in my mouth. When I tasted myself, I bore down on Chris’ cock.

Chris never stopped pounding me. I was helpless to do anything but take it. My cock never deflated during the next few minutes Chris fucked me. Then with the roar he tensed and dumped his seed into me. I felt spasms in his cock and it seemed to grown wider and harder. For a brief second I felt pain, then I saw stars and shot three more ropes of come on my face and chest.

As soon as he finished, he rolled off and lay limply beside me. I couldn’t move as I watched him pull his cock out of my body. It was thick and angry looking. Thick veins covered his cock. It flopped onto his stomach and oozed more come onto his bush.

Chris lay back and closed his eyes. I was trying to catch my breath. It was like I ran a marathon. I was sore all over. My ass ached, my legs were weak and my nipples throbbed. I was a mess, covered with my own cum, while Chris’ slowly leaded out my ass. I slowly turned and climbed out of bed, a large glob of cum running down my leg until I could clench my ass shut. I decided I should clean up in the shower. I slowly opened the door and noticed I wasn’t in room 6, I was in room 16.

I gingerly walked toward the shower area. There was till activity going on in the club from the groans and grunts in the background. As I walked into the shower area, I went to a vacant shower head. There were 4 guys in the shower area. I turned on the water and dove under the spray. The water felt great and cleaned off the remaining cum on my body. I reached around to my ass and started to slowly clean my once small hole. Upon inspection, it was gaping open. I wondered if it would ever go back to its original size.

As I cleaned myself, my thoughts turned to Chris. What an odd change of events. I never thought he would be gay or bi. I thought back to college, he hung out with he normal crowd. But then I remembered…near the end of senor year, he did hand out with my roommate Ryan quite a bit. They both were competitive bikers. I would have to ask him if he and Ryan had hooked up. I didn’t remember ever seeing Chris naked in college. Maybe in the gym, but I never new he had such a big dick. The dick of death, man.

I would never be the same again, I’d walk bow-legged for a week. He did have a hot body. Great furry chest, tight stomach and ass…and that cock. I continued to think of Chris’ body while cleaning out my hole. It didn’t hurt as bad as before and I started to thicken myself. I turned off the shower and felt chilled, so decided to go into the steam room. It was dark inside and very warm. I slowly climbed the steps and lay down on the upper row, closed my eyes and drank in the warmth.

I felt a gentle but hard object on my cheek as something warm rubbed against my face. I unconsciously reached up my hand to push it away only to finally register it as a hard dick. As my hand made contact I realized that it was a good sized piece of meat, much larger my own, but not nearly as big as Chris’.

“Come on, give it a little taste, you’ll like it I promise,” the stranger stepped forward again causing the head of his penis to hit me again in my face. I tried to sit up but he pushed me down and put his hard cock back in my face. “Why don’t you just give me a little blow job and then I’ll blow you.”

I was still horny from before. The stranger leaned up to me and said, “here” and put something under my nose. I knew it was a bottle of poppers. Instead of saying no, I took in a deep breath and immediately got dizzy. The poppers and the booze from earlier in the night put me back in the mood. I felt warm and safe and extremely horny. The stranger started massaging my cock.

“See you’re already hard, you know you want to suck my dick,” the stranger’s voice said. He moved his cock again only inches from my face and continued to rub my cock. I thought about it for a minute and realized that I actually wanted to do this. The stranger was making me feel so good that I was honestly interested in sucking his dick. The stranger inched closer so that his cock was practically resting on my lips. Out of instinct I opened my mouth and took the tip of his cock into my mouth. The taste was nice, I could feel the heat on my tongue and a slight taste of pre-cum.

I took a bit more of his cock into my mouth and began to move my tongue around the head in a back and forth motion. The stranger began moaning deeply as I sucked his cock. I pulled my mouth off, and told him to lie down on his back. I snuggled in between his legs and took in my first good glimpse of the stranger’s manhood. It was big and well veined, with a purple head that seemed to dominate my vision. It was probably 8 to 8 ½ inches long and pretty thick. The cock before me was mesmerizing and I wanted nothing more then to stick it back into my mouth.

I was drunk and horny and really enjoying the slutty feeling I was getting from pleasing this stranger. I dropped back down in between his legs and moved to the tip of his cock. I slowly sucked in his head, and then dropped my mouth down onto his dick until it hit the back of my throat and I gagged hard. I made it about ½ way down his cock but continued working the tip bobbing up and down. The stranger moaned quietly as I slurped noisily on his rod. It felt great and I began to massage his balls as I gave him head. Again I dropped my head, more slowly this time taking as much of his cock as I could. He hit the back of my throat and kept going almost taking it down to the balls. The stranger moaned again in surprise as I nearly deep throated him. The stranger pushed my head down on his cock enjoying the blow job and wanting me to go deeper. “Man you are a real good cock sucker, you like being a little slut don’t you.”

I thought to myself, I can’t deny the fact that I am a cocksucker. I am in a gay bath house. I have been fucked by two different guys tonight, the last one without a condom. I continued my attempt to deep throat the stranger. I was loving it, and he was, too.

I increased my pace sucking his dick faster then before. I was getting more used to the feeling of a cock in my throat. When he reached down and stroked my cock, I decided to go for it all. I relaxed my throat and took his cock all the way down to the hilt. I felt like a whore when I felt his pubic hair scratching my face. The stranger almost lost it as he felt me deep throat him completely. He continued to put the poppers under my nose as I deep throated him. I could feel the crown of his cock and the veins on it pulsing in my throat. The stranger was still massaging my crotch, but had moved down from my cock to my balls.

He must have had some lube around, because he slowly plied two of his finger into my hole and whispered to me “you little slut, I’ve got something you might like, while you suck my dick.” The stranger pulled out and slapped my hard on the ass as I continued blowing him. He smiled as I went back to work sloppily sucking his dick. The stranger spread my ass cheeks and moved his lubed finger to the entrance of my asshole. I jerked at the first feeling of a finger rubbing around my back door, but it only turned me on more. I continued my assault on the stranger’s dick, giving him free access to my bottom. My body was responding to his intentions and I slowly pumped against his fingers.

He moved two fingers fully in and I moaned around his cock. The stranger could no longer take it, I went down all the way again and the stranger unloaded his cum right down my throat. I could do nothing but keep sucking as he squirted jet after jet of warm cum into my mouth and down my throat. I pulled up until just the tip was in my mouth and began to milk his cock. It tasted salty sweet and I loved every drop. “Swallow my cum you whore!” The stranger was breathing hard as I continued drinking every drop of cum out of his quickly softening cock. I withdrew from him and slowly moved away, leaving him to recover in the steam room.

I was overheated when I left the steam room. I had been in there for about 20 minutes and wanted to head back to the room with Chris. I was walking through the club without a towel, my aching cock bobbing ahead of me. The few guys that were walking the halls stared at me and I received gentle tugs on by cock or a rub on my ass. I was horny and on a mission. I walked down a hallway and came to room 6. This was the room I was supposed to meet the Asian guy in early (but had actually hooked up with my friend Chris in room 16). I thought I should apologize to him and turned the door’s handle.

My Asian friend was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, rubbing his cock. I turned on a night light in the room and sat down on the bed with him. He jerked up quickly and clamped onto my hips pulling me down to him. “I’ve been waiting for you forever, where have you been?” Before I could say a word, I was placed on my back, he spread my ass and gently lapped at my balls. He had me completely whipped. While he was sucking on my nuts, he put two lubed fingers at the center of my ass. After a few minutes of working he managed to get both finger all the way inside of me. I began to squirm and moan as he licked my balls and finger fuck me slowly in and out as he would occasionally stop and spit right into my open hole.

“You have been busy, your hole is loose. You must like getting your hole probed?” “Fuck yes” I moaned. I backed my ass up on to his fingers and began slowly moving in rhythm with him as he again took my cock into his mouth. A lubed third finger breached me getting me ready for more. He got up on his knees while I silently positioned myself. I lay there with my ass in the air practically shivering with anticipation. I had really enjoyed him fucking me earlier. I reached back and spread my cheeks waited anxiously for the cock to come. I felt him clumsily rubbing his cock up and down my crack. I reached back and grabbed his cock. I don’t know why I did it, but I pulled the condom off him and went down on his cock. It tasted so good. I pushed him up against the wall and straddled his body. I kissed him fully on the lips, reached back and placed the head of his dick at my opening. He opened his mouth to contest.

Before he could utter a word, I inched down pushing his cock head against my opening. I again thought about the condom but decided against it. I felt no tension at all and then could feel his cock head slip completely inside of me. The Asian’s cock felt so good inside me…slight stretching and deep enough to rub my prostate the entire time inside me. He eased forward some more and then pulled back allowing me to get used to the intruder that was inside of me. After a few seconds he pushed farther enjoying the sensation of my tight ass hole clutching at his cock. It was amazing and he could barely hold himself from slamming forward into me. I was going nuts with lust.

Without notice I began pushing my ass backwards taking his rock hard cock even deeper inside of me, until his balls rested against my own. Every time he moved I could feel waves of pleasure hit my body. As he pulled back I shuddered and moaned loudly. He took the cue and slammed back into me, making us both moan in unison. Suddenly he went wild with lust and began to fuck me with urgency. He slammed in and out while I noisily moaned at the fucking he was giving me. He started pulling almost all the way out and driving deep in my, long-dicking me. I began to whimper as he continued to fuck me hard.

“OHHH fuck my ass…don’t stop fucking me!!”

I began to almost scream as he amazingly picked up his speed, making his balls slap against mine. He pulled back his and slapped my hard on the ass. He reached up and twisted my nipples and bit on my neck. The pain was incredible and it was turning me on even more. I grabbed him by the hair and started fucking down on him even harder. I squirmed all around the bed as his cock continued to pound me into ecstasy.

He slowed down as I moved my ass in small circles causing him to groan and thrust his hips up making me bounce into the air. Then I raised myself up and began to ride him as hard as I could. We were both moaning as he reached forward and began rubbing my cock as I bounced up and down on top of him. It only took a few strokes before I blew my load all over our chests. I screamed loudly enough for the whole bath house to hear and then continued to ride him.

I felt like such a slut he new I liked it. He pushed me off of him and started jerking off right in front of me. The first blast hit me right in the mouth. He shot a couple more times, and then stumbled to the bed. I moved over and watched his cock slowly jerk. I leaned down and sucked on his nuts. They had a slight covering hair, but were almost bare. I slowly took his balls in my mouth as me moaned. I slowly started heading down to his ass. I hooked his legs over my shoulders and lay on my stomach. I tilted his hips up and looked at his hole. I was twitching in front of me. I tentatively touched it with my tongue and he sighed, spreading his legs farther apart. I looked up to him and our eyes met. I said, “come with me, I want you to meet someone.” I held out my and led him naked down the hall to Room 16.

Meet Me At The Bath House Pt 4

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