Middle Eastern Taboo

I’ve got a pretty nice cock. The shaft is about seven vein covered inches long and then there’s another inch or so of fat cock head.


I’ve been in this part of the Mid East for 20 years, first in the service and now as an employee of a company that contracts to the government. We work as guards and for the past 6 years we’ve been walking around carrying guns and guarding a neighborhood of bombed out houses from looters. Which is actually pretty funny. Unless someone discovers a thriving underground market for empty tin cans or broken pieces of plastic crap, there’s not much of anything worth looting left.

Like I said, the neighborhood was bombed, either by us or by them or by somebody else, I don’t even remember who. We’re the suckers stuck here until they all fight it out about who’s going to pay to rebuild. All I know is that it’s hot here, there’s sand everywhere, there’s nothing green and even the wind is so dry that it feels like its sucking the moisture out of you. Most people think of the Mid East as “The Arabian Nights”. “The Arabian Shithole” is more like it. So, I take my amusement where I can find it.

I’m the jerk who gets to train all of the new employees. There’s nothing to do except walk around the empty streets so the training usually takes about 15 minutes and then I’m stuck with them for the next two weeks. Like I said, I take my amusement.

This particular day was close to the end of a training period. I had two newbies with me.

One was a tall, thin black guy from Detroit named Flood. He was dark to start with and after two weeks in the broiling sun he’d gotten a lot darker. Plus, he’d lost weight and was totally cut now, his muscles visible moving beneath his skin.

The other new guy was his polar opposite. He was a white guy named Dixon who was from someplace like Bugfuck, Idaho. He’d gotten tan and his hair had bleached in the sun but he didn’t seem to have lost any of his farm boy physique. He looked like a piece of ripe fruit, like you could squeeze him and juice would pop out.

We were walking the streets, making another useless circuit when I heard a sound like metal clanging in one of the houses. Both Dixon and Flood looked spooked.

“It’s probably the wind but we have to check it out.” I said, just as the noise came again from a house right in front of us.

We quickly and silently went over to the house and peeked through the open door. We could hear the sound of someone moving around and see shadows from one of the inner rooms.

I motioned for the other two to raise their guns and to follow me as I crept into the house. Once inside, we could see who was there.

He was a native, about my age, dressed in one of the long caftans that they all seem to wear. He was moving pieces of battered furniture around in what looked to have once been a dining room/living room type combination. I motioned my two recruits to follow me and stepped into the room, gun trained on him.

“And what the hell do you think you’re doing?” I shouted.

The caftan guy jumped, startled, then wheeled around to where the three of us stood. When he saw us and our guns, he raised his hands and sank to his knees, all the while jabbering away in his own language.

“What’s he saying?” Flood asked.

“Put your guns down. He says that he used to live here, that this was his house and please to don’t arrest him.” I replied. The caftan guy had sunk down so that he was bowing to us, his forehead against the floor and I walked over and stood over him.

He looked up and started jabbering again and then raised himself up and started clutching at my belt and my fly. I burst out laughing.

“What’s he doing?” Dixon asked.

“He says he’ll suck our dicks if we let him go.” I replied. I pushed the top of his head so he was a foot or so away from me, looking up.

“Is that the usual?” Flood asked.

“You need to remember that the young guys here don’t get to date, some of them never even meet their bride until the wedding. They need to get off somehow, so the long standing tradition is that they take care of each other or they find an older man willing to do them. Most of them stop when they get married but it’s not unusual for some of them to keep sucking and fucking other guys.”

“There’d be a lot less nervous sheep and calves back home if we had that tradition.” Dixon said.

The caftan guy had moved back over in front of me and had started stroking my cock through my pants. I have to admit it felt pretty damned good and I was already halfway to a full fledged boner. I noticed that my two recruits suddenly had lumps in their pants, too, and Flood was caressing his own cock.

“What’s it going to be, boys?” I asked. “Turn him in or let him blow us?”

Flood and Dixon looked at each other and finally Flood said. “It would be a shame to turn him over to the troops.”

Dixon said, “It doesn’t seem fair, this being his house and all.”

“I was hoping you boys would say that.” I said. “I can’t remember the last time I had a good suck job.”

I pointed at my crotch and started to unbutton my shirt while the kneeling man undid my belt and unbuttoned my fly. He pulled my pants down around my ankles and I pulled my shirt back out of the way, then he slowly lowered my boxers so that my hard dick flopped out in front of his face.

If I do say so myself, I’ve got a pretty nice cock. The shaft is about seven vein covered inches long and then there’s another inch or so of fat cock head. It’s thick enough that most men’s hands can’t close all the way around it. I keep my pubes trimmed tight and I shave my balls so they look even bigger in my loose sack. All in all, most cocksuckers love my dick. This one seemed to.

He cradled my sweaty balls in one hand and wrapped the other around the base of my cock, then pressed his lips against my piss slit and let his soft lips slowly open and slide over my hot cock head. I could feel his tongue swabbing up the precum leaking out of my hole. Then, he slowly slid his lips down my shaft until my whole cock was buried in his throat and his nose was resting in my pubes. There’s nothing I like better than looking down and seeing a pair of lips stretched around my cock shaft. Unless, of course, it’s seeing an ass hole stretched the same way.

“This obviously isn’t the first cock he’s sucked.” I said to my guys.

They were both standing there watching, pants fronts tenting in front of them.

“Alright, ladies, I’m not doing a show and tell here. Get your cocks out and get over here so this cocksucker can eat his fill.” I told them.

They seemed to hesitate at first, then looked at each other and started undoing their flies. By the time they stepped toward me, there were two more big hard dicks swaying upright in the room. They each took a place at either side of me and with my cock still sliding in and out of his mouth; caftan guy reached up and wrapped a hand around each new cock.

They were some damn nice dicks, too.

Flood’s cock was at least nine inches long and seven inches around, uncut with big fat balls in a tight hairless sack against the base of his cock and so dark skinned that it was actually black. You could see the veins covering it swell and deflate with his heartbeat. He had almost no pubes; they were trimmed tight against his cock base.

But it was Dixon’s cock that I kept stealing glances at. It was around seven inches long, so snow white that you could see the blue veins snaking over his shaft under his pore less skin. His fat cock head was a pale pink, so pale that I couldn’t help wondering if it would get darker and redder as he got sucked. His hairless ball sack was as pale as his cock and cradled a definitely man sized pair of nuts.

I looked down at the three prime specimens of dick lined up and said, “This looks like a cocksucker’s dream buffet of dick meat.”

Caftan guy began alternating our cocks in his mouth, sucking one for a few minutes while stroking the other two, then trading off to suck on a new one. I kept looking down at him crouching in front of us, his caftan pooled on the floor around him. I pulled my cock out of his hand, his mouth being busy trying to swallow all of Flood’s long meat, and walked around behind him with my cock swaying in the breeze.

“I’ve always wondered what these guys wear under these night gowns.” I said, bending over and grasping the garment’s hem.

I lifted it up and over his back. Underneath, he wasn’t wearing anything.

His meaty ass was spread open from his kneeling position and I could see a forest of black hairs growing in his cleft. I couldn’t resist slapping one of the round globes of his ass and he raised his butt in response, spreading his cleft open wider so that I could see his tight little puckered hole.

“Looks like this guy wants a cock in both ends.” I said. “You guys get the rest of your clothes off.”

I lifted the caftan over the kneeling man’s head so that he was crouching nude in front of us, his sizable cock rock hard and glued against his belly.

“Judging from that hard on, I’d say our buddy is having a good time.” Dixon said.

He reached down and bent caftan guy’s cock down, then let it spring back to slap against his belly.

We were all stripping as he spoke and soon we all stood naked.

Flood’s body looked like an anatomy lesson; the musculature was so perfectly defined, shining with sweat. His long cock was so heavy that it couldn’t stand upright and swayed at a 45 degree angle in front of him.

Dixon’s body, on the other hand, looked like he’d spent his whole life eating milk and ice cream. His skin was perfectly smooth over his surprisingly well developed muscles that bespoke his life of manual farm labor. His top half had a light tan but from the waist down he was snow white. His cock had gotten even fatter from being sucked on and stood swaying in front of him, the head deep red just as I had anticipated. I felt my cock twitch and ass hole pucker just looking at him, thinking how cool his flesh would probably feel to my hands and lips.

“Damn, Dixon,” I said, “I bet you put the fear of god into more than one farm animal with that thing.”

“More than one farm boy, too” he replied, grabbing his cock at the base and laughing.

Caftan guy had gone back to dick sucking and I went into the next room and looked around. As I expected, there was an old bottle of cooking oil on one of the shelves. I picked it up and went back to my recruits.

“Looks like we’re in luck.” I said. “It’s not the best lube but it will get us into his butt.”

I dribbled some of the oil between his fleshy ass cheeks, and then massaged it in. When my finger entered his tight hole, he arched his back and pressed his ass back to get more of it inside him. His ass ring was tight and hot around my finger.

“He’s a hot assed little fucker, that’s for sure. He’s so tight I’m surprised I could get my finger in.” I said. “Get him up on that table so we can work on both ends.”

They grabbed him under the arms and we arranged him on the table top so that he was lying on his back, his legs raised and tight ass hole exposed and his head hanging back off the other side, mouth open and hungry for more dick.

“Who wants first crack at his hole?” I asked.

“I’ll open him up.” Flood said. “I can’t remember the last time I had my dick in anything tighter than my fist.”

He came around the table to where I was standing and I handed him the bottle of oil. He lubed his big cock with the oil so that it looked like it was carved out of obsidian, then stepped up between the wide spread legs. I could see the tight wet hole pulsing in its nest of black hair as he positioned his wide cock head against it. He pressed forward and the tight ass ring expanded and engulfed the ebony plum. Then, inch by inch, Flood’s thick black shaft slid into his orifice.

“This is definitely not the first time this ass has been fucked.” Flood said. “He didn’t even flinch.”

“It looks to me like it’s definitely not the first time that big black anaconda has been up a boy butt, too.” I said.

“Nobody here can claim to be a virgin. I fuck it where I find it” Flood replied.

Dixon had positioned himself at the guy’s head and I felt my cock getting even harder as I watched him feed his beautiful cock into the guy’s mouth and then start skull fucking him. I stroked my cock with my oily hand and asked, “How’s it feeling, Dixon?”

“This guy can take my whole cock in his throat. I wish we’d run into him the first day and I wouldn’t have had to beat off so much.”

I was thinking that I wished that I’d known then what a gorgeous cock and ass he had. It was a shame to have wasted all of that sweet juice.

I watched his tight muscles clench as he slammed his cock in and out of the guy’s open mouth, then turned and watched the perfectly sculpted muscles under Flood’s skin bunch and release as he slid his massive cock in and out of the tight ass hole.

“How’s that hole, Flood?” Dixon asked.

“Tight and hot, just the way I like it. Don’t shoot your load down his throat; you’re going to want to fuck this.” Flood replied.

Dixon slowed his fucking of the guy’s mouth, languidly sliding his cock in and out, which for some reason I found even more stimulating. I moved up to stand beside him and watch him. As luck would have it, I caught sight of his ass as I moved beside him and instead of watching his dick I wound up watching his beautiful ass. His cheeks were snowy white and hairless, two perfect half melon shapes that tightened into hard muscle each time he thrust his cock forward. I stood looking over his shoulder, mesmerized.

Finally, I heard Dixon say in a low voice, “You like staring at my ass?”

“I’ve got to admit I do.” I said. “It looks like two scoops of ice cream. I bet it tastes just as sweet.”

“Maybe I’ll let you lick it sometime and you can find out.” Dixon replied.

While we were talking, Flood had been pounding away at caftan guy’s hole. He was jack hammering him so hard now that the whole table swayed back and forth with each thrust. Caftan guy’s eyes were rolled back in his head and his meaty cock was so hard that it stood hovering over his thin belly.

“I need to get a better look down there.” I said.

“I’m right behind you.” Dixon said. “This is hotter than a porn flick.”

We went and stood on either side of Flood and watched his huge cock slamming in and out of the guy’s reddened ass ring. It was a beautiful sight, his dark glistening cock plunging in and out of that much paler hole.

I squatted down behind the two of them so that I could look up between Flood’s legs at the action. Each time Flood drew his hips back, his thin ass cheeks opened and I could see his tiny puckered ass hole, then his enormous swinging balls and his fat black cock being swallowed up by a tight ass hole.

“Man, you’ve got to get down here and see this.” I said to Dixon.

Dixon got down and crouched beside me and we watched as Flood reamed the guy’s hole. I was all too conscious that Dixon’s ass was spread open beside me. I could feel the heat waves coming off of his body and I imagined how hot his ass would feel on my face. My cock was leaking precum like a faucet.

“What are you fuckers doing down there?” Flood asked, finally becoming aware of us behind him.

“We’re watching your big ass dick destroy that fuck hole.” I said.

Flood started fucking harder and faster.

“Shit, that turns me on to know you’re back there watching me fuck.” he said.

He spread his legs to give us a better view and started fucking in long strokes, pulling all but the head of his dick out and then slamming it back into the guy’s guts. His ass opened even farther each time and his tiny hole puckered each time he started to thrust forward.

“Fuck, you bastards are going to make me cum.” he said.

He slid in and out of the hole a few more times and then thrust his cock into the hole till his balls were smashed tight against the guys ass. His ass cheeks tightened and his balls contracted and he let out a long groan. We knew that caftan guy’s ass was being flooded with hot cum.

“Goddamn, that felt like it came out of my spine.” Flood gasped.

“I need some of that ass for sure.” Dixon said as we watched Flood slowly backing his half hard dick out of the clutching fuck hole.

When his cock finally slipped free, the big head still dripping pearly drops of cum, caftan’s guy’s hole gaped open for a minute before slowly furling shut.

As Flood straightened up he said, “It’s hot as a motherfucker in this country. I never thought I’d wind up somewhere that it would be too hot to fuck.”

Sweat had formed into little pools around his feet and dripped from the rest of his body. He stumbled over to a broken down sofa in the corner of the room and laid down, his legs spread so that his big cock and balls hung loose and shining between his thighs. Almost immediately, he started to snore.

Dixon and I stood up and looked at caftan guy who reached down and grasping his ass cheeks in each hand, spreading them wide so that his hole was exposed and ready to be fucked again.

“Age before beauty.” Dixon said, indicating the waiting ass hole.

“No way.” I replied. “It’s going to make my cock that much hotter watching your big dick plow his ass. I can wait.”

Dixon moved up to caftan guy’s hungry hole and placed a leg on each of his shoulders, and then poised his fat cock head at the puckered opening. Leaning forward, he slowly fed his cock into caftan guy’s ass.

“Man, this is better than any pussy I ever fucked.” Dixon said. “Hot, tight and slick and juicy with Flood’s cum.”

I moved up beside him so that I could get a prime view of his cock plunging in and out. I rested my hand at his waist and then without even thinking my hand strayed down to cup one of his gorgeous butt cheeks.

“You do have a thing for my ass, don’t you?” Dixon asked.

“Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” I said, moving my hand away.

“That’s exactly what you WERE doing.” Dixon replied. “Put your hand back, it turns me on to know you want my ass.”

I cupped his cheek again and felt the muscles tense and relax as he fucked the ass hole in front of him.

“So you like having your ass played with?” I said, allowing my fingers to stray into his tight crack.

“I like you playing with it, at least.” Dixon said. “I bet you know real well how to make a butt happy.”

My fingers had strayed even farther and I could feel his tightly clenched ass hole. As I fingered him, his hole relaxed and I sank my finger inside him up to my first knuckle. He started to fuck Caftan guy harder.

“You keep that up and I’m going to shoot my load before I’m ready.” Dixon said.

I knelt behind him and used both hands to spread his cheeks so that his tiny hole was exposed. It was even more beautiful than I had anticipated. Deep in his hairless crack, his puckered hole was the color of a rosebud and just as tightly furled. My cock was throbbing just looking at it.

“That looks good enough to eat.” I said.

“Any time you want it.” Dixon replied.

I got down on my knees and checked that Flood was still asleep, then softly licked my tongue up Dixon’s spread crack. When my tongue touched his hole, his whole body spasmed.

“Oh, fuck!” Dixon said. “I don’t know which feels best, your tongue or his hole.”

His hips started slamming his cock harder and deeper into caftan guy’s eager ass hole and I buried my face between his butt cheeks and glued my mouth to his hole. While he fucked, I sucked at his hole and speared my tongue in and out of him, feeling his tight ass ring clench around it. Feeling his sweaty ass cheeks on my face and inhaling his musky, sweaty scent was better than poppers. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my face in his ass.

He didn’t last long.

“I’m cumming!” he cried. “I’m cumming!”

Caftan guy grabbed Dixon’s hips so that his cock was held fast inside him while his balls unloaded and I made sure that as much of my tongue as I could get in him was lodged up his ass hole at the same time.

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