Meet Me At The Bath House Pt 4

He had dried cum around the base of his cock and it had a very musky smell. I bent forward and started sucking on his nuts.

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I led my Asian friend down the hall to Room 16. I wanted to introduce him to Chris and have a threesome. I hadn’t had multiple sex partners at once since college and wanted to experience it again. We reached Room 16 and I turned the door knob. Chris was lying on his side with his back to the wall. He was snoring lightly.

I pulled my friend into the room and closed the door. My Asian friend smiled down at Chris and admired his body. Chris was a fury bastard and what hung between his legs was a masterpiece of cock. Chris was limp, about 5 inches long and fat. His cock head was nestled in a dense forest of pubic hair. The thick veins on his cock were no longer present, but I looked forward changing that soon.

I pushed my Asian lover down onto the bed next to Chris and pulled his legs up and apart so I could climb between them. I scooted down the bed to where I was before, my head in his crotch. His mocha skin was flawless and devoid of hair, except in his pits and crotch. He had dried cum around the base of his cock and it had a very musky smell. I bent forward and started sucking on his nuts. They were velvety smooth and almost hairless. His sack was loose and I pulled each nut into my mouth. He started groaning above me and spread his legs a bit farther apart.

I tilted his hips up a bit and pulled his feet up to his ass, spreading his legs further apart. I started traveling further down under his balls. His perineum was hairless and I could taste the sweat on his body. I pulled back and looked down at his rosebud. I was right in front on me. It was pink and tight with a few little hairs surrounding the target. His entire body shuddered as my tongue glazed a wet path up and down the entire length of his crack. I then focused on his hole, with slow swirling motions. He gasped and pulled my face closer to him with my hands. I dove in for the kill and stuck my tongue directly in his ass.

“Yes, yes,” I whispered. “Do me.”

I started tongue fucking him and reached up and played with his cock with one hand and balls with the other. I lunged forward again and swirled my tongue inside him. He gently cried out for me as he clinched his ass ring down on me. His cock started pulsing in my hand and he slowly humped his cock into my fist.

I drew my face slowly from his readied ass. I flirtatiously drew his leg back so that I could come between them. I lifted his legs up onto my shoulders and locked onto his eyes. I leaded forward and kissed him deeply, sharing his tangy flavor with him. My cock was nestled in his crack. He reached under on the bedside table for a condom and handed it to me. I slowly opened it and was about to roll it down my cock. I saw some lube on the table and reached for it, spreading over my engorged cock. I looked him in the eye and said, “I want to do you bare. Before tonight I have been clean for over a decade. My mate Chris is the first to do me and I know he is safe.” He stared at me with wide eyes but didn’t say a word. I decided to make his decision for him.

My cock was back in his crack, nestled by his hole. My slick helmet slid up and down his crack until it found his hole. Our eyes were locked together in a telling gaze. I slowly pushed forward.

“Fuck… Oh fuck!” he whispered. But I knew he loved it. He was biting his lower lip and I felt his hands grip my waist. Ever so slowly, I pushed cock inside him. He winced in pain as my width demanded entrance. I shivered, realizing that I was about to fuck his stunningly handsome man. As my cock passed his ring, he clenched his eyes closed and pulled my hips toward his ass opening up for me. I pulled back a bit, then slide in smoothly.

The head of my six inch cock slowly breached his ass. My cock felt so warm and snuggled tight as his ass consumed my penis. My hands grabbed his hips, my fingers kneading rounded globes. I slowly pushed, and gradually– naturally, his asshole graciously welcomed my cock into him. He cried out as I felt myself gradually sinking all the way in.

I started humping against him, mating with him. We found a tempo together as he slowly started rocking back against me, his ass muscles caressing my entire stalk. It felt like a vice grip pressing against my cock. He was so hot on my cock. Each thrust, forward and back, sent me into complete fulfillment. I tried to get my cock as deep into him as possible… I wanted nothing more than to brand him with my sperm.

“Oh my God.” He panted. “Your cock is hitting my button!”

I strengthened my thrusts.

“You’re cock is perfect, keep fucking me,” he whispered in my ear as my groin slapped against his ass.

I grunted and rose again, this time taking my command of him. I gazed down between us to see my cock sliding in and out of him, wet with lube and our juices. I felt the first signs of orgasm, and slowed my pace to shake off the tickle. I hurled my entire weight into him and started deep dicking him, wishing my cock was bigger so I could reach further into him. He fucked back at me and was panting heavily.

He body was covered in sweat and his mocha skin was shiny on his chest and stomach. His pecs and ab muscles were bulging in this position. God, he was so fucking sexy. 100% sexy man. I was fucking him hard again, pounding him deeply, making him mine.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” he moaned…then he said “I want you to cum inside me.”

I replied with another gasp of amazement.

“And you’re gonna cum inside me, aren’t you? Aren’t you??!! He demanded.

“Fuck yes, “I whishpered in his ear, then looked down to see my rigid cock vanish inside his body.

“I want to feel you blast inside me, breed me!” he grunted as he now heaved his backside against my trembling body. Each lunge I made was met with a powerful smack of our bodies. Our grunts bellowed out as I pounded my lover.

I thought of his words, of breeding him and pushed harder into him. My seed would be with him forever. That thought caused my cock to thicken and my nuts to tighten against my body. I could feel my load boiling over. The sounds of our slapping flesh, panting and groans was too much for me.

Shooting my sperm as deep as humanly possible.

“Oh fuck, you’re making me… me… cum.” I groaned, biting my teeth into his shoulder.

“Ahh, Ahhhh, Ahhhh,” he cried. “Give it to me, shoot off in me. Deeper, DEEPER!” he moaned as I almost blacked out from the pleasure.

The head of my dick felt like it was going to explode. I was about to saturate his insides with at least a gallon of pent up cum. I looked into his eyes and felt his ring bear down on my cock. God I loved his ass. I pressed my mouth to his and screamed as I felt my dick explode, sending pulse after pulse of sperm deep inside him. I pushed my cock as deep as it would go and bucked up against him.

His eyes got wide and he said, “I feel you cumming inside me. Oooohh, so much cum,” he moaned.

I took one last powerful lunge inside, my seed scorching the insides of his ass. It suddenly got very wet inside him and cum started coating my cock. I kissed him again hungrily, and he chewed on my bottom lip. He was still ready to go. His hands wandered down to my ass and found my hole. He pulled my forward and my still full cock stayed deep inside him. As our kiss grew in urgency he began lighly fingering my ass. I fell victim to his masculine seduction, and devotedly accepted his craving for more.

“My turn to fuck you,” he whispered in my ear.

I pulled back and my cock slowly withdrew form him. His rim clamped down on the exit and when my head danced at his entrance, he bore down on me milking the last of my cum from my cock. I looked down at my cock, it had gotten a workout. It was covered in cum and there was a mashing of cum in my pubic hair. My balls were wet with cum and sweat. I got up from the bed and pulled him toward me, French kissing him. His hands were all over my body, but heavily concentrated on my ass.

I looked down at Chris on the bed and he was still asleep, his cock still heavy laying across his side with the head touching the bed. I wanted more of that tonight.

I climbed down on the bed and pulled the Asian down on top of me. I spread my legs and felt him kneel between them. He grabbed some lube and covered his cock, then lay on top of me, his cock rubbing slightly below my balls. I spread my legs further apart and on instinct, tilted my hips back a bit, until I felt the head of his cock grazing my ass. His dickhead went up and down my crack and I stopped when I felt it at the entrance to my ass. He kissed my lips and I kissed.

We both quietly looked over at Chris to see if he was still asleep. My left leg was draped over Chris’ legs. My Asian lover grabbed my chin and tilted my face back toward his. He put his mouth closer to mine, keeping his cock head against my hole. Then leaning forward I felt his tongue as it gently licked my upper lip and he started pushing his cock into me slowly. Even though there was little resistance in his entry, he punched into me steadily and I groaned. I wrapped my legs around his back as he lowered his torso to me and started licking my lips and kissing me.

Both of our mouths were open, with him on top of me. He pushed his cock inside my ass slowly pushing our hips together. He slipped his tongue in my mouth as he easily pushed his entire cock deep inside my slippery ass. He pulled back and said I was his girl now, then started kissing my lips again. He pulled his cock out until just the head remained in me. He pulsed an inch in and out. I reached down to grab my cock, but he pushed my hand away. He continued pulsing the first inch or two of his cock into me, and then suddenly pushed his entire cock back inside my ass. He pushed in harder and faster. I opened my mouth completely and started panting, because his cock felt so good and he started fucking me hard!

He started French kissing me again, invading my mouth with his tongue. It was erotic because it was as if we were doing it secretly, not wanting to wake up Chris. We were being quiet and he kept his tongue deep in my mouth. I started bucking up against him and he pulled back and whispered in my ear, “you like being a little slut don’t you?”

I was so wet from all the cum I had taken that night that his prick was sliding into me easily with wet slurping strokes as we made passionate unbridled love, French kissing each other constantly we came off together covering ourselves with each others spunk. Again he asked me, “you like being a little slut don’t you?”

When he talked like this my hole would spasm and my cock would jump. He felt the response and grabbed my nipples between his fingers and squeezed them gently at first. I gasped a response of , “Nooo, I am not your slut.”

He slammed his cock to the root and twisted it against my prostate. He pinched my nipples sharply. I winced in pain but didn’t make any move to stop him. He pulled out until the head of his cock was centimeters from exiting my body. He slammed forward again, pinching down on one nipple and reached down with his other hand to my nuts. He squeezed them tightly. I saw stars. My mouth flew open to scream but before I could do anything, his mouth covered mine and he French kissed me like I was his prom date.

I knew something had changed in me. I had walked into this club earlier today and had great hand job from a guy in the sauna. He had finger fucked me to orgasm. Then tonight I was back. I had fucked a guy, been fucked by two different guys and blown a third, all without condoms. I was turning into a gay slut. And the more I got, the more I wanted. Would I ever be able to say no again?

I whispered in his ear, “I wanna feel your prick all the way inside me. Fill me up with your cum.” I felt his stiff cock lurch in response. I laid back, and pulled my thighs and ankles up. “Come on. Fuck me hard.” I opened myself to him.

“Unnnnnngh! It feels so good. Ahhhh!!,” I groaned softly. He cock kept mashing my prostate with every stroke.

“I am not going to pull out you fucker, I want to breed this time–“

“AHHH, fuck me harder . . . AHHH.” I felt he start jabbing me deep, twisting his hip and jabbing my prostate. “Aahh. Ohh. Yeah! That’s — unh! Keep going! Stay deep in me. I wanna feel you all the way…inside me.”

He groaned and gasped, thrusting forward into me. “Ah! Almost there! Ngh!”

His weight pushed into me, until I could feel his bush pressing up against my ass. I could taste his sweat dripping in my face. “Ohh god, that’s good.” I was practically drooling.

And then he began to fuck me, slowly, at first, then faster. He was fully on top of me now, jamming downwards into me.

“Unh…yes. Oh god, it’s so good. Shit that feels good. Yeah! Yeah — uhhh! Harder. Fuck me harder! Oh yessss!”

I gasped with each thrust, forcing a small gasp or moan out of me. My cock rubbed up and down my stomach and leaked a ton all over me. I held my breath and heard the slapping of his hips on my upturned ass, by grunts and his gasps. There was also the wet sound of his cock pounding in and out of my ass.

I was reaching for the covers to grab onto something when my right hand bumped into Chris cock. I reached for it earnestly, slowly stroking it and it started to respond. I didn’t care if I woke him up now and held onto his hard cock tightly.

My balls were so tight up against my body that on the next thrust I felt the cum boil up from my groin, into the belly, and up, and up…the world blurred.

“Oh gaaaahd.” I breathed, “You’re fucking me so good. Ohh god. I’m gonna. . . I’m gonna . . . cummmmm! Aaaagh!”

I came again, but there wasn’t much cum left in me. I felt a few watery splashes on my stomach and felt my sensitive ass clamping rhythmically on his cock, tipping him over the brink.

“Oh shit, that’s so tight! Ahh. . . unhhhh!” he moaned. My orgasm set my ass clamping and spasming all around his cock. He jammed his rod in me with once last great, grunting, gasping thrust, and froze there, pulsing over and over again, flooding my insides with his hot load. I felt every splash of his cum enter me. He kissed me with a passion I hadn’t felt in years. He reached up to cradle my face in his hands as he French kissed me deeply. We were both panting breathlessly as he lay down on me. His cock finally started to deflate, for the first time all night. As it shrunk in size it slowly crawled out of my hole. It was followed by cum, leaking out my gaping ass hole.

“You guys are hot!” whispered Chris into my ear. I looked over at Chris, who had propped his head up by this elbow. My hand was still locked on his cock which was rock hard.

“Hi, this is…” I started to say, but couldn’t remember the Asian’s name. I tried to think quickly, but realized to my horror that I never had taken the time to learn his name. My stomach did flip-flops for a second…what was I doing letting some guy I didn’t know fuck me in a gay bathhouse without a condom? My wet ass and his softening cock rubbing down my ass check were a reminder of how unsafe we had been.

My Asian lover broke the painful silence by saying, “my name is Dani.” He was still gasping for breath and sweating profusely.

“Dani, hi, I’m Chris. You and Drew are really hot together”

“Hi Drew, I’m Dani,” I could have died right there I was so embarrassed.

Chris chuckled and said, “let’s get you boys cleaned up.”

Dani got up first and stood before us. The front of his body was covered in sweat. His pecs and ab muscles were evident and he was breathing heavily. Sweat rolled down to his groin. Above his cock was a thick thatch of straight black hair, matted with cum. As I admired his body, Chris rolled away from the wall and right onto me, his cock slicking right under my balls. He kissed me lightly on the lips and I could feel his hips pressing his cock forward. The head of his cock found my moist ass pussy and he quickly pulled away, crawling out of bed. As I stared up at Chris, I looked at him from head to toe. He wasn’t as defined as Dani, but it could have been because of the hair which covered his chest, abdomen, groin and legs. His cock hung out from his body and I could see the wetness of Dani’s cum on the tip of it. Chris reached down a hand to me and pulled my from the bed.

The three of us got up and walked toward the shower area. It was very late in the club and much of the activity had died down. I walked slowly down the hall behind Chris and Dani. I watched them walk nude in front of me. They were both the same height. Chris had a broader back which tapered down to a narrow waist and strong muscled ass. His ass and legs were covered in hair with a significant patch between his cheeks. Dani was much thinner and seemed gangly compared to Chris. His skin was a rich mocha brown. His back was muscular and went straight down to his legs, with just the slightest mounds at his ass. Not a hair on his back, ass or legs.

When we entered the shower area, we all tuned on a nozzle and climbed under the water. I faced the wall and scrubbed my face, chest, pits and started lathering up my crotch. My cock was still heavy. I couldn’t understand it, under normal circumstances I would never have been able to go so many times in one night — then I remembered the poppers. They made me so horny. I turned and felt the water caress my shoulders and back as I soaped up my ass. I looked across the shower room at Chris and Dani. They were getting better acquainted and were rubbing soap over each others bodies. I rinsed off and told them to meet me in the sauna when they were ready.

I entered the sauna and the heat felt great on my body. The sauna was very dark and I slowly made my way across it until I bumped into the bench. I crawled up on the top bench and lay on my stomach, resting my head on my arms. My body absorbed the heat slowly. I felt a hand on my lower leg and kept my head down.

I asked, “Is that you Chris?

“Uhha” was the replay.

I spread my legs further apart and felt him climb up and get behind me. I lay my head back down and closed my eyes, reaching back to spread my cheeks open for him. I felt him rub his lubed fingers up and down my crack and then circle my horny hole

“Oh god,” I moaned as one slick finger slid inside me. My cock throbbed and leaked against the wet sauna bench as I held myself open and rocked back against his finger. Soon, my asshole relaxed and he slipped another finger inside me. “Yessssss!” I hissed and began to thrust my hips back in rhythm to his finger thrusts up my ass.

“Mmmmmmmm” was all he said as I fucked myself up the ass on his fingers.

“Oh god, more,” I moaned as my asshole opened for his fingers. I was so horny again and responded my pulling my knees up under me, positioning my ass for a good fucking. I held myself open and moaned and sighed as I felt the slick head of his cock running up and down my asscrack. “Oh god, yesss…” I sighed as he toyed with my ass. His cock felt so hot and hard, so thick at my opening.

I felt the soft spongy head center itself on my needy asshole. “Oh fuck,” I moaned as the head teased in and out of my willing hole. Finally, I felt him center the thick shaft of his cock on my asshole and I lined up my opening with him and gently pushed back….

“Yes,” I whispered as I felt the thick head penetrate me. “I love your cock in my Chris,” I thought to myself as inches of the hot shaft slid inside me.

“Ohhhhhnnnnggg” was all I could say as I rocked back with my hips to swallow his length as he plowed forward up my ass. “Yessssssssssss!” I hissed as his cock filled me fully, stretching my hole open, rubbing my prostate from the inside.

“Oh my fucking god!!!!” I moaned into the bench as I was opened up again and fucked and oh god it was sooo fucking gooood!!!! My asshole opened up and pleaded to be fucked!

I heard my own voice begging Chris to fuck me harder. “Yess, oh god yes!” I moaned and rocked back into his plowing hips. “Unng, unggg, unnng, unggg,” was my only response to the sound of his hips slapping into mine, the slick slurp of his cock sliding in and out of my asshole. I knew he had more to offer me and told him to push it in deeper, when I felt his hips touch mine. I froze for a second. The pubic hair was very wiry around his cock. It was nice and thick, but not long like Chris. I said in a low voice, “you aren’t Chris, are you?”

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